Self Shepherding

For a long time now people have always believed that being led by a ruler was the perfect way to go for the world. only now is it emerging that self shepherding is the best governance there should be out there ever, people should try to lead themselves first. just as the famous wise saying puts it, you must be a king unto thyself first before you can think of bringing in others. who is proud enough to be called the good shepherd? how many of our leaders out there can we give them the beautiful title of a good shepherd?

Last but not the least, people shouldn’t also follow their leaders blindly without thinking what they are being dragged into, the people should be the extra vigilant hawk eyed fellows that question everything that their leaders do with their assigned powers. the powers that were given to them by the people they must use them wisely, as the famous old adage goes, that with great power comes great responsibility, the shepherd should guide their sheep as wisely as they can. you can’t just play around with peoples lives.