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- Joseph Low
Panerai Luminor BiTempo is Bold and Beautiful

Panerai’s latest addition to the Luminor line-up, the BiTempo, is a worthy heir to the illustrious collection.

The post Panerai Luminor BiTempo is Bold and Beautiful appeared first on LUXUO.

- Joseph Low
A New Creative Community Arises With the Louis Vuitton FW23 Menswear Show

The new Louis Vuitton FW23 collection sees an ensemble of talents coming together to forge a new creative community within the Maison.

The post A New Creative Community Arises With the Louis Vuitton FW23 Menswear Show appeared first on LUXUO.

- Joseph Low
Atlantis The Royal Dubai Is Unveiled to the World in Dramatic Style

A star-studded crowd, spectacular fireworks and an exclusive performance by Beyoncé.

The post Atlantis The Royal Dubai Is Unveiled to the World in Dramatic Style appeared first on LUXUO.

- Joseph Low
Written in the Stars: Rado DiaStar

Celebrating its big 6-0, the Rado DiaStar is hardier, cooler and even more urban.

The post Written in the Stars: Rado DiaStar appeared first on LUXUO.

- Joseph Low
Rabbit Year 2023 Prediction: Alex Shlaen on Key Real Estate Markets and Money Flows

Surprisingly, one of the favourite investment targets that millennials are looking towards is property while luxury cars soar on customisation.

The post Rabbit Year 2023 Prediction: Alex Shlaen on Key Real Estate Markets and Money Flows appeared first on LUXUO.

- Danor Aliz

Significant communal advantages, improved life quality, more safe and secure communities, and a larger capacity for societal function are all provided by strong urban design. Additionally, it gives each city a distinct sense of belonging and creates the structure needed to make it more adaptable to changing social, economic, and climatic factors. Urban design works […]

The post Advice On How To Achieve Success In Urban Design appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Danor Aliz

Online slots are known for their entertainment value and are a great way to win extra spending money. Whether winning multiple small amounts or hitting a big-time jackpot, becoming a winner is always a thrilling experience.  Knowing which slots to play to win a juicy jackpot is a big part of playing. After all, not […]

The post Canadian Online Slots With the Biggest Jackpots appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Danor Aliz

When it comes to working out, particularly if you are new to the gym or a specific exercise routine, it’s important you use the proper form and technique. By doing so, you can make sure you’re getting the most benefits from your workout and use your energy where it’s needed, not on wasted movements to […]

The post Techniques For Proper Form And Physique appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Danor Aliz

Playing online games can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something that you’ll never forget (particularly if you “play your cards right”). What people generally love about online gambling is the fact that it can be done anywhere, at any given moment. You do not need to worry if a particular place is open, if […]

The post Enjoy Online Games of Luck Like a Boss & Win Cash: A How-to Guide appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Danor Aliz

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best. Whether you decide to achieve this by booking a spa treatment once every few months or by taking the time to do your skincare routine each day, investing in some luxury underwear could be just what you need to make your week extra special. Underwear is […]

The post Your Guide to Buying Luxury Underwear appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Ana Maria Dakota

Jewelry has always been a staple gift when it comes to Valentine’s Day. A statement piece is no better way to show your nearest and dearest how much you love them. The shiny, sparkling attraction can convey an essence of sentimentality like no other gift. The combination of gold and gemstones makes the perfect present […]

The post 10 Statement Pieces of Jewelry for Valentine’s Day appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Alina

Welcoming passengers on board the newly renovated historic yacht, The M/Y Grace returns to the water with luxurious and environmentally friendly upgrades. Renowned for offering one-of-a-kind travel experiences around the remote archipelago of the Galapagos Island, Quasar Expeditions’ The M/Y Grace is back in the water. Formerly Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco’s royal honeymoon yacht, […]

The post All Aboard The Fluid M/Y Grace appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Upscale Living Magazine

Even with the best of imagination, it is difficult to grasp the variety of options that the hospitality industry offers the modern traveler. But what demanding vacationers always have a right to expect is impeccable service and unforgettable experiences. In all the diversity of offerings and destinations, quality and exclusivity have become cornerstones. To help […]

The post The Best of the Best Hotels & Resorts in the Hospitality Industry appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Upscale Living Magazine

If the need arose to name the professions with the highest requirements for social, leadership, and organizational qualities, the position of hotel general manager would undoubtedly rank at the top of the list. This is especially true for managers of luxury hotels, where guests have every reason to expect impeccable service and organization of their […]

The post The Top 100 Hotel General Managers of 2022 by Luxury Lifestyle Awards appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Upscale Living Magazine

The best players in the hospitality industry have many ways to attract and pamper their clientele, providing vivid experiences and lasting memories. But when you can find a delightful location, artful exterior, sophisticated interior, and creative, innovative menu in the same establishment, it predictably becomes a beacon for connoisseurs of excellence and luxury industry experts. […]

The post The Merchants Steak & Grill Restaurant, True Fine Dining Experience in Palma  appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Upscale Living Magazine

Cambodia has been consistent as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, with a GDP growing by 7% in 2019. Cambodia’s total trade volume was valued at $27.2 billion in the first half of 2022, up to 20% from $22.6 billion dollars over the same period last year. Now that’s impressive. It’s a great […]

The post Bosba Property Co., Ltd. – Exceptional Property Developers in Cambodia  appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Upscale Living Magazine

Elegance and class in a bottle are the best way to describe the essence of Parfums d’Elmar, which is a company that specializes in making the best niche perfume in Switzerland. Parfums d’Elmar perfume is pure luxury, and it shows from the bottle design to the scent itself. It is no surprise then that Parfums d’Elmar have become the […]

The post Parfums d‘Elmar, An Enigmatic Experience of Elegance and Pure Luxury appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Upscale Living Magazine

Amami Oshima, also known as Amami, is the largest island in Japan’s Amami archipelago. It’s an island rich in natural beauty, surrounded by crystal clear sea and was designated a Natural Heritage Site in July 2021. It’s also the birthplace of Yasuhiro Yamashita, who established Atelier TEKUTO in 1991 and now heads up the architecture […]

The post Atelier TEKUTO: Creating Stylish Architecture while Building Strong Communities appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Danor Aliz

If you’re new to wearing contact lenses and are a lover of make-up, worry not. It’s perfectly safe to keep wearing make-up alongside your lenses, but be sure to take extra precautions to avoid any irritation. Wash your hands Firstly, always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses. Your optician will have explained this […]

The post Make Up Tips for Contact Lens Wearers appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Danor Aliz

When thinking about casinos, the gambling capitals of the world are the locations that immediately spring to mind. Las Vegas is the first, with its glitz, glamour, and sparkling light show in the desert. After this, the sprawling resorts of Macau and Asia may be your next thought. Yet did you know there are many […]

The post The Strangest Casinos in the World appeared first on Upscale Living Mag.

- Luxury Columnist
Italy is a country with a rich design history, and its influence can be seen in the modern world today. …

13 Famous Italian Design Classics You Need to Know About Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
Grand Cayman is a beautiful island paradise that offers travelers a wealth of activities to enjoy. From snorkeling and scuba …

11 Best Grand Cayman Excursions To Enjoy Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
There’s no doubt that luxury American car brands are some of the best in the world. From Cadillac to Lincoln, …

15 Best Luxury American Car Brands Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
Luxury watch brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe have become popular choices for those looking to invest in high-value …

The Best Watches That Hold Value: 8 Great Watch Brands Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
The world of counterfeit watches is massive, and it’s growing every day. Most fake watches are easy to identify, but …

How To Spot A Fake Rolex In 9 Simple Ways Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
If you’re looking for the best New York wineries, you can’t go wrong with this selection. These wineries are some …

The 12 Best New York Wineries Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
Department stores have been around since the mid 19th century, and they continue to be popular with luxury shoppers. Here …

25 Top Luxury Department Stores You Need To visit Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
Are you a movie fan looking to bring your cinema experience up a notch? Look no further than these luxury …

The 25 Best Luxury Cinemas in London in 2023 Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
Since its first design in the 1950s by the iconic Coco Chanel, the classic flap bag from Chanel has become …

How To Authenticate A Chanel Bag In 5 Easy Ways Read More »

- Luxury Columnist
Have you ever dreamt of a destination wedding? Saying your vows in a unique location is definitely appealing and it …

What is a Destination Wedding? Easy Guide to Planning Your Wedding Abroad Read More »

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Sneakerheads, assemble!

The post 25 Luxury Sneakers For Men To Master The Casual Look appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Michael Bradley

Soothe your soul in style.

The post Cadillac: Power, Precision, and Proudly American appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Michael Bradley

Top speed on two wheels.

The post The Fastest Motorcycles In The World appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Michael Bradley

Exquisite engineering meets elegant design.

The post Lexus Cars: Prestigious Perfection For Long-Lasting Luxury appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Emma Treagus

Slow sartorialism. La Dolce Vita lifestyle.

The post Luca Faloni: A Masterclass in Hand-Stitched Italian Style appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Michael Bradley

No road, no problem.

The post Land Rover: Class Meets Capability appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Michael Bradley

Get a white-knuckle grip on these thrilling reins.

The post Lamborghini Cars: Brash, Belligerent, And Beautiful Beasts appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Emma Treagus

Simple, seasonless and sustainable.

The post Mansur Gavriel: The Fashion Label Pioneering Colorful Minimalism appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Molly Wolfe

Keep your luggage organised.

The post Packing Cubes: The Travel Accessory To Pack Like A Pro appeared first on Luxe Digital.

- Laura Burgess
Wine Futures: The Rise of Coastal Vineyards
Banner_coastal vineyards

Historically, vines planted on islands and coastal locations served a simple purpose: lubricating traders, travelers, and soldiers from Sicily to Cape Town and everywhere in between. But by planting along shipping routes since the Grecian era, growers unwittingly discovered exceptional terroirs that offer far more than just convenience and beautiful views.

- Stephanie Jones
Meet Canada's Sought-After Furniture Maker

Embarking on a complete change of career is a risky move, and the odds of forging a prosperous new path are long—but software-designer-turned-furniture-maker Christopher Solar made it look easy.

- Jessica Elliott
The Cosmic Appeal of Space-Themed Jewelry
- Joann Plockova
Iwan Baan: Architecture’s Favorite Photographer
Iwan Baan Sao Paulo_banner

When it comes to definitively capturing their projects, the world’s most renowned architects call on Dutch photographer Iwan Baan. Recipient of the inaugural Julius Shulman award, Baan counts Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Sou Fujimoto, and Herzog & de Meuron among his clients. But don’t call him an architectural photographer. His work tells a story that unfolds around the buildings he shoots. Baan spoke to Luxury Defined about how his signature style developed and why context is everything.

- Nielsen Dinwoodie
Il Palagio: The Vineyard Saved by Rock Royalty
Il Palagio_banner

On a sun-streaked evening in June 1997, Duca Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati di San Clemente invited local residents to Il Palagio, his unlived-in ancestral palace in Tuscany. A verdant 865-acre (350 ha) estate some 25 miles (40 km) south of Florence, Il Palagio dates back to the early 1500s, growing from an agricultural holding through successive ownerships until becoming home to the dukedom of San Clemente in 1819, whose family seat it remained.

- Rachel Loos
Color, Texture, Repeat: Designers with a Passion for Pattern

Pattern is everywhere—our homes right now have never been more colorful. These eye-catching designs not only make a strong style statement, they lift the spirits and, teamed with surface design, bring a joie de vivre to walls, soft furnishings, and floors. Technology has also helped this maximalist trend, giving new designers the opportunity to start small with limited product runs and allowing them greater creative freedom. The result is an exciting body of new names to watch—here are four to look out for…

- Michael Baynes
An Insider’s Guide to Buying a Bordeaux Vineyard
Topography shot-2

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a vigneron

- Amanda Birch
Built to Last: The Rise of Metal Architecture

Ever since the Chrysler Building’s iconic sunburst-patterned, stainless-steel spire first pierced the Manhattan skyline in 1930, architects have been fascinated by the potential for metal to be deployed as cladding material.

At the Water's Edge: 9 Waterside Escapes

Whether the backdrop is sea and surf, lake or pond,

- Laura Burgess
Top of the World: High-Altitude Winemaking

The Himalayas’ jagged, snow-capped peaks have inspired adventurers and artists for centuries, but rarely have their silhouettes been linked to winemaking—until now. As climate change and extreme weather continue to disrupt growing seasons across Burgundy, Bordeaux, and other long-established regions, vintners are climbing vertigo-inducing slopes to challenge long-standing industry traditions and invent new ones.

- Luxury Defined Editors
Dive In: How to Design a Home Swimming Pool
Eco-friendly Paints for the Modern Home

Fortunately, the days when interior paints contained as much as 50 percent lead are long gone. Today, we understand much more about the harm that compounds in certain products can do to the environment and to our health.

- Luxury Defined Editors
Designer Spotlight: Chris Godfrey's Luxury Interiors

Chris Godfrey, global principal of HBA Residential—the residential arm of top hospitality design firm HBA—recently returned to the United Kingdom from Singapore to head up the company’s new London office, which opened last year.

- Joanne Latimer
Style City: A Fashion Designer’s Guide to Montréal

As the first Canadian designer to present a collection in Paris in 1995, Marie Saint Pierre is a fashion pioneer.

Open-Air Art: 7 Must-Visit Sculpture Parks

From giant roosters, deer, and hares, to mysterious shifting fog installations, some of the most exciting works of art are sited outside the traditional confines of a gallery in sculpture parks, giving visitors a whole new perspective on the pieces themselves and the landscapes they dominate—all while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful open spaces. Here are seven to put on your outdoor-art agenda.

6 Elegant Essentials for Outdoor Dining

At the height of summer there’s no greater pleasure than packing a basket full of gourmet treats, finding a secluded spot, and enjoying a picnic with friends and family. Eating alfresco at home on green lawn or shaded terrace is even better. And with silverware to turn a cheeseboard into a work of art, recipes inspired by the Californian coast, and glassware fit for an emperor, we’ve tracked down the products to elevate an outdoor meal or drinks on the veranda into an elegant occasion to remember.

- Xenia Taliotis
Carme Ruscalleda: Why She's Closing Her Acclaimed Restaurant

Chef Carme Ruscalleda first fell in love with food when she started working in her father’s deli, aged 17. She has since gone on to open three restaurants and earn herself an impressive number of accolades along the way. If you haven’t experienced Sant Pau, the restaurant near Barcelona where Ruscalleda earned her first star (it now has three), you have only a few short months to do so. In October, after 30 years, Sant Pau will close for good.

- Luxury Defined Editors
Ahead of the Curve: 7 Home Interior Trends to Try

The most recent eporta and WGSN Interior Trends Report revealed that designers and homeowners are looking to nature for home decor inspiration, incorporating unique patterns, and choosing pieces that are equally chic inside or out. Adding a touch of opulence via dark woods or marble has also seen a spike in popularity of late, and a new sense of boldness is now being embraced.

- Luxury Defined Editors
Luxury Escapes: Vacation Destinations for Summer 2018

A highly anticipated resort in the Maldives is making waves for its sustainable credentials and artist-in-residence program, while thrill-seekers may feel more at home navigating ancient rock faces in Utah. And foodies will enjoy the sybaritic delights of the food and wine in and around the lively Sardinian port town of Porto Cervo. These eight destinations—spanning the globe—have something to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

- lovehappensmag
10 Luxurious Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! If you haven’t already found the perfect gifts for the most discerning women...

The post 10 Luxurious Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Anna Beck Bimba
A World of Alluring Designs in Chicago

In this edition of Love Happens’ Design Questionnaire, join us for a peek into the creative mind of interior designer April Grandy....

The post A World of Alluring Designs in Chicago appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Madalena Gil
5 Reasons to Charter a Private Yacht in Greece

Prepare the yacht and get ready to sail the seas to Greece. Today we’re going to look at five reasons...

The post 5 Reasons to Charter a Private Yacht in Greece appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Madalena Gil
Influence of Roe v. Wade on Women’s Empowerment

All over the world, women empowerment advocates know the landmark case of Roe v Wade. Jane Roe’s name now protects...

The post Influence of Roe v. Wade on Women’s Empowerment appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Danielle Furman
5 Books About Luxury Life We Love

We are here to write a book report for you on five of our favorite books from the world of...

The post 5 Books About Luxury Life We Love appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Anna Beck Bimba
‘Uncaged Innovations’ with Stephanie Downs

Join us for a peek inside the empowering world of Stephanie Downs, a NY-based entrepreneur with a passion for heartfelt...

The post ‘Uncaged Innovations’ with Stephanie Downs appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Danielle Furman
Dress Your Princess in Style Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to little girl fashion, there are SO many beautiful choices it is not an easy task to...

The post Dress Your Princess in Style Without Breaking the Bank appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Anna Beck Bimba
What’s in Your Stars? Lh Monthly Horoscope, February Horoscope 2023

FEBRUARY HOROSCOPE 2023 Aries (21 March – 19 April)  You’ll be reconsidering your role in life, your personal self-image, and...

The post What’s in Your Stars? Lh Monthly Horoscope, February Horoscope 2023 appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Danielle Furman
What to Look for While Buying Bed Sheets

One of the essential factors that can affect your sleep, which is often overlooked, is bed sheets. This is crazy...

The post What to Look for While Buying Bed Sheets appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Danielle Furman
The Rolex Waiting List Examined

A Rolex purchase may be one of the most important buys of your life. Rolex is one of the world’s...

The post The Rolex Waiting List Examined appeared first on Love Happens Magazine.

- Brooke Saward
The Best of Thailand’s Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

The Best of Thailand's Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

With travel back in our lives and many of us busting to take a trip somewhere, you might be looking for inspiration for your next…

The post The Best of Thailand’s Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
Staying at the Four Seasons Bangkok

Staying at the Four Seasons Bangkok

The first time I visited Bangkok was ten years ago, at the beginning of my twenties. Now, an entire decade later, the city has changed…

The post Staying at the Four Seasons Bangkok appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
8 Must do Things when spending Christmas in London

8 Must do Things when spending Christmas in London

There is no better time to be in London than during the month of December. This is when the streets come to life in streams…

The post 8 Must do Things when spending Christmas in London appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
Checking In to the Four Seasons Koh Samui

Checking In to the Four Seasons Koh Samui

I first visited Thailand ten years ago and since then, I’ve told anyone who will listen that it is the best holiday destination for Australians.…

The post Checking In to the Four Seasons Koh Samui appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
Escaping to the Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Escaping to the Four Seasons Chiang Mai

For as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with Thailand. In fact, I can probably even pinpoint the moment it…

The post Escaping to the Four Seasons Chiang Mai appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
Checking In to the Four Seasons Golden Triangle

Checking In to the Four Seasons Golden Triangle

There are few places in this world as special as the Four Seasons Golden Triangle. Take it from me, someone who has been fortunate enough…

The post Checking In to the Four Seasons Golden Triangle appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
10 Things to do for Christmas in Paris

10 Things to do for Christmas in Paris

Paris is enchanting any time of year but particularly so around Christmas. There is something magical about seeing the city come to life with festive…

The post 10 Things to do for Christmas in Paris appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
Checking In to the Carlton Hotel in St Moritz

Checking In to the Carlton Hotel in St Moritz

If there’s anywhere in Europe you can guarantee you’ll enjoy in the ski season it is St Moritz. In fact, this town in the Swiss…

The post Checking In to the Carlton Hotel in St Moritz appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
These are the 24 Best Beaches in the United States

These are the 24 Best Beaches in the United States

The absolute best beaches in the United States 1. Francis Beach, Half Moon Bay, California  If you’re looking to do more than sunbathing, this is…

The post These are the 24 Best Beaches in the United States appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Brooke Saward
A very trendy Guide to Auckland

A very trendy Guide to Auckland

Let’s cut to the chase: Auckland is trendy. Like, uber trendy. The people, the cafes, the boutiques – all extraordinarily trendy. Even the houses dotted…

The post A very trendy Guide to Auckland appeared first on World of Wanderlust.

- Catherine

For those of you whose invitations unfortunately got lost in the post this season, you most likely spent your days watching footage of London Fashion Week online – I know I’ve spent many a fashion week obsessively watching show highlights from my bedroom, wishing I was in the frow with the likes of Anna Wintour. […]

The post The Life of A London Fashion Week Runner appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

  London Fashion Week is all about getting as much information to the world as fast as you can. If you’re not invited into the catwalks, then the bloggers are out in force trying to get pictures of whatever represents women’s fashion. The influencers heading to the runway are often wearing next seasons collection. You […]

The post London Fashion Week – What To Wear As A Photographer appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

There are several simple ways to improve your sleep quality, from cutting out cups of coffee to avoiding any daytime naps – but there are also bedroom additions to consider; specifically weighted blankets. While a weighted blanket will certainly make you feel cozier in your bedroom, it also has plenty of benefits that will not […]

The post Eight Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket And Why It’s An Essential Bedroom Item  appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

I am adamant that post-Covid, as we’ve all proven we can work from home, going to the office should be an event, an enjoyable experience. Now that people have been asked to return to the office, the more significant challenge is what to wear to the office. Why is this a huge challenge for workers […]

The post Dress For Success – Style Tips For Office Work appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Whether we like it or not, real fur won’t go away. It’s a personal choice if you want to wear a real fur coat. I encourage anyone to buy vintage fur as Gucci and many luxury brands are no longer selling animal fur. There are plenty of charity stores and markets throughout Europe that still […]

The post Real Fur – What To Look For When Purchasing A Fur Coat appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Whilst at Paris Couture Fashion week I stumbled on the  SS23 collection, Juana Martín. She was presenting her “Orígenes” collection, an ode to her Spanish and flamenco roots. This collection reflects the unique haute couture skills of her work in fabrics and prints, and also offers an accurate result to her flamenco style, with a […]

The post Denim Tie Dye – How To Wear Avant Garde Jeans appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Over the last year, I have reviewed hundreds of 5-star hotels and resorts for MenStyleFashion. The biggest challenge I have found is what to pack when heading to tropical destinations.  As I see it these hotels are a perfect opportunity to showcase my personal style. Within these luxury hotels or resorts, I am finding that […]

The post Five Star Hotels – What To Pack For A Tropical Stay appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Eight signs that your marriage might be over, according to experts. Marriage is often one of the highlights in a person’s life as you decide to share everything with someone else. Unfortunately, though, you don’t always take this step with someone you’re compatible with, and even if you do, the changing nature of people sometimes […]

The post Eight Signs That Your Marriage Might Be Over appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Whilst staying in Mayfair at a hotel in London, I decided to use the balcony as a backdrop for showcasing some fashion. Hotels are a fabulous way to present a new collection. Using the hotel as a background message to convey that your collection is stress-free and fun. I was able to do this shoot […]

The post The Mayfair Hotel London – What To Wear In Mayfair appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

It is easy to get caught up in wearing the latest trends when you are heading to London Fashion Week. But the runways are all for that and so are the influencers who are getting paid to promote what I call staged fashion. Staged fashion is people wear what they are been told to showcase. […]

The post London Fashion Week – How To Be A Trend Setter Tips appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Living in Tuscany Italy is like living in paradise. This picturesque oasis is very popular amongst Germans, Swiss and Americans who flock year after year to buy, holiday and live. As a social media influencer, I want to highlight why Tuscany are a perfect marketing tool to get your brands noticed. Siena Tucked away on […]

The post Tuscany – Top Instagram & Tik Tok Locations appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Zoe Della Rocca

You are only as good as you think you are in the world of creative arts. When you have been invited to a fashion week for men. Knowing you are up against super Model David Gandy, let alone Tinie Tempah. This is the time to make sure my client appeared like she was commanding the runway. […]

The post Makeup Tips – How To Get A Celebrities Attention appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Oversize frames have been my signature statement since 2011, it is why I started my blog. Today I  want to inspire you to find your definitive eye-wear style. First of all, you need to try on as many sunglasses as you can. Go into the stores and just explain what you are looking for. This […]

The post Eyewear – Tips On Finding Your Definitive Style appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

Matrix was all about leather fashion portraying a tough image in a virtual battlefield of sci-fi movies. I am a huge lover of leather and anything that defines me in action. Is always about fashion role-play. Growing up in rural Australia I was always being bullied due to being Italian. I was in the minority […]

The post Matrix – How To Get The Trinity Style appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Gracie Opulanza

It’s a Saturday night and the youth are out in the acceptable form. The Tik Tok girls and their Nike trainers are the shoes to be seen here in Tuscany. Whether one is a Tik Tok influencer or running an Instagram Reel. The comfortable, summer trainer is a white Nike. That tick is the most […]

The post Nike Trainers – Summer Style Tips By Generation Z appeared first on Gracie Opulanza.

- Alyson Pitarre
The Orient Express Cruise Line to Set Sail in 2026

More than a century after the debut of its first luxury trains, the iconic Orient Express will expand into the cruise world with the debut of Orient Express Silensea. The very first Orient Express sailing ship and “the largest sailing ship in the world” will set sail in 2026 and push “the limits of the possible,” according to a press release recently unveiled by French hospitality group Accor and Chantiers de l’Atlantique, a leader in the construction of cruise ships. Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO, Accor, promises the ship will “offer unparalleled service and spaces with refined designs, reminiscent of the golden age of legendary cruises” – not unlike the Read more...

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- Alyson Pitarre
From Mega Yachts to Wine: Italy’s Vincenzo Poerio

Vincenzo Poerio is undoubtedly one of the main protagonists of the Italian nautical industry. Formerly, Tankoa shipyard’s CEO – specialized in the construction of mega yachts – he has launched some of the most iconic jewels of the sea that currently sail on every ocean in the world. But above all, his greatest achievement is transferring his great experience, in terms of quality and passion for work, to the realization of another ambitious dream. This time not on the sea, but on the terraces of the Tuscan hills. “I wanted to build a place to live and work the land, produce wine, oil, and other products of the countryside,” recalls Read more...

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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Experiences for the Person Who Has Everything

Don’t we all have at least one person in our life who’s nearly impossible to shop for? You know the ones. They own everything they could possibly need or want. Their tastes are so specific that it’s impossible to pick out something they’ll love. If you’re still stumped and stressing over your gift-gifting, here are six experiences that you could give them instead of a tangible item. These recommendations should surprise and delight even the most discerning people on your list – especially since ultra luxury’s latest mantra has been “experiences over possessions.” For the Sports Fan An All-Star Moment: Legendary Basketball Matchup with the Pippens Leave it to the Read more...

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Welcome to the Magentaverse: Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year

When Pantone introduced the 2022 Color of the Year, they noted how the periwinkle Veri Peri “blended the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red.” In what seems like a worthy evolution, Pantone has stripped out the blue, embracing the vibrancy of red this year. Introducing the 2023 Color of the Year, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta. A “nuanced” crimson red with a balance between warm and cool, Viva Magenta is “brave and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes optimism and joy,” says Pantone. They describe the color as empowering, animated, electrifying, boundaryless, audacious, witty, and perfect for “anyone and everyone with the same rebellious Read more...

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Game On: High-end Gaming Tables Come Out of the Basement

Gleaming gourmet kitchens. Magnificent living spaces. Ample bedroom suites. When it comes to luxury homes, some interior must-haves are fairly obvious. But, today, a newer space is being elevated from niche to necessary: the grand game room. Decked out with custom game tables cloaked in contemporary, bespoke grandeur, these spaces are delivering a new level of home entertainment, triggered — not surprisingly — by the start of Covid-19. But while the pandemic certainly put game rooms in finer focus, high-end manufacturers and retailers continue to see buyer demand today. “During the pandemic, people were forced to spend more time at home, which created a higher demand for game tables, resulting Read more...

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Distant Stars

Chefs spend their lives chasing Michelin stars, those elusive medallions that validate years of sacrifice and put their restaurants on the map. The most renowned are found in chic neighborhoods of European capitals, although the last decade has seen an explosion of stars in Asia, particularly Japan. Not all Michelin-honored restaurants are located in cosmopolitan settings, however, with many hidden in unexpected places. Rarest of all are three-star restaurants, which the Michelin Guide characterizes as “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!” While they are typically associated with rarefied addresses in Paris, New York or Hong Kong, some three-star restaurants are scattered across the French countryside, such as celebrated Georges Blanc Read more...

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The World’s Largest Superyacht

Imagine rolling out of bed and having an entire ocean within arm’s reach…. Somnio Superyacht is preparing to bring the height of luxury to the water in its 222-meter, $550 million ship that will launch in 2024. The first official renderings of the Somnio design were released in late 2021 to showcase the options for the 39 customizable, full scale apartments on board. Each apartment may include but is not limited to: a personal kitchen, library, gym, indoor/outdoor dining spaces, private dressing areas, and a large living room space with 270-degree forward views. The intended destination for the ship is to explore the four corners of the globe. “Somnio will Read more...

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The Grand Reopening

After a couple years of surviving on take-out and delivery, Americans are blissfully returning to their favorite restaurants and eagerly exploring new ones. The pandemic may have temporarily shuttered dining rooms, but tenacious restaurateurs pushed forward with ambitious projects, confident the allure of dining out would never fade. Presented on these pages is a sampling of some of the most promising new restaurants across the country. New York Steps from Union Square is Vallata, surprisingly the first Italian restaurant from Top Chef co-host Tom Colicchio. “I grew up in an Italian household in New Jersey, but never opened a true Italian restaurant,” reports the celebrity chef. The menu is unpretentious Read more...

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FLOWERBX Founder Whitney Bromberg Hawkings: “Flowers Are Currency”

Sit with Whitney Bromberg Hawkings for just a few minutes and you will quickly discover that this visionary and talented CEO of the world’s first luxury flower brand is truly a reflection of the seasonal florals that she delivers. Whitney is vivaciously refined, classically modern, delicate yet with a robust sense of purpose and drive. But what inspired this former Senior Vice President of Communications for Tom Ford to leave a 19-year career with one of fashion’s most iconic designers and leap into a world of roses and ranunculus? And how has FLOWERBX elevated everyday flower consumption to luxury flower connoisseurship on a global scale? Seven years after its founding Read more...

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The luxury watch market is hotter than ever, having survived the early days of the pandemic and surpassed pre-pandemic numbers last year. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) reported an all-time high in watch export figures in 2021 of $21 billion. Global revenue of French luxury goods corporation (and owner of Louis Vuitton) LVMH Group’s watches and jewelry rose from $4.8 million in 2019 to $10.4 million in 2021. The demographics behind that growth: largely Millennials and Gen Z. “For Millennials and Gen Z, owning a watch has become more important over the past five years whereas for older generations it has become less important, since presumably the Read more...

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If you’ve visited Suryagarh during the Winter Season, you might have spotted table decor including some stunning Poppies. All the flowers on the table decor, throughout the year, are from…
- naina
One of the legends goes like this : two of the architects working on the King’s Palace, started building this Haveli on their time off. The King couldn’t slumber peacefully…
- naina
This is an appreciation post for life post-Covid that I’m lucky to be living. With collaborators, partners old and new. A new appreciation for several things one took for granted…
- naina
Images are from the Rahul Mishra, India Couture Week 2022 presentation that was held at The Embassy of France in India. Three previous photo stories from the same show are…
- naina
It was great to be back at a life show after October 2021! I got super nostalgic. Even more so because it was at the Embassy of France in India,…
- naina
Previously, Backstage at Rahul Mishra, The Tree Of Life, Couture 2022 Presentation. Rahul Mishra in black and gold was THE highlight for me. Intricate, layered, stacked embroideries and delicate cut…
- naina
Things at Rahul’s shows are usually calm and quiet backstage – I’ve been covering / photographing his shows since 2013 – and this has remained the same. Everyone goes about…
- naina
Above, the 2.5 inches in diameter sculptural brooch called Reaching Out. This month, I’ve been making a concerted effort to show more of my wearable art brooches by wearing them…
- naina
Having never seen anything like this previously, of course I believed that it was INSANE! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and wondered how something like this is even…
- naina
Imagine a central location, which is also completely tucked away from the public eye. Two minutes from the main Mukteshwar market. A good restaurant on the main road, where you…
- naina
When driving downhill, from Mukteshwar to Bhimtal in our case, the cafe will be on the right hand side of the road. Easy to miss if you’re not looking for…
- naina
Darima was setup in 2016. The milk is sourced from local villagers and farmers who visit Darima’s collection centers in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand. The milk is then brought into the factory…
- naina
I first met Janhavi and Kanta at Suryagarh, where they were celebrating a family event. I had no idea I would be seeing them outside of my work place, but…
- naina
After three-and-a-half years, I had to get myself a new smartphone. And not because of anything else except the camera on the phone. I was going to be graduating from…
- naina
This post is literally only for me to record one instance of the large-hearted love I’ve received from complete strangers all my life. Tulsi ji was meeting me for the…
- naina
On December 15th, 2021, I joined the MRS Hospitality Group at Suryagarh Jaisalmer as a Guest Experiences Manager. I work here now! I’ve been visiting their hotels ( including Narendra…
- naina
“Most people prefer to stay home for Diwali.” While this might have been true in the past, things sure are changing. I spent Diwali 2021 at my home-away-from-home, Narendra Bhawan…
- naina
Delhi to Jaisalmer by road, takes approximately 12-14 hours driving time – assuming you do not take a break every 30 minutes. The drive is certainly made better if it’s…
- naina
Bhavna Kakkar, who is the force behind the Latitude 28 Art Gallery, and the Take On Art Magazine, conceptualized and put together the first edition of TAKE Pop-Up, in partnership…
- naina
I seem to be enjoying the balcony in the new apartment more than I’d imagined. Mainly because I had no idea what the balcony even looked like when the apartment…
- Emily Taylor
How To Make A Trip To Qatar Affordable?

How To Make A Trip To Qatar Affordable?

When many people think of Qatar, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury. Well, everyone knows the sheiks’ fortunes and how they try to attract tourists by showing all the luxury you can find in their cities. However, just as you can travel to New York, Paris or any other famous city in the world on a low…

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Top 4 Sport Destinations In The US

Top 4 Sport Destinations In The US

Sports play a huge role in everyday life across the United States. And it can’t be denied that some locations carve out a bigger piece of the pie than others. With everything from rabid fans to a wide selection of college and professional teams to choose from, here are 4 top sport destinations for athletics fans in the US. Not…

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What Is Architectural Lighting, and How Is It Unique?

What Is Architectural Lighting, and How Is It Unique?

Have you ever been to a museum or a gallery and noticed the beautiful lighting that illuminated the exhibit? That’s what architectural lighting is all about. As its name implies, architectural lighting focuses on illuminating buildings with specific light fixtures. Architectural lighting can be used for interior and exterior applications and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of any space. Let’s…

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8 Cities to Have the Best Travel Experiences In 2023

8 Cities to Have the Best Travel Experiences In 2023

If you are looking for some of the most luxurious cities to explore this year, you have just landed on the right page. After all, it can be a daunting task to pick the perfect destination among the top cities for your next vacation. And for what? The best travel experience of course. Let us take a look at some of…

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- Michael R.
How to Spend a Luxury Weekend in Macau

How to Spend a Luxury Weekend in Macau

Macau is a fascinating island. One of China’s territories, it was colonized for some time by Portugal, which has left the island with a unique cultural heritage. That’s quite unlike anywhere else in the world! Fascinating blend of culinary and architectural cultures, Macau is also the gaming capital of this part of the world.  Anyone who loves Las Vegas should…

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Tips for Backpacking Through Southeast Asia

Tips for Backpacking Through Southeast Asia

Backpacking comes with its advantages and disadvantages. It allows you to access more areas and see more of different countries while also enjoying increased flexibility. However, many think that backpacking requires sacrificing comfort, but this is not necessarily true. Let’s see how, through a Southeast Asia trip. There are many travel tips at The Luxe Insider that can help you…

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8 Smart Ways To Save Money On A Sumptuous Vacation

8 Smart Ways To Save Money On A Sumptuous Vacation

Luxury travel doesn’t have to cost the world. You don’t necessarily need to spend lots of money to get the most out of a luxury vacation, though having sufficient funds is important. There are a few simple steps that you can take that will help you make the most of your vacation and ensure that it is as luxurious as…

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How To Retain The Re-Sale Value Of Your Luxury Car

How To Retain The Re-Sale Value Of Your Luxury Car

When you buy a luxury car, it needs to have all the features that you want to make it that special pride and joy in your life. However, the time will inevitably come when you decide to part with it. And as a luxury vehicle you will want it to sell for the best price possible. In this article we…

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5 Amazing Ideas For A Weekend Escape In York

5 Amazing Ideas For A Weekend Escape In York

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion such as a landmark anniversary, then nothing quite beats a luxury weekend getaway. Luckily the UK is blessed with a treasure trove of fabulous short break destinations. Stoke Park or London obviously. However, another city deserves to be highlighted in this context: York, in Nothern England. York, nestled in England’s biggest county…

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- Priya Ghatol
One Week Magical Trip To The Wild Of Botswana

One Week Magical Trip To The Wild Of Botswana

When you are thinking of spending quality time with your loved ones, you need to make the right plans. This is critical because you want to invest time and money that can help you create memories that would last forever. Luxury travel isn’t just about indulging in the best because you want to show off your financial status! It allows…

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Top Summer Travel Essentials
Summer fun in the sun is already in full swing and traveling is at an all time high. But are you really exploring the world without style? Whether you're staying local or going across the pond, there are things you shouldn't leave home without. Just like you, the staff at Couture love their vacations and we have curated the Top Summer Travel Essentials you need to have.




Getting through the Gates Your passport is quite possibly the most important piece of travel accessories needed for both cruises and out of country excursions, so why not protect it with a luxurious exterior. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more have all the perfect covers for your passport and any other documents that will kickstart your getaway. Keep this one nearby and ready, you don't want to forget it at home.


Louis Vuitton Kirigami Passport cover


Keep it All in one Place The next step in a successful vacation is the type of luggage you're taking. Rolling luggages are great, but duffles are just as nice to travel with especially the iconic Louis Vuitton Keepall. Coming in a variety of sizes, these bags are easily slipped into a car or used as a carry-on on a plane.


Now it's time to pack! Here are some things you should make sure are packed away for your getaway.


Sand & Surf Musts Headed to the water? From poolside to surfside, keeping your essentials safe and secure is a must. Beach inspired totes or even a Neverfull are ideal for carrying everything from sunscreen to towels. Try adding an extra layer of security with a Toiletry pouch that will keep your liquids from spilling over.


Logo Footwear Trending from every angle, a logo on your shoes is a must. Check out some Gucci Marmont sandals , Hermes Oran Sandals, or even Balenciaga pool slides for versatile wear while you walk the streets of a local market or leave the sand.


Gucci Marmont Platform Sandals


Sun Protection Not everyone chooses to protect their eyes and head from the sun, but it's definitely important that you do. Try out a pair of sunglasses or even a hat to keep the harmful rays of the sun away and don't forget to reapply sunscreen!


Day to Night Carry The final thing on our essentials list is your holy grail for the trip. Whether you take one, two, or more, make sure that you take purses that will not only carry everything you need, but also ones that are stylish and can be used daily. A classic black bag is perfect for pairing with any and every outfit, while a bold and colorful purse will turn heads from every angle. 


Make a list, check off these essentials, and don't forget to pack extra clothes before you leave!
- Tiffany Perez
May is here and the second part of last year's theme for the Met Gala continues! As we know, the theme for the past two years have been centered around fashion in America. The two-part exhibition started in 2021 with In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, focusing on the melting pot of cultures in America. For 2022, the exhibition featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was titled In America: An Anthology of Fashion with a focus on historical fashion in cleverly designed rooms. This fashion is meant to feature what they call the "unsung heroes" and backbone of America. [newsletter] The dress code of the night focused on the Gilded Age of America, which was the time period between the 1800s and early 1900s, right after the Civil War. We were excited to see how celebrities and designers reimagined the fashion of this time period which included structured dresses, waist cinching corsets, and feathers everywhere. This year’s panel of honorary chairs included Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, and Adam Mosseri again while the co-chairs hosting included power couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Regina King, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. With a love for the Met Gala, all of us at Couture USA tuned into the red carpet once again to share with you which red carpet looks we thought fit the theme or were our favorites.


Read all about our red carpet picks from the 2021 Met Gala.


Blake Lively in Atelier Versace View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Versace (@versace)


Billie Eilish in Up-cycled Gucci  View this post on Instagram

A post shared by @gucci


Vanessa Hudgens in Moschino  View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Moschino (@moschino)


Kim Kardashian in Jean-Louis
previously worn by Marilyn Monroe

Bible, this tribute is everything. ❤️ Kim Kardashian wears Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" dress at the #MetGala. (📷: Getty)

— E! News (@enews) May 3, 2022


Kendall Jenner in Prada View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Prada (@prada)



Taylor Hill in Miss Sohee  View this post on Instagram

A post shared by M I S S S O H E E (@miss_sohee)


Emma Chamberlain in Louis Vuitton  View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Louis Vuitton (@louisvuitton)


Did you agree with our Met Gala picks? Is there anyone we didn't mention that you loved? Let us know in the comments below.

- Tiffany Perez
Gift Ideas Your Mom will Love
Put the chocolates back on the shelf! It’s almost Mother’s Day and whether you’re buying for your mom, wife, aunt, friend, or guardian, the maternal figure in your life deserves only the best. This day is dedicated to them, and you have to give them something they'll remember. If you want to stray away from the typical perfume and massage voucher, look no further and give them something they would love. From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, a little designer never hurts. Wrapped up in a classy bag and topped with flowers, your gift is set and ready to go!




A Carry All Gift  If they love handbags and need a new purse for their collection, you have plenty of options. However, we definitely recommend a tote, satchel, or wallet on a chain (WOC).


Louis Vuitton Neverfull Totes are great for moms who need to carry everything in place of a diaper bag or for your grandmother who wants to keep everything in one place. Shop a Louis Vuitton tote, they’re a classic and must have for LV connoisseurs.


 Designer Satchel Bags

Satchel bags are another great style when you need options. With a top handle, crossbody or shoulder strap, the wearability is endless. They will love being able to go from professional to casual in an instant.


Yves Saint Laurent Wallet on a Chain

Yves Saint Laurent

Eliminate the need for a wallet with a cossbody bag. This compact styled bag limits the need for everything they carry, but gives them the option to keep it in-hand or worn across the body. Ideal for a stylish night out or brunch with friends, we guarantee Mom will love this bag.   A Step in the Right Direction Not many would think shoes make for a good gift, but you can surprise them with something comfortable or even stylish to wear to Mother’s Day dinner.

 Gucci Marmont Sequin Slide Sandals

Platform flats like the Chanel espadrilles take comfort to the next level. Even Gucci loafers or flat slide sandals will elevate their confidence and match a new pedicure.


Christian Louboutin Patent Pumps

On the other side, pumps and heels of all varieties can get them excited. Sensible wedges or trendy leg lengthening Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps will make them fashionable and trendy.   Keep is Small If you're planning to go small accessories and jewelry are always a pleasant surprise!


Designer Jewelry

You can never go wrong with jewelry. A little David Yurman, a dash of Tiffany & Co., or a hint of Cartier is just what they ordered. A sweet dainty necklace or dangling earrings, makes for the perfect gift.


Chanel Card Case Holder From practical to fashionable, there are plenty of options of small accessories to choose from. We recommend a compact wallet that fits into any bag like the Chanel Classic Flap Card holder or if they love exercise and carry the bare minimum, try the unique Chanel Arm Coin purse


Louis Vuitton Bag Charm Finally add the WOW accessory for your list. Between Louis Vuitton bag charms or the versatile Twilly Scarf from Hermes that goes from neck to bag handle, these accessories are some of our favorite picks.   Surprise that special maternal figure in your life with one of these designer gifts and top it off with flowers and a card. With all of these ideas in mind, we hope that your Mother's Day is fun and just as special as they are!
- Tiffany Perez
Walk a Mile in the Latest Shoe Trends
Is your wardrobe seriously lacking in the shoe department? If you find yourself always slipping into the same pair of of your most worn shoes, it's time to pick up on the latest trends and go shopping! As we find history repeating itself, we have to navigate what trend is worth the comeback and during the recent fashion shows, we have seen a resurgence of some of our favorite styles. From the daringly unique to the beloved Y2K platforms, we're going to break down the must haves for this season. 




Gucci Multicolor Marmont Slide Sandals Muletime Convenience and style go hand-in-hand and nothing defines that like a good pair of Mules. From mule sandals to mule pumps and loafers, a quick out the door slide like the Gucci Marmont sandals makes styling your outfits a breeze. With slides of all styles and heights, you can easily pair them with a blouse and slacks for work or denim and tee for a day out. 



Louis Vuitton Paseo Flat Sandals

Chunky Spring and summer are nothing without sandals, and the oversized touch we've come to love in recent years still holds true. The Louis Vuitton Paseo Flat sandals and Burberry Buckingham mesh sandals are both large in size and encompass your foot with ease. Pair with denim, shorts, and more for a comfortable look to remember.


 Gucci Princetown Fur Slippers BlackCuddly Footwear If you love a little plush padding when you walk, furry footwear may be your go-to. Trending this spring you can find fur or shearling insoles much like a pair of Gucci slippers that are enviously comfortable. These shoes come in handy whether you're going into the office dressed in business casual wear or working remotely from home in your favorite pajamas. 


 Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Blue Satin Pumps

Femme Approved More crystals equals more glam. With trends leaning more towards comfort these past years, adding embellished footwear to your closet is an absolute must. The feminine look of crystal bows and details, much like a pair of Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps, adds glam to your arsenal and red carpet finishes to your favorite outfits.


Christian Louboutin Beige Suede Decoupadiva Pumps

Unique Heels Heel shapes and sizes have always been daring and innovative. We've even seen pumps with heels that rely on balance, but for this spring we are looking for the bold and interesting. Curved like a pair of Christian Louboutin Decoupadiva or Gucci heeled loafers, your shoe collection can do with a little change in conversation starters. The great thing about heeled shoes that are unique, you can wear them with a bold ensemble or even the most simple combination of denim and a top, but don't forget to accessorize accordingly!


Gucci GG Wool Trip Boots

Raising Heights Forget stilettos, we are all about the chunky platforms! The chunky platform and heel combination is not only for pumps, you can find all styles like boots, loafers, and sneakers getting a raise in 2022. With the resurgence of the Y2K must-haves, you can find the platform shoe adding Spice Girl approved style to your closet.
- Tiffany Perez
Fashion makes its statement once again on the red carpets this award season. With rooms full of celebrities, it was time to dress up for music's biggest night at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Dressed to impress, the red carpet features infamous names luxuriously dressed for the occasion. From Dua Lipa paying homage in a Versace 1992 dress to BTS wearing tuxes from Virgil Abloh's final fall collection, the stars left their marks. Revisiting last night's red carpet, we are sharing with you some of our favorite looks!



Best Dressed Female Rachel Zegler in Dior with Tiffany & Co. jewelry

Rachel Zegler wears @Dior Haute Couture to the 2022 #Grammys! See more of tonight's celebrity looks:

— Vogue Runway (@VogueRunway) April 4, 2022


Saweetie in fuschia Valentino and black Oscar de la Renta

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Valentino (@maisonvalentino)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Oscar de la Renta (@oscardelarenta)


St. Vincent in Gucci 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Gucci Official (@gucci)


Paris Hilton in Dundas

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Paris Hilton (@parishilton)


 Lady Gaga in Armani Prive

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Giorgio Armani (@giorgioarmani)



Best Dressed Male J Balvin in Givenchy

Singer and nominee @JBALVIN wore a #givenchy custom-made outfit designed by Matthew M. Williams, alongside #ValentinaFerrer in #givenchyfw21, to the 64th Annual #GRAMMYs .

— Givenchy (@givenchy) April 4, 2022 Jack Harlow in Givenchy

Rapper and nominee @jackharlow wore a #givenchyfw22 outfit designed by Matthew M. Williams to the 64th Annual #GRAMMYs .

— Givenchy (@givenchy) April 4, 2022


Lil Nas X in Balmain

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Balmain (@balmain)



Best Dressed Couple Chrissy Teigen in Nicole + Felicia Couture and John Legend in Zegna

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen)



Best Group BTS in Louis Vuitton

.@BTS_twt's look for the 2022 #Grammys was an extremely thoughtful nod. The group's custom silhouettes were drawn from @LouisVuitton’s fall 2022 collection—the late designer Virgil Abloh’s last

— Vogue Runway (@VogueRunway) April 3, 2022


Couture's Pick
Dua Lipa in 1992 Versace 

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Versace (@versace)



Did we miss anyone? Leave a comment below with some of your favorite looks from the Grammys!

- Tiffany Perez
Dear Valentine...Our Jewelry Gift Guide is Here!
It's finally February and we know what that means! Valentine's Day is almost here and it's time to start planning and shopping. This year we are going to help you narrow down those gift ideas and focus on the small yet glamorous. Acting as your own personal Cupid, Couture will guide you through some of the best jewelry pieces and brands your significant other will love. 




Chanel, Gucci, Louis...Oh My Gucci Louis Vuitton Chanel Jewelry

When you think of jewelry, brands who are typically known for their leather goods are not usually at the forefront. However, accessories from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Christian Dior, and more are coveted by any luxury connoisseur. A Chanel necklace and earrings or even a Louis Vuitton bracelet would have them in absolute awe.


Amorous Yurman

David Yurman Jewelry

Born from love, the David Yurman company was concepted with a passion for art and love between David Yurman and Sybil Kleinrock. From the infamous Cable Classics to the more modern Helena, Yurman boasts expertly crafted designs with your favorite gemstones. Some collections we suggest include the Cable Classics, Albion, Starburst, Crossover, and more. This brand's jewelry is a luxury staple and the perfect gift to give a loved one. 


LOVE in Cartier

Cartier Jewelry

Infamously recognized for their fine jewelry and the coveted LOVE collection, Cartier is next on the list of the gifts you need to look for. With a multitude of collections like the must-have LOVE, the Trinity, and Just en Clou, Cartier sets the standard for luxury. And if you're looking to make that person you love yours forever, Cartier offers opulent engagement rings as well.


Tiffany & Co. for the Soul

Tiffany & Co. jewelry

As the creator's of the Tiffany setting, Tiffany & Co. understands gifting love. With a multitude of collections to choose from such as the Return to Tiffany or Elsa Peretti's Open Heart, you can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more to give your sweetheart. When everything is red or pink, your loved one is sure to be obsessed with a Tiffany Blue box instead. 

Now that you have a good idea of where to start, we hope that your Valentine's Day is perfect and full of hugs and kisses.


Happy Valentine's Day! Love, 
Couture USA P.S. Don't forget the flowers and chocolate, with a touch of bubbly on the side for a memorable day!
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Couture's 2021 in Review
Another year has gone by and we've made it into 2022! Now with over 18 years in business, Couture has seen all kinds of items over the years, new and old.  In 2021, we were in awe by so many luxury designer pieces that entered through our doors and we wanted to share them with you. From Amber and Alina's favorites to the most asked about bag of the year, we're here to keep you updated in all the latest at Couture.    [newsletter]   Amber & Alina's Favorites Our luxury experts, Amber and Alina see and sell luxury items all day every day. Sometimes it's hard for them to choose their favorites, but we asked them anyway.  For 2021, Alina's choice was the very trendy Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette bag. This pretty piece arrived in a gorgeous beige hue with gold-tone hardware. The large and puffy intrecciato woven design the brand is known for was paired perfectly with a Gucci jacket.  Amber went in a more subtle glam direction with the iridescent Chanel 19. Crafted in a white hue, when touched by light, the exterior of this bag shined from every angle. The new woven chain and leather CC closure was a popular design many looked for.

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Most Expensive 2020's most expensive bag was the Louis Vuitton Crocodile Capucines BB bag, but in 2021 an ever classic Hermes Birkin 30 arrived to take the coveted spot. In a vibrant orange that is the signature color of the brand handcrafted and hand-stitched to perfection, this bag is one of the hardest pieces to get in the industry at the moment due to limited availability. Hermes Birkin 30s retail can start at $12,400 and increase based on material or special requests. 


Most Unique  Sometimes fashionistas look for something so out of this world and eye-catching, you can't help but love it. According to our staff, one of the most unique bags to enter our store is a fur Fendi Baguette bag. A mix of satin and petals crafted from rabbit fur in various shades of purple and pink is definitely one to remember.

Editor's Pick This year we are featuring the Editor's Pick! Born in the 90s and a lover of the retro style, Tiffany's 2021 choice was a unique Yves Saint Laurent Graffiti Kate Bag. The black Grain de Poudre construction was gifted its far out finish with multicolor shapes printed throughout!


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Most Asked About Chanel never fails to be one of the most illustrious brands to ever exist even after over 112 years. The memorable CC and its popular flap bags remains a sought after brand for all fashionistas. In 2021, our staff noticed that the coveted flap bag was one of the most asked about items of the year. Not only is this bag stylish, but the Chanel Flap is also an investment piece that never loses its value.

Read our blogs about Celebrating 15 Years at Couture and 2020 in review at Couture USA!
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2021 Holiday Gift Guide
Another year has come and gone, and we're right back in the holiday season! Magic is in the air and we are all waiting to see what gifts we will get this year. Everyone's lists have already begun to take form and the holiday classics are beginning to roll out. Every year we compile a quick little gift guide to help you find the gifts you need for your loved ones and make the shopping experience painless and fun!



Looking at Louis Luxury starts with an L and so does Louis Vuitton, and a little LV always goes a long way. Fill up the holiday gift boxes with Louis Vuitton in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and materials to surprise them this year. Anything from a coveted Keepall or Neverfull to the Twist or Petite Malle, your loved one will leap for joy when they see that Louis in their hands. 



Celebrating Chanel As the holiday season comes and goes, Chanel is everlasting. A must have gift for every occasion, your loved one will gasp in delight when they see a Chanel under the tree. Keep it classic with a Flap Bag or make it more modern with the latest Chanel 19. Chanels in all different styles are a memorable gift and will have the receiver celebrating for many years to come.



Gucci Greetings With a love for inclusivity and classic styles making a comeback, give the gift of Gucci this year. Big or small, Gucci's classic styles like the Jackie or even more modern collections like the 1955 Horsebit are a hit. You can even fill the stocking with small accessories for a delightful surprise!



Jingling Jewelry The holiday season is meant for joy and is also a very busy time of year. Buying shimmering jewelry like David Yurman bracelets, Tiffany & Co. necklaces, or bold earrings are always a go-to for gifts. You may also see a lot of rings as well because even the holidays are a hotbed for proposals and weddings.



Seasonal Treats Santa isn't the only one getting surprise treats this year! Don't forget to leave out the little gifts that they will love. Compact wallet, twilly scarves, Hermes belt buckles, bag charms, and more, there are plenty of accessories that you can give along with even larger gifts as well. Treat them with awe-inspiring seasonal musts that they can use until next holiday! 


We can't wait to see what you all get this year!
Share all of your gifts or gift ideas in the comments below or tag us on social media:
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Gucci: 100 Years of Breaking Fashion Barriers
For a century, Gucci has defined the world of fashion in a variety of ways making the company a fashion staple. Although there have been many controversies, Gucci continues to be a staple household name along with Louis Vuitton and Chanel. In honor of the movie starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, and more coming out this month, we will take you through the history of this illustrious brand.


Laying Foundations Journeying back to 1881, Guccio Gucci was born in Florence, Italy. His father was a leather craftsman, but he chose not to follow in his footsteps and decided to travel. During his life, Gucci ultimately ended up working as an attendant at The Savoy in London and finding inspiration from all of the luggages from travelers which kickstarted his future.  It wasn't until 1921 when Gucci returned to Florence that he created his Maison. From there he continued to create luggage pieces before he branched into wallets and equestrian products. In the late 1920's, he created the first version of the infamous GG we all know before his sons reinvented it again. 

Alina All Gucci Head to Toe

Continuing the Legacy & A Time of Turmoil   Gucci eventually included his sons, Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo into the family business leading it into new directions and increase in reputation. During this time we saw the inception of the Diamante canvas, reinvention of the signature GG print that is widely used to this day, and the introduction of Gucci's first pig-skin bags during World War II. By the 50's, the red and green Web detailing made its debut.  Under Rodolfo in the 1950's, Gucci stores increased. Not only expanding to Milan and to the United States, but also opening in The Savoy Plaza Hotel in New York City on behalf of Guccio's past of working with the hotel. This store opened only a few days prior to his death in 1953.   Things for the company ran smoothly up until the 80's when turmoil struck the Gucci family. With decades of accomplishments such as the introduction of the Flora print and their first ready-to-wear fashion show, there were also several changes done to the company and shifts in power. With Guccio's grandchildren now working within the Maison, there was plenty of feuding over who would control the company. Soon enough, Maurizio, Rodolfo's son eventually took over and pushed the rest of the family out. This led to years of disarray that almost ruined the company, imprisonments of family members, and the eventual murder of Maurizio in 1995.  The House Rises Again In the 90's, Gucci was going through a slump after Dawn Mello resigned and through the family feuding. It wasn't until 1994 when Tom Ford took over as Creative Director that changes were made to the company and the popularity began to grow again. Embracing the idea of "Sex Sells," Ford took a direction of the more risque and scandalous with his designs and marketing, making the brand more "sexy" and under Ford's thumb, the company soared for years until he left in 2004 and then Frida Giannini took over. 

Frida Giannini's take over as Creative Director started with her time as Design Director at Gucci. She sought to change Ford's designs and to focus on Gucci's heritage within her style, bringing back tokens of the past which continued into her tenure there.  Celebrities & Breaking Barriers Gucci has a longstanding relationship with celebrities and their inspiration on their products. Memorable figures such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, and Jackie Kennedy are just to name a few while we also saw collaborations with the rapper Dapper Dan and graffiti artist, Trevor Andrews. Their influence on designs continue even as the years pass by.  To this day, Gucci has actually become a token favorite of the younger generations due to Alessandro Michele's takeover in 2015 as creative director. With a large resurgence in the pop world with celebrities such as Harry Styles and K-Pop idols to collaborations with Disney, Doraemon, North Face, and Balenciaga, Gucci has seen a large jump in sales over the past years. This incorporation of pop stars, pop culture, and embracing emerging ideals into their advertising, designs, and ambassadorships has set Gucci into a new direction. 

Tiffany Gucci Spike Ball

With a much more open atmosphere and the acceptance of unisex style, Gucci's embrace of these ideals has skyrocketed their popularity, with a broad range of clothing and handbags they are not strangers to anyone on the gender spectrum. The Past in Present Not only does the Italian fashion house embrace nonconformity, the brand makes sure to never lose the ideals and style of the past, incorporating them into their designs. We have seen recently reinvented designs of classic bags such as one of Princess Diana's go-tos. This summer Gucci released the Diana bag as an homage to her favorite style, gifting it a new trending twist. Also as of 2021, with the impending release of the movie, the Jackie purse has made its comeback due to bags being used by Lady Gaga's character in the trailers. Learn more about Gucci bags when you read our
Quick Guide to Gucci Handbag Styles With Michele at the helm we have seen many changes these past few years. The company has made more sustainability efforts, changed their fashion show structure, and embraced the differences in people and fashion. With a longstanding history, there is plenty to look forward to in Gucci's future. 
- Tiffany Perez
Learning Hermes Bag Names
“What's in a name? That which we call a rose" quoted by William Shakespeare, meaning a name is a just a name. However, names can have different meanings and hold a type of power. Some of the most infamous luxury goods have memorable names that fashionistas around the world recognize. When it comes to Hermes, you will find bags named after celebrities and equestrian tools alike. In this blog we are going to delve into some of the most popular Hermes bag names and where they came from.




Hermes 2019 Birkin 30 Bag Bougainvillea Epsom Calfskin

One of the most famous names of luxury handbags, the Birkin bag is one of the most coveted purses in all of existence. Popular since the late 1980's, this A-lister approved bag was named after the "it-girl" and actress Jane Birkin after she told the CEO of Hermes that they needed to create a more functional bag. The limited availability of this memorable purse makes it a big investment in the luxury world and comes in four sizes.




Hermes Kelly Retourne 32 Bag Burgundy Togo

Originally named a Sac-a-Depeches, the Kelly dates back to 1892 when its design was inspired by bags that can hold a saddle. The Kelly received its current name from the late Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, when she would use the bag to hide her pregnancy from the public. Known to be the older sister to the Birkin, this bag comes in two styles, the Sellier and Retourne, and four sizes. 



Constance 18 Bag Orange Swift

Designed in 1967 by designer Catherine Chaillet, the Constance was created as a little go-to bag for everyday use and named after her daughter.  A french word meaning 'constancy,' the style of this bag is the pure definition of Hermes' continuing legacy. Featuring the infamous 'H" clasp and rectangular shape, this bag comes in four different sizes for options. Coincidentally enough, the Constance was known to be one of Jackie Kennedy's go-to purses. 



Hermes Tri-Color Picotin Lock 18 PM Bag Multicolor Taurillon Clemence

Derived from a French word, Picotin is actually the measure of feed given to a horse, typically the bag that we see horses wear on their nose when they eat. The equestrian style bag was inspired by these bags, giving it a large interior for all of the necessities and belt and lock closure for that extra touch of Hermes. 



Hermes Evelyne I PM Bag Rouge H Clemence

Another equestrian inspired piece, the Evelyne was designed after the bags meant to carry horse grooming equipment. The perforated H is designed as a way to allow equipment like brushes to dry and originally was meant to be worn facing the body, but now as a luxury bag, the fashionistas wear the H outward. This bag comes in four generations and four sizes.  Read more about Hermes' logo and other designers in our blog: The Artistry Behind the Logos. 



Hermes Jypsiere 37 Bag Black Clemence

Created for the 2008 collections by Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Jypsiere looks like a streamline mix of a Birkin and Kelly into a messenger bag. The messenger bag style emulates a hunting bag mixed with the style of the most popular Hermes bag. This bag comes in four sizes.



Herbag Zip PM Bag Orange Toile Canvas

Otherwise known as the little sister to the Kelly, the Herbag looks very much like its counterpart in which the difference lies in the materials used. While Kellys typically are made of leather, the Herbag is typically made of canvas and a leather piece that can be switched out between bags for a mix and match style. Discontinued in the mid-2000s, the Herbag was re-introduced in 2009 as the Herbag Zip and comes in a total of five sizes. 


Other Hermes bags to look out for: Bolide Colorado Egee Garden Party  Good News Jige Lindy Medor So Kelly Vespa Victoria And more... Need help choosing a bag for your collection? We curated our top 15 Bags your Collection Craves just for you!
- Tiffany Perez
What is the Price of a Chanel Flap Bag?
Chanel was founded in 1910 in Paris, France, by Gabrielle “Coco” Bonheur Chanel with the mission to revolutionize women’s fashion. Starting with creating hats and opening her first shop in 1910, the flap bag didn’t make its way into women’s arms until 1955. Today, Chanel is one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world.  Continue reading to learn about the history of the iconic Chanel Classic Flap bag, how much they cost and how to find an authentic one for less. 




Chanel Flap Bags are Worth the Investment The Chanel flap bag not only holds its value over time, but its prices have steadily increased over the years, making it a worthwhile investment. Their iconic style, high-quality materials, classic design, and sought-after name make Chanel flap bags easy to resell should you wish to do so in the future. As of September 2021, Chanel has implemented a numerous number of increases on their handbags with an expected future of more increases. Below we included a chart with the current prices as they stand compared to early 2021. Chanel Classic Flap Bag Prices Reissue Bag Prices Factors That Influence the Price of Chanel Flap Bags
  Types of Chanel Flap Bags  Chanel’s flap bags are one of the must-have for the handbag connoisseur. You can find Chanel flap bags in different materials, sizes, colors, styles, and designs; however, the structural design is virtually the same. The earned its name due to its iconic flap and closures. The company designed the Single flap version to have just one exterior flap closure while the Double flap features an exterior and interior flap. Chanel has a multitude of flap bag designs such as the Boy bag, however there are two styles of Chanel flap bags: The 2.55 and the Classic Flap. The term 2.55 is used in reference to flap bags that reflect the original flap bag design created in February of 1955.

Not to be confused with the Reissue flap bag introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005, the 2.55 bag is the original design of Chanel’s bags, debuting for the first time a shoulder carried bag acceptable for women. These bags are typically lined with burgundy interior leather, which symbolizes the uniforms from the convent orphanage where Coco Chanel grew up. It features the “Mademoiselle” turn-lock clasp, interior zipper compartment, double flap, and the classic chain strap. Jumping forward to the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld is the one who introduced the coveted Classic Flap bag. Featuring similar features to the 2.55 bag, the Classic Flap is distinguished instead by the CC turn-lock closure, curved flap, and leather-woven chain.


Materials As with any product, the higher their demand, the more they cost. However, demand isn’t the only factor that impacts the cost of the Chanel flap bag. Because of their versatility, the price of one of these purses varies according to a few different factors such as: material, size, hardware, and where you buy it. The flap bag can be found in a wide range of materials, such as:  Lambskin Leather Calfskin Leather Goatskin Leather Caviar Leather Tweed Jersey Fabric Exotics (python, alligator, crocodile, etc..) And more… These materials can be designed with different colors and patterns. Materials that are in high demand, or are known for their durability and longevity, such as calfskin or caviar leather, typically make the bag more expensive. Some have rhinestones, crystals, pearls, and other decorative embellishments, which can contribute to increased cost. Many of the flap bags are designed with the classic quilted look, while others feature unique designs.  Along with the material of the bag itself, its hardware can influence the cost. The hardware is typically gold, light gold, silver or black and can be created with antiqued, matte, or iridescent finishes. The classic bag also features leather-woven chain straps.  Along with the bag’s structure, design, and size, where you purchase your Chanel flap bag can impact its cost. You can find authentic, lightly used flap bags at a lower price compared to purchasing them brand new. 


How to Find an Authentic Chanel Flap Bag  Since they can be quite the investment, it’s important to purchase one from a seller you can trust — especially if you are planning on purchasing a used luxury bag. In order to limit the production and sale of counterfeits, Chanel manufactures handbags and accessories with serial numbers.
Couture USA is a designer retail boutique with over 17 years of experience buying and selling pre-owned luxury goods. Our team of experts thoroughly inspect each product we purchase to ensure its quality and authenticity. We proudly sell only 100% authentic luxury brands, 100% of the time. Shop our selection of premium Chanel designer bags today. 

- Tiffany Perez
How to Properly Clean Your Designer Purse
Designer purses, such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel ,are known for their quality, luxurious materials and of course, their popular name. Designer handbags are an investment and regularly cleaning your designer purse is key to keeping it in great condition.  Over time, dirt, dust, and grime from its surroundings can collect on your purse’s exterior and interior. The oils from your skin can also cause the materials to deteriorate and items may spill on or inside of it. Luckily, knowing how to clean your purse properly can keep your designer bag in like-new condition. 




Cleaning Your Designer Purse, Step by Step  Cleaning Supplies with Gucci Marmont Cleaning your designer purse incorrectly can permanently damage it and care must be taken. Here is a general overview of how you should clean your designer handbag’s interior, exterior, and hardware.


Designer Purse Interior Cleaning  Remove all of your belongings from your purse. Flip the bag upside down and shake it to get rid of any loose debris. Turn the liner inside out and use a lint roller to remove any other dirt or dust. Go over the liner using a vacuum with the brush attachment to remove any debris you may have missed. *If your bag’s interior doesn’t have a liner, is unable to be turned inside out or is made of leather, instead of inverting your bag, we recommend using a lint roller, tweezers and the vacuum with the brush attachment to clean the inner corners.*

Lint Roller on Interior

Designer Purse Exterior Cleaning  Over time, the exterior of your purse collects dirt and dust, which can lead to a buildup of residue. The way you clean your designer bag’s exterior will depend on the material it’s made of. 

Exterior Cleaning

Leather Use care and caution when cleaning your bag’s leather exterior. If your bag is made of leather, we recommend using fragrance-free, alcohol-free wipes such as leather wipes or baby wipes, which can remove excess dirt and residue without drying out the material. Wipe down the bag’s exterior with these wipes, or spray a leather cleaner onto a microfiber cloth and use it to clean the bag. Then, use a leather conditioner (we recommend the Apple brand) to moisturize the leather material and avoid cracking. 

Exterior cleaning

If your bag is made of patent leather, you can use the above methods to clean it. Wipe it down with a soft cloth after you clean it to avoid streaks and splotches. If you see any scuffs on your purse, you can try to gently remove them with a small amount of leather cleaner applied to a baby wipe. 

Fabric Canvas, tweed, jersey and satin can typically be cleaned using a lint roller. Use tweezers to gently remove any dirt, dust and debris that are stuck to the fabric. If you see blemishes that need extra attention, lightly spray a baby wipe with OxiClean, and use it to lift the stain.
*NOTE: We do not recommend using Oxiclean on satin, silk, or jersey that are not black because it may leave a cleaner stain.*


Fur or Suede To clean bags made of fur or suede, we recommend using a specialty brush to remove dirt, dust and debris from its exterior. If there are any stains, gently buff them out with the brush. For fur bags, brush the fur in the same direction that the hair goes. For suede material, gently brush the suede in one direction. Once you’ve cleaned it, use a suede conditioner to revitalize the material. 


Hardware Polish hardware using a baby wipe, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Occasionally, your bag’s hardware can cause discoloration on the surrounding material. Luckily, this can be removed by gently buffing it with a magic eraser.

Hardware cleaning

If the hardware has started to tarnish and oxidize, use a small amount of Brasso on a cotton swab to polish it. Be sure to use extreme caution as liquid metal polish can stain the bag’s materials.


How Often Should You Clean Your Designer Purse?  How frequently you clean your designer purse will depend on how often you use it. If you use your bag daily, we recommend cleaning it every week. If you use it occasionally, two to four cleanings per year is recommended. In addition, your bag’s handles and its base and corners get the most wear and, therefore, require more attention. We recommend cleaning these areas of your purse after every use to ensure they don’t deteriorate more than the rest of the bag. It’s important to keep in mind that the way you clean your designer purse may vary according to the designer. Some designers use highly specialized processes, and their bags require specialized care and cleaning to ensure they don’t get damaged. Please refer to our other blogs How to Safely Clean Louis Vuitton Bags and How You Can Properly Clean Your Chanel Bags for more information about cleaning your Louis Vuitton and Chanel purses. Conduct research to find out what the recommended cleaning methods and materials are for your specific bag. If you’re having trouble getting stains out of your bag, or aren’t sure how to do so safely, bring your bag to a professional cleaning service.      Looking for Authentic Designer Handbags?  At Couture USA, we’re proud to buy and sell 100% authentic luxury brands, 100% of the time. Our team examines every detail of the items we purchase using our thorough inspection process to guarantee their quality and authenticity. Shop our selection of luxury handbags today!
- Tiffany Perez
Typically, when May comes around, celebrities, designers, and fashion lovers alike begin to feel the excitement of ‘part of the year’s commencement. In this case, the party of the year is the infamous Met Gala, wildly also hailed as the “Oscars of the East Coast.” Formerly known as the Costume Institute Gala or the Costume Institute Benefit it has been hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume institute in New York City for more than 73 years. This annual gala is a fundraising event for the Costume Institute that began in 1948 and continues to raise millions every year.


Although the Met Gala started in November and switched to the first Monday of May by 2005, because of Covid the event pushed back and hosted on September 13th this year. This year’s panel of honorary chairs included Anna Wintour, Tom Ford, and Adam Mosseri. The event was hosted by young celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman, Naomi Osaka, Timothee Chalomet, Keke Palmer, and Ilana Glazer. This socialite event brings in an invitee list that ranges from Hollywood’s finest to designers, artists, musicians, and more. Although this premiere event is extremely exclusive, people all over the world tune into the stream to see who arrives on the carpet and what they are wearing. This year’s theme will continue into next year as a two-part exhibition that explores fashion in the United States. The name of the first smaller exhibit is In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, focusing on patchwork quilting used as a metaphor for the melting pot of cultures that live in this country. As tradition dictates, guests are expected to match their fashion to the theme of the exhibit. Guests this year embodied American fashion on the red carpet and all of us here at Couture tuned into the show to give you some of our favorite looks of 2021!


Keke Palmer In true American fashion, Keke Palmer partnered with Sergio Hudson to help her embody the show stopping style and elegance of the infamous Diana Ross for her Met Gala look. The shimmering golden dress is sleek and conforms to her body while the low open back adds a sensual finish. Paired with a smokey eye and stunning afro, Palmer exuded confidence as she hosted the illustrious event. View this post on Instagram

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Yara Shahidi Designed by Christian Dior, Yara Shahidi paid tribute to the American-French entertainer Josephine Baker. As an ambassador for Dior, the actress and activist looks to combine both to all of her fashion, especially when she arrived in the gown that featured intricate beadwork, gauze train, a braided cap, diamond choker, and elbow length gloves. This absolutely stunning outfit made Shahidi glow while paying perfect homage to Baker and the fashion of the 1920’s-1930’s. View this post on Instagram

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Sienna Miller A fashion icon in her own right, Sienna Miller’s gown for the Met Gala was designed by Gucci and shined on the carpet. The dusty rose lace and silver bead work along the bodice is given an Old Hollywood glam finish with a long fur coat. This shimmering piece shined on at the Gala and with her natural makeup and waves of blonde hair, we were inspired by that Old Hollywood appeal. View this post on Instagram

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Karli Kloss Supermodel Karli Kloss took the assignment and appeared at the Met Gala donning an all red Carolina Herrera dress. The custom piece is not only inspired by the House’s founder, but also by the official flower of the United States, the rose. Crafted from silk, this dress is show-stopping with the large sleeves and long train that finish the effect with an elegant flair. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CAROLINA HERRERA (@carolinaherrera)


Kendall Jenner  Old Hollywood glam was a staple look for many of the celebrities attending and joining them in Givenchy was Kendall Jenner. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s gown from My Fair Lady, Jenner’s dress included the same embellished choker and sleeves as the on-screen gown only with a sexy twist as the entire gown was sheer. Putting her hair in an up-do we are able to see every detail of this stunning outfit. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner)


Emily Blunt Emily Blunt was the embodiment of a starry sky with her Miu Miu gown. Inspired by the 1941 film, Ziegfeld Girl, and the lead star Hedy Lamarr, Blunt’s sheer dress was completely covered in jewels and beads while paired with a star headpiece that was reminiscent of Lamarr’s tiara. Given extra drama with diamond earrings and a dramatic white cape, Blunt was a star at the Gala. View this post on Instagram

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Rihanna  Although she arrived fashionably late, Rihanna was the highly anticipated guest everyone was waiting for. With a history of memorable Met Gala looks, everyone couldn’t wait to see what Riri would arrive wearing. Not to disappoint, her all black Balenciaga dress featured large ruffles with a matching hat. The sheer volume of the ruffles are an homage to the oversized styles America is known for with a chic twist. View this post on Instagram

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Billie Eilish Mixing Old Hollywood glam with a touch of an American classic, 19 year old Billie Eilish stunned at the Met Gala in her Oscar de la Renta gown. The light peach tulle dress was a memorable pairing of Marilyn Monroe style with the classic designs of Holiday Barbie dolls with a condition. With a twist, Eilish only agreed to wear this gown if the House would agree to completely stop using/selling furs in their fashion. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Oscar de la Renta (@oscardelarenta)


Quannah Chasinghorse Indigenous model, 19 year old Quannah Chasinghorse had the most memorable and stunning outfit of the evening. An absolute vision in her Peter Dundas gold lame gown, Quannah completed her look with Navajo turquoise and silver jewelry. Her presence at the Met Gala with her traditional face tattoos and accessories is paving the way for indigenous representation and she made waves on the internet with her arrival at the Gala.   

Quannah Chasinghorse wore a #DUNDAS x #REVOLVE gold lamé gown with plunging neckline to the #MetGala.
The look was paired with authentic Navajo turquoise and silver jewelry. #MetGala2021

— The Fashion Court (@TheFashionCourt) September 14, 2021

Did you like our favorite Met Gala looks? Is there anyone we didn't mention that you loved? Let us know in the comments below!

- Tiffany Perez
A Quick Guide to Authentic Gucci Serial Numbers
The House of Gucci has a famed and storied history of producing some of the finest bags in the luxury market and Guccio Gucci understood the value and the craftsmanship of his brand. Every bag was labeled, even very early Gucci items are labeled and identified as Gucci. However, through the years, the labels exact text and font have varied and consistently went through changes until the current label format was adopted.  

Although labels started early on, most early Gucci pieces that were produced in the 1950’s began to include the model number or also known as the "Brev" number. This model number however was not consistent and many bags ended up not including one at all. It wasn't until the 1970's that Gucci began to consistently mark their pieces with serial numbers.



Labels & Serial Number Location Inside of every Gucci bag is typically a leather label that includes the logo and made in. Once you flip it over, you will find the serial number. Depending on the year the bag was produced, serial numbers will vary in format but not location. The serial numbers will typically always be behind the leather tab, however, wallets and small leather goods typically feature the numbers embossed somewhere near the card slots.  


Serial Number Font & Format


Just like other brands, Gucci's serial numbers went through a progression of changes throughout the years until it settled into the format we know of today. Serial numbers will generally consist between 9 to 13 digits. Sometimes be separated by dots or dashes, especially vintage pieces. The font is typically a serif type.  


When Tom Ford became the Creative Director in 1994, the formatting of the serial numbers began to change and now serial numbers included two lines. From the mid 1990’s to the mid 2000’s, the pieces would typically have a top line of 3 digits followed with a dash/dot and then 4 digits and the serif font became more consistent with a few changes to the numbers. The numbers 1, 4, 7 all began to include small feet on the bottom. Zeroes became more oval in shape.  Then number 2 and 3 included curls to their shapes. With the use of a consistent font, a few more changes were made to the format afterward. In the mid 2000's, Gucci eliminated the dot and the dash, using two lines of six digits or a top line of 6 and bottom line of 4 while wallets and small leather goods continued to have one line of digits separated by a dash.


Important things to note about serial numbers: The first line is the model number. Model numbers can change as the items are changed over the years. The second line is the supplier/batch number and can be the same as other Gucci pieces.  You can use the model number to find an item on a search engine. The embossing/heat stamp varies and can sometimes look messy despite the item being authentic. 


Variations through the Years


For more about Gucci, read our blog: A Quick Guide to Gucci Handbag Styles



***Couture USA only authenticates items that you would like to sell or consign with us.  There are several companies that do offer authentication services. Mypoupette, CarolDiva, and Authenticate4U are all reputable authentication companies who would be happy to review your item for a small fee. ***
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David Yurman: Sculpting a Legacy
As most stories start, the history of the David Yurman company starts as a love story of two artists from New York who never imagined owning a business. David Yurman and Sybil Kleinrock were both born in New York in 1942, living parallel lives from one another before meeting in the 1960's and eventually falling in love while paving a way to a new future they never expected. We are going to delve into who are the Yurman's and how did this illustrious company came to be in this tell all blog. 


  Who is David Yurman?

A muse allows you to listen to your dreams…Sybil is my muse, always.” - David Yurman

— David Yurman (@DavidYurman) January 25, 2016 Born on October 12th, 1942 in Manhattan, New York, David Yurman grew up loving the arts. He created and sold sculptures to his classmates. When he was in his teens, his sister introduced him to Cuban sculptor, Ernesto Gonzalez, and learned to weld. Spending a short time in university, Yurman quickly quit and moved across the country to California to live in an art colony, but by the late 1960s he found his way back to the Big Apple. With experience working for multiple famous sculptors: Jacques Lipshitz, Theodore Rozak, and Hans Van de Bovenkamp, he developed and harnessed his craft. David Yurman’s wife, Sybil Kleinrock, was born in the Bronx on December 10th, 1942. She lived a parallel life to Yurman while showing off her passion for painting. Sybil experienced the zeitgeist of the 50’s and 60’s in NYC while taking in the counterculture as inspiration. In the 1960’s, she moved to California to live in an art colony before moving back to New York towards the end of the decade where she met Yurman and eventually collaborating with him to create the company we know of today.   Living Parallel Both artists in their own respects, Sybil was a painter and David was a sculptor. Coincidentally, the two worked in the same coffee shop, moved to California to study art, and returned to New York City where they finally met. David was working at a studio under the sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp when Sybil walked in for a job. Part of her position required her to work under David and from there, their story began, and their future artistic collaboration would come fruition with a mix of two different artistic approaches.    The Legacy: From the Foundation to Building a Brand In 1971, during the course of their relationship, David sculpted the infamous ‘Dante’ necklace for his girlfriend who wore it to a gallery. The necklace garnered the attention of a New York City gallery owner who wanted to buy the piece right then and there, but also requested to have multiple pieces made. The ‘Dante’ necklace was a hit and sold immediately which pioneered the start of David and Sybil starting their jewelry business. From there, they traveled and created Putnam Artworks, learning the tools of the trade for their business. Shortly after their marriage in 1979, the founding of the David Yurman Company began in 1980 after almost selling their business. A year after the opening of the company, the Yurman’s won an award from the World Gold Council for their Starlight necklace, a stepping stone into the use of their signature cabling design. By 1983, the company produced the first cable bracelet which would define the future of their company. By 1999, the David Yurman Company accumulated experience and notoriety with recognition, awards, pioneering designs, and advertisement. Their Silver Ice Collection that debuted in 1997 featured diamonds with sterling silver, allowing the company to be the first designer to ever do this. From there the world saw their first ever major advertising campaign, the companies first boutique on Madison Avenue, and taking charge of their own campaigns.  David & Sybil’s son Evan would eventually join his parents in 2003 at 19 years old by becoming the head of design for the Men’s collections. He would eventually begin to take over more collections and then be named Chief Design Director by 2013.   The Signature Cable and Their Legacy  Every brand has something they are known for, whether it’s Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram or Tiffany & Co.’s Return to Tiffany Collection, for David Yurman it’s the signature cable details. An homage to architecture, the cabling design is inspired by columns that can be found on classically designed buildings while also having a unique take on the philosophies the Yurman’s keep close. The design featured individual cables twisted together to create a larger visual effect emphasizing their belief in the importance of collaboration and that creating things should be a group effort. Cabling not only expresses David and Sybil’s philosophy on life and art, but it also combines all of their life’s work together, establishing a long lasting legacy. For more about David Yurman, read our blogs about identifying authentic David Yurman and the 10 Things You Didn't Know About David Yurman.


- Tiffany Perez
It has been an extremely long year with limited red carpet events, but now it seems like we are back in business. Fashion has always been a staple of awards ceremonies and prestigious events, making the arrival of celebrities and models alike worthwhile. The 74th Annual Cannes Film Festival marks one of the first of 2021 red carpet events with a large attendance.  With multiple days of screenings and red carpet events, there were plenty of looks to choose from and we are diving right in with a few of our favorites. From Gucci to Chanel, Balmain, Dior and more, it was almost hard to choose just a few. Although the Cannes Festival is still going and there are many awe-inspiring pieces to be seen, these are Couture's picks of the red carpet.  




Jessica Chastain Gorgeous in black, Jessica Chastain's ginger hair and bold red lipstick add a romantic finish to her Dior custom dress. The evening gown features a netted strapless design with velvet scrolls for the final touch of movement.



Actress @Jes_Chastain appeared on the red carpet at the 74th @Festival_Cannes wearing a custom #DiorCouture by Maria Grazia Chiuri strapless black net evening dress decorated with undulating velvet scrolls.#StarsinDior

— Dior (@Dior) July 7, 2021



Virginie Efira Embodying a goddess, actress Virginie Efira stunned the red carpet in a flowing gold Dior dress. The dress' flowing structure stands out with every step while the braided belt accentuates her waist line and a cape adds drama to the overall finish.

Virginie Efira wore a #Dior Spring 2020 Haute Couture gown and cape to the "Benedetta" screening at #Cannes74. #Cannes2021 #ChristianDior

— The Fashion Court (@TheFashionCourt) July 9, 2021


SoKo While attending the screening of 'Annette' and the Opening Ceremony, SoKo made a memorable appearance with her Gucci gown. A subtle embroidered detail is highlight by iridescent sequins that shined with every touch of light while the cut-outs at the waist made this dress look like a two-piece. 

.@SoKothecat attended the ‘Annette’ screening and Opening Ceremony during the 74th @Festival_Cannes, in a #Gucci iridescent sequin gown with embroidered details. For
the occasion, #SoKo wore #GucciBeauty. #AlessandroMichele #Cannes2021 #Cannes74

— gucci (@gucci) July 8, 2021


Maggie Gyllenhaal A vision in red, Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared to the screening of "Benedetta' in a pleated Versace gown. This custom dress features a thin cut out while pleated fabric adds geometric appeal and a flowing skirt.

#MaggieGyllenhaal attended the premiere of the film Benedetta at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in a custom Atelier Versace gown. #VersaceCelebrities #Cannes2021

— VERSACE (@Versace) July 10, 2021


Taylor Hill Stunning in custom Etro, American model Taylor Hill, appeared on night one of the festival with confidence. The body contouring sheer lace gown features cutouts on the waist, a high neckline, and open back for a risque yet sophisticated end. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by ETRO (@etro)


Bella Hadid Infamous model, Bella Hadid, embraced the unique and open sternum look with a Fall 2021 Schiaparelli gown. The black dress formed to her body, leaving an open space on her chest that was covered by a gold branch statement making chain to remember. With sharp contour and a high bun, Hadid looked stunning.

Bella Hadid in Schiaparelli on the occasion of the 'Three Floors' film at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, July 11. 2021.


— (@VogueParis) July 13, 2021


Leonie Hanne Attending her first ever Cannes red carpet, Leonie Hanne made a dramatic entrance in her all green Nicole + Felicia ball gown. The layered taffeta sage green piece with bouncing feathers contrasted perfectly against the bright red of the carpet. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Leonie Hanne (@leoniehanne)


Mahlagha Jaberi Iranian model, Mahlagha Jaberi, was an absolute showstopper in her Rami Kadi gown. The organza layered gown with a floral and butterfly print was simply accessorised with chandelier earrings and the models wavy hair. View this post on Instagram

A post shared by MAHLAGHA ☽ (@mahlaghajaberi)


Soo Joo Park Korean fashion model, Soo Joo Park, arrived to the "Stillwater" screening red carpet in pre-fall 2020 Chanel. The all lace jumpsuit is fabulously accessorized with strappy pumps, a choker necklace, and silver Chanel belt to accentuate her waist.

Soo Joo Park wore a #CHANEL Pre-Fall 2020 lace jumpsuit with a dress overlay to the "Stillwater" screening at #Cannes74. #Cannes2021

— The Fashion Court (@TheFashionCourt) July 8, 2021


Dylan Penn  Model, actress, and the daughter of Sean Penn, Dylan Penn, stunned the red carpet in a gorgeous Balmain Resort 2021 gown. A beautiful halter silhouette covered in sequins with and mesh panels that outline her body are paired simply with her hair in a ponytail and a feather clutch. 

Dylan Penn wore a #Balmain Resort 2021 gown to the screening of "The French Dispatch" at #Cannes74. #Cannes2021 #TheFrenchDispatch

— The Fashion Court (@TheFashionCourt) July 13, 2021


Who was your favorite from our picks? Let us know in the comments below!


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A Quick Guide to Chanel Serial Numbers
It goes without saying that Chanel's Classic Flap Bag is one of fashion's most iconic styles. Soon after Karl Lagerfeld joined the label in the mid-1980's, the purse made its debut. Designed with the modern woman in mind, the Classic Flap featured a more recognizable "CC" turn-lock closure and leather woven straps. Its popularity was nearly instantaneous, but along with the fame came counterfeiting concerns. In attempt to limit counterfeits, Chanel first began manufacturing handbags and accessories with serial number stickers in 1986. Used as a benchmark of authenticity, these serial numbers are attached to the interiors of Chanel pieces and indicate when a piece was manufactured. Each of these numbers is unique to the bag in which it's found, and no number is repeated.  NOTE: Serial numbers will match the authenticity card, however they will not be able to allow you to determine the style/model of the bag. These serial numbers are unique to their item and the card.


When Chanel began using serial stickers, they began issuing authenticity cards, featuring corresponding serial numbers. These cards have had slight changes throughout the years but have always been a black plastic card with white text and gold borders. Below we have provided an examples of a serial number sticker with its corresponding authenticity card.
Although Chanel bags made between 1986 and present day are manufactured with serial number stickers and authenticity cards, stickers can be damaged or removed and cards can be misplaced. If a Chanel handbag is missing these features, it does not always denote the piece as a counterfeit. The First Serial Numbers The earliest of serial numbers were printed on white stickers featuring subtle interlocking "CC" logos. Each of these serial numbers feature 7 digits printed on a cutout positioned the left side of the white sticker, while an opaque film encompasses the sticker. An example from a vintage bag, produced in the late 1980's or early 1990's, is pictured below. The serial number is printed on the cutout portion of the sticker and is a 1 series, indicating that the handbag was made in between 1989 and 1991.

By the 1990s, Chanel’s serial number stickers started to evolve with much more distinguishable interlocking “CC” logos printed throughout the stickers. The serial number located on the bag below features darkened interlocking CCs with an opaque film on the sticker.
The early 5 series sticker indicates this bag was manufactured between 1997-1999.  Evolution of Serial Numbers – Late 5 series to Early 2021 Starting near the end of 5 series pieces, Chanel has continued their anti-counterfeiting efforts by adding additional features to their serial number stickers. The numbers are still printed onto a white sticker, but the sticker is now completely covered with a clear tape featuring gold and blue glitter throughout. These serial numbers are printed on two-layered holographic stickers. The bottom layer is printed with the serial number and incised with an X, making it impossible to remove without destroying the sticker. They feature a gray line running vertically down the left margin and a line of repeating “CHANEL” with a very small “CC” logo running vertically down the right margin. Below we have included examples of bags ranging from 6 series to 26 series.
The 6 series sticker above indicates the bag was manufactured between 2000-2002.
The 9 series sticker above indicates the bag was manufactured between 2004-2005, while the 14 series bag was manufactured in 2011.
The 26 series sticker above indicates the bag was manufactured in 2019. 
Additional information to consider about Chanel serial numbers include: The stickers are typically affixed to items in two different ways: Attached directly to the interior lining most items with a leather interior lining will have the sticker attached directly to the lining. Stickers that are attached directly to the lining can be placed with the numbers facing right-side up or upside-down. attached to a leather tab inside of the item  Serial Numbers Chart Below, we have provided a chart with the Chanel serial number format and their corresponding years of production. If you are curious about the production year of your Chanel piece, use the following chart to help you discover the year. NOTE: Serial numbers from 0 series to 9 series included 7 digits, whereas serial numbers 10 series to present day include 8 digits. Present Day: The Plaque As of April 2021, Chanel has made an interesting new twist in joining the efforts to eliminate counterfeiting. Much like Louis Vuitton's switch to the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips and eliminating date codes, Chanel has put an end to the need for authenticity cards and the serial number sticker. Beginning with handbags, their purses will now include a plaque that matches the color of the hardware with a CC and a seven letter and digit combination etched into it. Small leather goods will continue to include the authenticity card. This new system is implemented to deter the removal of the serial since the removal of the plaque will damage the bag. With a plaque, this also eliminates the loss of authenticity cards allowing Chanel to have information about the purchase. 


Don't forget to check out our other blogs about popular Chanel materials and how to clean your Chanel bag ***Couture USA only authenticates items that you would like to sell or consign with us.  There are several companies that do offer authentication services. Mypoupette, CarolDiva, and Authenticate4U are all reputable authentication companies who would be happy to review your item for a small fee. ***


Did you find this information helpful? What year was your Chanel bag manufactured? Let us know in the comments below!


 Updated July 2021

- Tiffany Perez
What Color Purse is the Most Versatile?
Do you ever have a hard time matching your purses to your outfit? Sometimes you just don't have the right shade to match the tone of your top or pants and it can be extremely frustrating. There are colors out there that you wouldn't even think could match your outfit, but they can genuinely add a fun pop to the end result. When you add a pop of color, such as red, even your t-shirt and jean combination can become more modern, youthful, and trendy. Some of these hues may seem obvious, but there are other colors that you wouldn't believe could be versatile and we are here to tell you which ones work for any time of day!



  Multicolor This goes without saying, but a multicolor bag can pair off with practically anything, especially if the shades are the same as the ones in the outfit. Try sticking to a solid color that matches at least one on the bag while also adding a little bit of fun to your outfit. Alina added a fun pop to an all white outfit with the multicolor print on this Gucci bucket bag.

Metallic Some people wouldn't automatically think that a metallic purse would be considered versatile, but that's not true. Metallic versions of versatile colors such as silver, pewter, and gold can add a hint of glam to an outfit while also playing the part of an accent. Some colors like purple stand out when you pair it with a metallic handbag.

Black This goes without saying, but a black handbag is typically the way to go when looking for your next everyday carryall. Although it may not seem like it, but this hue can stand out with a neutral outfit or blend in with an all black chic finish. Just like in the photo of the Yves Saint Laurent bag below, an all black outfit is still able to stand out especially because of the hardware. This classic color is a must-have for every fashionista and you should have at least one in your closet.

White Another classic, white is the ideal hue because it can come in a variety of off-white shades all the way to a bright hue. White can highlight the colors you are wearing, harmonizing with them and can be both dressed up or down. Although a huge downside to one of these bags is maintenance because it can be easily dirtied, it is still an ideal crisp finish to your outfit.  View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Couture USA (@coutureusa)


Charcoal/Light Gray Neutrality at best, charcoal gray and light gray land on different ends of the spectrum but are both equally as easy to match. Charcoal is closest to black without being too dark, making it much more neutral than a black bag. Light gray however can match with any outfit easily, especially when paired with silver-tone jewelry. 

Brown/Tan Much like the neutral tones, browns and tans can easily match with any outfit. Although many would think these colors are ideal with just denim or a casual outfit, finding the right hues allows you to match a brown or tan handbag even with your formal or professional attire.

Beige/Nude/Cream Step away from bright whites with neutral bags in nude or cream hues. Much like a good pair of nude pumps, a neutral-toned bag brings out warmer hues in other colors and can suit your skin-tone for a contrasting finish. Subtle in every way, the Monogram Empreinte of this Louis Vuitton cream Neverfull tote adds a pop to both the stark brite white lace top and denim jeans.

Green Thinking of the outdoors and nature, green is the perfect neutral handbag color. Unlike many of the other colors mentioned, green can be a bit difficult to pair and requires you to match cool tones or warm tones together. On the other hand, olive green pairs well with medium hues and as long as you continue the color through other accessories. 

Red Being the color of love and passion, red can be a bright neutral color that or a dark burgundy allowing variety and versatility. Red fits in with any season, making it virtually an all year color. Its bold without being too bold and when you look at a color wheel, you can see that red as a primary color can match with anything.  For example, not only the bright red of the lambskin matches with the white and blue, but this Chanel wallet on a chain is the ideal everyday companion. 

So which color is the most versatile? Well there is no definite answer because all of these colors can match any outfit in a variety of ways. However, we think that black, browns, tans, and beiges/nudes are the closest answer because these shades are more complementary. The key to matching is paying attention to the tones and hues and understanding how colors work with one another to find a suitable companion.
- Tiffany Perez
A Quick Guide to Authentic Louis Vuitton Date Codes
Did you know that you can learn about a Louis Vuitton bags history by looking at its date code? It is the key to finding out when and where a piece was manufactured. A date code is also one of the many aspects that we look at during our authentication process. One of the most helpful ways to determine whether a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic is verifying the date code because unlike other brands such as Chanel, LV purses do not come with authenticity cards. Louis Vuitton has been incorporating date codes in almost every bag, wallet, shoe style, and small leather piece since the early 1980s. Prior to the 1980s, there was no such thing as a Louis Vuitton date code, which makes it difficult to date vintage pieces. Sometimes, date codes are hidden and may be difficult to locate because they are usually stamped on the lining or on a leather tab within a pocket. When searching for a date code inside a handbag, check the following places first: On a leather tab stitched into the edge of an interior pocket. The underside of an interior leather tab, usually with a d-ring attached. Directly on the lining of the piece, usually on the interior edge of a pocket, either horizontal or vertical. *This type of date code may be the most difficult to locate because they tend to fade with use over time. Underneath the hanging pocket (in the case of Speedy and Neverfull bag styles). Louis Vuitton has changed the date code configuration multiple times, but the date code will always contain letters and/or numbers. Although counterfeit bags can have date codes that appear authentic, there are many other details to review when considering authenticity. Below is a quick guide to deciphering the meaning of date codes and what is the future of date codes as of 2021.


Early 1980s and Before: No Date Codes Louis Vuitton did not use date codes before 1982, therefore older vintage pieces can not be pinpointed as accurately as newer ones.  


1982 to Mid 1980s Date Codes: Three or Four Digits

Vuitton's first foray into dates codes began in 1982. These codes consist of three to four-digit numbers, and no letters. The first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two numbers indicate the month of manufacturing.  * The “853” date code in the bag above indicates the piece was made in March, 1985.  


Mid to Late 1980s Date Codes: Three or Four Digits with Two Letters

Louis Vuitton changed the date code system in the mid-Eighties to include letters that indicate the factory location of manufacturing. In early 1980s date codes, the first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two numbers indicate the month of manufacturing.  * The “874 SL” date code above indicates the bag was made in April of 1987 in France.


Early 1990 to 2006 Date Codes: Two Letters with Four Digits

In the early 1990s, Louis Vuitton moved the factory letters to the front of the date code and revised the numbering system. In this format, the first and third numbers represent the month, and the second and fourth numbers represent the year of manufacturing. * The “FL0041” date code above indicates the bag was made in April of 2001 in France.  


2007 to Early 2021: Two Letters with Four Digits (Number System was Revised)

In 2007, Louis Vuitton changed the four-digit numbering system format. Instead of indicating the month an item was manufactured, the first and third numbers now represent the week and the second and fourth numbers still represent the year. The letters continue to represent the specific factory where an item was manufactured. 
An exception for this rule is sunglasses. Sunglasses can have date codes with one letter and four digits, slightly different than any other date code format. * The “AH2105” date code above indicates the bag was made during the 20th week of 2015 in France. The 20th week was in May that year.  


Present Day: The RFID Microchip  After March 1st, 2021, Louis Vuitton began replacing date codes with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips to their items, and as of March 31st, all items will no longer include a date code. With this removal of date codes and the implementation of these microchips, only Louis Vuitton stores will be able to scan the chips to receive the manufacturing information including name, date, materials, and more about the item. The only identifier these items will continue to include is the made in stamping, unless it is made in the USA.  


Louis Vuitton Date Code Factory Chart Below, we included an easy-to-read chart with Louis Vuitton factory codes. *If an item has been re-lined, Louis Vuitton issues a new date code with the factory location code of “DK”. Keep in mind, the re-lined date code factory location may conflict with the “made in” stamping on the outside of the bag (if applicable). For example, if a bag has been re-lined, the interior may say “Made in France,” but the exterior stamping may still say “Made in USA”, matching the country of its original origin.    



Don’t forget to learn more about identifying authentic Louis Vuitton pieces and how to safely clean your Louis bag. Shop Louis Vuitton


***Couture USA only authenticates items that you would like to sell or consign with us.  There are several companies that do offer authentication services. Mypoupette, CarolDiva, and Authenticate4U are all reputable authentication companies who would be happy to review your item for a small fee. ***


[Updated May 2021]

- Tiffany Perez
Team Profile Series: Photographer Vasili Loparnos
In the world of fashion and retail, looks are everything and in this modern world of technology, photos must be interesting and top quality. The detailed product shots you see on our website and the fun and engaging photos on our social media are all crucial eye-catching imagery that requires a keen eye and creativity to produce.  Our in-house photographer, Vasili Loparnos, has an eye for art and catching moments in still images with drama and movement. Graduating with a major in Theatre Arts and double minor in Digital Arts and Religious Studies in 2017 from Stetson University, he developed a background in the arts and an interest in acting and fashion photography. With a passion for capturing moments, Loparnos' work has been featured in various magazines. In this feature of the Couture USA Team profile series, we sit down with Vasili to find out more about his interest in Couture, photography, and future dreams for his photography. 




What sparked your interest in photography? I never had plans on becoming a photographer. One day, I picked up my mom's camera that was collecting dust in a corner and I started taking pictures of my friends for fun. My past experience with cameras in high school and college gave me an advantage with the technical aspects, and my passion for fashion and America's Next Top Model growing up gave me an advantage with my eye and perspective. After hearing the positive response from others, I decided to pursue a career.


Follow Couture USA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 


What are some accomplishments would you say furthered your career path? I have always been heavily immersed in the arts whether that was interning in London at the Greenwich and Lewisham Young People's theatre or interning as a post-production assistant at 4th Row Films in Manhattan, New York. Some of my work has been noticed and spoken about in articles varying from Media News Company's Voyage LA, Voyage Miami, and Shoutout Miami. My photos have also been featured on Vogue Italias "PhotoVogue" 9 times, and have been internationally published in over 10 magazines, two of which photos were featured on the covers. 


What are some of your favorite things/places to shoot in and out of work? Fashion will always be my favorite thing to shoot whether that is editorial, high fashion, or a whimsical moment. 


What designer/magazine do you wish you can shoot photos for? I would love to photograph for major fashion magazines such as Vogue or Vanity Fair, but I am also interested in shooting for other magazines that are not so immersed in the fashion industry, such as National Geographic or TIME.


What interested you in becoming a part of the Couture USA team? I love the fashion industry and strive to be a photographer in it. Working at Couture, I am exposed to luxury products and brands every day. I am allowed to be creative and I am doing what I love.


Who is your favorite designer? I like a lot of designers. Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga are definitely at the top. Nicolas Ghesquière, who is the creative director of Louis Vuitton and previously for Balenciaga, is my ultimate favorite designer. 


How would you describe your creative process for creating content for the website and our social media accounts? I make sure I have a variety of content for our marketing, social media, sales, events, and for the copywriter to include in blogs and emails. It's equally important to show people modeling with the product, and also just the products themselves.  

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Describe a typical day for you at Couture USA? I begin my day by shooting new products for the Couture website. After shooting, I import the photos to my computer to edit, color correct, etc. Finally, I send the photos off to the Online Manager so they can be published to our New Arrivals page. Throughout the week I will go outside and take lifestyle pictures of the girls with product closeups, or I might make product arrangements all for our social media or sale purposes.


What advice would you give to anyone interested in pursuing a career in photography? Practice makes perfect, have patience and be willing to learn something new at all times.


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This post is all about how to wear a brooch. Brooches are back and it’s difficult not to get excited about it! We absolutely love brooches and despite what some may think, brooches are far from old-fashioned – they are a stylish accessory whose versatility positively trumps that of any other form of jewelry. Naturally, […]
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There is nothing like a well-made cocktail to satisfy your taste buds at the end of a long week. More than a simple drink, cocktails offer a carefully crafted, perfect blend of flavours – and with such a wide variety of cocktails available, everybody is bound to have a favourite! Admittedly, tastes vary from person […]
- Christine Barbara
From bras and stockings to bodysuits and corsets, lingerie will always be an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Not only do these discreet items of clothing offer women some support and comfort, they also have the ability to give the wearer that much needed boost of confidence and sensuality. Embracing lingerie’s inherent benefits, lingerie […]
- Sarah Barthet
There is something incredibly special about Paris. After all, there is a reason that it ranks right up there in terms of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. For me personally, it holds a special place in my heart as it was the first proper holiday I went on with my husband back […]
- Christine Barbara
120+ Quotes about New York to Ignite Your Wanderlust
One of America’s most famous cities, the so called “the Big Apple”, New York has long been a favourite amongst Americans and tourists alike! Home to many world famous buildings, captivating Broadway shows, and a rich history, New York has become a must-see destination like no other. Movies and series have frequently featured this vivacious city […]
- Carol Highland

For those unfamiliar with a yurt, you can think of it as a large tent, except that it’s more sturdy, semi-permanent, and likely far more comfortable and ‘luxurious’ than a regular tent. Many indigenous communities still make their homes in yurts in the southwest, where winters usually last longer than summers.  Notably, many nature destinations […]

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- José Amorim

The use of metal debit cards has increased significantly over the last decade. This is mostly due to their functionality as fashion and style statements and partly due to their convenience and ability to offer additional concierge services.  Here is everything you need to know about what they are and how they work. What is […]

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- Jennifer Hard

Read our insightful guide to men's jewelry and the true passion about Gold rings. Full review here.

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- Carol Highland

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury home theater experience, custom seating is a must. From recliners to sofas, there are many options available to create the perfect space for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right custom seating for your home theater. Why custom seating is important […]

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Living in Monaco offers political and economic stability coupled with all the luxury offerings you would expect to find in one of the most exclusive destinations on the planet.  The world’s richest choose to live in Monaco not only for its luxury lifestyle and political and economic security, but because it is also an attractive […]

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Discover amazing luxury train travels, offering the most exclusive journeys. Read our full review.

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Oval-shaped engagement rings have seen a steep rise in popularity over the last couple of years. We’re not surprised, though. The elegance and timeless look of oval engagement rings creates a modern sophisticated twist on the classic round engagement rings.  Whether you like a traditional, classic setting or a sleek, contemporary-style ring, there are plenty […]

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It’s time, to be honest; while most hotels offer amenities like Wi-Fi and large rooms, you will likely be stuck if you want a room with a theme. After all, luxury is a theme, but if you want something more, a standard city hotel won’t cut it! So, if you want to stay in a […]

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- José Amorim

Are you planning an adventure abroad and want to make it feel as romantic as possible? Are you aching to experience something new and unique that has a rich history of romance and extravagance behind it? If the answer is yes then you may find that a trip to the opera can offer you and […]

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Romantic gifts can vary drastically in price and quality, but some general guidelines can help you choose what will be most appreciated. First, think about the recipient’s interests and hobbies. Next, consider what emotions you want them to feel when they receive your gift. Finally, make sure the gift is something you would like to […]

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- Annabelle Fleur
Beach Ready Wardrobe – Everything You’ll Need for Summer 2022
Since Summer 2022 is just around the corner, I wanted to post a quick beach-ready essentials list! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I love making lists and rarely shop without them. Lists help me stay on track, get everything I need and minimize those unnecessary purchases I may come...
- Annabelle Fleur
Our Stay at the Etéreo Resort in Riviera Maya – Auberge Resorts Collection
If you follow me on instagram, you probably know that we just came back from the gorgeous Etéreo Resort in Riviera Maya and today, I wanted to share a few favorite moments from this very special trip. What I love about Auberge Resort Collection is that every property is completely unique and different, and yet...
- Annabelle Fleur
I am Obsessed with Christopher Esber Swimwear!
I am obsessed with Christopher Esber swimwear! Case in point, the gorgeous bright green criss-cross tie-detailed bikini I got for my recent trip to Mexico! Love the fit, love the Apple green, and absolutely love the tie-detailing which adds something special to this bikini. Green is definitely a trendy color for swimwear this season, so...
- Annabelle Fleur
My Dream Couch  – Mario Bellini Iconic Sofa
My husband and I had our eye on Maria Bellini sofa for quite some time now. Something about this sleek iconic design, the modern look and versatility felt right for our home, and although we were considering a few different options, at the end we kept coming back to this one. Looks aside, what we...
- Annabelle Fleur
My Dream Gift Guide (What I Want & What I’m Giving)
This year, I wanted to do something a bit different… In stead of putting together my normal gift guide consisting of things I intend to gift to my friends and family, I asked them for their ultimate wish list. Below is the list of things they would love to receive! And you know what, I...
- Annabelle Fleur
Our Stay At Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed Edward and I spent the last week at the gorgeous Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort. This was our second time staying at this particular property and it certainly did not disappoint! Why do we love it so much and keep coming back? Well, there are...
- Annabelle Fleur
Decor Ideas for a Chic Minimalist Space
I love minimal decor… The monochromatic color palette, the clean lines, the absence of clutter and focus on functionality… If you happen to share the love for minimalistic esthetic with me, here are some of my favorite furniture and accessory finds that are sure to add a bit of minimalistic chic to your space.  ...
- Annabelle Fleur
Perfect Getaway – Our Stay at Alila Marea Beach Resort in Encinitas
You know that we love traveling in California and sharing our experience with you guys, so when we discovered the Alila Marea Beach Resort in Encinitas we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it! If you’re looking for a super relaxing getaway in California, Alila Marea Beach Resort in Encinitas is definitely worth checking...
- Annabelle Fleur
Here’s How to Wear & Style Down Your Suits & Sets for Summer 2021
Suits & Sets are a huge trend for SS2021 & this season we are wearing them in a much more casual way. How? Simply pair your suits or sets with crop tops, sneakers or slides. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that we spent the last few days at the gorgeous...
- Annabelle Fleur
Best Restaurants in Sonoma County – Layla at MacArthur Place
If you’re looking for a cute breakfast/brunch spot, or a restaurant in Sonoma County to enjoy a romantic dinner, I highly recommend Layla at the MacArthur Place! Food aside, I think the reason why Ed and I love Layla so much is the cool vibe and decor. Something about this place comes across as warm,...
- admin
The Most Anticipated Hotel Openings of 2023

While travel might have slowed down over the past couple of years with border closures and travel restrictions, it is certainly picking back up again this year with plenty of highly anticipated luxury hotel openings all over the world. While I have my tried-and-true favorite properties I frequent over and over again, I also love […]

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Beauty Secrets From a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Have you ever wondered what was the difference is between a plastic surgeon, a nurse practitioner, and an injector, or pondered how a medi-spa on Groupon can be selling Botox for $8/unit, when most places you see charge $12+/unit? I, being the constantly curious person that I am, have asked myself these questions, and more, […]

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The DTLA Loft

Creativity comes in many different forms. For me, a lot of my inspiration and creativity stems from my surroundings. I have always been a very visual person, and can be easily inspired (or just as easily uninspired) by the space I am in. I am constantly looking for places that spark something inside of me, […]

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The 2022 Best of Beauty

Every year I round up my favorite products that I tried or continued using in my beauty rotation. As you know, a big part of my job is to test products for brands and give my honest feedback. I love reviewing all kinds of products and discovering new brands. While all certainly do not make […]

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City Spotlight: Napa Valley

BUT FIRST, A LITTLE BACKGROUND The first time I visited the California Wine Country was in 2009, right after my 21st birthday. It was on that trip, in the summer of 2009, that I fell in love with Napa. Since then, I have visited Napa Valley yearly, as it is one of the easiest (and best) […]

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Hotel Spotlight: Hermann Bungalows

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience in Palm Springs, look no further than the new 24-suite boutique hotel Hermann Bungalows. This modern oasis is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering ultra-luxury accommodations to fully rest and reset. I recently had the privilege of staying at […]

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Seven Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel Room

Here are seven easy ways to upgrade your bedroom to make it feel like a luxury hotel room, from plush bedding to wireless speakers.

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The Ultimate St. Barth’s Travel Guide

Growing up on the west coast, my family typically opted to take the “easier” beach vacations in Mexico and/or Hawaii, due to their relative convenience in relation to Los Angeles. A quick 2-hour flight will get you right to Baja, or a direct 5-hour trip to Maui. As I grew older, I wanted to explore […]

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Meet Belgian Brand Maison Ullens

I first discovered the Belgian brand Maison Ullens in Aspen four years ago, when I stumbled upon their beautiful store in the center of town on E Hopkins Avenue. I was initially drawn to the brand after walking inside the store and feeling all of the tactile fabrics, beautifully displayed on carefully curated racks along […]

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You Can Manifest Anything You Want

You may be familiar with the term “manifestation”, or “the laws of attraction.” After all, the technique was the focus of a 2006 bestselling book, The Secret, which sold more than 30 million copies—and it’s something that thought leaders, including Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Gabrielle Bernstein, Abraham Hicks and Oprah, have spoken about. All of them have one thing in […]

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- Annie Katz
Alstede Farms in NJ: Sustainably-Fun Activities for All

Alstede Farms in NJ Alstede Farms in NJ extends an ever-changing and wholesome invitation to earth’s finest offerings. The family-owned farm in Chester, New Jersey, takes great pride in its ethical farming practices and its legally preserved, 600 acres of luscious greenery.   Alstede Farms in NJ welcomes you to make fresh discoveries every day while…

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- Samantha Marshak
Free Fun Things to do in NJ: Budget-Friendly Family Fun

Free Fun Things to do in NJ Even if you’re a New Jersey native, there are probably a number of free fun things to do in NJ that you never heard of. Tired of paying for every activity, and looking for some wholesome, family-friendly fun that does not break the bank? It’s easier than you…

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American Dream Ferris Wheel: A 300-Foot Attraction

American Dream Ferris Wheel One of the largest retail complexes in the nation unveils a new way to explore New Jersey from impressive heights: the American Dream Ferris Wheel. The American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey is a hub for tourism and enthralling entertainment. Following nearly two decades of careful planning, American Dream…

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Best Spas in NJ: For the Mind, Body, & Soul

Best Spas in NJ There is no better way to de-stress or to calm the body and mind than to unwind at some of the best spas in NJ. Known for its exceptional realm of luxury and intricately designed treatments, this carefully curated list of the best spas in NJ will bring you an unmatched…

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- Annie Katz
Netflix Fort Monmouth: A Hub for Hollywood

Netflix Fort Monmouth Netflix is taking monumental strides in unveiling the compound of Netflix Fort Monmouth to create one of the world’s most integrated and extensive production facilities. This transformative investment on a 289- acre Mega Parcel in parts of Eatontown and Oceanport will become the catalyst behind building state-of-the-art productions at scenic locations around…

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I try to keep long haul flight beauty essentials to an absolute minimum. View Post

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The Top Wardrobe Accessories for 2023

Across the globe, it is estimated that people own about 148 wardrobe pieces. The number is slightly higher in the United States, placing at about 165 pieces each.

Accessories are a fundamental part of our wardrobes for many reasons. And each of us has our top wardrobe accessories that speak to our preferences. So naturally, with the new year approaching, you're likely looking for a few upgrades to refresh your closet.

2022 was an interesting year for fashion, with men sporting velvet suits, puffed sleeves, and bright color schemes. And the new year will bring with it a host of notable trends. So keep reading as we unveil the top 2023 accessories for your wardrobe.

1) Loafers

Loafers have been in for decades ever since their London unveiling. The moccasin-style shoes were initially designed as casual wear for everyday activities. Then the shoes made their way to America and became well-respected among the upper class.

Today's loafers are highly versatile accessory options, and you can wear them in various styles. For example, pair some penny loafers with a sharp suit, or wear them with jeans for a refined look.

2) Cardigans

Cardigans are a fashion piece that has appeared in multiple eras, such as the 50s and 90s. The stylish button sweater dates back to 1854 when it was named after the Earl of Cardigan. Today, cardigans offer versatility and a sense of sophistication.

Cardigans are an essential piece for smart and business casual looks. You can wear this sweater with jeans or trousers to execute a charming, understated getup.

3) Wood Suit Hangers

There's nothing quite like having luxury hangers for your wardrobe pieces. Sometimes the little things make all the difference, and wooden hangers are no exception. It's time to leave the cheap plastic behind and invest in quality for your wardrobe.

Butler Luxury wood suit hangers are the ideal accessory to hold your prized suits. They offer a sturdy, contoured design to support your tailor-made suit pieces with pride.

4) Panama Hats

Panama hats are a new accessories trend that's emerging for the new year. While these hats bear the name of Panama, they're originally from Ecuador. Traditionally, the hats were used by workers during the construction of the Panama Canal, which is where the name actually comes from.

Panama hats are a great way to mix up your usual outfits. Wear them with a light button-down shirt to cool off, or pair one with your favorite suit coat.

5) Double Breasted Suit Coats

The double-breasted suit coat is not an accessory to be overlooked this year. This classic style has been revamped to upgrade every modern man's wardrobe. This sharp coat is for sophisticated men who value fashion history and love looking their best.

Double-breasted suit coats are more adaptable than most think. You can pair them with denim and a t-shirt or dress them up with sleek, smart pants and a tie.

6) Tall Socks

Tall socks are replacing your short ankle socks this upcoming year. And in addition to being a stylish trend, they'll keep you warm in the coldest weather climates. You can wear tall socks for every style, from a casual getup to a business ensemble.

Wear tall socks with your favorite gym outfit for maximum comfort and appeal. Or, wear them with chinos and a crisp button-down shirt for your next date.

7) Men's Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags may seem like a daunting men's accessory, but plenty of new styles make them look sharp today. Many men have ignored crossbody bags over the years, but this style is currently popular and worth your attention.

When worn correctly, any man can make a crossbody look stylish. Wear them with a polo or t-shirt in the nice weather. For winter, pair the bag with your peacoat or blazer.

8) Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks have had a stigma attached to them for not being "manly" enough. However, turtlenecks were a staple garment of working-class men in the late 19th century. Regardless of what society may believe, men's turtlenecks are once again in style.

There are plenty of ways to make your turtleneck look exceptional. For example, you can wear them with jeans and a peacoat. Alternatively, pair a turtleneck with a nice pair of trousers.

9) Velvet Tuxedo Jackets

Velvet tuxedo jackets were one of the biggest trendy accessories for celebrities this year, and the movement continues. Velvet tuxedos have been popular for at least a couple of years. So, it is still a great time to join the movement and purchase a velvet tux for yourself.

Velvet suit jackets are perfect for special events like weddings and dinner parties. Pair the jacket with chinos and a tie, or wear a completed velvet tux.

10) A Luxury Pen

A pen may not seem like a statement piece, but it can be a great way to upgrade your wardrobe if you're always writing or signing paperwork.

If you're using an old plastic pen to do your business, it's time to get modern with a sleek new designer pen. There are a myriad of places to purchase a luxury pen. You can even take it a step further and buy your own case to keep on hand while you're at work.

Shop Top Wardrobe Accessories From Butler Luxury

Luxurious Wooden Hanger Finish

2023 fashion looks promising, with many top wardrobe accessories to keep you busy. So choose your favorite pieces and prepare your wardrobe before the new year begins.

To purchase premium wooden hangers, choose Butler Luxury for the best products. We create lasting, beautiful hangers for your shirts, suits, coats, and more. For more information, read about our hangers on our website or purchase them here.

- Mike Cregan
5 Things to Know About How to Dry Clean a Suit

Picture this: It's New Year's Eve and you are wearing your best suit to the party.

You look great and feel good, but your suit is definitely going to need a good wash when the night is over. Even if no one spills anything on you, elegant threads must be refreshed often.

Do you know how to dry clean a suit? If not, this is the guide for you! Keep reading to learn five essential steps.


5 Ways to Properly Dry Clean Your Favorite Suit


suit brush 1. Brushing

Knowing how to dry clean a suit after New Year's festivities can come in handy throughout life. You can start brushing for 30 seconds using a natural bristle brush.

This trick of the trade removes dirt before it has the chance to settle between the threads of the fabric.

Hang your jacket using suit hangers and slowly brush from top to bottom, or follow the fabric threads' direction. Lay your trousers out and do the same to them.

Do this every day after you wear your suit for the best results.



Washing a suit tips 2. Washing

A brush is great for removing dirt follicles, but it won't have an effect on bacteria, spots, and viruses. Machine-washing your suit to get rid of these diseases isn't the best option. Instead, take your suit to a trusted dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning involves the use of corrosive chemicals so you shouldn't do this more than once every two months. Clean your suit jackets and trousers at the same time to prevent mismatched fading.

There are three washing methods you can utilize to wash your suit. Always check the suit's label for the washing instructions and water temperature recommendations.

While dry cleaning is the best option, hand washing and machine washing are two possible methods you can use.

When Hand Washing:

When you absolutely can't go to a professional dry cleaner, you can hand wash your suit at home. Follow the instructions on your suit label and use natural products, like:

Vinegar Lemon Sodium bicarbonate

It's advisable not to do this regularly because these ingredients aren't suitable for all fabrics. In the long run, they might damage your suit.

When Machine Washing:

Machine washing at home is probably the worst way to clean your suit after any occasion. Dry cleaning services are professionals that know exactly how to dry clean a suit without damaging it.

Even if you don't run the spin cycle on your washing machine, a machine wash can still alter the thread of the fabric, comprising the shape of your suit.

When Dry Cleaning:

Dry cleaning is full-fledged cleaning. Instead of using washers, dry cleaners will take a chemical solvent to clean and sanitize the suit.

Remember that chemicals are used that might damage your suit in the long run if it is tailored. Dry cleaning is by far the best cleaning method but in moderation.

To keep your suit fresh for longer without taking it to the dry cleaners, don't wear it more often than twice a week. The fabric threads in a suit have to breathe.

Simply hanging your suit on suit hangers and leaving both sides with room to breathe is beneficial. Within 24 hours, your suit will look new and you can wear it again.



Sanitize your suit 3. Sanitizing

You likely won't be able to sanitize or sterilize your suit on your own. However, it's important for suit owners to understand each process.

Sanitizing involves getting rid of mild germs and bacteria. Sterilization gets rid of living organisms. Sterilization is only possible with the correct equipment and machinery.

If you need to sterilize your suit because you were around someone with a disease, contact professionals that can treat your garments with ultraviolet light.

There are tricks you can utilize to sanitize and eliminate viruses on your own, but it's best to leave this step to the professionals. This is something that dry cleaners will do for you.



Ironing your suit 4. Ironing

Ironing a suit is very different from ironing other articles of clothing. A vertical steamer is the best way to iron the suit. Steam is also a great sterilizer at a certain temperature.

Any viruses or bacteria that survive high-temperature washings can be killed by steam. Buying a vertical steamer is a small investment that will guarantee the best ironing job and deodorization whenever you need it.

A traditional iron is a common option, but suits tend to be more sensitive than other garments. If you must use an iron, place a thin cloth between it and the fabric of your suit.

Doing this prevents the unrefined shiny look and protects your fabric from the high temperature of the iron.



Hanging suits 5. Hanging

Only a few suit owners think about hanging their suits as part of the cleaning process. However, as we've briefly mentioned before, hanging up your suit right can help it get its shape back.

Whenever you aren't wearing a suit, don't leave it crumpled up in a chair. Suit hangers exist for hanging suits up. Wooden hangers are the best options because they keep the shape of your suit, prevent moths, and soak up humidity.

When you're traveling, a garment bag is the best solution. You can even use a garment bag when you are home. Garment bags protect your clothing from mites, mold, moths, and dust.



How to Dry Clean a Suit: Explained

Butler Luxury suit hangers

New Year's festivities are just around the corner. If you are wearing your best suit to celebrate, you'll definitely want to clean it the next day.

Learning how to dry clean a suit is fairly simple. The best thing you can do for your suit is take it to a professional dry cleaner, but you can keep it fresh by brushing, steaming, and hanging it up.

No matter how you choose to clean your suit, you will need suit hangers. Shop all hangers now from Butler Luxury to find the best one for your needs.

- Mike Cregan
The Perfect Fit: How to Buy Button-Down Shirts

After reading this article, you will understand what qualities to look for in button-down shirts so you can confidently choose your next set of dress clothes. 


- Mike Cregan
Why Your Wool Pants Pair Best With Trouser Hangers

By the time you've finished reading this article, you will understand the value of trouser hangers for your wool pants. 


- Mike Cregan

Charles Tyrwhitt (Tyrwhitt rhymes with “spirit,”) was created by a University of Bristol student who was frustrated with the state of dress in his school. From humble beginnings as a mail-order brand to a favorite of prime ministers and luxury car moguls, Charles Tyrwhitt is a high achiever in the luxury shirt world. 

Yet, aside from all this clout, is this luxury British brand worth its popularity? We broke it down for you in terms of material and service. 

About The Brand 

The Gentleman’s Gazette covered the Charles Tyrwhitt brand with mostly positive reviews. The gazette noted the high quality of customer service with this brand making it an excellent choice for luxury shirts and accessories. 


The brand’s garments are made with a variety of weave patterns, according to the company’s website. They are available in Poplin, an 100% Egyptian cotton woven in a criss-cross that is “excellent for warm days,” because of their lightweight make. 

Linen, chambray (a mix of denim), Royal Oxford, and classic cotton Dobby feature among its lineup. They offer the robust textured Oxford, which is appropriate for casual wear, and the Pinpoint Oxford, appropriate for the office. The shirts also come in Twill, which is “easy to care for,” Corduroy, flannel, and heavy-weight flannel.

Charles Tyrwhitt boasts “high-tech” shirts that are styled through innovation to breathe, give maximum comfort, and provide a no-iron fit. Not so fast, the garments are sporting lasers or computer chips. They are innovated with new “state-of-the-art garment tech” that renders them high-tech. 



The Charles Tyrwhitt brand hails from the United Kingdom, but has factories across Eastern Asia. However, in January 2021, the company’s owner, Nick Wheeler, told The Mail on Sunday that the company would “scale back” production in China. The brand was responding to “wants of the customers” as some took objection to the company’s business dealing with PRC entities because of ethics concerns. 

Due to the PRCs reported oppression of Uighur Turks in the Xinjiang province, the company also suspended contracts with cotton producers in Xinjiang. Mr. Wheeler also decided to scale back business in mainland China because of allegations of Chinese government forced labor in manufacturing. 

While the company committed to reviewing its manufacturing standards, business ethics watchdogs ranked its employer equity poorly. The watchdogs stated that Charles Tyrwhitt should do more to ensure its employees make a living wage. 


The Target Audience 

The Charles Tyrwhitt shirt is men’s luxury wear that leans from dress attire to pajamas. The overall selection of Charles Tyrwhitt garments would be appropriate for cocktail party attire with a more traditional dress code. 

Best Events To Wear Charles Tyrwhitt 

When investing in luxury wear, many people consider the events they will be able to wear their garment to. Charles Tyrwhitt is a well-loved brand for semi-formal parties. The Charles Tyrwhitt brand site offers a “Party Flavor” page. This selection features products from the casual wear business attire end of party dress codes, all the way up to tuxedos. 

The Charles Tyrwhitt Claim To Fame 

Charles Tyrwhitt is most well known for its wide range of menswear shirts. The Gentleman’s Gazette explained that the Charles Tyrwhitt brand has a wider range of sizing fit options than average retailers. Fitting options include classic, slim, extra slim, and super slim fit. 

The Charles Tyrwhitt shirt line also advertises as a “no-iron” fitting product. 

Bang For Your Buck?

This shirt line sells at a moderate price. Even with the lower price range, reviewers say they love the product, maybe even as much or more than some of its higher-end upscale counterparts. For the price, reviewers say that the shirt is “well-crafted” and that its variety is a high selling point. The brass collar also stays in place, which was a well-respected brand fact. 

How Customer Service Performed 

Quality products aside, the high-end garment buying experience should be worthy of the investment. Customer service quality is highly relevant in the garment industry because returns and product exchanges can be based on sizing issues and other small flaws in a shipped-out product. 

Charles Tyrwhitt reported an average 4.7 out of 5-star ranking for its customer service quality, from reviews left directly on their brand landing page. Customers who ordered by phone reported “professional and quality service.” Charles Tyrwhitt has also received high recommendations for speedy service. 

The popular third-party review site TrustPilot ranked Charles Tyrwhitt customer services as 3.8 out of 5 stars. Positive reviews stated that Charles Tyrwhitt customer service satisfactorily resolved delivery issues. Negative reviews reported issues with the data submission form for orders. 

The Butler's Overall Recommendation

Charles Tyrwhitt is affordable wear from a well-recognized British shirt maker. It isn’t at the apex end of the luxury shirt category, but it works well for business day-to-day wardrobe, and relaxed dress code parties. Overall, customer service is quick and sufficient when handling returns, with positive experiences ranking higher than negative experiences from a  general review. 

Preserving Your Luxury Shirts

Investing in luxury wear is a critical part of your life. The quality of your clothing investments can impact many aspects of who you are as a person. 

Scientific American wrote that wearing formal attire even increases abstract thinking, making us more creative and boosting chances of professional success. This was determined by small laboratory cognitive tests. The researchers asked test subjects to change into formal wear before performing the cognitive test. Those who changed into formal attire performed better in abstract and strategic tests, leading scientists to make a link between clothes and success. 

In addition, this research found that informal wear can leave a negative impression when making business deals and other professional growth attempts. 

This is why Butler Luxury prioritizes empowering each of our customers with top-performance luxury wear information and products.  Because we believe it is critical to your overall well-being to make wise purchases in your luxury wear, we make adjacent luxury  garment care purchases affordable and value-driven. 

If you want a wooden hanger that ensures long-life for luxury clothes, Butler Luxury hangers have got you covered. Our signature hangers are designed to provide maximum garment care at an affordable price.  

- Will Avila
Suit Style: Lululemon Men's Pants Review

Lululemon's men's pants are some of the most popular on the market right now, but do they fit the needs of the modern office professional?

Read on as we dive into the key features of Lululemon men’s pants and why you need to get yourself a pair or two.


- Will Avila

Are Indochino suits worth the hype?  We put the company's luxury suits to the test, and here's what we found.


- Mike Cregan
This month, the Butler explains what pant styles every stylish individual should invest in this year.


- Mike Cregan
Do you want to learn how to pack your suit for a business trip properly? Here, we’ll discuss the best ways to pack for a business trip and how to care for your suit while on the road.


- Mike Cregan
The Four Suits Every Professional Needs in Their Closet

To be prepared for anything the professional world can throw at you, it pays to have a well-stocked closet. 

Many of us have spent the last few years working remotely in sweatpants and t-shirts. But now that the office beckons, we must start dressing up again. Wearing a suit can make both men and women feel more confident and prepared for success.

Here are four types of suits every professional needs.


Suits Every Professional Man Should Own  slim suit 1) A Slim-Fit Suit 

Modern men need a slim-fitting suit that’s appropriate in many corporate settings, from client meetings to presentations. Choose a suit in a classic color, like navy blue, black, or grey, and a suit jacket with a notched lapel and two buttons for a truly versatile look. The suit measure should be slim – not form-fitting– to show off your shape, not squeeze you in.

What’s more, make sure you’re choosing a suit in a mid-weight fabric.  

classic suit 2) A Classic Suit 

Though slim-fit and classic suits are similar, the latter on our list of suits every professional needs is not quite as trendy – men in the 1950s would have worn the same cut and style. Classic suits, which are a bit looser in the legs and torso, are a must for your collection. 

Be sure you mix up the colors in your collection. A black suit is the most formal, while grey is more casual. Navy blue is the middle of the road – neither the most formal nor the most dressed down.


Pattern Suit 3) A Suit with a Pattern 

While the two suits listed above this list can be worn again and again without detection, you also want a suit that makes others stand up and take notice. That’s why you want to differentiate your collection of suits every professional needs with a striped or plaid suit.

A suit like this is ideal for special occasions, or when you need a bit of a pick-me-up since it varies from your standard routine.



summer suit 4) A Summer Suit 

A summer suit is more of a requirement than a suggestion. The high heat and humidity of the summer season make winter suit materials like wool feel like torture to wear. Instead, opt for light, breathable fabrics like linen or cotton in this smart casual suit.

Also, choose light colors like beige or tan so you can wear the suit from the office to your after-work summer activities.


Suits Every Professional Woman Should Own  woman suit 1) A Classic Suit 

If you’re only going to buy one suit, a classic, well-tailored suit in a neutral color like black, grey, or navy blue is the way to go. If you wear a suit like this one, your colleagues won’t be able to tell that you’re repeating your suit game more than one day of the week.

That’s because you can change up the look by wearing flats vs. heels, changing out your button-down for a turtle neck, or adding a colorful scarf or necklace to the outfit. Unless they’re paying extra close attention, they won’t be able to tell.


woman business casual suit 2) A Business Casual Suit 

When you’re making the transition from your home office to the professional workplace, there is nothing better than a business casual suit. Aim to buy one made from comfortable materials like cotton or cashmere.

Casual women’s suits may have sweater-like blazers and wide-leg pants that make them a key transition piece between casual and formal.  




woman double breasted suit

3) A Double-Breasted Suit 

The opposite of a casual suit on our list of suits every professional needs is the double-breasted suit. A staple of menswear, this sophisticated blazer with buttons down either side is the ideal suit for high-powered meetings or boardrooms.

Consider purchasing a double-breasted suit that is slightly longer than your waist and comes in a neutral color with stripes.



woman color suit

4) A Brightly-Colored Suit 

Another suit you want to keep in your closet rotation is a brightly-colored one. These are ideal for showing your colleagues that you have a personality, especially if you have a creative job. Consider buying a one-color suit in yellow, red, or bright blue.

Alternatively, you could buy a neutral-color suit with a brighter color if you work in a more conservative field.



Next Steps for Preserving Your Suit Collection 

butler luxury suit hangers

If you want to ensure the longevity of your suit collection, you need to make sure you’re caring for your garments. That means that your suit style shouldn't include creased pants or dented shoulder pads. Instead, you need to hang your suits on hangers that will make sure they preserve their polish for years to come.

This is where Butler Luxury suit hangers come in such handy. Made of sturdy wood and shaped to match the slope of your shoulders, our hangers are the highest quality you can buy. This means that your fine fabrics won’t wilt or become dented from metal or plastic hangers.

What’s more, we have suit hangers for every type of garment, from skirts to heavy blazers to trousers.

As you’re building your collection of suits every professional needs, be sure that you’re also collecting high-quality Butler hangers.

- Will Avila
The Best Suit Hanger: Wood, Plastic, or Wire?

This blog post will help you determine the best suit hangers for your needs. It will also discuss the pros and cons of each type and offer tips on selecting the right one for your suits.


- Mike Cregan

If you are looking for closet storage hardware to care for your pants, you may be considering pant racks or wooden hangers. Here, we help you identify the best option by discussing the features of each. We'll also cover the types available in the market and their suitability.


- Mike Cregan

Selecting the right clothes hanger ensures your summer outfits maintain their shape allowing you to avoid constant ironing. Here, we help you identify the right clothes hanger by discussing the types you should use for each outfit.


- Mike Cregan
Ask the Butler: Can I Wash the Jacket to My Suit in the Washing Machine?
The Butler explains when it's appropriate to wash your jackets in the washing machine. He'll also mention some vital precautions and discuss other methods you can use to maintain your suit.


- Mike Cregan
Why Are Wooden Hangers Better?
Discover the benefits of high-quality wooden hangers, which can become sturdy and reliable additions to your closet, and why they outrank plastic or metal hangers.


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Ask the Butler: Will Dry Cleaning Increase the Life of My Suits?
In this month's entry of "Ask the Butler," Francisco asks, "Will Dry Cleaning Increase the Life of My Suits? Or should I use a different washing method?”


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Ask the Butler: Should I Wash My Pants Every Time After I Wear Them?
Should I Wash My Pants Every Time After I Wear Them? We answer this question in the latest installment of “Ask the Butler,” our monthly series where we answer your garment care and maintenance questions.


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5 Stylish Office Outfit Ideas to Beat the Summer Heat

Here are five stylish office ideas ideal for beating the summer heat and humidity. We’ll also mention some factors to consider when selecting outfits and provide tips to keep your clothes fresh and in good condition.


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Ask the Butler: How Can I Dry My Clothes Quickly Without a Dryer?
If I need to quickly wash an outfit in my hotel room, how can I dry my clothes quickly without a dryer? Learn more in the latest installment of “Ask the Butler,” our monthly series where we answer your questions related to garment care and maintenance.


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5 Men's Clothing Websites to Try for Summer 2022
Are you wondering where to buy your modern professional wear for this summer? Read on to discover five men's clothing websites to shop in 2022.


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Clearwater Group opens KINTSUGI Kuala Lumpur with Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Okada Ramsey
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Girls Dinner at The Butler, Sydney.

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Walking from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach, Sydney.

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Stories & Snaps: 3 Days in Sydney.

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Hotel Review: Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles.

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Stories & Snaps: 3 Days in Beverly Hills at Christmas.

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Hotel Review: Staying at the Iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

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