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Autism In A Three-Year-Old: Signs, Diagnosis, And Management

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. It can be diagnosed in children as young as 2 years old. Early diagnosis and intervention can greatly improve outcomes for children with ASD. In this article, we will discuss signs of autism in a three-year-old, the diagnosis process, and [...]

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Getting Pregnant After C Section: How Long To Wait

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that can be filled with excitement, anticipation, and a whole lot of questions. One question that women who have had a previous cesarean section (C-section) may ask is, “how long should I wait to get pregnant again?”. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, there are a few [...]

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Postpartum Depression: Causes, Symptoms, Risks And Treatment

Bringing a new life into the world is one of the most miraculous and life-altering experiences a woman can have. However, for some new mothers, the period following childbirth can be filled with unexpected feelings of sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion. These feelings are often dismissed as the “baby blues” and expected to pass on their [...]

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Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms but negative test?

Pregnancy is an exciting and transformative time for many women, but it can also be filled with uncertainty and confusion. One common question that arises is whether it’s possible to experience pregnancy symptoms despite having a negative pregnancy test. In short, the answer is yes – it is possible. There are several reasons why a [...]

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Is  baby soap change according to season?

As the seasons change, so do many of our daily routines. From switching out our wardrobes to adjusting our diets, we adapt to the weather and its effects on our bodies. One aspect of our routine that might not be as commonly thought about, however, is our choice of soap for our little ones. Does [...]

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Is  baby soap according to the age of baby?

Bathing your baby is one of the most important activities in their early years of life. Not only does it help keep them clean and healthy, but it also provides a great opportunity for bonding between you and your little one. When it comes to choosing a baby soap, it’s important to consider the age [...]

The post Is baby soap according to the age of baby? appeared first on Dr Dad.

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Postpartum Depression: Causes, Symptoms, Risks And Treatment

Pregnancy and childbirth are often considered as some of the most joyous moments of a woman’s life. However, for many women, the postpartum period can be challenging and overwhelming. One of the most common issues experienced by new mothers is postpartum depression (PPD). PPD is a type of depression that affects new mothers within the [...]

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why Social-Emotional Activities is must For Toddlers

Social-emotional activities are an essential part of a toddler’s development. Social-emotional development involves the ability to manage emotions, build relationships with others, and navigate social situations. By participating in social-emotional activities, toddlers learn critical skills that will set them up for success in their future social interactions. One of the main benefits of social-emotional activities [...]

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What should Iook for in baby soap

When choosing baby soap, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure that the soap is safe and effective for your little one. Here are some things to look for: Mildness: Choose a soap that is gentle and mild on your baby’s delicate skin. Look for a soap that is pH-balanced and free from harsh chemicals, [...]

The post What should Iook for in baby soap appeared first on Dr Dad.

- Amanda
Is the H3N2 virus dangerous for your child?

The H3N2 virus is a subtype of the Influenza A virus, also known as the “Australian flu” or “Hong Kong flu.” In recent years, this strain of the flu has caused concern among parents, with many wondering if it’s dangerous for their child. In this article, we will discuss the H3N2 virus and whether it [...]

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Parenting tips: Never use negative words on children??

As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be happy, healthy, and confident individuals. One way to help our children develop a positive self-image is by avoiding negative language when speaking to them. Using negative words and phrases can have a detrimental impact on our children’s emotional well-being and may hinder their [...]

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How to Get Babies to Take Medicine.

I typically recommend a syringe or medication dropper, so you know you’re delivering the proper amount. When it comes to administering medication to infants, parents often face a challenge due to their inability to swallow pills or tablets. In such cases, medicine droppers come to the rescue. A medicine dropper is a small tube with [...]

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What is advantage and disadvantage of using Glycerine Soap on baby skin

Glycerin soap has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for use on delicate and sensitive skin, such as that of a baby. Glycerin is a natural compound derived from vegetable oil, and it is used in many skincare products due to its moisturizing properties. While glycerin soap can provide many benefits to a baby’s [...]

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Does the soap create a lot of lather is good for baby?

When it comes to choosing soap for a baby, one of the common questions that parents ask is whether or not the soap should create a lot of lather. While some people believe that a lot of lather is necessary to clean the skin thoroughly, others believe that it is unnecessary and can actually be [...]

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Why Ph 5.5 is must and why we can use Ph more that 5.5 or less that 5.5 in baby soap

The pH level of a baby’s skin is crucial for maintaining healthy and moisturized skin. The pH of the skin refers to the level of acidity or alkalinity, which is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, while anything below 7 is acidic and anything above 7 is [...]

The post Why Ph 5.5 is must and why we can use Ph more that 5.5 or less that 5.5 in baby soap appeared first on Dr Dad.

- Katie Garrity
TikTok Dad Asks Son To Figure Out How To Apologize After Bullying Classmate
The full-time single dad of two told his son that it was his responsibility to come up with a way to make things right after bullying another student.
- Katie Garrity
Maren Morris Revealed She Introduced Her 2-Year-Old Son to Drag Queens
Maren Morris calls for rightwing Tennessee legislatures to "f--ing arrest" her after revealing her toddler son met drag queens at an LGBT benefit concert.
- Arielle Tschinkel
Should You Share Your Sobriety Journey With Your Kids? What Experts Advise
Whether you're newly sober or addiction is in the rearview for you, it's important to talk to your kids about your journey. Two sobriety experts offer advice.
- Katie Garrity
Flight Attendants Call For Ban Of Babies On Laps After Recent Severe Turbulence Episodes
Flight attendants are calling on legislators to require all passengers, regardless of age, to have their own seats on a flight after recent flights experiencing severe turbulence.
- Katie Garrity
Selena Gomez & Steve Martin Recreated An Adorable 'Father Of The Bride' Moment In New Photo
'Only Murders In The Building' stars Selena Gomez and Steve Martin shared a sneak peek photo into the show's third season on his Twitter account.
- Julie Sprankles
The 'Workin' Moms' Season 7 Release Date Is In April, So Get Ready
Yay! 'Workin' Moms' Season 7 has officially wrapped and will be available on Netflix next month. However, the news is bittersweet. Here's everything we know.
- Samm Davidson
Please, No More Playoff Games In Youth Sports
I don’t want to see any more crying fourth graders.
- Katie Bingham-Smith
My Kid Cooks Dinner Now, & It’s Incredible
After all these years of feeding these kids, one of them is finally feeding me.
- Team Scary Mommy
Little Moments Sweepstakes
Win a Vacation to Walt Disney World Resort
- Deirdre Kaye
PSA From A Parent Coach: “The Cure To Boredom Is Boredom”
Tired of hearing your kids complain about being bored? TikTok parent coach BrookeLynne Dukes reminds parents it's OK to let kids figure it out on their own.
- Katie Garrity
Teen Skips Out On "Lame" Party Her Mom Threw Her To Attend Dad's "Awesome" Party In Viral Reddit Post
A post in the "Am I The A--hole?" subreddit is going viral after teen asks for advice about skipping her mom's "lame" party to attend dad's "awesome" party.
- Brianne Hogan
How Long Do Cats Live? If You Want To Add One To Your Family, Start Here
It's easy to cave when your kid keeps begging you for a cute little kitten. However, as Dr. Megan Conrad explains, it's a long term commitment.
- Katie Garrity
Mom Swears The 4-Year Age Gap Between Kids Is The Sweet Spot In Viral TikTok
A mom on TikTok is going viral after she shared her “unpopular opinion” when it comes to larger age gaps between kids.
- Una LaMarche
These Cleaning & Organizing Tools Will Make Your Life So Much Easier
Giving your house a much-needed glow-up doesn’t have to break the bank when you shop at Walmart.
- Kelly Schremph
11 Baby Names Inspired By ‘Succession’ To Help Channel Your Inner Roy
It's time to put the fun in dysfunctional! These names pulled straight from the hit series 'Succession' are, much like the show itself, impossible to ignore.
- Katie Garrity
Teacher Reveals The “Secret Code” Educators Use To Talk To The Parents Of Difficult Kids
A former teacher revealed "secret code" teachers use to describe difficult student behaviors to parents in viral TikTok.
- Katie Garrity
Research Shows American Women Are Doomed For All Eternity, Obviously
A recent poll shows 42% of working mothers surveyed were diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression in 2022.
- Anonymous
Raising Teens Made Me Question Myself As A Parent
Maybe you're in the same place. If so, don't lose hope.
- Becky Vieira
The Day My Kid Totally Broke My Heart
I know exactly how awful it feels to be left out.
- Deirdre Kaye
I Tried The Viral Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream Trend, & I Have Thoughts
Giada De Laurentiis called the TikTok Fruit Roll-Up ice cream hack "remarkably delicious," but is it worth the hype? One writer's honest review.
- Kayla Young
Should You Have a Fan in Your Baby’s Room?
Fans have been added to the list of recommendations for creating a safe sleep space for your baby. Here's how they can help.
- Amy Morrison
Best Baby Registries: Comparison 2023
Baby registries can feel overwhelming (especially for first time parents). Here are the best registries with the most perks and how they compare.
- Emily Ramirez
Best Pregnancy Tests to Detect Early Pregnancy
From fan favorites to research-based picks, here are the best pregnancy tests used to detect early pregnancy, including one you may have at home.
- Amy Morrison
How Many Weeks Pregnant in Months (Cheat Sheet)
It's hard to know what '27 weeks pregnant' means without doing some math. Here's a quick cheat sheet to show what week is which month.
- Amy Morrison
Cool and New Pregnancy & Baby Products in 2023
From strollers to breast pumps, here's a round up some of the exciting new products that are coming out in the pregnancy and baby space in 2023!
- Amy Morrison
Little Faces Big Feelings: What Emotions Look Like Picture Book
This unique picture book includes 100 photos of kids experiencing nine emotions to help kids recognize feelings in themselves and others.
- Amy Morrison
30 Best Easter Basket Ideas for a Baby
Unique gift ideas for celebrating a baby's first Easter. From books, toys, and clothes, here are some ways to make this Easter memorable.
- Kayla Young
How To Clean and Disinfect Board Books
As it turns out, there’s more than one way to clean or disinfect a board book. It just depends on exactly what kind of cleaning you need to do.
- Kayla Young
32 Amazing Maternity Beach Photo Ideas and Tips
Before booking your beach maternity session, check out these 32 maternity beach maternity photoshoot ideas for a bit of inspiration.
- Amy Morrison
16 Controversial Baby Items that are Loved and Hated
What do Dock-A-Tots, Bumbos and Brezzas have in common? They are controversial baby items! Here's why and a few more to put on your radar.
- Claire Goss
Best Toddler and Baby Beach Tips
A guide to packing for a day at the beach with babies & toddlers. From sunblock to swim diapers, you won't want to miss these baby beach tips.
- Amy Morrison
Best Places to Score Free Baby Stuff: 2023
Here are the best sites to find free baby stuff (like baby boxes) that are legit, including everything from samples to full-sized freebies!
- Kayla Young
23 Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
First signs you might be pregnant from the most common to the more unusual early symptoms. Here's a checklist of the early signs of pregnancy.
- Kayla Young
16 Alternatives to a Traditional High Chair
Cost, space, appearance, and longevity of use are a few reasons why you might opt for a non-traditional high chair. Here are a few alternatives!
- Emily Ramirez
Future Fitness Review: Safe Postpartum Workout Plans at Home
The Future Fitness App helps you achieve whole body health with personal trainers who know that fitness encompasses so much more than weight loss
- emmamyers
Designing your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting things you get to do during pregnancy (even if it can be a bit overwhelming at times). There are so many themes and styles to choose from, but I must admit I have a weak spot for an ocean theme! An ocean-themed nursery can create […]
- emmamyers
There is a lot of fun to be had when the sun starts shining, but it also leaves many new moms wondering, “When is it safe for my baby to wear sunscreen?” and “What sunscreen is the safest for my baby?” Below we will go over all the questions you need answered about sunscreen and […]
- emmamyers
There are so many benefits of tummy time for infants! It helps them strengthen their muscles and develop cognitive skills. However, I totally understand how anxiety-inducing it can be when you have a baby who becomes irritable every time you place them on their tummy. One thing I’ve learned is that an entertaining tummy time […]
- emmamyers
One of the most luxurious stroller brands on the market, Cybex offers a range of higher-end strollers with attractive designs and features. The new Cybex e-PRIAM battery-powered and app-controlled stroller is one of a kind! It’s equipped with all-terrain tires letting you travel from gravel to dirt to concrete with ease. And, yes it literally […]
- Amber Mamian
What is a travel stroller system? Well basically, it is just a stroller and car seat duo. Rather than purchasing each piece separately, you will get get the stroller, infant car seat, and car seat base in a bundle. We used a travel system stroller for each of our kids when they were infants. I […]
- emmamyers
There are a lot of confusing things in parenthood. Trying to figure out all the different developmental milestones in a baby’s first few years is the most confusing thing of all for me! Once you’ve got the milestones figured out, then it’s time to make sure that you are providing your baby with all the […]
- Amber Mamian
There’s always a lot of excitement around a new baby, but it’s really important to not let that excitement overshadow the true star… the new mom! When you’re visiting bringing a push gift can be a great way to boost a new mom’s spirit and help her recover. The best gift ideas are things that […]
- Whitney
50+ Super Fun Things to do with Toddlers [Easy & Fun Activities]
52 great things to do with toddlers before they turn two. 35: Hardware Store. More weekly challenges and ideas.
- emmamyers
The weeks after birth are filled with bonding, figuring out breastfeeding, and sleepless nights. New mothers’ bodies are put to the test! Having proper nutrition and balanced meals during this time is very important but it’s can be difficult to do, which is why all new moms should consider taking postnatal vitamins to make sure […]
- Whitney
Best Baby Tracking App of 2023 [The Feeding & Diaper Trackers You Need]
Apps and tools can help track baby's patterns if there are any. Sleep deprivation and sleep itself both make keeping track of time challenging.
- emmamyers
Ready for a peek into the nursery of one of our very own Rookie Mom team members? This whimsical nursery is pulled together with gorgeous constellation wallpaper, soft pink star sheets, and the prettiest Pottery Barn Kids mobile. And, of course, who needs a rocking horse when you could have a rocking swan instead? Nursery […]
- Amber Mamian
On the hunt for the best Pack N Play of 2023? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pack N Plays (also known as playpens) are so much more than just a travel bed. We use ours as a play yard, a place for our baby to relax, and a safe spot to set him […]

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- Kristina

What are the best spring break activities for kids? How do you keep kids entertained during spring break? How do you make spring break fun without spending a ton of money? Inside this post I'll share some simple and inexpensive ideas that kids will love! I'll also give you my FREE spring break activity guide!Continue Reading

The post Spring Break Activities for Kids appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

What are some cool things to do on the Big Island with kids? Does the Big Island have fun activities for families? Inside this post I'll share about all of the things we did on our first trip to the Big Island of Hawaii with kids! Table of Contents:What can kids do on the BigContinue Reading

The post Things to Do on the Big Island with Kids appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

Table of Contents:Inside Eight simple tips to help your toddler play independently!How can you teach your toddler to play independently? Inside: Eight simple tips to help your toddler play independently! How can you teach your toddler to play independently? We are entering into a new stage at our house where my five-year-old likes to spendContinue Reading

The post Simple Tips for Helping Toddlers Play Independently appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

Being crafty with your child doesn't have to be stressful! There are so many easy toddler crafts and toddler art projects you can try. Inside this post we'll share 7 ways to enjoy being crafty with your toddler! Table of Contents:My formula for an awesome toddler art or craft activityHere are 7 ways to helpContinue Reading

The post 7 Ways to Enjoy Being Crafty With Your Toddler appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

What is an easy painting activity for kids? Grab some paper plates and paint for this super simple art activity! In this post we'll share all the tips. Table of Contents:How do you make painting fun for kids?Why is painting a good activity for children?Paper Plate Smush Painting Tutorial VideoMaterials NeededPrep AheadPaper Plate Smush PaintingContinue Reading

The post Paper Plate Smush : Easy Painting Activity appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

What are the best things to do in NYC with kids? Inside this post we'll share our favorite places to visit, eat, and explore in New York City with kids! Thinking about going to New York City with your kids can feel overwhelming. It's such a big busy city and there is so much toContinue Reading

The post New York City with Kids appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

Can we do art with toddlers? What is an appropriate art activity for toddlers? In the post we're sharing some of our favorite easy to set up toddler art activities that kids love! Table of Contents:Why are art activities good for toddlers?My formula for an awesome toddler art activityWhat type of art activities are funContinue Reading

The post Toddler Art Activities appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

It's the time of year for all things hearts and love! But how can you make Valentine's Day fun for kids? Are there simple Valentine's day crafts that would be fun to try? Here's a list of seven easy Valentine's Day Crafts for toddlers, plus some bonus ones we love too! Table of Contents:What areContinue Reading

The post 7 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

Table of Contents:What are some indoor activities for two year olds? Easy Indoor Activities for Toddlers and PreschoolersIndoor Movement ActivitiesSimple Indoor Art IdeasSensory BinsIndoor Fine Motor ActivitiesScience ActivitiesView moreWhat are some indoor activities for two year olds? How do I entertain my preschooler when I'm stuck inside? I've collected 75+ indoor activities for toddlers andContinue Reading

The post Indoor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers appeared first on Toddler Approved.

- Kristina

Table of Contents:What are some simple toy storage tips that are manageable with young kids?Why is toy organization important?Why is toy organization so hard with kids?How do you organize a cluttered playroom?Three favorite items for playroom organizationSimple toy storage tips in a family roomOrganizing toys in a small bedroomWhy keep toys in bedrooms?Three favorite storageContinue Reading

The post Simple Toy Storage Tips appeared first on Toddler Approved.

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- jannelle sanchez
What Was Your First Date Like?

500 Days of Summer

I was 15 when I met Brandon, a blue-eyed high school junior, who played bass in a punk band. After a few weeks of flirting over MySpace and avoiding each other in person, I was smitten.… Read more

The post What Was Your First Date Like? appeared first on Cup of Jo.

- Joanna Goddard
What’s the Best Party Snack of All Time? This.

Ruffles and French Onion Dip recipePHOTO BY David Williams

The other day, my friend Lucy threw a party. She’s an epic host, and when I walked into her bustling living room, I spotted an overflowing cheese and charcuterie board.… Read more

The post What’s the Best Party Snack of All Time? This. appeared first on Cup of Jo.

- Abigail Rasminsky
The Funny Thing I Realized When I Moved Abroad

Girl looking out an airplane

Here’s what I pictured when my husband and I decided to decamp from Los Angeles to England for seven months, along with our fourth grader: cups of tea, drunk, every afternoon with milk and cake.… Read more

The post The Funny Thing I Realized When I Moved Abroad appeared first on Cup of Jo.

- Joanna Goddard
Six Spring Looks (Plus, a Big Sale)

Madewell spring sale

Spring has finally arrived (*spins, twirls*), and the days already feel much brighter and warmer. It’s only a matter of weeks before we can swap bulky clothes for cute skirts and flirty dresses.… Read more

The post Six Spring Looks (Plus, a Big Sale) appeared first on Cup of Jo.

- Joanna Goddard
Chic Women in Children’s Books

broad city

Last fall, we talked about hot dads in children’s books. But what about the moms?

chic moms in children's books

When it comes to Sal’s mom, “it’s important to note that although her parenting skills should be called into question while losing her child in a field of bears during a blueberry-picking day gone awry, she is absolutely the mover and shaker of the cottage core fashion movement,” wrote the Instagram account Chic Moms in Books.… Read more

The post Chic Women in Children’s Books appeared first on Cup of Jo.

- Joanna Goddard
Have a Relaxing Weekend.

dog and baby

What are you up to this weekend? I’m having dinner with my friend Alison, and she told me I could put her baby to bed.… Read more

The post Have a Relaxing Weekend. appeared first on Cup of Jo.

- Patty Wipfler
Guérir de l’anxiété de séparation
Un article traduit de l’anglais par Soizic Le Gouais et Chloé Saint Guilhem formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand Les enfants s’épanouissent grâce au lien qui les unit à leurs parents Leur besoin de lien est fort et constant tout au long de l’enfance. C’est ce sentiment de sécurité et de connexion qui permet aux enfants …

Guérir de l’anxiété de séparation Read More »

- Chloé Saint Guilhem
Quand des sentiments du passé t’empêchent de rester calme face à tes enfants
Comme la plupart des parents, les disputes entre tes enfants font probablement partie des choses face auxquelles tu te sens bien souvent démuni.e ou qui ont le chic de te mettre hors de toi. Toutes formatrices certifiées que nous soyons, nous traversons les mêmes sentiments que tout parent. Dans ce récit, Chloé Saint Guilhem partage …

Quand des sentiments du passé t’empêchent de rester calme face à tes enfants Read More »

- Patty Wipfler
Cinq idées pour éviter les explosions de colère devant ses enfants
Un article traduit de l’anglais par Soizic Le Gouais et Chloé Saint Guilhem formatrice certifiée Hand in Hand “Chère Patty,Je sais que lorsque mon fils aîné devient agressif envers mon petit dernier, c’est parce qu’il se sent comme isolé. Il cherche alors  par tous les moyens à ce que je m’occupe de lui. Je sais …

Cinq idées pour éviter les explosions de colère devant ses enfants Read More »

- Madeleine Winter
In this series we’ve been exploring how to set holidays up for the fun and relaxation time you all deserve.  In Part 1, we saw how kids can go from playing nicely one minute, to a sudden switch into fighting and tears. We covered how this happens when a child loses their sense of connection …

Setting Limits On Holidays – Part 3: Stepping In Read More »

- Madeleine Winter
Making A Connection Plan For Happier Holidays
In Part 1, Setting A Connection Plan In Place For The Holidays we looked at a family on holiday. Three siblings were happily playing, until suddenly, without much warning, the bigger child pushed a younger one into the pool. This showed how the children had lost their sense of connection and how their behaviour was …

Making A Connection Plan For Happier Holidays Read More »

- Madeleine Winter
Family holidays can be a special challenge for us parents. It’s good to spend time together. But often getting to the holiday destination can be stressful, and by definition, everyone is tired and worn out to begin with. We parents are often really, badly, in need of some down-time.   And at times like these, …

Setting A Connection Plan In Place For The Holidays Read More »

- Sophie Menard
What Makes Connection-Based Parenting Different From Other Parenting Approaches
Connection-based parenting puts connection before correction, is relationship-centered and trauma-aware, and can feel radically different and hopeful.
- Julianne Idleman
It was Mother’s Day and my kids were waking up at my house, where I live with my second wife and her daughter. My ex-wife and I share custody, and the kids go back and forth between our house and hers. My son was around 11 years old, and he was grumpy with his sister, …

Staylistening to my Son on Mother’s Day Read More »

- Chloé Saint Guilhem
Quand l’écoute permet à une longue crise de larmes de se terminer par une bonne sieste
Dans nos bons moments en tant que parents, nous nous rappelons combien le fait de partager notre quotidien avec un enfant est un cadeau. Mais reconnaissons-le, prendre soin de nos enfants jour après jour implique aussi d’essuyer un grand nombre de crises de larmes et de colères ! Avec l’approche parentale Hand in Hand, j’ai …

Quand l’écoute permet à une longue crise de larmes de se terminer par une bonne sieste Read More »

- Stacy Wilson
Tears every morning before school.  A daily fight before bed.  Anxiety disorders, like selective mutism.  No matter what a child is anxious about, the driving factor is the same.  Fear.  Oftentimes, the fear is not conscious. This is why children can’t name or explain their fears or the anxiety they feel in words. Instead, you …

Three Ways To Help An Anxious Child Using Hand in Hand Parenting Tools Read More »

- Alfred Amuno

Parenting Alpha

When you sleep soon after eating, stomach acids and other digestive juices may just find their way into the esophagus and cause heartburn!

The post Find Out Why it is Bad to Lie Down or Sleep After Eating! appeared first on Parenting Alpha.

- Alfred Amuno

Parenting Alpha

Your self entitled child has become who he is probably because of your misunderstanding of what it means to love and give unconditionally.

The post Find Out if Your Child is Self Entitled and How to Straighten Him Out! appeared first on Parenting Alpha.

- Alfred Amuno

Parenting Alpha

Cumulative years and decades of sleep debt will leave your body vulnerable to complications such as hypertension, diabetes, and psychosis!

The post How to Know You Have Sleep Debt, and What You Can Do To Repay It appeared first on Parenting Alpha.

- Alfred Amuno

Parenting Alpha

The benefits derived from earthing include faster healing, reduced inflammation, balanced cortisol levels, and a good sleep at night.

The post Discover the Health Benefits of Earthing When You Walk Barefooted! appeared first on Parenting Alpha.

- Alfred Amuno

Parenting Alpha

Playing a musical instrument is one of the creative hobbies known to activate the brain in what neuroscientists call a "full body workout."

The post 6 Creative Hobbies Guaranteed to Make Your Child Smarter appeared first on Parenting Alpha.

- Alfred Amuno

Parenting Alpha

Factors leading to substance abuse in children and teens revolve around emotional, behavioral, environmental, and genetic predisposition.

The post 10 Reasons that Lead to Substance Abuse in Children & Teens appeared first on Parenting Alpha.

- Hema
Here are the Top Zinc Rich Foods for Babies and Kids, including both plant and animal sources, along with kid-friendly recipes and food ideas. If you ask someone what the most important mineral is for the human body, they’re most likely to mention iron, or copper, since these are the most talked about ones. However,...Read More
- Hema
Quick And Easy Drumstick Soup For Babies
Looking for a healthy and nutritious recipe for your little one? Look no further than drumstick soup. This dish is perfect for babies of all ages and can be made with just a few simple ingredients. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also packed with nutrients that will help your baby grow and develop...Read More
- Hema
Easy Beetroot Carrot Halwa For Babies And Toddlers
Looking for a delicious and nutritious recipe that can help keep your baby healthy and happy? Beetroot carrot halwa is the perfect dish for you! This sweet and savory dish is packed with nutrients and will help to keep your baby’s digestion running smoothly. It’s also a great way to introduce your baby to new...Read More
- Hema
10 Winter Care Tips for Keeping Your Baby Safe and Comfortable
Pregnancy brings anticipation for the moment when you hold your newborn in your arms. However, once your baby is born, the responsibility of taking care of the precious bundle falls entirely on you. You become the sole provider of their needs, which can be overwhelming at times. How can you ensure their safety, especially during...Read More
- Hema
Delicious Apple Barley Dates Smoothie
Apple Barley Dates Smoothie is a nutritious homemade recipe for kids that adds energy, dietary fiber and Vitamin C to their diet. It can be given as a nutrient-filled healthy treat. This delicious smoothie is perfect for those mornings when you just don’t have the time to cook breakfast. Made with apple barley dates, it’s...Read More
- Hema
Easy Palak Carrot Puree
Looking for a delicious and nutritious way to feed your baby carrots? Check out our recipe for palak carrot puree! This simple and easy dish is perfect for babies who are starting to get their teeth and taste buds working properly. Our carrot palak puree is made with plenty of vitamin A, which is essential...Read More
- Hema
Here is everything you need to know about Low Breast Milk Supply – what causes it, what are the signs and what are the ways to fix them. Breastfeeding is a natural process, but the truth is that it may not occur naturally to most mothers. Many new Moms face a variety of challenges when...Read More
- Hema
Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common health issue for infants, and it’s important for parents to be aware of the signs, causes, and treatments for urinary track infection in infants and kids. So, let’s get into the details here! A urinary tract infection (UTI) can affect any part of the urinary system, including the...Read More
- Hema
Easy Red Poha Ragi Porridge
Looking for a nutritious and tasty breakfast option for your baby? Check out our Red Poha Ragi Porridge recipe! This dish is perfect for babies aged 8 months and is packed with nutrients and vitamins that will help to strengthen their development. Not to mention, it’s also delicious and easy to make – so you...Read More
- Hema
Epilepsy in Children is fairly common, but there isn’t much awareness about the condition. Here we look at its causes, diagnosis, and treatment. When you mention the condition ‘epilepsy’ to someone, they’re likely to have heard of the term, but are most likely to be unaware of what the condition really is. Unfortunately, even parents...Read More
- Jhilmil

How to enhance your Kid’s Vocabulary? Children are always expanding their vocabulary, but they don’t all simultaneously come to grips with reading and writing. Some children seem to get it right away, while others require more time. One way parents can increase their child’s vocabulary is through word games. Word games can be a great […]

The post Can Word Games Enhance Your Kid’s Vocabulary? appeared first on Parenting & Lifestyle for you!!.

- Jhilmil

How to make Math interesting for kids? Call out Math and kids might feel the heat! For a few Math is the most dreaded subject. But for my son, Math is his favorite subject. Be it while strolling or during a car ride, we are always playing mental math games that are fun! Is Math […]

The post 5 ways to make Math interesting for Kids appeared first on Parenting & Lifestyle for you!!.

- Jhilmil

Looking for Sandals for Girls? The first thing while considering sandals for girls is the comfort they provide to the feet. The sandals for girls come in a wide variety. Starting from different colors to prints to sizes to heels or flats and much more. Sandals for girls are an extensive range to choose from, […]

The post Style your kids the right way this festive season with these ethnic sandals appeared first on Parenting & Lifestyle for you!!.

- Jhilmil

A few years ago, I was sitting on my balcony enjoying the breezy winds. My son, who was 4 years old then, was sitting beside me playing with his wooden animals and balance board. Pretend plays are often fun, as every time there’s some new story being narrated. While I was hearing his new story, […]

The post My learning about Flu in children and the #FightAgainstFlu appeared first on Parenting & Lifestyle for you!!.

- Jhilmil

“The road is calling & I must go “, now as a responsible traveler! No one can call himself/herself a traveler if he/she has not undertaken any road trip. Be it exploring the beach side or going uphill the mountains, breezing through those dense forests, or starting at 4 am to catch the perfect sunrise, […]

The post Things to consider before buying an Electric Car appeared first on Parenting & Lifestyle for you!!.

- Jhilmil

The love for Card games During our growing years, solitaire/card games were the most popular after board games at our home. More so card games were perfect for a party night for elders. Rummy, Black Queen, and the classic solitaire were some of the card games that were often played. Even a few days back […]

The post Solitaire: A game to stimulate the brain appeared first on Parenting & Lifestyle for you!!.

- Jhilmil

Why prepping for your baby’s nursery is healthy for your mental state?     Bringing a child into the world is not an easy task. There are so many things that you have to do and look into before it is time to bring the baby into the world. On top of all of these things, […]

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- Jhilmil

Planning to buy a new home? “There is no place more delightful than one’s own fireside” ~Cicero Our forefathers used to save money for years with the hope that one day they will save enough to have their own house. A place which will be their “home”, where they can stay happy, and spend a […]

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- Jhilmil

Looking out of my window, seeing my kid busy playing to his heart’s content, I felt ‘This is it! What better can life give me.’ Being around my child is priceless for me and this pandemic has been generous enough to provide me with this possibility. Working from my home cocoon has been an amazing […]

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- Jhilmil

Signs of Childhood Asthma Childhood asthma, also known as pediatric asthma, is a very common chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs characterized by a hindrance of airflow. The diagnosis of asthma in children is primarily based on the signs and symptoms. However, it can be challenging to diagnose asthma in children because there are many […]

The post The Early Warning Signs of Childhood Asthma appeared first on Parenting & Lifestyle for you!!.

- Allison McDonald

Every year, parents ask for ideas to keep their child learning during the summer before kindergarten. I resisted making any summer learning before kindergarten guide for many years because, more than anything, I want my students to PLAY during the summer. However, when I didn’t give anything to my student’s parents, what they ended up […]

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- Allison McDonald

For years now, we have been hearing about the importance of STEM education for students of all ages. Still, we haven’t been doing a great job training early childhood educators because I get many questions about how to teach STEM to preschoolers. When I went to look at what resources were easily accessible for early […]

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- Allison McDonald

I use my own website for planning, and as I was planning my unit on gardening, I went to pull up my booklist of gardening books for preschool, and … it didn’t exist! I thought for sure I had a good list of picture books about gardening and non-fiction books for preschoolers about plants and […]

The post Gardening Books For Preschool appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.

- Allison McDonald

Every year I try to add more Black History Month lessons into my PreK classroom.  In all the diversity training and anti-racist seminars and books I have read one clear point is that when we teach lessons about Black History to young children, we need to focus on a strength-focused, joyful view of Black history […]

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- Allison McDonald

Pretend play is natural for most children. This is when preschoolers take on roles they aren’t ready for according to their or our standards. Driving cars, making meals, being parents, superheroes, or just doing jobs like working at a bakery.  Pretend play allows children to explore being in control in ways their real-life world doesn’t […]

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- Leah Segedie
Cupcake Liners Tested For Indications of PFAS “Forever Chemicals” — Buying Guide

Cupcake Liners tested for indications of PFAS "forever chemicals"Are you looking for safe cupcake liners without indications of PFAS “forever chemicals?” After we posted our investigation on non-toxic cupcake & muffin pans, many people asked us to come up with recommendations of cupcake liners. So we sent off the top 3 cupcake liners sold on Amazon and had them tested for indications of …

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- Leah Segedie
Omega-3 Supplements for Dogs & Cats Recalled — Better Recommended Brands

Omega-3 Supplements for Dogs & Cats Recalled -- Better Recommended BrandsThousands of Omega-3 supplements for dogs and cats were recently recalled due to Vitamin A toxicity. Although Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for both dogs and cats, too much can cause major health problems. So which products have been impacted and what products are recommended instead? You’ve trusted Mamavation to bring you topics like …

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- Leah Segedie
Plastic-Free Disposable Straws Tested For Indications of PFAS Purchasing Guide

Plastic-Free Straws Tested For Indications of PFAS Purchasing GuideDo you need a disposable plastic-free straw? And do you want a plastic-free straw that doesn’t have indications of PFAS “forever chemicals?” Mamavation has solved your problem by sending four plastic-free straws to an EPA-certified lab and had them tested for indications of PFAS. You’ve trusted Mamavation to bring you topics like best water filters …

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- Leah Segedie
Gut Health for Mommy & Me Giveaway — Seed Synbiotics

Gut Health for Mommy & Me Giveaway -- Seed Synbiotics 3Are you concerned about the gut health of you and your children? Because we live in such a toxic world, it’s important to take daily probiotics that are strong and effective to maintain balance. If you would like to try our favorite probiotic, Mamavation has a special giveaway for you! Mamavation has partnered with Seed …

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- Leah Segedie
Best (& Worst) Non-Toxic Detangler Products For Curly or Straight Hair

Best (& Worst) Non-Toxic Detangler Hair Products 3Are you looking for non-toxic detangler products for your curly hair? It’s very difficult to find products to help get rid of those tangles that are free from hormone-disrupting chemicals. This is why Mamavation ranked over 200 products that will help with detangling. You’ve trusted Mamavation to bring you topics like best green beauty products …

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- Leah Segedie
Organic Valley Sweet Cream Salted Butter Wrapper PFAS “Forever Chemical” Lab Results

Organic Valley Sweet Cream Salted Butter WrapperDoes Organic Valley Sweet Cream Salted Butter wrappers contain indications of PFAS “forever chemicals?” Mamavation sent additional samples of butter wrappers to the lab after finding Kerrygold wrappers had indications of PFAS. You’ve trusted Mamavation to bring you topics like dental floss tested for indications of PFAS, green beauty makeup tested for indications of PFAS, and best cookware sans …

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- Leah Segedie
Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter Wrapper PFAS “Forever Chemical” Lab Results

butter on white backgroundDo Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter wrappers contain indications of PFAS “forever chemicals?” Several Mamavation community members asked us this question after hearing rumors and seeing posts about their wrappers containing PFAS. Then after we found indications of PFAS inside the old Kerrgold wrappers, we rushed the new Kerrygold wrappers to the lab and have new …

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Best (& Worst) Non-Toxic Indoor Kitchen Grills & Paninis Sans PFAS

Best (& Worst) Non-Toxic Indoor Kitchen Grills & Paninis Sans PFAS 7Where are the safest non-toxic indoor kitchen grills and paninis? With all the non-stick coatings on cooking surfaces that are so prevalent in kitchen grills and paninis, is it possible to find products that are inert? After evaluating over 50 products and contacting companies for details, we found some good options for you. You’ve trusted …

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- Leah Segedie
Best (& Worst) Non-Toxic Dishwasher Rinse Aids for Health & Planet

Best (& Worst) Non-Toxic Dishwasher Rinse Aids for Health & Planet 4Most rinse aids are toxic to humans and the planet. So which dishwasher rinse aids contain ingredients that are not as problematic? Do you need some better cleaning products without all the ingredients that are linked to problematic health conditions? You’ve come to the right place! You’ve trusted Mamavation to bring you topics like best …

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- Leah Segedie
Big Glyphosate Free Giveaway — Win $4,000 in Products Tested for Glyphosate 3x a Year!

Big Glyphosate Free Giveaway -- Win $4,000 in Products Tested for Glyphosate 3x a Year!Are you concerned about the amount of toxic glyphosate found in your food and personal care products? If you find yourself concerned about the amount of glyphosate found in conventional products, Mamavation wants to introduce you to some brands that are free from glyphosate. We’ve partnered with 17 brands that test 3x or more per …

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- katepickle

These free printable rainbow mazes are a fun, print and go, activity for kids. They make a great spring or St Patrick’s Day themed activity that encourages fine motor skills, logical thinking and problem solving skills, and are perfect for at home or in the classroom. These free printable rainbow mazes for kids are a […]

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- katepickle

Whether you are celebrating St Patrick’s day in the classroom or at home, this fun, free printable leprechaun writing activity is sure to be a hit with your kids. Print these fun leprechaun themed writing pages and get busy writing all about what you would do if you were a leprechaun. This post contains affiliate […]

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- katepickle

This jar of love printable activity is a fun and easy way for kids of all ages to share who or what they love, and a great Valentine’s Day activity for at home or in the classroom. Everyone will love working on this fun ‘Things I love’ drawing and writing activity. This ‘Love Jar’ printable […]

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- katepickle

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share books about love, friendship, and giving, as well as Valentine’s traditions. You’ll love all the books on this list of our favourite Valentine’s Day books kids. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sharing picture books about love, friendship, and […]

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- katepickle

This free printable letter writing paper set for kids is great for encouraging reluctant writers and helping kids learn how to write letters. Everyone loves to get a real letter in the mail, and since snail mail isn’t so common these days, getting a letter can be really exciting for kids. And the best way […]

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Make gift wrapping fun, and give your gifts a unique personal touch with these free printable Christmas gift tags to colour. The kids will love adding their own designs and ideas to this Christmas gift tag colouring page, and you’ll have lots of gorgeous holiday gift tags to add to your presents. Get the kids […]

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If you need to keep a bunch of kids happy and entertained during the holiday season, these free printable Christmas activities for kids are the answer! All of these free printable Christmas activities for kids require minimal set up, and are quick and easy to do without much adult input. Keep all the kids busy […]

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This printable advent calendar kit is easy to use and will help you have a gorgeous, handmade advent calendar ready to use in no time. With 24 patterned pyramid box templates that you can fill with treats, everyone will love this advent calendar that you can use year after year. I always plan to start […]

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These free printable autumn leaf colouring pages are a fun activity for kids (and adults!) to celebrate the autumn/fall season. Colour in the zentangle leaf colouring page, or create your own patterns and designs on the maple leaf colouring page. You can also use the large blank leaf template, or the smaller leaf templates for […]

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Use these free printable advent activity cards to make a super fun activity advent calendar for your kids. With 24 activity cards full of fun and easy activities and ideas, this is a great way to count down to Christmas with your kids. This post contains affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate and member of […]

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Supermom In Training: Birthday party etiquette - what are the rules?
The bean is turning 10 at the end of the month (double-digits... when did that happen?!), and that means birthday party time. I've vowed never to do the crazy huge hoopla again and Covid measures in the last few years…
Supermom In Training: St. Patrick's Day activities for the whole family
This mommy loves any excuse to try out new crafts, and St. Patrick's Day is no exception. With lots of fun ideas for activities, food, and so much more, we've got the luck of the Irish on our side (even…
Supermom In Training: The things I need as I get older
I was never a "brand" person. When it came to household items, beauty products, etc. I preferred trying something new than having any sort of loyalty to a specific brandname. But now that I've had time to weed through many…
Parenting 101: Daylight savings- let's just forget about it already!
Everyone who is sick of the time change, raise your hand (ooooh OOOOH that's me with my hand outstretched as high as humanly possible).
Parenting 101: More than 50 things to do for March Break
We're more than halfway through March Break, and at this point, many parents may be scrambling to find things to keep kids, and themselves, busy. Here are 55 things you can do to keep busy over March Break:
Supermom In Training: Honouring moms of all kinds on International Women's Day
It's International Women's Day, and I need to give a shoutout to the moms: the single moms, foster moms, grand-moms, auntie-moms, and mom friends. The booboo kissers, the birthday present shoppers, the to-do list makers, the keepers of the Cheerios,…
Supermom In Training: Our favourite places to visit during March Break (or anytime!)
We like to keep busy over March Break and make memories, and it's so easy to do when you live in such a fantastic city! Montreal and beyond has some great places to check out that will make this March…
Supermom In Training: Top 10 Craft supplies you need right now
Anyone who knows me knows that I love my crafts (my home office doubles as a craft room). Since my bean was old enough to hold a paintbrush or crayon, we've been creating things (and memories) together. So here are…
Parenting 101: March Break: 46 Fun activities to make this a March Break for the memory books!
Make this a March Break like no other with these 46 fun activities the whole family will enjoy.
Supermom In Training: The best crafts ever!
Got March Break fever? Looking for something fun to keep the kiddos entertained? My bean and I have done probably hundreds of crafts, a lot of which I have written about. So here are the best crafts ever - fun…
Parenting 101: March Break book roundup: Best reads for all ages
The kids are off of school, the weather is cold, and it's the perfect time to curl up with a great book. Here are some of the best reads for all ages.
Parenting 101: 10 Great Economical Activities to Keep Your Special Needs Kids Busy Over March Break
We have arrived. It is March Break! And if you moms and dads out there are like me and my husband, we cannot go out of town for a whole week, and though I am home with my son as…
Supermom In Training: Mom bullies
As a writer, and a mom, I've always hoped that my blogs would inspire or help another fellow parent. You want to know that when you write something and put it out there in the big wide world, someone is…
Supermom In Training: 8 Easy Valentine's crafts for kids of all ages
This year, why not send a homemade Valentine's Day craft to a long-distance family member or friend? Everyone could use a little pick-me-up, and Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to tell someone you love them.
Parenting 101: Support Indigenous youth with Have a Heart Day
This Valentine’s day, stand up for love and fairness by taking part in Have a Heart Day, an annual reconciliation event to ensure First Nations children get the same chance to grow up safely at home, get a good education,…
Parenting 101: It's National LEGO Day!
National LEGO Day is here! Whether you're a builder, the parent of a builder, or just a fan in general, there are lots of incredible new LEGO sets out right now to help celebrate this fun building day. With LEGO,…
Supermom In Training: Parent challenge: Eat what your kids eat
The other day my 9-year-old wanted a bowl of Goldfish crackers. As usual, I told him if he wanted something "junky" like that, he had to eat something nutritional, like an apple, which he happily obliged. And it got me…
Supermom In Training: It takes a village
When they told you it takes a village to raise a child, they weren't entirely right. You can raise a child without the village backing you. But when you've got the strength of the village on your side, you can…
Parenting 101: Great toys for sensory play
Sensory play is so important for children. It not only encourages exploration and creativity but it also helps your child with language development, cognitive growth, and to develop problem-solving skills. Here are five fun hands-on sensory play toys.
BEST OF 2022: Parenting 101: The best board games from Funko
Over the course of the last two years we have all been spending more time indoors with our family. One question that I’ve seen asked over and over again in social media parent groups is “can anyone recommend a family…
- Becky Mansfield

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Every year I find Easter Bunny Footprints in my house on Easter Morning (luckily the tracks lead to a note from the Easter bunny and not to the stuffed Easter Baskets!)  The Easter Bunny never fails to leave a trail of bunny prints, which must be magical footprints because they are hard to clean offRead More

The post DIY Easter Bunny Footprints & Bunny Tracks (and a bunny letter!) appeared first on Your Modern Family.

- Becky Mansfield

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I shared this stained glass sidewalk chalk idea last year because our kids LOVED it, so I updated it and wanted to share it again this summer!  I  hope you enjoy making sidewalk chalk art with your family! ♥ If I had to pick a favorite outdoor activity to do with the kids, it wouldRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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Wondering what to put inside an Easter Basket? We are sharing 50+ Easter Basket Stuffers for kids! Easter Basket gifts are fun and help your family celebrate the season, no matter what the gift may be.  Easter Basket Fillers are another way to celebrate the holiday & enjoy the season. We’ve found our favorite EasterRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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Today I wanted to share this Slow Cooker Tuscan Beef Stew because it is a family favorite.  While I love any good slow-cooker meal, this one takes the cake!    This slow cooker beef stew recipe was given to me by Mickey’s grandmother.   When we were married, she shared this recipe, along with so manyRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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These Green Eggs & Ham Cookies are meringue, Gluten-Free cookies. They are perfect for Read Across America week. Dr Seuss’ birthday is coming up.. and that means that children everywhere will be reading Dr Seuss books! When I was a teacher, I loved to bring in fun treats or crafts for my students.   IRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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These Dr. Seuss Snacks are perfect for Read Across America week! Adorable Dr. Seuss Treats including Cat in the Hat snacks & Green Eggs and Ham snacks! Dr Seuss food has never been more fun!

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- Becky Mansfield

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1. Introduce your chid to the list.
2. Read all of the words to your child and tell them that they will be learning a new word every day (or every other day).
3. On day one, see if your child knows any of the words. If they do, put a sticker, a checkmark, or a smiley face to the left of the word (there is space for that)…

The post Kindergarten Sight Words and How to Teach Them appeared first on Your Modern Family.

- Keri Snyder

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Spring is in the air, and it is the time of the year that everyone is starting to think about spring cleaning and decluttering. There are so many resources for spring cleaning (like our free Spring Cleaning Checklist), so we decided to collect some of our favorite tips and tools to share with you. (1)  StartRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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Are you thinking about What to Give up for Lent?  If you are looking for things to give up for Lent, you’ve come to the right place.  During the 40 days of lent, while making our preparations for Easter, you can do something to better yourself and the world around you. A Lenten fast doesn’tRead More

The post Best Lent Ideas : What to give up for Lent appeared first on Your Modern Family.

- Hillary Cole

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“I stink at this!” I yell across the room at my oldest as she’s crying on her bed, and I’m standing at the door. Yes, I admitted to being a failure on this day. Our kids need to know that we make mistakes, too. Here’s what I mean… Her wet skin only amplified the stingRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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I am so excited to share these 20 Valentines’ Cards for kids.  These kids’ valentines cards are not only easy to make but also so creative, cute, and out-of-the-box.  We have found everything from non-candy Valentine Cards to Valentine Snacks for kids.  Each one is as unique as the next – the kids will loveRead More

The post 20 Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids appeared first on Your Modern Family.

- Becky Mansfield

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More Valentine’s Day Ideas:

The post 2023 Valentine’s Day Gifts appeared first on Your Modern Family.

- Becky Mansfield

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If you are looking for adorable Non-Candy Valentines, you’ve come to the right place.  These Bubble Valentines are perfect! While candy Valentines are always fun, it’s nice to mix it up a bit and give their friends something new to play with… I’m sure teachers & parents will appreciate not sending home more candy, too!Read More

The post Non Candy Valentines : Bubbles Valentines appeared first on Your Modern Family.

- Becky Mansfield

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“Mom?”  I hear from the other room.  It’s my teenager calling for me. “Can Dylan come over today?”  Music to my ears… Dylan is their cousin. I love knowing that they are best friends with their cousins.  “Yeah!  Can he, mom?  Please?” I hear our other sons asking after hearing this conversation. “Don’t forget aboutRead More

The post Why Cousins are the Best (and so important for kids!) appeared first on Your Modern Family.

- stefanie

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and who doesn’t want an adorable Valentine’s day Mailbox — perfect for sharing lovely and kind thoughts… or sharing any of these adorable Valentine’s Day Cards!  My friend wanted to create something to carry this mission of “Share Kindness & Love” all year long, so she came upRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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Are you unintentionally instilling behaviors that will cause your child to fail?  The damaging parenting habits that we start out of love, to help our children or make them happy, often end up being our biggest parent fail. We think we are being “good parents” by doing things for our children NOW to make lifeRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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Valentine Pretzel Buttons - cute & easy to make sweet & salty snack! Perfect for a crowd or to have at home with your family! If you have just three ingredients and five minutes- you are ready to make this awesome snack!

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- Keri Snyder

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Maintaining a strong marriage is a lot harder than one would think, but it is also very possible.  Your marriage can grow in whatever season you are in. This post was updated from its first publishing years ago. Here are 25 tips that will change your marriage:  (1) Make time for your marriage each and everyRead More

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- Becky Mansfield

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If you feel to busy to work out (I can relate) these will make it a little easier to find time to squeeze it in! There are many other ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Doing a couple of simple exercises while sitting down in the office each day can, when done regularly, help to improve your flexibility, muscle tone and strength.

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- Becky Mansfield

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Last night as I listened to my husband play with our children, I easily thought of ten reasons Daddy is more fun than Mommy!  Most of boils down to the simple fact that Mom is timed— we just can’t do it all! My friend Hillary wrote today’s post & I was cracking up. I could hearRead More

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- The Champa Tree

Why having two kids with an age Ggp of over five years is a good idea

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- The Champa Tree

Veira Life has recently launched an online pregnancy support platform providing comprehensive and personalised support to women from pregnancy to motherhood to transition back to work. 

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What a joy...These tiny steps represent not only a new chapter but also the joy of witnessing a delightful new transition in your young one’s life.

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In the natural form, some talc contains asbestos, a substance known to cause cancers in and around the lungs when inhaled. Here's a replacement for talc based baby powder which is 100% safe!

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Now, you can convert this foot walker into a push walker or let your little one explore the world on his tiny feet with the add ons such as lights and sounds. Walkers aren't always unsafe. Infact, in your presence, they can be super enjoyable. Here are our top 2 recommendations!

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Unlike an adult, a little one’s skin is delicate and sensitive. And when the diapers have harsh chemicals, they may cause redness and other skin problems.

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Benefits of Tiny Toes T30 Ace tricycle for child’s development which makes it a tempting purchase for parents.

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Montessori furniture are child-sized furniture pieces that are designed to help children become more independent by taking ownership. Which is why we suggest you own these Montessori furniture pieces!

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Do you know that if you have a one-year-old child, you would need at least Rs 42 lakhs to pay their engineering tuition fees 17 years later?

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When does one start worrying about their little ones? When does one stop worrying about their little ones? The constant and exhaustive search for everything that is perfect, safe and most importantly just right for your baby begins the moment we realize we are bringing new life to this earth. From the moment we welcome … Continue reading "Choose Pure Baby Care Products Backed By Science Says Shriya Saran"

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One of our favourite quotes:“As the night gets darker,let your worries fade.Sleep peacefully,knowing you’ve done all that you can for today”… What is the one thing we value most for our new born babies?Is it the comfort level? Affordability? Safety?A lot of us think and desire mostly one thing – a peaceful sleep at night, … Continue reading "Feather Soft Disposable Baby Diapers – Ultra Safe And Super Comfortable"

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Periodic health check-ups are a great way to stay on track concerning your health. These are the signs of high cholesterol.

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Preparing for the Central Universities Entrance Test (CUET), a highly recognised examination is just 5 hacks away! Read on.

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You have taken this challenging job of becoming a parent, and now another daunting task is waiting for you and that’s choosing their name. But remember each child is unique and a beautiful gift from god.

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During winter months, baby's skin is prone to moisture loss, thus their skin turns dry quickly. Here are our top 8 toxin-free products recommendation.

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“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – hope and a dream of possibilities.”  Every child is a beautiful gift from god. And that’s why they deserve all things that are pure and organic. Just like you enjoy watching your little one taking a nap and crawling around, your little one enjoys … Continue reading "R for Rabbit Pure And Beyond Baby Bathing Range Is Heavenly"

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“A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.” And so that baby deserves all things pure. As his/her primary caretaker, someone who has given birth to this purest soul, it is my responsibility to provide nothing but the best for his/her wellbeing. And to be honest, just as … Continue reading "5 Reasons Why I Recommend Lavender-Based And Oatmeal Baby Products"

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Do you read the labels before picking up skin care products for your little ones?

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How about some adventure on kids ride on cars for fun evenings?

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- The Champa Tree

Poetry is one of the most powerful forms of writing because it takes the language we know and speak, and transforms it into something new.

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- Mariah
Easter Jokes For Kids with Free Printable

Easter jokes for kids are funny and will have your children laughing! Use the free printable to put inside Easter Eggs for your egg hunt!

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- Mariah
Bisquick Chicken Tenders

Bisquick chicken tenders make it easy to enjoy fried chicken fingers at home! These are simple to make and family-friendly!

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- Mariah
Bisquick Chicken Pot Pie

Dinner is so easy with this delicious Bisquick Chicken Pot Pie recipe! You'll have dinner on the table in an hour!

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- Mariah
Baseball Jokes

Baseball jokes for kids are perfect for opening day! Download free printable jokes to use in lunchboxes or as a joke of the day with your kids!

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- Mariah
Penguin Jokes for Kids

Penguins are perfect for some good laughs! Check out these family-friendly penguin jokes for kids and get free printable lunchbox notes!

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- Mariah
February Jokes for Kids

Celebrate the shortest month of the year with these Febriary Jokes for kids! Get free printable lunchbox jokes too!

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- Mariah
Snowman Jokes for Kids

Keep warm this winter with silly snowman jokes for kids! These are all family friendly! Plus get free printable lunchbox notes!

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- Mariah
Sweet & Silly Valentine’s Day Jokes for Kids

Valentine's Day Jokes for Kids are a fun way to celebrate! Corny riddles & puns will have everyone laughing! Free printable jokes too!

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- Mariah
25+ Valentine Knock Knock Jokes

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids by sharing these cute Valentine Knock Knock Jokes together! Free printable lunchbox notes too!

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- Mariah
Winter Jokes for Kids

Celebrate all things cold and snow with these funny winter jokes for kids! Get free printable lunchbox jokes to share with the kids!

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- Christina Refford
We love finding cool, creative Easter basket ideas for kids that are still affordable. I mean, yes, there are always jellybeans and Peeps, but maybe consider some of these cool Easter basket ideas under $20 as ideas that can be a little more special — after all, we’ve made it to spring! That’s something big to […]
- Liz Gumbinner
If you’re one of those parents who can answer any question without saying let’s go check the internet! like I do, then more power to you. As for me, I was researching the story of the real St. Patrick’s Day to help explain it to my kids, and came across the wonderful History Channel website […]
- Liz Gumbinner
Looking for cute Easter gifts for a baby’s first (or second) Easter is always so fun. So much cuteness! So much pastel! So many rabbits! And the best part is, you can save all the good chocolate for yourself. We skipped the fussy baby bow ties and itchy crinoline dresses, and instead found toys, books, […]
- Liz Gumbinner
We often discuss what it takes to raise kind, generous, ambitious, resilient, wonderful kids who will become kind, generous, ambitious, resilient, wonderful adults. Which is why we wanted to bring back one of our favorite interviews — parenting and science journalist Melinda Wenner Moyer, author of the popular book How to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes.  […]
- Liz Gumbinner
I am what you’d call a camp evangelist, especially after seeing all the ways summer camp has helped my kids grow. And I’ve had a long time to be able to see that growth — our youngest is about to finish her ninth (!) year at the same camp, while her stepsister is now a […]
- Cool Mom Staff
We’ve got a gaggle of snackers in our homes, so cool snack containers for kids are an absolute must. They’re a far more eco-friendly choice over plastic bags, which as we all know by now, not only saves waste but plenty of money over the long run. Plus, we’ve found that packing our own snacks before we head […]
- Christina Refford
Hygge gifts may be a new category for a lot of us who don’t have families from Denmark, but it’s something we could all use more of these days. It’s the Danish concept of coziness — a lifestyle all about finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple things that soothe us. Hygge is hot tea and […]
- Georgette Gilmore
It’s safe to say that during Black History Month in particular, our children are learning all about our nation’s great civil rights leaders, like Martin Luther King, Jr.,  Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass. But, as you may recall from the film Hidden Figures, it created awakening for a lot of parents and educators who started to explore the […]
- Liz Gumbinner
Is a messy desk a sign of a messy mind? Is organization something we just have to give up for a while as parents? Is a single, perfect whiteboard the key to solving all your time management woes? Sarah Hart-Unger of the podcasts Best Laid Plans and Best of Both Worlds joins me today to […]
- Cool Mom Staff
We’re all about trying to find enjoyable, cheap and easy ideas for date night at home, especially for those of us with kids who’d like a little extra help rekindling that proverbial spark when we’re stuck sans sitter. Even if it’s just a few hours off from actually being parental, it can make a big difference. But of course, […]
COE March 2nd Bid Results
COE March 2nd Bidding Results are out.Cat A has seen a significant jump of $5503, edging it close to the $100K mark. At this rate, it does not matter if it is a luxury or an ordinary car; with the high COE, many will be priced out of a car going forward...Are you planning to get a car?CategoryCurrent COE Price ($)ChangeACARS up to 1600cc$93.503$5,503BCARS above 1600cc$116,201$700CGOODS VEHICLE &
O Level Examination Dates and Timetable 2023
O Level Examination timetables for 2023 is out. Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board has released the O Level Time Table here (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These are the dates for the individual subjects for O Levels. Other important dates for O Levels
PSLE Exam Timetable 2023
PSLE Exam Timetable for 2023 is out. The full calendar and schedule are now available on Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board website. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The PSLE examination dates for the individual subjects are as follows A Oral Examination B Listening Comprehension Examinations C Written Examinations Other
Condos TOP 2023 with units avaliable for sale!
Looking to move to a new home in 2023? For those looking to move to a new place this year and would like to have a brand new home, some condos will TOP in 2023 with available units straight from the developers. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here is the list of condos that has units still available for grabs.  As of March 2023 Here
Transformers - Statues World Tour with Optimus Prime  at Gardens by the Bay
Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal have arrived! The Transformers Statue World Tour has officially rolled out at Gardens by the Bay. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});  Look out for Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal statues at the Silver Garden from 17 March to 10 April. Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots takes centerstage at an imposing
Where to Deposit Coins in Singapore for (almost) FREE  -2023
So you have saved up quite a bit in recent years. The downside is that they are all in coins in your piggy bank, and using coins to make a purchase can be a hassle. Moreover, with deposit rates hitting 4%, keeping coins in piggy banks seems like a wasteful thing to do.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It is also worth noting that you can use up to 20 coins
Pikachu Dance @ Sakura 2023 Gardens By the Bay
Pika, Pika, Pikachu! Calling all Pokemon Fans, head down to the Flower Dome this weekend for a special appearance of the Sakura Afro Pikahcu. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sakura Afro Pikachu18 and 19 Feb, Flower Dome  This will be his first appearance outside of Japan. Sakura Afro Pikachu will have a Meet and Greet on the 18 and 19 March. Source:
15 Cool Things to buy from Lazada
 Online shopping is now the norm for most.While getting essentials from online platforms such as Lazada, we spotted some interesting items while browsing. Here are 20 coolest items you never know you need but still want to buy at Lazada. Great for own use or as a gift!1 R2D2 Hand Coffee Maker ($99.11)Save this for Father's day or Dad's birthday if he is a Star Wars fan. Guaranteed to surprise him
Kinnari Thai @ Joo Chiat :Quality Thai Food
Quality Thai Food. These words kept pouring out from the wife while we were at Kinnari Thai. If you are looking for quality Thai food at an inexpensive price, Kinnari Thai @ Joo Chiat will be the place to go. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We had always wanted to try this restaurant but were apprehensive about the cost. Housed in a row of black and
Kopitiam Signature Breakfast Set increased by 66.6% in one year
 McDonald's, hold my beer... A few weeks ago, we highlighted the high price increase of McDonald's burgers by as much as 16% since 2023. While a price increase is expected due to a 1% increase in GST, inflation, and rising wages,  an increase of more than 50% will surely raise a few eyebrows. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A patron of Kopitiam had
Singapore Zoo's Glamping in the Wild is back!
 Fancy an adventure with animals? Glamping in the Wild is back from 1 April 2023 with a refreshed programme. Expect behind-the-scenes tours followed by a night spent in the wild with animals. This programme is a must-go for animal lovers. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here is what you can expect from Glamping in the Wild Get Acquainted with Asian
Sakura 2023 Gardens by the Bay : Review
The best place to see Sakura may just be in Singapore. Sakura at Gardens By the Bay 2023 marks its return to the Flower Dome. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This year's theme is train travel.  Train Travel @ Sakura The Flower Dome will be transformed into a landscape akin to a scenic
Pinnacle @ Duxton 5 rm Sold at record $1.4m
Record selling price at Pinnacle@ Duxton! A 5-Room resale flat at Pinnacle @ Duxton was sold at $ 1.4 million. This is the highest sale price in the estate according to previous high as on March 2022 at $1,3888,888.88. The current highest HDB sold in Singapore was at $1.41 million at Sky Terrace @ Dawson on July 2022. This is the 2nd highest HDB sold ever in Singapore.
PSLE Cut Off Point for Secondary 2023-2024  IP, Express, Normal
 The Official PSLE Cut-Off Point (COP) for 2023 is out. There had been a few surprise shifts in COP for selected schools. Given the new changes for next year, we expect more surprises to be in store for 2024 Secondary School Cut-Off Points. Use this guide with this consideration in mind. For verification of the scores, do refer to MOE Schoolfinder. (adsbygoogle =
COE March 1st Bidding Result 2023
COE continues its uptrend.After an unexpected spike that took the CAT E COE to an all-time high of $118,001 for Feb 2023 COE, the uptrend continued for all categories except CAT EHere are the resultsCategoryCurrent COE Price ($)ChangeACARS up to 1600cc$86,556$1,444BCARS above 1600cc$115,501$500CGOODS VEHICLE & BUS$91,101$3,311DMOTORCYCLE$12,390$201EOPEN-ALL EXCEPT MOTORCYCLE$116,000-$2001Source:
2023 JC Cut Off Points
2023 JC Cut-Off Points Here are the COP for Junior College(JC) based on students admitted to JC in 2022 JAE (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); L1R5 net aggregate of the lowest ranked students is used for this list. What is L1R5 L1R5 is essentially First Langauge + 5 Relevant Subjected They are categorised as such L1R5
Shrinkflation : McDonald's, KFC and even Hawkers have shrunk their food.
 Honey, I shrunk the food. Within a week, I encountered a few incidents of food shrinkage.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); From McDonald's to KFC to even Hawker Center, it seems that even though the price is increasing, the food portion has declined in tandem. This makes it even more expensive to have a meal these days. Is this Shrinkflation in the works?
Srisun Express Free Prata For Man U Fans is a masterstroke in Marketing
7 Kosong for free! All Manchester United fans want to forget the defeat to Liverpool on Monday Morning on March 6. At a historical scoreline of 7-0, this marks a new low in Manchester United vs Liverpool rivalry.  (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Taking a cue from this was the anti-Manchester United supporters who go on social media to talk about having
ChatGPT: Boon or Bane?
Eh, have you heard of ChatGPT?  It's a smart bot that can talk to you about anything and everything under the sun using artificial intelligence technology. Want to know more? Let's explore how ChatGPT can change your life in Singapore. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); What is ChatGPT?  ChatGPT is a chatbot that can answer your questions, give
20 Must Try Singapore Dishes and Where to find them
 Are you a bona fide Singapore foodie? Forget about the fusion food; if you have yet to try all or any of the local dishes on this list, you probably have not visited any hawker centres. Whether a local or a tourist, you must try these 20 most popular local dishes in Singapore. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1 Hainanese Chicken Rice 
- Digital Mom
Free Printable first day of school sign for daycare, preschool, kindergarten through 12th grade, college and more! Download and print first day of school sign.
- Digital Molly
Did you know Apple offers a free camp for kids during the summer? Learn everything you could want to know about Apple Camp and kids hour.
- Digital Mom
The best toddler alarm clocks for 2022. From sleep training clocks for toddlers to smart alarm clocks and sleeping aids to help your toddler sleep!
- Digital Molly
Rounds up of the best kids tablets 2022. Before you buy a tablet for kids, check out this review of suggestions from Digital Mom Blog.
- Digital Mom
Last Day of School Party Ideas
Check out these last day of school party ideas. From banners to run though to how to create a marshmallow popper, celebrate summer in style with these ideas!
- Digital Molly
Best Tiktok Cleaning Hacks - here are 7 tiktok hacks for cleaning your house, shoes, bathroom and more. These cleaning tips are a huge game changer!
- Digital Molly
Best Kid Alarm Clocks - Help your kids establish a morning schedule with an alarm clock for kids that helps them wake up on their own and get the day started.
- Digital Molly
Learn about the benefits and find the best wobble chairs. The perfect chair for busy wiggly kids and active adults who can't sit still.
- Digital Molly
Virtual Learning Tips - remote learning can be such a struggle! Here are 10 ways we have made online school a success. These allow us to work while our kids learn remotely.
- Digital Molly
Social Media and Teens - We are sharing what parents need to know in 2021 about apps, technology and what their teenagers are doing on social media. Must read!
- Digital Mom
Getting your license now a days is easier, cheaper and done online! Learn about taking drivers ed online to easily get a drivers license.
- Digital Mom
We are talking about how to remove mildew smell from clothes. If you are like me and forget about the clothes in the washing machine …
- Digital Molly
Create a simple happy morning surprise with heart shaped cinnamon rolls! It’s Valentine’s Day. For our kids, rather than the typical heart shaped candy fare …
- Digital Molly
These fake nails are NOT your mama's Lee Press-ons. We are sharing how to put on nails, take them off & more. Get a DIY manicure for $4 in under 10 minutes!
- Digital Molly
Let's DIY a Pete the Cat Valentine's Day Box - learn how to make an adorable Pete the Cat Valentine box for your kid's V-day school party.
- Kimberly
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet: An Analysis

We assess Gwyneth Paltrow's diet with our nutritionists and how busy mums can eat balanced meals.

The post Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet: An Analysis appeared first on Mummyfique.

- Kimberly
Celebrating Women’s History Month with Your Kids

This Women's History Month, teach your kids about the women in Singapore who have been influential in the past and the present.

The post Celebrating Women’s History Month with Your Kids appeared first on Mummyfique.

- Emma Lin
Activities Celebrating Women This International Women’s Day 2023

Let's #EmbraceEquity this International Women's Day 2023 and create an inclusive world where we can support each other!

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- Kimberly
10 Ways To Celebrate IWD 2023 With Your Child

Celebrate the inspiring women in your life with your children this International Women's Day.

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- Emma Lin
Alternatives To Help Picky Eaters Get Essential Nutrients

Picky eating is one of the most common complaints among parents. It’s rare that you've got kids that eat everything and anything. If you've got a picky eater at home, here are some alternatives you can try to ensure they get the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

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- Emma Lin
Storage 101 For Newlywed Couples


The post Storage 101 For Newlywed Couples appeared first on Mummyfique.

- Dr. Becca
- Martine Oglethorpe

This Tuesday February the 8th is Safer Internet Day. An important day on the global calendar and a great reminder of the importance of staying safe online. The theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day is ‘Play it Fair Online’. Just as in any environment, be that workplace, household, school yard or sporting field, playing […]

The post Play It Fair Online: Safer Internet Day 2022 appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe

Should I let my child watch Squid games, play Fortnite, get Tik Tok? Should I let them have Instagram, play Call of Duty, watch an M rated movie? Questions such as these are regular from parents, and pretty valid questions considering the combination of children ruminating the fact that everyone is allowed but them, coupled […]

The post Should I let my child watch Squid Games, play Fortnite, get Tik Tok? appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe
What girls really need to thrive online

What do we really need for young girls to thrive online? When talking about the online behaviours, interactions, connections, consumption and everyday immersion into a world of technology, screens, gaming and devices, parents are often looking for the magic bullet to keep their young daughters safe online. To keep them mentally well. To keep them […]

The post What girls really need to thrive online appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe

Life is getting pretty tiring for many people right now. There is no doubt plenty of people feel they are in the midst of some pretty crappy times. Particularly those from Australia who have been subjected to long lockdowns, remote learning, working from home and the disappointments of another year crippled by ongong restrictions (special […]

The post 10 tips to get through crappy times appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe

Coping with covid lockdowns…again It is all too familiar, the path is well trodden and the expectations well rehearsed. And yet, for most it appears the foreboding sense of dread does not seem to be getting any easier to navigate.  In fact for many, each lockdown press conference, each well rehearsed set of rules, border […]

The post Coping with Covid Lockdowns…..again appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe

Growing up in a digital world today, can expose young people to a social media feed full of comparisons, comments and cutting remarks, that can leave them feeling constantly judged, not good enough, vilified or even unworthy. For others however they appear to sail through their socials, unburdened or at least with the ability to […]

The post ROC and RISE to build digital resilience appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe
Safer Internet Day 2021: Start the chat

Safer Internet Day for 2021 is help globally on February 9th. This year, the focus of Safer Internet Day is all about the need to “start the chat”, when it comes to keeping our kids safe online. Connecting with our kids has always been the backbone of all of my work with parents, schools and […]

The post Safer Internet Day 2021: Start the chat appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe

This is not another guilt inducing post about how we are all ‘addicted’ to our screens, but it is a gentle reminder about the huge benefits of making some more conscious decisions about how and where we spend our time and attention. We know that nature and spending time immersed in the natural living world […]

The post A little less screen and a little more green appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe
Kids getting a device for Christmas? Grab some tips and a letter from Santa

Once again this year there will be many kids waking Christmas morning to a brand new device, phone, gaming console or shiny new computer. And whilst this can bring great joy and happiness, a few boundaries and some simple rules will help manage their time, their behaviours and their wellbeing, as they embark on their […]

The post Kids getting a device for Christmas? Grab some tips and a letter from Santa appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- Martine Oglethorpe

In a recent webinar I gave on “Weaning the Screens”, I discussed the many things kids need to thrive and maintain wellbeing. During lockdowns and a year of covid upheaval, many of the usual ways kids have these needs met were taken away. The uptake of extra screentime, came along to fill the many voids. […]

The post What kids need and what screens provide appeared first on The Modern Parent.

- One Modern Mom Blog
Pampers enables us to make a difference.
In celebration of National Children’s Day in South Africa, Pampers is celebrating single parents who bravely navigated lockdown parenting with little to no support. 40% of parents in South Africa are single moms. Though the last year has been challenging for most parents, it has been undoubtedly more so for single parents who spent months … Continue reading Pampers enables us to make a difference. →
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Getting Healthy & Falling Pregnant with Best10
Many of you have messaged me to ask me about my 10 weeks with Best10. I went a bit quiet towards the end, well…because I had a little baby forming in my belly that none of you knew about. I’m going to start from the beginning to put the entire process into perspective for you, … Continue reading Getting Healthy & Falling Pregnant with Best10 →
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A Garden Party In Winter.
I recall sitting in bed on a stormy daydreaming about having a reason to create something magical. Don’t ask me to draw or paint you a picture – my creativity doesn’t lie there. But it lies within, brewing at the randomest of times. I finally figured out what I could create – a beautiful boho … Continue reading A Garden Party In Winter. →
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Winter with Cotton On Kids
Winter clothing has started being unpacked in the shops, and although the sun is still shining outside, and days can be hot – the evenings have started cooling down, and the chill can be felt in the air as the sun goes down. With my little boy being at the age that he is – … Continue reading Winter with Cotton On Kids →
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How You’ve Helped Cotton On Foundation Provide Quality Schooling To Ethekwini Primary Students.
Many of you will know that over the past year I have worked a lot with Cotton On & Cotton On Kids. At first, I was just excited and honoured to be recognized by and working with a brand I loved so much. But as time went by, I learnt a few more things about … Continue reading How You’ve Helped Cotton On Foundation Provide Quality Schooling To Ethekwini Primary Students. →
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A Magical Day – Create Your Day Party.
As a busy mom, as birthdays approach I find myself wondering how I’ll make all of my sons birthday dreams a reality. Luckily, my sons expectations weren’t through the roof this year, and he simply and very confidently explained that all he really wanted was a Bear Grylls Adventure Party with a few of his … Continue reading A Magical Day – Create Your Day Party. →
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Creating a Visually Pleasing Wedding, SIMPLY, with Gather.
Let’s rewind back to the start of this year. It somehow feels like ages ago now that I look back on it. At that point, wedding planning seemed like a walk in the park. There was still so much time. Dreaming was happening, Pinterest was a nightly affair the moment my son was in bed … Continue reading Creating a Visually Pleasing Wedding, SIMPLY, with Gather. →
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Warriors Of Hope – The Beautiful Initiative by Keedo.
I was recently asked to work on a campaign with Keedo. I’m sure that by now, you’re all well aware how much I love the local brand – I love them for their beautiful, childlike designs. In a world where we so often dress kids way beyond their years, Keedo brings us back down to … Continue reading Warriors Of Hope – The Beautiful Initiative by Keedo. →
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A Girls Weekend at Shiraz Estate Guest House.
Being the type of person that I am, I wanted to organize a girls weekend away with my bridal party. With only a few months left until the wedding, it was time to go on a little roadtrip with the girls to just relax and enjoy the calm before all of the craziness hit. When … Continue reading A Girls Weekend at Shiraz Estate Guest House. →
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Sustainable Fashion Done Perfectly – Locally.
There’s nothing quite like stumbling upon new brands and then finding out that they are local. There’s a little happy dance that begins stirring inside of me. And this is EXACTLY what happened when I heard about Beagle & Basset – a new Cape Town based eco-conscious company. I first heard about them about a … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion Done Perfectly – Locally. →

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If you’ve been following me for long, you know I’m a huge proponent of giving kids household responsibilities and teaching them to manage money at an early age. I’ve done a lot of research on the topic and even developed some pretty slick tools to help parents get started. I’ll be the first to admit, […]

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This “Sibling Appreciation Advent Calendar” is an idea our elf came up with last year and worked really well. On the first day he appeared, always the day after Thanksgiving in our house, he arrived with this Advent Calendar (only $15!) and an explanation. The idea is simple. Our elf asked the kids to take […]

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My New Book! Plus an Exclusive Bonus for MPMK Readers!

I’ve got some big… HUGE news to share today! After a LOT of hard work behind the scenes for the past several months, I’m so excited to finally announce that I have a picture book coming out and it just became available for pre-sale! Trains Coming Through! My First Big Book of Trains is the […]

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With everything going on in the world right now, I’m finding myself with less emotional reserves to be patient and gentle with my kids (who really need it right now!). If you’re feeling the same way, we’ve got a great guest post today from Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D., the Executive Director of The New York […]

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A Positive Parenting Approach for Changing Kids’ Challenging Behaviors

Image Credit: © Suzette Pauwels (text & graphic added) | 01.01.11 | CC by 2.0 As we all continue to deal with shelter-in-place, I thought it would be the perfect time to re-post a piece written by one of my blogging buddies, Amanda from Not Just Cute. She shares a wonderful method for dealing with problem behaviors in […]

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I Just Signed My Kids Up for Camp Invention- Here’s Why

I'm signing my kids up for Camp Invention! I'm really excited to be signing up my kids once again, both to have something to look forward to and to ensure that they'll get some much needed STEM learning in from experts this summer.

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Our schools were the very first in the country to shut down due to coronavirus- here's what I've learned. #schoolshutdown #coronavirusparent #coronavirusmom #coronavirushomeschool #homeschooling

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Earlier this week I shared my experience living at the center of the coronavirus outbreak in America. It’s only been 4 days and the situation has elevated quite a bit. Late Wednesday night word came from our school district’s superintendent; effective immediately, all schools in our district are closed for up to 14 days. Teaching […]

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Rainy Day Play: Gum Drop Engineers

With cold days persisting and school breaks coming up, I thought now would be the perfect time to share one of my all-time favorite indoor play ideas… Have you noticed the big emphasis on both creativity and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills for kids lately?  At first glance these two things may seem […]

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How to Connect at Dinner Time: Conversation Starters & Parked Phone Stations

Life comes at you fast these days.  Have you noticed how we drink our morning coffee and the next thing we know, we’re tired and crawling into bed? If we don’t stop to be intentional, we can miss out on some really important moments with our spouse and kids. There are two things we’ve found helpful […]

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Raising kids in the digital age isn’t easy, which is why learning these internet safety tips for kids is important. Due to

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These daddy-daughter quotes put the special bond between father-daughter into words. There’s nothing quite like the bond between a daughter and her

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This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. Back to school season is in full swing and another busy chapter in parenting is among

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Get access to 25 thought-provoking questions to ask your dad. Download our free journal that includes prompts and space to create your

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Getting your kids to brush and take care of their teeth can be a struggle. The good news is there are simple

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Try this cleaning bingo game to get your kids motivated to clean and tidy your home. This free cleaning game bundle comes

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Modern Mom Life is now featured on Texas Today. Texas Today is a local lifestyle show, giving North Texans the latest in

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Raise your hand if you have ever had to seek out head lice treatment options?  I see you over there acting embarrassed

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Kids will love making this glow-in-the-dark slime. From the moment we made superhero slime, our family found ourselves wanting to experiment with

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Kazzam by Party City is a party planner’s dream! Thanks to our partnership, I was able to give Kazzam a try for

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Parenting is tough. Raising kids, juggling their activities and finding time to spend with my spouse is challenging. One thing that should

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Today I looked at you and felt my heart flutter. It’s the same feeling I felt when I first laid my eyes

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With Baby #2 on the way, we have to prepare for life with a preschooler and an infant in the house. Part

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Rocking our toddler to sleep never seemed to be a bother until recently. Before that, we had no problem spending time rocking

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Partner and advertise with an engaging community of modern moms who are seeking tips to make parenting less chaotic and more fun!

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Modern Mom Life is a top-rated modern parenting blog. We have been featured on several different media outlets through digital, podcasts and

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Seed Probiotic Review & Promo Code (& my journey to holistic healing in 2022)

2021 was absolutely exhausting, and I often fell back on old coping mechanisms like eating junk food and staying up too late. While we all were simply doing what we could to get through the insanity, 2021 was a somber reminder that life is short. In 2022, my goal is to pursue health from the…

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- Clarissa
Beginner Keto Tips

If you’re looking for how to lose weight on Keto, here’s our success story. Ryan and I have lost over 75 pounds with the Keto diet! Keto allows you to eat all sorts of yummy meals (like these air fryer keto game day recipes) while losing weight – it’s crazy! We’ve done it multiple times,…

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Self Care Plan for Moms

As moms, it’s so easy to focus all of our time and energy on our families. There’s always so much more to be done, which means we often make our own needs a low priority. Many of us even have bathrooms filled with beauty and pampering supplies that just sit there collecting dust!  But the…

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Easy Cake Decorating Tips &   Time-Saving Hacks!

I bake and decorate each of my boys’ birthday cakes! It’s become quite the yummy tradition – even though I started with ZERO baking and decorating experience. I’m completely self-taught and definitely don’t have lots of extra time, so this blog post is full of time-saving hacks, as well as some amazing tips for making…

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Keto Air Fryer Recipes for Game Day

We’re still in the honeymoon stage, but I already know he’s the love of my life! I’ve fallen HARD for my air fryer and he’s been there for me in ways my other kitchen gadgets continually let me down. 😉 Plus the air fryer has helped my husband and I lose over 75 pounds on the…

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Activated Charcoal Benefits – Absorbing Odors Naturally!

You see this face? This is the face of a mom who finds 4 month old leftovers hiding in the back of the fridge. And chicken nuggets from last year underneath the kids’ car seats. Parenting STINKS, you guys. I don’t like simply covering up nasty scents with chemicals and flowery scents. That doesn’t fix the…

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5 Healthy Relationship Goals for 2021

During such a stressful time for our country, our family matters more than ever. As we’re working on our emotional, spiritual, and holistic health goals, working on our relationships is so vital to having a healthy and happy home! Here are 5 healthy relationship goals for 2021. This would be great to save and discuss…

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Free Goal Setting Guide & Printable

Happy New Year everyone! As terrible as 2020 was, I am so excited to start the new year with a clean slate full of possibilities. One thing I learned from this never-ending year is that there comes a point where mama just has to GET IT DONE. Life will always be full of unfortunate circumstances…

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers on Amazon

We have one week til Christmas… is YOUR shopping done? Well, if you’re one of my Instagram friends that I asked, NOPE! Haha! There are a lot of last minute shoppers, which is extra complicated this year due to COVID, social distancing limiting store capacity, and all that fun stuff. Lucky for us, Amazon Prime…

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2020 Cyber Week Sales!

It’s time for the best 2020 Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals!! I’m not a giant spender, but I am a strategic one. 😉 Every November, I brainstorm everything I’m going to need in the next several months, and look for Black Friday sales! I’m not above Googling toilet paper sales, especially after a…

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Why Sleep is the Most Important Form of Self-Care

As a new mom, sleep is the very foundation that all forms of self-care rest upon. Fix your sleep, and all the rest will follow. Here's how...

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- Carey
5 Secrets to Get Your Child into an NYC Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted tests are given to children pre-kindergarten through grade 2 in NYC. Here are 5 secrets to get a spot in the G&T programs.

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How to Pack Your Hospital Bag for Dummies

Packing your hospital bag for childbirth is not an easy task. Are you packing too much or too little? Here are the must haves...

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Best Baby Sleep Consultants in Calgary

Looking for the best baby sleep consultants in Calgary, Alberta? Our list is selected based on real customer ratings, training, experience...

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Baby’s Nutritional Needs – Month by Month Baby Feeding Guide (0-12+ Months)

A month-to-month feeding guide for all your baby’s nutritional needs, including: Hunger & fullness cues, Feeding schedule, Sample menus...

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It’s Confirmed: Babies In The Womb Love Mozart (More Than Mickey Mouse and You)

Study results showed that babies-in-womb respond better to Mozart and classical music than Mickey Mouse and You. Mozart effect is real!

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The One FREE Writing Tool Every Blogger Needs

As a mommy blogger, marketer, & an ebook writer, one of the biggest challenges I have with my writing is grammar. Luckily, I found Grammarly.

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Best Baby Sleep Consultants in Quebec

Looking for the best baby sleep consultants in Quebec? Our list is selected based on real customer ratings, training, experience...

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Best Baby Sleep Consultants in Metro Vancouver & Surrounding Area

Looking for the best baby sleep consultants in Metro Vancouver? Our list is selected based on real customer ratings, training, experience...

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How to Create the Perfect Backyard for an Autistic Child

If you have an autistic child, here’s how to make the most of the great outdoors: obstacle course, water therapy, sensory garden...

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Dr. Whitney talks with Paige Cornetet, author of “My Dad’s Class,” about her upbringing and education around money and how it has shaped how she teaches it today. They also dive into really practical advice on how moms and families can pass on generational financial skills.

Main Points:

Dr. Whitney: Tell me how you came up with the idea for this book. What’s your story that brought you here?

Paige: I started my own business when I was 26 and I really felt prepared going in. I knew how to handle money, what questions to ask my accountant, etc. And I knew that because I was taught all of these amazing things from my parents about earning, saving, spending, and investing money. And I realized I wanted to be able to share this with my future kids and other families, so out came a book.

Dr. Whitney: Tell me more about your family and their expertise when it came to money.

Paige: My parents were very intentional when it came to finances with us kids. My dad was a third generation business owner, so there was so much that he had to offer. And he had a lot of life lessons from his grandparents and parents that he wanted to share with us. I say my dad’s class was every Saturday with a pen and notebook, but my mom’s class was every day because she stayed at home with us and taught us so much.

Dr. Whitney: There’s probably a lot of women who didn’t have that kind of education in their home. If there are some things you could pull from the book that were the core things your parents taught you, what would those be?

Paige: First, we intentionally spoke our values out loud every day. So we knew where our priorities were. Second, we had this thing called the Cornetet Family Bank. And my parents held the money, but we had ledgers and withdrawals and had to reconcile everything. So we were very familiar with how all of it worked. That way, by the time we were ready to get actual bank accounts, we knew about interest and savings and how everything should work.

And as far as what education you got from your parents, even if you didn’t get something like this, you still have your own story. This is an entire family situation and so you can tell your kids, these were the stories and beliefs we had around money growing up and we’re going to do things a little differently.

Dr. Whitney: Regardless of what the education or story was, you really need to get down to finding out what that experience taught you about money. Good or bad. Because you’ll operate out of that space.

Paige: The first few chapters of the book, I don’t really talk about finances. I talk about your priorities and values because if you aren’t clear on those, you won’t really know where to spend your money. I love shared experiences, but my husband loves fine dining. And we should both feel good about spending money on that. And that allows us to not have any shame around spending it when it comes time for that.

Dr. Whitney: I think the bottom line is deciding what’s important to you, so that you can say yes to those things and no to others. If shared experiences are important, you’ll say yes to brunch with a girlfriend, but that means you’ll probably say no to buying something at Target the next day.

Paige: Your budget shows what’s important to you. It’s not about limiting your spending, it’s about spending money on the things that are of value to you. So I won’t feel bad when I’m spending with intention.

Dr. Whitney: What advice would you give to those who are trying to climb out of debt and maybe model for their kids a different way of life?

Paige: First, you have to work through and take the emotions out of it so that you can really tackle it. So you can really do things differently and have a game plan that you can commit to. Then, you’ll want to pay off the most expensive (highest interest rate) debt first. You want to get out of that hole so you don’t owe anything to anyone. I even love the idea of talking about it with your kids. If they’re old enough, they’re picking up on things anyway. So let them in on the plan!

Dr. Whitney: When my husband and I were paying off our graduate and medical school debt, we moved in with my parents so that we could really pay it down quickly. And we had a running tally sheet of all our debts in the bathroom that we kept track of so our kids could see it. When I made that final payment, I was on speaker phone so that my kids could hear it and we all celebrated together. I wanted them to see all the hard work we had done and paid off.

Paige: And you were teaching them a lesson through that. They’ve already seen that through their parents' eyes so it’s really ingrained in their minds and maybe they’ll make different choices for their own future.

Dr. Whitney: What are some really practical things we can teach our kids on a daily basis? I get questions all the time about chores and should those be paid?

Paige: In my home, we had chores because we were a part of our family. It was a given and there was no reward for them. But my dad was great at making things a game, so for the allowance side, it was it’s own thing and went into our “banks.” And we were taught how to manage that. It was a hands on lesson every single week. And there were extra chore opportunities to earn money, like washing the car.

Dr. Whitney: There’s so many tools out there now for kids’ debit cards or bank accounts that really make it so much easier for kids to have more experience with their money. And it allows you to easily break it, ⅓ in your savings account, ⅓ in your checking account, and ⅓ to somewhere you want to donate.

Paige: They are great. I think the more tactile and hands on you can be with them, the better. They should know how much money they have and what is available. I’d rather them spend all their money on something stupid as a kid so you can have those conversations. “How did that $200 pair of jeans make you feel? Was it worth it?” Those trials are way better to have at 10 than when they’re 18. That way they know all those free credit card offers they’re getting aren’t really free and they want to steer clear.

Dr. Whitney: Talk to me about this idea that I really feel has been prevalent in the last 15 years. The hustle culture for moms tell us if you just work hard and buy this course or start this business, you can make 10k a month. What is a litmus test or how do you draw the line when it comes to that? There are things we can or should invest in for our businesses that could really help us, but how do we know if we should make that step rather than just keep the money in the bank?

Paige: I think you really have to look at the sacrifice and cost that comes with it. When you’re choosing to have a side hustle, is it taking away all of the time from your family?  Is it taking you from the things that really matter to you? Do you have to choose that path? Is it something really important to you or are you doing it just because culture tells you that you should? You only have a select amount of time and energy and you have to think about the give and take of that.

Dr. Whitney: I often get asked how I do it all and the truth is, I don’t. I delegate to other people and almost always, that costs me something. My nanny watches my kids and that costs money. My content writer who helps me out with social media and the blog costs me money. I had someone help me with the book and that cost me money. There are things I choose to give up time for so I can save money, but other times I’d actually be losing money if I did it because it would take so much of my time. So in the moment, I have to realize everything costs time, money, or energy and I have to decide what is the most important for me to keep right then.

Paige: Absolutely and pay for your time and energy. If you try to do it all yourself, you will burn out.

Dr. Whitney: Where can our listeners find your book and follow you so they can continue to get more tips for themselves and their family?

Paige: “My Dad’s Class: An Intentional Structure to Teach Your Kids About Money and Life” can be found on the website or amazon and you can find all my social info on the website as well.


Saturday morning you wake up in a panic, remembering that it was your week to bring snacks for after your kiddo’s basketball game. Realizing you haven’t made a grocery run in a hot minute, you head to your fave place to inspire you while simultaneously shame you, and search Pinterest for some way to turn a half a cup of pretzels, 6 juice pouches and 4 stale marshmallows into a charcuterie board. 

You show up to the game and realize not only was it NOT your week, but this week’s mom brought in homemade donuts with each kid’s name on them along with freshly squeezed orange juice from their tree at home. So, same.

Monday morning, you make breakfast that only half your kids eat, pack their lunches, pull some clothes out of the dryer (and some from the dirty hamper…whoops), get them dressed, sign reading logs from the weekend, repack lunches when they decide they all want something different, and head to the car.

On the way out the door, your oldest yells, “Thanks for my lunch, dad!” as he grabs the bag from your husband.

**Cue internal rage screaming.

When you get to the office 5 minutes later than your boss, but still earlier than the actual start time, she tries to joke with you, “Well I guess it’s hot mess mom o’clock.”

And then your email chimes in. Addressed only to you, from your child’s teacher, “I’d really love it if you could spend 30 minutes with your son reading each night. He’s falling behind and it’s so important to get that time in every day. Oh, could you also chaperone the field trip on Friday?”

That’s enough to make anyone lose their ish and that’s the kinda stuff we’re facing every day as working moms. 

Constantly feeling like we’re not doing enough, but having absolutely nothing left to give.

We’re on the continual cycle of doing all the things, feeling resentful for it, blowing up, and then trying to do all the things to make up for it. And the cycle continues.

So how do you resist the ever-present push and pull? How do you stop chasing this elusive work-life balance? Because it seems like if you stop, even for a moment, everything would fall apart.

If you decide to take a longer lunch so that you can walk around the block to get sunshine and lower some stress hormones, you feel like you have to justify it by staying 30 minutes late at the end of the day.

Which means your kids have to go to after school care.

Which means you’re going to have a bigger bill at the end of the month.

Which means you’re going to be stressing about your budget.

Which means you’re going to WANT to take some time to take care of yourself so that you’re not bottling up those emotions with nowhere to go…so you think of taking a walk around the block.

And if you give a mouse a cookie…

Mama, when your stress load sits there like a tangled heap of worry, there’s no way you can enjoy a purposeful, aligned life. 


I’m so deeply passionate about helping moms take control of their lives in this way, that I created a program that would take them from Conflicted to Centered. This 7 week coaching series helps you organize your stress, clear your mental clutter, and make more space for what really matters.

If you’re looking for:

Peace instead of resentment

Energy instead of exhaustion.

Abundance instead of overwhelm

Joy instead of fleeting happiness

This program is for you.

Click here to get all the details (and about the 2 bonuses you’ll get just for signing up!)


Dr. Whitney chats with Peloton yoga instructor, Kristin McGee, about how she got started in yoga, how she landed at Peloton, and how she practices mindfulness as a working mom.

Main Points:

Dr. Whitney: Tell us how you got started in the yoga space and how you landed at Peloton.

Kristin: I actually got started through drama! I was studying theater at NYU and we did yoga as a regular warmup and I really began to see how much more connected I was with my body when I was practicing yoga. Which led me to taking classes all the time and eventually teaching. I auditioned for an MTV yoga video and that really opened the door to so many other opportunities, including my own DVDs, and then I eventually started working with Peloton. My favorite thing about teaching here is that it’s so well-rounded. You can hop on the bike or take a stretching class or strength train, and you’re still going to connect and learn more about your body, no matter your season or fitness level.

Dr. Whitney: There’s so many more things available now, specifically for moms who are pre or postnatal. It used to be that there was one video that you had to play on loop, but now it’s endless. After I had my second daughter, I sprained my ankle because I didn’t pay attention to all these changes that my body had gone through and how they would affect me even after birth. But I love that there’s classes that take that into account.

Kristin: And it’s community building too! You can look at the leaderboard and know that there are other women out there just like you who are experiencing it together. And I love that we’re able to even help those that aren’t moms! I’ve heard from families who’ve been struggling with loss or a child that can’t sleep and the meditations have been really powerful for them. I love that at Peloton, we really can become a supportive community for people.

Dr. Whitney: Do you feel you can get to that contemplative state easier when you’re moving? As someone who’s anxious, I have a hard time meditating and I feel like when I’m moving, I can get deeper into that. Is that something you hear from others?

Kristin: I think that’s a great starting point and if it helps you get to that point, that’s amazing. But I also think that sometimes we shy away from what we really need–and maybe that is to just sit and be still and be in the moment. Sit with those meditative thoughts. And just like you have a running routine, you end up with a meditation routine.

Dr Whitney: It is a great starting point and then you can ask yourself, “Why do I feel like I need to constantly be in motion? And how can you bring yourself to that place where you are still with your thoughts? We love the Modern Mommy app for those quick meditations or Morning Pages to get your thoughts out.

Kristin: We are human beings, not human doings. And that’s where meditation comes into play. I don’t mind if you have racing thoughts. That's your brain processing things. The effects of meditation are actually more profound and noticeable while you’re not meditating. The meditation allows you to feel like you have the tools and outlet to process everything that’s going on in your life better, so you’re at your best and much less reactive.

Dr. Whitney: It’s very true that when you’re not doing the things to take care of yourself, you don’t show up as the best version of yourself. Just this morning we were in go-mode to get everyone out the door and my husband asked me where something was. In that moment I was so irritated and had to take a second to step back and evaluate. Why was I so mad? What conversation did I need to have with him to make him understand how I was feeling and what could I do throughout my day to come back and feel more refreshed?

Kristin: Absolutely. When you’re not being mindful, when you’re not doing those things that you know keep you in a better state of mind, it doesn’t just affect you. It affects the way you show up. And in our families, it definitely affects how we’re setting ourselves and our kiddos up for success. Or whether or not we even have the bandwidth to do that.

Dr. Whitney: What do your kids think about yoga? Do they understand that you’re this guru and think that they should listen to everything you say about mindfulness? Or are they over it?

Kristin: They see me do it all the time, so it’s definitely normal for them. As they’ve grown, they’re less on the mat with me and kinda learning who they are and what they love doing. I really try to honor that, even though Pokemon drives me crazy. It’s important to teach them boundaries with that but also it’s great to do something that you love. They’ll still randomly do yoga poses or sit next to me on the couch while I finish my meditation.

Dr. Whitney: You’re someone who’s a public figure, teaching mindfulness on the screen. How does that play into you as a working mom? Are you able to practice that in real life? How do you balance all the responsibilities and roles that you have? How is that at Peloton? How welcoming are they to having that level of integration that we know working moms need?

Kristin: I think this is the only place I could be doing what I do and still have the level of relationship I have with my kids. Most days I’m still able to pick them up from school, which is great! I teach morning classes a few days a week, but I’d rather sacrifice that morning walk to school (thanks to my awesome nanny!) than missing dinner, and books, and bedtime. So they work around that! I really try to bring my kids into my practice as much as possible, so they see me on the mat, they help me pick out songs. I love my job so much so it doesn’t feel like work most days. Peloton also has incredible maternity leave and gives a ton of pre and postnatal support.

Dr. Whitney: One of the things that I love about Peloton is that they recognize the women and moms in the classes and that’s amazing. But there’s also still this energy of, just because you’re in your 40s doesn’t mean you're finished. Let’s still listen to the hip hop music and take the fun class.

Kristin: Something that Robin from Peloton once said really stood out to me. She was talking about that being a mom is part of who we are, but it’s not our whole identity. And we are still a well-rounded woman with lots of other interests and things we bring to the table. I think that’s so important for even my kids to see, so that when they’re grown and out of the house, I don’t feel like I’ve lost my entire purpose.

Dr. Whitney: Another thing I love is that there seems to be something for everyone. Lots of different classes to choose from with different purposes. And on-demand workouts are so great for working moms because it saves so much time!

Kristin: What’s so cool is seeing people, including myself, discover things they might not have otherwise done without Peloton. Bikers who discover yoga or weight lifters adding cardio. It’s great to cross-train and to be able to keep your mind and body healthy.

Dr. Whitney: Where can people find you if they’re interested in finding out more about you?

You can find me on the Peloton app, which you do not have to have the hardware to do all the classes. And there’s a two-month free trial for new users right now! I’m also on instagram at @kristinmcgee and I’d love to see you on the leaderboard. Shoot me messages there if you’ve got any questions!

Are you sitting down?

Because I’m about to drop a knowledge bomb that’s gonna blow your mind:

An Ohio State University study showed 66 percent of working parents feel like they have nothing left to give. That’s two-thirds of career-focused parents who are burned out and desperate.

Now that I think about it, though, maybe that’s not all that surprising for you to hear.

Maybe you’re living it. So reading that just makes you go, “YEP. Same.”

I know that after I had my two girls, I was in a much different spot than before I had kids (and all the moms in the world said, “Yeah, no kidding.”) What I pictured my working-mom life to be was waaaaay different from how it was playing out in my real life. Even as a Stanford-trained pediatrician, I just didn’t have the tools that were clearly necessary to navigate motherhood successfully.

Let alone adding a full-time job on top of it. And trying to have a thriving marriage. And be a good friend. And keep our house from looking like the aftermath of a tornado. And feed my kids that don’t come from the blue and orange box every night (don’t get me wrong…we love mac and cheese in our house. But it prob doesn’t need to happen for multiple meals a day.)

Oh aaaaand maybe take a minute for myself.

As moms, we're the last ones we think about taking care of and the first ones whose wellbeing gets put on the back burner.

And mama, I can stand here today and tell you confidently that it doesn’t have to be like this. 

You can create a more centered, less stressed life that you LOVE.

Introducing Conflicted to Centered On-Demand: a 7-part  virtual coaching series to help you organize your stress, clear your mental clutter, and make more space for what really matters in your life.

I created this coaching program because our kids deserve to have moms that are able to show up consistently as the best version of themselves. That aren’t disappointed at the end of every day. That don’t want to escape from the life they’ve created.

Hell, we deserve to live that life!

When you’re constantly living in the push and pull of the pursuit of work-life “balance,” you’re unable to give the best of yourself to either! Which means you’re always running on that hamster wheel of motherhood, caught between the needs of everyone else, and never prioritizing your own.

You’ll lose the precious moments you could be spending on the things you love, including your kids, your passions, and yourself. And you’ll stay waffling in indecision and constant juggling, unfulfilled and exhausted at the end of the day. 

Seven weekly Q&A Zoom Sessions with Dr. Whitney, pediatrician and mama wellness expert, and other like-minded, career-focused moms (x7) PDF downloadable workbooks with challenges, prompts, and reflection activities  Skills to tackle obstacles that come your way Instructions for building your framework and maintaining your system  Coaching session replays for when you’re on-the-go! Continual access to the program workbooks and program replay videos To revisit what you’ve learned IRL on the Modern Mamas Club App

What would be different in your life if you could show up confidently with direction, intention, and purpose–even on your hardest days?

Get all the info on the group program (including the bonuses you can snag!) right here!


Dr. Whitney chats with Seed and Sew CEO, Alyssa Blask Campbell, about how as parents, we can’t react logically and appropriately to our children or at work when we’re already dysregulated. They chat through how to regulate your own emotions, so that you can help your child regulate theirs. 

Main Points:

Dr. Whitney: Welcome! Tell us about your company and your story about why you created it.

Alyssa: I have always worked in Early Childhood Education. I have my Masters in Early Childhood, I’ve worked in kindergarten all the way down to infant. I was a nanny, mom, and preschool teacher, so I have been steeped in Early Childhood Ed. I was working at a school where we could do research and a colleague of mine and I started to dive into what we were doing differently at our school and why we were seeing different results. We were asking ourselves how could Early Childhood Ed look different? We ended up creating the Collaborative Emotional Processing Method (CEP) and researching it across the US. So Seed is really bringing the CEP Method to everyone. Seed has 5 components: self awareness, self-care (taking care of our nervous system), scientific knowledge (what’s happening neurologically for us or our kids), uncovering implicit bias (undoing our social programming), and adult-child interactions (what we actually do in the moments with our kids). That last one is really what people come for but they end up staying for themselves.

Dr. Whitney: As a pediatrician, that’s what people come to me for. What do I do with my kid? How do I get them to not do X,Y, or Z or how do I get them to do X,Y, or Z? And one of the reasons I started Modern Mommy Doc was because I realized that, yes, it matters what we’re doing for our kids. But we also have to take care of ourselves if we want to show up for them at our best. Let’s go back to when you started your company. What was the ah-ha moment when you realized that you were doing something different? What were other early childhood education companies doing?

Alyssa: So much of the curriculums are focused on the kids and their behaviors. How we can get them to be pro-social beings and thrive in society. What we noticed was that at our school, so much of our focus was on us as educators, knowing that if we aren’t regulated, we aren’t able to show up and help these kids like we’d been trained and loved to do. And then there’s the emotional side. How are we able to teach these kids self-awareness skills and then social regulation skills, so that they are able to access social skills like empathy? Because those are secondary.

Dr. Whitney: What I hear you saying is that you’re a Master’s level teacher. You have all the training. You know what to do for children in those moments. But none of that matters if you can’t regulate yourself in that same moment.

Alyssa: We’re looking at shifting the adult experience of children’s emotions, rather than trying to change the child. When your child is doing something that is inconvenient for you, your initial feelings are valid. What we’re trying to do is work on the pause between your initial reaction and your secondary response.

Dr. Whitney: You said Seed has 5 components. Talk about that self-care piece. What does it really mean to take care of yourself as a parent?

Alyssa: For us, it’s really about your nervous system, so it’s going to be different for every person. I’m a person who really benefits from having time to do the work that I want. So I struggle when my son is home because I can’t do that. We all have basic needs that regulate our nervous system: food, water, breaks from work, movement. So you have to ask yourself what regulates your nervous system proactively. We wouldn’t wait till our kids were hangry to give them food. Same thing for us. We need to think through our own nervous system and what pours in to make us feel more balanced. There are things that naturally drain us–what fill us back up?

Dr. Whitney: I think we all need to realize how individual we are. We all have unique needs. And so sometimes that feels high maintenance or being extra. But if we don’t recognize what we need before we need it, we’re going to be in that state of being depleted all the time.

Alyssa: A lot of us grew up in homes where asking for help was not how we were shown or received love. So we have a hard time stating the fact that we have needs. So we ask ourselves if we’ll be worthy of love if we need help? Am I loveable when I have needs? And I think two things about that. One, we need to acknowledge that part of our childhood that makes the way we currently feel make sense. And two, we’re modeling for our kids the way that we take care of ourselves, so that they can do the same for themselves.

Dr. Whitney: And it’s always going to give us opportunities to model making things right with our kids or spouse. Because we definitely are going to mess up and become dysregulated and act out. How does Seed talk about that? 

Alyssa: The goal isn’t regulation all the time. I wish that’s something that was talked about more. The goal of practicing self care or learning tools of regulation isn’t to stay regulated all the time. Otherwise you wouldn't feel things like excitement, which is a sign of dysregulation. The goal is to create a safe space and model what it looks like to feel your emotions and then come back into regulation. We have different colored zones that we talk about that match different ways you’re feeling. So we want to hover between blue, green, and yellow all day, avoiding red when you’re totally out of control. When you're self-aware and know what to do when you’re feeling dysregulated, then you have enough left in your battery to bring yourself back down.

Dr. Whitney: What I love about your message is that it’s not black and white. It leaves so much for humanity. Curriculum in schools is so much more binary. How are you getting this into schools or into parents' hands?

Alyssa: We have certifications you can go through to learn the CEP Method that teaches you all 5 components and teachers have ongoing support through that, so they can lean on us and other teachers. You can go to our website to find Seed Certified schools near you and all the families at those schools have access to our Tiny Humans Big Emotions class so they can really practice it at home. If you’re looking on the website and there isn’t a certified school near you, you can reach out to us at and we can reach out to other schools in your area to try to make that happen for you. We have a podcast, Voices of Your Village, and a really active instagram community . Our flagship program is called ReParenting, which is the “us” side of the equation, plus our Tiny Humans Big Emotions course and we sell those as a bundle because we have seen how important it is for those to go together. If you head to our website and click on the parents tab, you’ll see all of our resources that we have there.


February 14th. The Day for Lovers. Valentine’s Day. 

Okay that second one made me throw up a little bit. Whenever I hear that word, I just picture Jennifer Grey in that scene in Dirty Dancing and it’s just weird.

Regardless of what you call it, it’s here.

And I think most people are pretty split on their feelings about the day. People either really get into it, don’t care about it at all, or there’s the third category of people (and I’d venture to say that most of these are women) that act like they don’t care about it, but get their feelings hurt each year when it didn’t go like they actually pictured it.

If you and your partner are both on the same page, giving each other the same level of thoughtfulness when it comes to gifts (one of you didn’t go kinky lingerie and one got a set of chip clips) AND are on the same level of romance when it comes to sex, then you’re the magical unicorn of couples and we all tip our hats to you.

OR if you and your partner BOTH don’t REEEEEALLY care (not that fake indifference) about the day, then enjoy your very normal day on Tuesday.

More than likely, though, there’s a discrepancy between how you and your partner feel. One has high hopes and expectations, one doesn’t even know the holiday is coming up. One dreams of breakfast in bed, while one wants a quick handy before the kids get up.

I realize that’s taboo to say out loud, but I’m just being real. Ha!

If you want to reclaim Valentine’s Day and make it a day that is actually enjoyable, I’ve got three tips for you.

Clear communication with your spouse or partner. Once again, this is my go-to, because it can make everything so much easier on everyone. If when you were dating, you told your boyfriend that you don’t really get into Valentine’s Day, because that’s what you thought he wanted to hear, but then when you got married he didn’t flip a switch and automatically shower you with roses, then that’s on you. #sorrynotsorry 

Most of the expectations we put on our partners are ones that they’re completely unaware of, so it’s really unfair for us to assume they’ll meet them. If you actually love all the romantics of the day, don’t tell them that you’re just happy with having dinner together. Because that’s probably something you do very often, and you’re just asking for disappointment.

Same thing goes for sexy time. Clear communication will be the real winner here. It’s unfair for moms to work all day long (in or out of the home), cook dinner when they get home, do all the homework help, do bathtime, get the kids down, and then to have to snap her fingers and all of a sudden be super turned on. But if you have the conversation to say that, yes, you’re really excited to connect with your partner after the kids go to bed, but what would really help you be able to relax so you could get in the mood is for your partner to take X, Y, and Z off your plate. 

Trust me, they’ll be doing those dishes with a happy heart ��
Remove the pressure from the day.

Nothing is a bigger libido killer than unmet expectations and heaping amounts of pressure. If you both have really packed schedules that day, make plans to connect during the weekend. If one of you (genuinely) has a headache, schedule in some afternoon delight the next day.

Don’t let the date on the calendar dictate the way you feel in your relationship.

But, again, make sure any and all expectations of future together time are very clearly communicated from both sides. 

Even for gifts, allow both of you the freedom to give gifts that make the other person feel special and appreciated–it doesn’t have to be a huge romantic gesture. The goal is for each of you to feel loved.

Be your own Valentine.

This is in no way encouraging you to be passive aggressive, so stay with me on this one. Think about what would make you feel amazing that day. Fresh flowers? A pedicure? An orgasm? 

Go buy yourself flowers and have them out.

If your partner asks, you don’t need to respond with, “I figured I wasn’t getting any from anyone else, so I got some,” Instead, you can say, “Don’t they look pretty? I saw them at the store and they made me happy.” 

Go get a pedicure because it relaxes you and makes you feel beautiful. And I’m sure your husband won’t be sad when your soft feet rub up on him later.

Plus, both of these are helpful hints for them the next year!

Break out the vibrator earlier that day.

I’m not saying anything hidden from your partner, but a frisky text of, “There’s something about today that just gets me going. Thought I’d start the fun early,” reeeeeally sets the tone for the day. You get to be in charge of your pleasure, but you’r  e inviting them into your moment, and then later on, you’ll be a little bit more open if Valentine’s Day actually means that your jaw hurts the next day (wink wink). 

Valentine’s Day can be REALLY fun, but only if you relax and focus on making both you and your partner feel loved and cared for. What would it mean to shift your perspective with a new attitude? What would your day look like?


The last three years have been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced as a woman, a mom, or pediatrician. And I know I’m not the only one who’s felt it.

We’ve fought for our kids’ education. Their health. Their emotional awareness.
We’ve fought for our own mental health. For higher pay. For fairness in the workplace.
We’ve fought for our marriages and for our independence.

And yet, even with all the progress we’ve made, we’re still miles from where we want to be. Most of us still struggle every day to walk through the circumstances we face, because we’re overworked and overwhelmed.

In the last few years, I’ve seen hundreds of working moms stream through my pediatrics office and reach out online describing their desperation. They have no idea how to organize the stress of integrating their professional and personal lives.

Add in systemic forces in direct opposition to their success and they stay trapped in their defeat. With no foundation to stand on and no framework to fall back on, it’s almost impossible for them to implement the parenting advice I give them meaningfully or to say yes to the self-care suggestions they see everywhere – much less to have the frank conversations they need to create equity in their households or to schedule prioritizing their own needs.

The modern working mom is stuck.

And that’s why we created the Modern Mamas Club app last year. So moms could start to learn a system and a foundation that would allow them to stop trying to find some elusive work/life balance. But rather a harmony between the two. Where both feel like they get the best of you. And you feel like you bring the best to each area.

This app has led women to be in community, talking to other moms who are going through the same experiences they are. They’ve been downloading lessons about different parts of their centered life, about parenting with equity in their homes, about taking care of their babies and themselves. We’ve had guest speakers come in for our panel discussions in our Momversations that have blown me away.

Seriously, this app has been so chock full of so much goodness.

And we’re about to make it even better.

The boring, behind-the-scenes details are that we’re transferring to a new platform that will give everyone a better experience and will make finding what you’re looking for a lot easier.

But the thing I’m most excited about is something different.

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from when you were a kid? If you want the main character to try and climb over the boulder, turn to page 22. If you want them to go around, turn to page 84.

That’s what we’ve cooked up for you in our new app! 

There will be daily mental health check-ins each day and you get to respond with how you’re feeling. Based on your answers, if it seems like you’re struggling with resentment towards your partner, you’ll be directed towards resources on that. If you’ve answered that you’re overwhelmed with all the things on your plate, you’ll be directed towards ways to delegate.

As a busy working mom, it’s hard enough when you’re feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or underappreciated. You don’t have time to pour through blogs or video lessons, searching for the things that will help you. With our new app, you get to jump right in exactly where you’re at.

Along with this cool new change, the app will also house all of our podcasts and blogs. It’s all in one place! 

You can also book time to talk to experts spanning several different fields–including booking a 1:1 with me, Dr. Whitney! ������������

Because you are worth putting the work into having a life that you love. Having a life that is fulfilling. A life that you want to fully experience. 

Let’s build that together!

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Working moms are feeling the pressure. The post-pandemic burnout is real and today I'm diving in to all of the factors that really contribute. I'm giving some serious transparency on my own opinions on what employers, and decision-makers can do to create equity in the workforce in order to accommodate caregiving workers instead of creating blanket statements for all.

I saw a post on instagram that said, “True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cakes. It’s making a choice to build a life that you don’t need to regularly escape from.” When I thought of that in regards to the moms that I work with, I thought it was true. We don’t want a life that we need to regularly escape from, but we also don’t want a life that we need to regularly recover from. I spent a lot of the first 3-4 years of my daughter’s life simply recovering from the work it was taking to take care of her. Instead of maintenance, it was recovery. I hadn’t created space so that even if I was having a hard time with her, I was still okay. I know that this is something you’re facing right now. A new study just came out that said more than 59% of workers are facing burnout, higher than pandemic levels. We are still feeling it now! I think there’s a few reasons why:

1. There’s high expectations from employers to get back to normal. All of our flexibility for parents and caregivers have been taken away. 

2. There’s a lack of people-first culture in a lot of workplaces. We have to prioritize employee listening as a strategic mechanism for success. We can’t just ask the questions, but we have to follow up on what we hear from them, so they feel loyal and a part of the team.

3. There’s a lack of childcare. When families are expected to be able to just jump back into normal work life, but nothing has changed to make it easier for them to be able to leave their kids, of course burnout is going to happen.

4. Caregivers are caught in the middle as a part of the sandwich generation. They’re trying to take care of their aging parents as well as their kids. And women feel that pull even harder, so they feel like they can’t make a successful decision. They either have to leave the workforce altogether or lessen the amount of work they’re doing.

5. Sexism continues to play a role at home and the workplace. Women are still dealing with being the she-fault parent at home, while still feeling all the pressures at work. We like to think that there’s been huge leaps made in the workplace for women, but because women are disproportionately taking on the load at home but still not getting accommodations at work, there’s a chasm that’s created where women simply aren’t able to show up how they want.

Caregiver burnout doesn’t just affect caregivers personally, but it also affects businesses in tangible ways. It’s not just a “nice thing to have” when you are attending to your workers’ needs, but it also affects the work that your employees do. Performance suffers and then the workplace suffers. 46% of people say that mental health negatively affected their performance at work which is up from 34% in 2021. 51% of employers are recognizing that mental health has impacted their workplace over the last year. As we’ve said, women are more greatly affected by this, but certain socioeconomic and racial groups are hit harder as well.

When I speak to heads of HR and large corporations, I tell them that if you want to create a work culture that prevents burnout and supports caregivers, you need to think about helping your caregivers on your team figure out ways that to create a life that’s like that original instagram post I was talking about. Help them create a life that they don’t have to run away from or recover from.

Think about it like this: imagine the “work hard, play hard” crowd from colleges. If they party all weekend long, then they have to really work to get it together during the week. But they have to work so hard because they’re in the middle of college that they just want to zone out or lose themselves over the weekend. And the cycle continues. This leads to all sorts of mental health issues and it’s the same for caregivers in the workplace.

When companies want to support their employees but also get the best work out of them as possible, they have to actually invest in their employees personally. Treating them like humans, model authenticity, trusting them to get their work done. 

You also have to practice what you preach and stand behind the values you say you have. This includes equity not equality. Not every person needs to leave at 4pm, but some might have one day where that’s really important. Blanket statements don’t work, you have to listen to what they need.

Parenting out loud. It’s the idea from Mary Beth Ferrante, that when you’re in leadership and you talk about yourself as a whole person AND a parent where you allow people to see all facets about you, it allows your employees to do the same for themselves.

Promote individual work life integration practices. You have to teach them how to organize their stress because this is not something we’re taught how to do! Something I did recently for my own life, was change how I was working out. I was doing my Peloton rides, my yoga, all the things that really help my mindfulness, but I didn’t think they were doing much to help me feel good in my body. I was working so hard, but they weren’t giving me the results that I wanted. And my husband told me it was because the activities I was doing were too much hard work and it forced my body to recover even more intensely. So I was burning muscle, feeling tired, and eating more food to recover from that hard work load. 

And we do that in the workplace too. People have to work so hard that then they feel like they have to recover all the time. And if we can just create a life and work culture that doesn’t require us running away and recovering constantly we are going to feel so much more satisfied as well as produce better work. As a mom if you’re struggling to keep all the balls in the air, but at the end of the day you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting, maybe you’re doing it wrong. 

That’s how the Conflicted to Centered Blueprint came about. To give you a way to take every single bit of stress in your life and give it its own space. I want to give you permission if you feel like you’ve been working so hard to find “balance,” maybe you need a new way to do things. A new path forward that will get you so much less stuck.

If you're a working mom looking to 'find the joy' and begin on that journey of advocating for yourself, first you need to know what it is you're going to ask for. Please begin my FREE daily email series, The Joyful Working Mom. Here's the link, mama!


As a mom, you know that in “cold and flu season,” the operative word is “season.” We’re not one and done here. It’s more like all and forever.

One kid gets another one sick, who passes it to everyone else. Lots of snot. Lots of hacking. 

And then for four glorious days, everyone is healthy. 

Until another kid comes home with a fever. And it starts all over again.

And it’s not usually the type of sick where they just wanna lay on the couch all day. It’s that level of sickness that somehow gives them more energy (I have zero medical or scientific evidence for why this happens. But it’s straight #momfacts.) They run around and cough all over each other, making it impossible for you to get any work done. 

Because we know you’re not ACTUALLY taking a day off when your kids get sick. You do as much as you can so that you’re not totally behind when you’re able to go back to work. You have to make sure that people know you’re a valuable employee, right?

But what happens when YOU start to get that scratch in the back of your throat? When you realize that the 2pm slump has actually moved to 9:30am because you feel like you just got hit by a truck? 

It’s one of the most panic-inducing feelings for a working mom: you know you’re starting to get sick.

Most of us try to chug a bunch of OJ, take an extra one of our kids’ multi-vitamins and hope for the best. But here’s the deal: you’re actually making it way worse on yourself by not paying attention to what your body actually needs.

The science is clear: you’re more likely to get sick when you’re not taking care of yourself. And you’re more likely to stay sick longer when you’re not taking care of yourself WHILE you’re sick. 

This is one of the reasons I stress self-care so often. It’s not just so you have time for yourself. By lowering your overall stress hormone load, it actually makes you less susceptible to getting sick. Pretty crazy what some long walks and deep breathing can do, right?

Here’s my top 3 (probably pretty obvious) things busy working moms can do to stay healthy  in the midst of cold and flu season:

If you’ve got young babies at home, you’re probably laughing (or maybe crying) right now. I know that seems like a high measure when you’d even love a solid 20 minutes. But sleep is critical to your immune system. When you’re running on empty, you’re begging to get sick.

If getting 8 hours every night isn’t really feasible in your season, think about who you can ask for help. State your needs to your partner, ask your parents or inlaws to watch the baby for a few hours, or even a teenager from your neighborhood who can be there while you’re still at home.

If you’re not in babyland and are at home with older sick kiddos, getting rest is equally as important for you. Resist the urge to work every second you’re not wiping a snotty nose. Taking the time to slow down, even shutting your eyes while Netflix keeps your kids contained, can be so helpful! At night, especially if you’re feeling drained or like something could be coming your way, hit the hay as early as you can in order to give your body plenty of time to recuperate.


It’s one of the EASIEST ways moms can take care of themselves and it’s basically free. You don’t need a fancy Stanley to get your ounces in. Although, I will say, finding a glass or bottle that you love will up your chances of drinking enough throughout the day, simply because you’ll like looking at it.

Staying hydrated while you’re sick or trying to prevent illness is kind of magic. It keeps your kidneys functioning in order to help properly filter out waste and balance electrolytes. It allows your blood to flow properly bringing all of those germ-fighting cells where they need to go. It even helps your mucus membranes act as a barrier for bacteria trying to enter the body!

So, for real, drink plenty of fluids.


Actually eating 3 meals is one of the first things to go on a busy day. And if you’re not eating, your body gets depleted of all the nutrients it needs in order to keep doing its best at keeping the germs at bay. So you can’t just make sure your kiddos have food and call it a day.

But I’m not just talking about a cup of coffee and a muffin.

Your body needs balance.

Break it down in terms of macro nutrients (carbs, fats, and proteins) and try to pair two of those together at a time. So don’t just eat an apple (carbs) but add a scoop of peanut butter to your slices (fats). Don’t just eat some yogurt (protein) but throw in some granola or fruit on top (carbs). Sprinkle on some chia seeds (fats) to make the perfect trifecta!

I know that when you or your kiddos are sick, Gatorade and ramen seem like they’ll save the day. But I promise, everyone will feel so much better (and so much quicker!) if you can plan out a little bit of nutrition to go along with it.

As moms, we are tempted all the time to put our needs on the back burner for our kids, especially while they’re sick. And I’m not saying it won’t take some sacrifices. But in order to keep everyone at their healthiest mentally, physically, and emotionally, you’ve to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, too.


 This week, Dr. Whitney chats with Dr. Carla Naumburg, author of You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent: How to Practice Self-Compassion and Give Yourself a Break and How to Stop Losing Your Sh*T With Your Kids. They talk about the importance of practicing self-compassion as a means to move through hard moments in life.

EPISODE Highlights:

Dr. Whitney: Tell me about how your latest book, You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent, came about.

Carla: When the pandemic hit, no one knew what to do. We had no idea how to parent while we were working a full time job at home. No one knew how to school our kids while worrying about a world wide virus. No one knew how to do any of it. And our options were between bad and worse, only we didn’t know which was bad and which was worse. And we had to continually make these decisions for our kid that was choosing between one of those. School or home. Work or parenting.

So I was very aware that we needed to treat ourselves with self-compassion. And by that, I mean noticing when we are suffering and responding ourselves with kindness. Because we’re bombarded with ways that our kids are behind and loaded with all of this guilt, so I knew this was the topic I needed to write about.

Dr. Whitney: The idea of common humanity from Dr. Kristen Neff, is the idea that we aren’t alone in our sufferings. That we shouldn’t feel bad about the way that we’re feeling, but that there’s a million people feeling the same way as us. That helped me a ton in regards to self-compassion. Did you ever feel that way?

Carla: Absolutely. Social media can be a great thing that bridges us together, but it can also be the thing that makes us feel isolated because we don’t feel like we’re doing it as well as others. But the idea of common humanity is incorporated into my self-compassion practice, especially when I lost it with my kids. Instead of assuming that I’m the only one who ever yelled at her kids, I started telling myself that parenting is hard for everyone. And just because something is hard doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong. In my book, I call it connecting. So either connecting with yourself to remind yourself that you’re not alone or connecting with friends or professionals who can help you see that.

Dr. Whitney: This reminded me of two things: a moment where my husband was fed up about a lot of stressful things that were happening and totally lost his temper and also when my daughters were being mean to each other and shattered this mirror everywhere. When I was talking to my friend about it the next day, I was kind of having a “this only happens to bad moms” moment and she told me “everyone gets to behave badly.” We all have moments like that, right? We lose our temper, we act meanly. We’re humans. But her telling me that was such a relief.

Carla: What a friend! That’s the voice of compassion we all need to hear. We all have miserable days, we just don’t all share them on instagram. So when we do have them, we feel like no one else has ever felt this way.

Dr. Whitney: Are there practices that you’ve added in your self-compassion journey? What worked better than others or was it just the awareness piece? I always think of it as awareness, validation, and then the common humanity. Can you expand on that?

Carla: My practice is a little bit different, but that’s what’s great about self-compassion–it’s very flexible. For me, the first step was learning that self-compassion even existed. I learned about mindfulness as a last ditch effort to get my own emotions under control. So I learned that it’s not just this oooey gooey thing, but it’s actually an evidenced based practice that helps you move through difficult moments and lowers anxiety and depression. So even acknowledging that that was helpful was step number one for me.

But in the book, I outline 4 steps: First, notice when you are suffering and how it presents in your thoughts. Notice the voice that is beating yourself up and telling self-deprecating stories. The second step is about connecting with someone who is going to help you frame those stories with a lens of non-judgement. The next step is curiosity around your own experience. Maybe in a bad moment, ask yourself, “What is actually happening right now?” Now what your thoughts are telling you, but what is actually happening. Curiosity is about getting a handle on what’s happening and what you need. And then take those answers seriously. The last piece is kindness, which the biggest way is speaking to yourself with kindness. I don’t have to be a perfect parent to be a great one. Everyone gets to behave badly. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. You show up for others with kindness when they are suffering–do that for yourself as well.

Dr. Whitney: As you’ve practiced this more, do you find that it bleeds over to other areas of your life besides parenting? Do you notice yourself practicing that compassion more now, rather than having to find it in someone else?

Carla: YES! Learning to treat yourself with compassion is just like learning a new language. It won’t happen overnight, but it takes time and practice and you will get there. And once you learn Spanish, it’s not like you can just speak it with your kids. You can start using it at work, with your partner. And that’s how treating yourself with compassion feels. Rewiring your brain for self-compassion starts to bleed into every other area of your life.

Let’s talk about practicing it yourself versus going to someone else for it. If you can’t speak the language, you have to go a native speaker. If you aren’t there yet, you have to fake it till you make it. Repeating the messages and keep practicing. Even when it feels weird, I promise it gets better. You’re rewiring the neurons in your brain and that takes time!

Dr. Whitney: I don’t think you HAVE to have any extras to do this, but if any of you are struggling with how to start, Mindful Mamas is my go to and it’s all mom-centric. I think that talking to myself with compassion has been the biggest thing that’s changed my life. It certainly hasn’t changed my circumstances, but absolutely changes the way I cope with them. And I’m a much better parent, wife, doctor, friend because of it.

Carla: This reminds me of the Buddhist story of the two arrows. There’s an arrow that comes at us. Could be a job loss, a diagnosis, a child’s behavior, whatever. These first arrows are unavoidable. They’re going to come. And then immediately after, a second arrow comes and hits us right in the sore spot. That second arrow is however we respond to whatever just happened to us. We blame ourselves, we shame ourselves, we get angry. All of these things that make the moment worse. The first arrow is the pain of life; it’s unavoidable. But we can put down that second arrow. We don’t have to get struck with it. 

So you lost your temper. That’s a first arrow thing, it’s going to happen. After that first arrow hits, are we going to stab ourselves with the second one? More pain, more sorrow? Or are we going to immediately start the work of repair for yourself and those that are affected?

And so much parenting advice focuses on the first arrow problems. Bad sleeps, tantrums, picky eaters. But those arrows are going to come. But we choose to pick up the second arrow and tell ourselves that if we were good parents, this wouldn’t be happening. That’s second arrow BS right there. We have to let go of that and combat it with self-compassion. 

Dr. Whitney: Tell us again the name of your book and where people can get it.

Carla: It’s called You Are Not a Sh*tty Parent: How to Practice Self-Compassion and Give Yourself a Break and it published in September of 2022. You can get it independent book shops or at your favorite online retailer.


There’s no doubt about it, being a mom is a hard job. Whether it’s one kid or multiple, the daily tasks can take a toll on a mom's mental and physical health. Mothers deserve to have some “me time” to decompress and care for their own well-being. Every mom is different when it comes to what they need to destress and how much time it may take but we have some tips and tricks that all moms will love. Read on for the ultimate guide to mommy “me time”. 

Declutter and Organize

Decluttering and organization are things that typically need to be done on a regular basis. Consider this time “me time” as you’ll be fully focused on these tasks instead of your typical mom duties. It’s known that cleaning can help with anxiety and help manage stress. This can be a form of mindfulness — which we will further discuss later on — that can help take your mind off the stress and focus more on the task at hand. For example, while you’re washing the dishes, focus on the warmth of the water and how the soap feels on your hands. At that moment, you may start to feel a sense of relief.

Not only can doing your typical household chores help calm you, but finally working on managing your money can significantly decrease your financial stress. Finances can be one of the most stressful and difficult things to deal with depending on your comfortability with money and personal situation. Prioritizing the time to work out your finances and develop a management system you can maintain will help immensely. Start by paying any and all bills to keep your credit score in line, then move onto working on a savings account and a strict budget to keep your finances in check. All these tips are elements of a proper financial management system that can help you approach future investments with confidence and reduced stress. Should you plan on purchasing a new home or car in the future, knowing your qualifying credit score and budget limits ahead of time will help avoid financial stressors from cutting into your “me time.” 

Find a Safe Space

Finding a safe and comfortable place to decompress in your home is extremely important. You need a room where you can be alone when you have free time, even if it’s for five minutes. Many moms use their bathroom in order to shut themselves off for a few minutes, but others try and dedicate a room just for them. In these rooms, you should figure out what triggers you and remove it. It may be noises, certain harsh lights, or even clutter in general. You want this room to be as calming as possible.

Not only should you remove the negative things in your safe space, but add the positives. Try an essential oil diffuser or a Himalayan salt lamp to create a peaceful atmosphere. Maybe a calming sound machine that you can listen to for a few minutes while you take some deep breaths. These techniques could help you avoid a mama meltdown and bring you back to a calm place.

Work on Mindfulness

As we discussed earlier, mindfulness is an amazing technique that can help transform motherhood . When overwhelmed, it’s common to feel like there’s nothing that you can do to settle down which sends you into a meltdown. Maybe the simple exercise of deep breathing isn’t helping and you need to try something a little different. Mindfulness is an act of meditation where you become fully present in what you’re doing and notice the sounds, feelings, and sensations of your surroundings. Being mindful of all these things can help you recenter yourself. This may take some time to master, but once you’ve become an expert at mindfulness, your life will definitely change for the better.

A few mindful activities you can do to help ground yourself are eating, walking, taking a shower, and drawing. While you eat, pay close attention to the smells, tastes, and textures of your food. When walking, breathe in the scents around you and feel the fresh air on your face. In the shower, be mindful of the warm water rushing through your hair and the feel of the shampoo in your hands. When drawing, pay attention to the way the pen feels in your hand and the way your drawing comes to life. A simple task like this could take mere minutes, but can significantly decrease your stress level.

Not only will these tips help you when you’re feeling stressed, but can also be a preventative activity during your mommy “me time”. Of course, your kids are your top priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself too. Make time for yourself so that you can be the best mom you want to be.


We’ve got a childcare crisis happening here in the United States.

And no, you’re not reading an article from 2020. It’s happening again. Well, I should say, it’s STILL happening. It’s just made worse by another round of illness hitting our kids, which, in turn, hits our whole household.

2020 was an outlier based on every statistic imaginable. If you were comparing trends for just about anything, you’d have to throw out 2020 because nothing made sense then. Everything was new for everyone and parents were having to navigate things they never even dreamed of. 

Childcare was not only impossible to find, but if you found it, it was astronomically priced. So more and more parents were having to take time off work in order to take care of their sick kids or stay at home and educate them. 

I was really hoping all of that was behind us.

Yet, in October of 2022, we hit even higher record numbers of parents missing work due to issues with childcare–numbers that reached higher than the peak of the pandemic! 100,000 parents were unable to come to work because they couldn't find anyone to help watch their kids. The difference between now and then is that we’re in the middle of a recession and things are even more strained financially for most families. So time off of work is a really big deal.

I have heard from countless women that are dealing with this.

So, as busy working moms, what can we do to make this slightly easier on ourselves?

I think the name of the game is being proactive. We can’t wait till our kid comes home with a cough and a runny nose before we take action. Here’s 3 places ways I think you can start getting things lined up for yourself TODAY:


We did it in 2020 and I know we’ll do it in 2022. Families banded together to make things work. How can you think outside of the people in your home? Start having those conversations now so that you have a list ready to go that you can work through when illness hits. Here’s just a few ideas:

Extended family that lives in the area Your datenight babysitter list (and your friend’s list as well!) Retired couples in your neighborhood Homeschooling families that might have more flex in their day Families from your kids extracurricular activities Other school families Families from church

Those last 3 are great to swap with…especially if their kids are home sick too! Not that you really want to be taking care of MORE sick kids, but we know that phase of sick that kids get to that’s “too sick for school because no one wants to hear hacking all day, but definitely not sick enough to lay down and watch movies.” If kids from the same class caught the same cold, might as well band together so moms can get some work done.

But don’t forget that this is a swap–you’ve got to make the offer to watch their kids as well.


Apps need to be your best friend when you’re overwhelmed and there’s a lot that can help you now, even if you don’t have a sick kiddo at home while you’re trying to conference in to work. While these apps won’t actually watch your kids for you, they’ll make all the other stuff you have to get done a little bit easier.

Here’s just a few:

Yohana : this is like having specialized assistants in every area of your life. They check things off your to-do list so you don’t have to.  Maple: this app helps you to spread out the responsibility in your home to everyone so that mom doesn’t end up doing everything Grocery delivery: enough said

I can’t stress this enough: if you wait until your kid is sick to have this conversation with your boss, you’ve waited too long. Having an open dialogue with them even from the time you get hired will set up such a better culture when the day comes that you can’t come in.

If you haven’t made them aware of needs you might have, no one else is going to do it for you. You can let them know backup childcare options you have in place, but that there might come a time when you will have to work from home. Ask them if there are any systems set up for virtual work or if you could help develop them. You might even find that your boss has some ideas or resources when it comes to childcare.

Don’t wait on this one, mama. We’re all only one kid’s sneeze away from the whole family getting taken down. And actions you take now can make that whole process so much easier on you!

EPISODE Highlights:

Dr. Whitney: Today I’m speaking with Amy Grechniel, founder and CEO of Corporate Mom Coach. We are both really aligned with what we want for moms: more ease and a more reclaimed sense of self in motherhood. So I can’t wait to hear from you. Tell me about your story and how you became so mission focused.

Amy: I had always been focused on my career and really wanted to get ahead in it. Which was great. And then I became a mom and a very real, internal shift happened within me. I was becoming curious of how I should show up in this new role as a mom. Because the tools I had for showing up in my career didn’t always apply in motherhood. So I had to learn new tools and techniques and I became hooked on personal development, specifically within motherhood. So I created this brand and company to help women, based on what I went through myself.

Dr. Whitney: Tell me a little bit about your career before this shift. I’m sure there were some pain points happening within that role that pointed you in the direction that you wanted to go once you became a mom.

Amy: I was in management consulting for ten years after college and then I went into financial services and was a VP of a banking institution before I left to start my own businesses as a coach. But I loved my corporate career! It was just that when I entered into a new role as a parent, it was a punch in the gut. I didn’t know how anything was going to look or work now. Mom culture tells us that everything has to be overwhelming, but I didn’t want to subscribe to that. I wanted to lean into it and see if there was a way to make it enjoyable.

Dr. Whitney: Let’s talk about the difference between therapy and coaching. I know you believe, and I do too, that there’s a time and a place for both of them.

Amy: With therapy, they focus so much on the past. What happened in the past and how it affected you. And if there’s any changes you need to make today because of it. But what I found with therapy is that you tend to go over the same things over and over and over. It wasn’t creating any lasting awareness or change. But when I started working with coaches, I saw this shift that was more encompassed around goal orientation. I realized I get to choose how I think, how I feel, and I’m not a victim of my past. So we took what we knew about the past and reframed it for what you want out of the future. When you learn the mindset tools that can give you the goals that you want in life, it’s life changing. It was so powerful, but no one was talking about it! So I wanted to give people that forward momentum.

Dr. Whitney: I wanna hear about additional tools that you’ve learned or ones you’ve talked about with your clients. Ones that you don’t want any other woman listening to this podcast to live without.
Amy: The most powerful mindset tool I’ve learned is called the TFAR model and stands for Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Results. You would think of a circumstance or fact (the baby woke up early), and then look at your thoughts and feelings around them. We as humans get to choose our thoughts about a circumstance. If we’re in the habit of filling ourselves with negative thoughts, that’s going to change the way we feel. You get to choose how long you remain with those thoughts and feelings. So controlling and managing your mindset is one of the first things that can change your outcomes.

Connect with Aimee

EPISODE Highlights:

We’re going to look at the idea, based on the book from Bessel van der Kolk called “ The Body Keeps Score: Brain, Body, and Mind in the Healing of Trauma ,” which talks about the price we pay physically and emotionally when we don’t pay attention to our needs, to the core of who we are, to when we need rest, and what matters most to us. The author speaks about how trauma really stays with us in our body until we actually deal with the trauma itself. When he’s talking about trauma, he’s speaking about major trauma like loss of a parent at a young age, a physical violation of your boundaries, or seeing something extremely traumatic in front of you. However, the topics can be applied to both major and minor traumas alike. Trauma not only affects our mind and what and how we think, but our body as well, and how it operates. 

The science is clear: you’re more likely to get sick when you’re not taking care of yourself. Stress and headaches go hand in hand. Poor sleep and headaches go hand in hand. The more we work in a way that isn’t balanced and integrated and push ourselves beyond our limits in ways that are unhealthy and don’t take care of ourselves, the more collateral damage we’re doing to our bodies and our stress hormones. And as a result, this requires more work to take care of ourselves because of all the stress.

As women, sometimes we have to unlearn a lot of the “grind” because we end up behaving in ways that aren’t healthy in order to prove to others (and sometimes ourselves) that we deserve to have a spot at the table. Or that we’re smart enough. Or hard working enough. And it creates more stress, which creates more unhealth, and then we work to overcompensate for that, and the cycle goes on and on.

When you think about how you want to spend your time, think about your vision for your life. What are your goals? Not just your KPIs in your business, but what are the priorities that you want to focus on? What do you want it to feel like when you achieve those goals? That you’re connected to your kids? That you’re not stressed about money? That you feel good in your body? That the work you do is meaningful?  If those are your goals for 5 years from now, how can you make decisions now that align with that? Whatever you’re practicing now will be what you’re experiencing in 5 years.

Let’s break down the science of how and why our bodies “keep score.” We all know that stress is a part of life and a certain amount of it is actually good. It keeps us rolling and making decisions rather than just being so relaxed that we don’t feel the need or pressure to move the needle. It’s the tipping point that is the problem. As you worry and have stress, a chemical is built up in your body called cortisol. And cortisol is a part of the “fight or flight” response in your body that gears you up to respond physically to a problem or run away. That’s why you feel physical reactions when you’re stressed: rapid heart rate, nausea, headaches, stomach aches, etc. And cortisol signals your body to release glucose because your muscles need sugar in order to have energy to operate. And then when the threat is over, your cortisol levels go back down. So in small instances, cortisol is actually extremely helpful for your body. But if your levels remain high all the time and your body is just constantly producing sugar and your vessels remain constricted because you’re stressed, it’s terrible from a physiological standpoint. It leads to all the symptoms we mentioned earlier: headaches, stomach aches (we see this all the time in anxious kids!), sleeplessness, etc… If cortisol levels remain high, you’re constantly in threat mode and the body and mind start to operate in ways that we don’t want it to.

What can you do? First, come back to your priorities. We call it your Centered Vision at Modern Mommy Doc . What are the things that you want to be focusing on in 5 years? Start making actions and decisions towards that now. Second, exercise! Move that energy outside your body and give yourself a way to process those stress hormones. Third, practice mindful self-compassion. Fourth, choose a schedule that gives you enough white space to be able to take care of yourself. You deserve to live a life that, at the end of it, feels like it meant something.

Shira Gill gives us practical tips for keeping your home (and mind) decluttered through the holidays, with all that comes with having kids and a magical Christmas morning!

It’s Christmas morning. You’ve just sat down with your favorite mug to watch your kids open their presents. It’s chilly outside, but you’re feeling so cozy and grateful for this time. Nothing could ruin this moment.

And then the tears start.

“I didn’t get the art set I wanted! That’s what I wanted the most! I hate Christmas!”

Well, that’ll snap you back into reality.

As much as we’d love it if they could, kids don’t automatically fast forward into maturity just because it’s Christmas time. Disappointment, overwhelm, and exhaustion are all normonal feelings for kids to have in this next month. And they’re probably not ready to handle that on their own just yet.

Can you imagine? “I think I’m going to lie down for a bit. All of the people and the noise are overstimulating me. So I’m going to take some time to rest so I can come out later and be at my best.”

Every mom would fall over dead.

So how can we help set our kids up for success when it comes to their expectations and emotions around Christmas?

Be very clear on what you know.

There’s so many surprising and unexpected things that happen in the month of December. Drop-by visitors, seeing people you only visit once a year, later bedtimes. All of this can throw kids for a loop. And while you want to maintain as much of the magic and mystery that you can surrounding the season, if there are concrete things you can tell your kids, do that!

Let them know the schedule for the day/week/month in advance. Help them to see when new things have been added to the calendar and where you’ve got nothing planned so they can recharge.

If things will look different this year for Christmas, it’s best to be upfront about that too. Lots of families are feeling the stretch of their budget not going as far right now, and buying gifts only makes that worse. Although you probably don’t want to delve into the ins and outs of your portfolio with your kids, don’t be afraid to have those conversations. 

If this year there’s only room for either Christmas morning gifts OR the lots of little things you add in throughout the month, let them choose. That way they still feel like they’re getting what they want out of the holiday season. Or if you can only afford 1-2 gifts per child, ask them to tell you their top items on their Christmas list so you can avoid meltdowns on Christmas morning.

Ask for their input.

Not only do you want to find out their top gift ideas, ask them what an ideal Christmas season looks like. Is there an activity that they love that makes it feel like Christmas to them? Planning out things for your Elf on the Shelf to do every day makes NO sense if your kid couldn’t care less and only wants to bake cookies and watch Christmas movies.

It’s also a great idea to talk to them about how they’ve experienced their emotions about Christmas in the past. And don’t be afraid to be truthful with them–it will only help both of you understand how they feel. I have one daughter who would be disappointed on Christmas no matter what I do. If she got a pony, she’d be sad she didn’t get a horse. It’s not really about entitlement, that’s just how she processes all the things that the holidays bring.

So this year, I’m trying to have a conversation with her about it. Something like, “A lot of times, it seems like you’re disappointed with how Christmas turns out for you. What else could we do, besides more presents, that could help it feel more special?” You’ll be surprised what they come up with!

Practice Radical Acceptance (and help your kiddos with it too!)

As much as I’d love to give you advice that will work every time so your kids end every Christmas season by running to give you a big bear hug and a huge “THANKS mom for all you do! You’re the best!”, that’s just not gonna happen. Kids are still kids and most of the time, THEIR reactions also don’t live up to OUR expectations.

So you also need to go into this season with the mentality that some days are going to be great. And some might suck. But that’s okay. It would make sense to feel stressed when money is tight. It would make sense to feel sad when you’re missing family. It would make sense that you’re disappointed not to be able to attend your favorite event of the year.

But the sooner you can accept those feelings as good and valid, the sooner you can move forward. Same with your kids! Help them to see that all their feelings make sense, but [X] is how to move forward.

Then you BOTH can have a very merry holiday season.

This week we’re chatting with Michael Perry, founder of the Maple app, designed to help make managing your home easier by expanding the ownership of responsibilities to more than just moms and creating a “back office” for your home.

It’s no secret: the holidays can be stressful. As much as we love the tinsel strung with care, the

bright wrapping paper and time spent with loved ones, it’s not always that simple; especially for

a mom who is responsible for stringing the tinsel with care, buying and wrapping those presents,

and coordinating the festivities. For a mom with (already) too much to do, the added stress of

these obligations can definitely leave you feeling more burnt out than merry by the time the new

year rolls around. We’ve compiled a list of self-care tips to help you beat holiday burnout, enjoy

the festivities, and kick off 2023 with your best foot forward.

Tip #1: Say “No”

Sometimes, prioritizing self-care means saying “no” to things that don’t bring you joy and rest,

so that you have more time to say “yes” to the things that do. Whether it’s a company work

party, a kid’s play-date you aren’t crazy about, or even the super time-intensive dish your mom

wants you to whip up for the festivities—it’s okay to say no. This rejection can not only save you

from burnout, but it can allow you the freedom to make decisions that serve you. In fact, saying

no can even make you more successful , because you are freeing yourself from the obligation to

make other people happy at the expense of your own wellness.

It’s understandable if this feels like an impossible habit, especially as a mom. Often, we avoid

saying no because we are trying to avoid potential conflict or fallout, or because we are

disappointed in hurting someone we care about. As moms, those pressures can feel even more

prominent, especially when saying no to our kids. It might take time and practice to build

confidence in saying no, so it could be helpful to seek backup from friends and family and look

for tips on how to practice mindful decision making . Even though it can be hard work, setting a

resolution to say no in 2023 might help you learn how to say yes to yourself.

Tip #2: Start Next Year’s Wish List

As a mom, the “magic of Christmas” can get lost in the rush; wrapping and buying and traveling

and baking and worrying about work left undone, and repeat. Still, even though we don’t get

visits from Santa anymore, it’s important that we also feel appreciated and loved around the

holidays. Like many moms, it can feel overwhelming when, in the midst of your holiday panic,

someone asks you what you would like for Christmas. It’s easy to avoid using the brainpower by

saying something glip, like socks or a clean house (or even for the kids to not argue over

something silly for one holiday), but this strategy often means that we end up feeling a little

disappointed when it’s time to unwrap those socks. To help prevent this cycle, take some time

now to start building a list of things you actually want, and keep it somewhere convenient so that

you can update it throughout the year.

If you haven’t made a wishlist in a while, you might find it difficult. So often, we are locked into

give-mode and keeping track of all the things that other people want and need from us that it

becomes difficult to recognize things that we ourselves may be in want of. If this is something

you find yourself struggling with, it could be helpful to brainstorm things that you want to be,

achieve, and work towards, rather than things you want. Often, as moms, the things we want

can’t be wrapped and put under the tree . For instance, maybe you’ve been meaning to hit the

gym; in that case, a good gift might include portioning out dedicated times for your partner or

loved ones to manage childcare so that you can do those things without worrying. If you’ve been

wanting to spend more time on your personal grooming, a gift certificate to your favorite salon or

stylist could be a perfect way to say “I love you.”

Tip #3: Ask For Help

Life, like the holidays, can be challenging to navigate. It’s okay if sometimes you can’t do it all

alone; no one really can. It’s important to ask for help when you need it, and to always know that

the people who love you–the same ones who make your Christmases full of joy and noise–will

be there to support you in any way they can. If you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or

anxious, it could be a sign that you need to seek help from family and friends, or even an

outside source like online talk therapy . These issues won’t resolve themselves on their own.

When you sit down to make your resolutions for 2023, take time to reflect on the moments of the

last year that have made you smile the widest; those are the moments that you should be

chasing as the new year starts. If you’re like most people, those moments likely don’t happen on

their own. Instead, they are filled with people, places, and things that mean the world to you.

By making your resolutions something you feel free to ask for support on, you are inviting more of

those moments into your life.


Recently TikToks and reels keep showing up in my algorithm about how going to Target is a form of self-care. It’s mostly been tongue in cheek about how it’s their home away from home, where they feel most relaxed, and where they get their wine.

But then I saw this article in The LA Times . The author talks to a few different women and how they use the retailer as their regular form of self-care. And not just in a “messy buns and Target runs” kinda way. In a purposeful, rejuvenating way.

All the women spoke of their different experiences going through Target and what exactly about it made them feel soothed. The ability to grab coffee, to browse things that were beautiful, to know that most anything in the store is accessible price-wise (versus window shopping at a designer store on 5th Avenue), and to mindlessly wander without fear of judgment or other tiny humans (and big ones for that matter) needing something from you.

It made me think. What these women were describing did sound like self-care. They were carving out a sustainable, relaxing, and meaningful routine. They were making time for themselves. And when they left, they said they felt better than when they walked in.
And I’m all for that.
But it made me wonder two questions: 

1) What is the thing for me (and other working mamas) that makes us feel this same way? Does a trip to Target actually make you feel less stressed? Or is it a long walk through your neighborhood with no music, no podcast–just nature? Or is it a really hard workout and a massage? Whatever it is, FIND THAT THING AND DO IT. 

2) Does mindlessly shopping at Target make us focus on joy or happiness? Are we just looking for our next shot of serotonin when we essentially “add to cart” that Magnolia throw blanket (when we have a whole basket of them next to the couch) or that $20 candle that we’ll burn once before we forget about it?

Is Target REALLY lowering our stress or are we just buying things to kinda numb ourselves for a couple hours? I know for me, it totally feels good to toss something beautiful in my cart. But that feeling is nowhere in sight when I take a look at my house and know that it’s over cluttered with stuff I definitely don’t need.

That’s what I really want to remind you (and myself) as we’re in the midst of holiday shopping season. Are we buying the things that we know our kids will love and really use past the first of the year? Or are we sending stuff to our front door via our favorite 2-day shipper just because it’s on sale? Or because we have to have the tree full of gifts to put out that family photo on the ‘gram?

Again, I’m all for beautiful and meaningful gifts that are bought with intentionality. But one woman in the article said that she went into Target “for shower cleaner and a cooler and is leaving with $271.01 in merchandise — and a mellowed mood.” But how long does that last? Until the credit card bill comes?

I can’t emphasize enough that I sit here with zero judgment. If it TRULY gives you lasting joy, you do you mama!

I just want you to know that the holidays (and everyday life, really) can be fulfilling and what you’ve dreamed of without buying your happiness with every swipe.

Love you mama!


Dr. Whitney

We all see memes on the internet, and we’ve even said similar things here on Modern Mommy Doc, that tell us self-care isn’t selfish. But I feel like we need to be very clear on this subject. Are there forms of self-care that can be selfish? As a maternal and child public health expert, I have to say there absolutely are. A new study in 2021 showed us that moms with children under 5 saw alcohol consumption increase a startling 323% from 2020-2021. Granted, a lot of people drank more during the pandemic, but moms were the group that saw the biggest increase. This same group stated having more than 7 drinks in a week or 3 or more drinks at a time.

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- Melanie Edwards
Let Me (Re)Introduce Myself

Hey everyone! I noticed it’s been a while since I’ve made a presence here on modernmami. I would say it’s been because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that wouldn’t be entirely truthful. While the COVID pandemic has indeed affected my daily motivation and my family’s routine, the reality is that I had already seen a […]

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- Melanie Edwards
3 Easy Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Food Ideas {Recipe}

Fourth of July is right around the corner and I’m sure you’re thinking of ways to spend the holiday with your family and celebrate Independence Day! I know a fun way to honor July 4th (particularly for kids) is to do everything red, white, and blue – especially food! My kids love all things themed, […]

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- Melanie Edwards

Today marks day 24 of our in-home isolation (or quarantine if you prefer to call it that) due to the worldwide coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Who knew when we welcomed the new year, that three months later we would find ourselves here? The past few weeks have been a mix of fun family time, challenges, learning curves, and […]

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- Melanie Edwards
13 Meatless Recipes for Lent: Seafood or Vegetarian Recipes for the Lenten Season

Today is Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of this year’s Lenten season. For those of us that celebrate, we know Ash Wednesday to be a day of fasting and abstinence from meat. It begins a 40-day period which includes 7 meatless Fridays, where again, we abstain from eating meat, though seafood is allowed. If […]

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- Melanie Edwards

This post has been sponsored by Inside Rx. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The Inside Rx trademarks and graphics are provided by Inside Rx, LLC. Taking care of ourselves is so important, but sometimes it can be challenging or costly, especially if you regularly use prescription medications. When you have a chronic illness […]

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- Richard Freed

I was quite moved in speaking with a remarkable group of parents who lost their kids, together with child advocates, at the Youth4Youth Summit put together by LookUp and The Social Dilemma.

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- Richard Freed

Chavie Lieber’s New York Times‘ article highlights the LOL Dolls toy phenomenon and I describe how unboxing videos impact kids’ brains.  Read the New York Times’ article here Photo: Josh Riemer on Unsplash

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Nellie Bowles’ New York Times‘ article reveals how those who have hooked us on tech are now claiming it’s really our problem, with no real mention of its impact on children. In the article, I describe how this attempt to flip is similar to cigarette industry tactics. Read the New York Times article Photo: Andrew Leu on Unsplash

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- Richard Freed

The Wall Street Journal graciously asked me to write an article about why parents should come together in groups such as Wait Until 8th and Concord Promise to push back the age when kids get smartphones. The counter argument is taken by Alexandra Samuel.

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- Richard Freed

Fortnite, more than any video game, is upending the lives of the children and teens I work with.  Wall Street Journal writer Betsy Morris interviewed me for her article “How Fortnite Triggered an Unwinnable War Between Parents and Their Boys.” (See comments below)  

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A troubling new digital divide is emerging: Children in more affluent areas are spending much less time on screens and phones than kids in less advantaged communities. New York Times’ writer Nellie Bowles interviewed me for her powerful article: “The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected.” Families that have access to more resources […]

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Dr. Meghan Owenz and I have written a letter to the American Psychological Association (APA) that has brought national attention to the issue of persuasive design, which is the use of behavioral psychology to pull users onto devices and keep them there for as long as possible. The letter, organized by the Children’s Screen Time Action Network, raises concerns that psychologists–who […]

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Multiple national news outlets brought attention to the effort Dr. Meghan Owenz and myself are undertaking with leading psychologists and the Children’s Screen Time Action Network to ask that psychologists not be involved in the development of video games and social media products that hook kids. We have presented a letter written by myself and Dr. […]

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- Richard Freed

Pedram Shojai, The Urban Monk, interviews me for his podcast about the power and impact of technology in our children’s and even in our own lives. We also consider the powerful effects of persuasive technology, and how that’s hooking kids to their devices. Listen here.

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Nita June Davanzo was kind enough to interview me for her Waldorf Education Podcast. She works with Shining Mountain Waldorf School, and we had a great talk and I’m hopeful you find it interesting. Best to you all. Listen here.

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- ParentalEQ

By Dr Kathryn Murray Has there ever been a time in your house where you feel like you are talking to yourself when asking your...

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By Dr Kathryn Murray Have you ever felt exhausted, frustrated, annoyed or just plain angry because of someone else’s behaviour or demands? Being human means...

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Families come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t exclusive to those with biological ties. It can expand to whoever plays an important part in...

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I will be the first person to put up my hand and admit that I am not always kind to myself. I have days where...

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The brain is an odd thing.  It will have moments that make you feel like a superstar and the next, you are a grey cloud...

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- ParentalEQ

(*This blog post makes reference to sensitive topics like self-harming.) I am going to be real. I am sick to death of the way society...

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- ParentalEQ
Self-Efficacy – yep, its a thing – ParentalEQ Unwrapped

How many times do you think to yourself “I can’t do this” or “this is too much”? If you answered daily, I am right there...

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- ParentalEQ

When younger children feel overwhelmed by their emotions, their brain goes into survival mode and they can revert to immature actions to deal with it....

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Mixed Feelings – help kids handle them – ParentalEQ Unwrapped

As adults, we are used to feeling a multitude of emotions. Dread and happiness for the school holidays, happy and sad for milestone (or any)...

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Emotions are crazy things. They can jump from happy to sad to anything in between in the blink of an eye. They are also a...

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- Marti Weston
No Electronic Devices in Kids’ Bedrooms
Currently, a conversation about screen time is occurring on my area listserv.  It’s interesting to read various points of view. Some people feel that various apps designed to limit screen time and other digital activities are the way to go.  Others point to need to be hands-on about contracts, agreements, and digital rules of the […]
- Marti Weston
We Don’t Worry About Privacy Like You Do, People Tell Me…
When I discuss digital privacy with adults it’s not uncommon for them to tell me that they are far less concerned about the subject than I am. Frequently I get responses similar to the those below: We just aren’t as worried about privacy as you are. I lead a law-abiding life, follow rules, and have […]
- Marti Weston
What We Want Kids to Know About How the Brain Learns
If on occasion, you become concerned about how your child handles stressful learning situations, read this insightful article, Daydreaming is Good for You, and Other Things I Want Kids to Know About their Brains. The writer describes a range of brain capabilities, explaining how they can support young learners. Growing children need to understand how these […]
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Surge Protectors — Do You Need to Learn More About Them?
If your home is anything like mine, you have surge protectors all over the place, providing power and protection to appliances and 21st Century digital devices. Even my refrigerator is plugged into one after a power surge took out a number of refrigerators in the neighborhood. Some surge protectors are powerful devices that promise, not only […]
- Marti Weston
No Surprise that Kids Figure Out Parental Controls
No, I was not surprised to read that kids figure out how to how to get around the Apple iPhone parental controls. The Washington Post published an October 15, 2019 article that tells all about it, and in my experience, the kids’ actions are not limited to Apple parental controls. When I served as an […]
- Marti Weston
Can You Have an Online Presence & Still Have Some Online Privacy?
How do you develop a solid online presence while simultaneously having the ability to enjoy a social media account with friends and maybe even be a little goofy? It is possible, but organizing one’s digital footprints takes organization and attention. This issue is of paramount importance for people who will be applying for school or […]