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- Matthew Pettigrew
Bitcoin's Unprecedented Liquidity Can Explain Its Price Volatility
As the world’s most liquid asset, bitcoin’s price volatility in times of economic crisis likely reflects its independence, not lack of faith.
- Alex McShane
Michael Saylor Bitcoin Interview: The Center Cannot Hold
Michael Saylor Interview on The Center Cannot Hold, a show from Bitcoin Magazine podcast.
- Pedro Solimano
The Pandora Papers Reveal What Bitcoiners Already Know
The revelations are simply confirmation for a group that has studied the economic injustices of today intently.
- Debanjan Chatterjee
Could Advanced Quantum Computing Pose A Risk To Bitcoin Security?
Rapid progress in quantum computing could pose a risk to certain types of bitcoin transactions. So how can we combat this risk?
- Nick W
A Grayscale Bitcoin Spot ETF Could Be Right Around The Corner
We may see a physically-settled, spot Bitcoin ETF on the market sooner than later, as Grayscale announces intention to file early next week.
- Shawn Amick
Bitcoin: The Stateless Emergence
Bitcoin offers the ability to decouple oneself from the state, offering financial access to everyone equally.
- CoinsureNZ
The Bitcoin Rorschach Test
Bitcoin as an idea can be thought of, like a Rorschach test, as the interpretation of the particular context it presents.
- Leo
The American Dream Is Dead And Bitcoin Has Replaced It
The American dream of owning a home and financial freedom has been killed by the inequality in our legacy system. But Bitcoin offers a new dream.
- Hendry Mualim
Bitcoin Education For Indonesia
The Indonesia Bitcoin Conference is a chance to educate Indonesians about a better savings technology.
- Dylan LeClair And Sam Rule
Quantifying The Bitcoin Supply Shortage
Bitcoin is at the lowest level of float supply in the last four years, since the price increased 21 times in just 12 months.
- Namcios
Senator Cynthia Lummis On US Debt Limit Raise: "Thank God For Bitcoin"
The Wyoming Senator delivered a speech saying we're lucky to have Bitcoin amid governmental irresponsibilities.
- Namcios
MassMutual Bitcoin Investment Has Tripled In Dollar Value
The Massachusetts-based insurance company’s $100 million bitcoin purchase in December 2020 is now worth more than $300 million.
- Nik Hoffman
SEC Set To Allow Bitcoin Futures ETF Trading Next Week
Sources told CNBC that the Securities and Exchange Commission is set to allow the first Bitcoin futures ETF to go live in the U.S.
- Siby Suriyan
Bitcoin And The Lightning Network: The Most Efficient Payment System In The World
The Lightning Network makes Bitcoin the most efficient payment system in the world. But, in basic terms, how does it work?
- Aleksandar Svetski
Bitcoin, Bitcoiners And Citadels
So-called “toxic Bitcoin maximalism” is inspired by a desire for Bitcoiners to hold themselves accountable to the ideals of the network itself.
- Alex McShane
Jack Dorsey’s Square Doubles Its Money On Bitcoin Investment
Jack Dorsey’s Square has officially doubled its money on its Bitcoin Investment. The company’s $220,000,000 invested in Bitcoin is now worth over $470,000,000.
- Nik Hoffman
Bitcoin Price Hit $60,000! New All Time High Inbound
Bitcoin surpasses $60,000 and looks poised to retake a new all-time high soon and pump to prices never seen before.
- Alex McShane
90% Of Lightning Nodes Launched In The Last Year Run On Umbrel
Today Umbrel presented new research that showed 90% of the lightning nodes brought online in the last year run on the company’s software.
- Alex McShane
Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Up Over $3 Billion On Bitcoin Investment
MicroStrategy has officially doubled its money on its Bitcoin investment. The company’s $3.16 billion in Bitcoin is now worth $6.7 billion.
- Marty Bent
The U.S. Government Does Not Respect Autonomy. Bitcoin Does.
The U.S. government wants to neglect the free will of the markets and Bitcoin is the only way to opt out.
- Puskar Pande
Where to buy NEO as the token gears up for a rally

The NEO token has seen a strong volume build up near the $45 region…

The post Where to buy NEO as the token gears up for a rally appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Sam Grant
Weekly Report: Centralised exchanges are joining the NFT space

Bitcoin and Ethereum appear to be on the path towards hitting new all-time highs…

The post Weekly Report: Centralised exchanges are joining the NFT space appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Benson Toti
Investment app Plum raises $14M ahead of crowdfunding campaign

The firm hopes to raise a total of $24 million in funding to expand…

The post Investment app Plum raises $14M ahead of crowdfunding campaign appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Puskar Pande
Where to buy Bitcoin Cash as BCH registers 4% gains

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) token has generated 4% returns in the past 24 hours…

The post Where to buy Bitcoin Cash as BCH registers 4% gains appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Puskar Pande
Where to buy GreenMoon as GRM grows by 1353%

The GreenMoon token is currently trading at $0.18 with enormous gains in the past…

The post Where to buy GreenMoon as GRM grows by 1353% appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Puskar Pande
Where to buy APIX as the token aims for the moon

The APIX coin is up by 162% in the past 24 hours and could…

The post Where to buy APIX as the token aims for the moon appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Sam Grant
Mexico is not planning to adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender

Mexico's President has confirmed that the country will not follow in the footsteps of…

The post Mexico is not planning to adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Benson Toti
Bitcoin price hits $60k as Cathie Wood predicts tenfold gains

News of the first approvals of Bitcoin futures ETFs in the US also likely…

The post Bitcoin price hits $60k as Cathie Wood predicts tenfold gains appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Benson Toti
US SEC set to allow first Bitcoin futures ETF

The news has seen Bitcoin's price cross the $60,000 mark for the first time…

The post US SEC set to allow first Bitcoin futures ETF appeared first on Coin Journal.

- Adam Tracey
Can I Find Bitcoin Near Me?
Find bitcoin near you instantly. Search local bitcoin traders near you and start trading with 300+ payment methods!
- Adam Tracey
Getting to the Root of the Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade
Bitcoin Taproot Update! Here is all you need to know!
- Adam Tracey
Understand NFTs in 5 Minutes or Less
Find out what this NFT thing that is suddenly blowing up on social media and even in the mainstream media all of a sudden is actually about.
- Adam Tracey
5 Ways to Get More Trades as a P2P Vendor
There’s a good chance that you’re missing out on potential opportunities if you aren’t covering your bases. Are you getting as many trades as you could be?
- Adam Tracey
Is it Finally Over for GPU Mining?
Mining cryptocurrencies like ethereum using graphics cards was once also practical with Bitcoin; however, these days are long gone with the introduction of ASIC miners specialized in dealing with the hashing algorithm used by Bitcoin.
- LocalCoinSwap Team
How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash-In-Person on LocalCoinSwap
Local bitcoin trading with cash has always been a very popular way to buy and sell bitcoin. It is utilized by an enormous number of people worldwide.
- Adam Tracey
Bitcoin Everywhere Submissions
Share your pick related to bitcoin on social media and win $800, 1 o 5 Trezors, and 1 of 10 T-shirts!
- Adam Tracey
Bitcoin Everywhere Competition
Join the #BitcoinEverywhere competition for your chance to win $800 in BTC, Trezor Wallets, and swag!
- Adam Tracey
Convert Bitcoin to Naira with LocalCoinSwap
Check out the easiest way to convert bitcoin to Naira! Learn more about LocalCoinSwap here...
- Adam Tracey
Find out How to Buy Bitcoin in the UK
Want to buy bitcoin in the UK? Read this article to learn the step by step! Thanks to LocalCoinSwap 🙌
- Adam Tracey
Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria & Exchange with the World
Trade bitcoin with Gift Cards among more than 300 payment methods to earn money on LocalCoinSwap!
- Rodolfo Pozo Astudillo
5 Things to Consider When Buying Bitcoin on P2P Platforms
Do you want to learn how to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely on P2P platforms? Read more here!
- Adam Tracey
Gift Cards for Bitcoin: Handling Disputes
Buy and Sell bitcoin securely with Gift Cards at LocalCoinSwap! Learn how we protect you at every step!
- Adam Tracey
The Beginners Guide to Buy Bitcoin P2P
A guide to buying Bitcoin on a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange. Safely buy BTC with cash, bank transfer, PayPal, Venmo, and more.
- LocalCoinSwap Team
LocalCoinSwap: The Whitepaper is Here to Stay
Our response to this matter is quite simple, LocalCoinSwap is committed to supporting Bitcoin, not just on-chain, but off-chain as well.
- Cointelegraph By Sean Rach
The crypto industry is still waiting for its ‘iPhone moment’

The most important innovation that the iPhone brought — which the crypto space needs to gain mass adoption — is the user experience.

- Cointelegraph By Jared Moore
Truly decentralized finance will be beyond siloed blockchains

To be the future lifeline of industries, blockchain technology needs to embrace the old-fashioned quality of interconnectivity.

- Cointelegraph By Tom Farren
Finance Redefined: Celsius raises $400M, and Rari’s 7.5K% yields, Oct. 11—15

Lending firm Celsius raised $400 million, Rari Capital exceeded $1 billion in TVL, and North America witnessed surging crypto volume — all included in this week’s Finance Redefined.

- Cointelegraph By Marco Castrovilli
Bitcoin entering final stage of major bull trend, crypto analyst says

According to crypto analyst and trader Alessio Rastani, Bitcoin will finalize its upward trajectory toward $100,000 in the next few months.

- Cointelegraph By Kirill Bryanov
Why HODL for 48 hours? Because your altcoin wallet will thank you

Even in the fast-paced cryptocurrency market, favorable conditions that fuel massive rallies often take days to materialize.

- Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar
Guernsey regulator approves Jacobi Asset Management’s Bitcoin ETF launch

GFSC-approved Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is a centrally cleared crypto-backed financial instrument with custody supported by Fidelity Digital Assets.

- Cointelegraph By Jinia Shawdagor
Asian CBDC projects: What are they doing now?

Governments in Asia are quickly researching or implementing CBDCs. What does this mean for the region’s overdependence on the U.S. dollar?

- Cointelegraph By William Suberg
BTC price hovers above $61K amid fresh concerns over fate of physical Bitcoin ETF

Suspicions arise over U.S. regulators' acceptance of physical Bitcoin ETF products later this year, amid reports than investors are voting with their feet.

- Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar
Crypto finserv firm Bakkt to soon trade publicly on New York Stock Exchange

Starting Oct. 18, Bakkt’s common stock and warrants will be listed on NYSE under the ticker symbols “BKKT” and “BKKT WS,” respectively.

- Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar
Jack Dorsey’s Square plans to build an open-source Bitcoin mining system

Jack Dorsey wants to build a single system that can improve accessibility to Bitcoin mining and further decentralize the BTC network.

- Cointelegraph By Magdalena Hristova
The responsibility behind a crypto lender’s asset listing

With the lack of regulation and common standards, a lot depends on crypto companies’ social responsibility and blockchain-based CSR.

- Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar
Salvadorans are now selling ‘way more’ US dollars to buy Bitcoin

President Bukele confirmed that Chivo has recorded 24,076 remittance requests, which has added up to $3,069,761.05 in one day.

- Cointelegraph By Rakesh Upadhyay
Price analysis 10/15: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, XRP, SOL, DOT, DOGE, LUNA, UNI

Hopes of a BTC ETF approval sent Bitcoin charging toward a new all-time high and several altcoins are also breaking out of bullish setups.

- Cointelegraph By Jordan Finneseth
Privacy-focused altcoins soar after Bitcoin’s ETF news sparks a market-wide rally

Altcoin projects focused on privacy caught a bid today as the bullish sentiment building over a possible Bitcoin ETF approval spreads across the market.

- Cointelegraph By Turner Wright
Valve removes blockchain games, tells users not to publish content on crypto or NFTs

“Steam's point of view is that items have value and they don't allow items that can have real-world value on their platform,” claimed one game developer.

- Cointelegraph By Turner Wright
BREAKING: ProShares follows Valkyrie in approval for listing Bitcoin Strategy ETF

Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart reported that the crypto futures ETF would be listed with the ticker symbol BITO, possibly as early as Oct. 18.

- Cointelegraph By Marcel Pechman
Traders celebrate Bitcoin's impending ETF, but options markets are less certain

Everyone is cheering for the BTC ETF, but options markets data shows that the implied probability for Bitcoin trading above $70,000 on Oct. 29 is just 25%.

- Cointelegraph By Turner Wright
ShapeShift hopes to create ‘rarest and most historical’ NFTs with 80% trading card supply burn

According to the exchange, it plans to retain 16 cards from the blockchain-based game Spells of Genesis to sell before 2022 and give the remaining 16 to its DAO.

- Cointelegraph By Jordan Finneseth
Bitcoin all-time highs ‘just a matter of time’ after a BTC ETF approval looks certain

Bitcoin’s price spiked above $61,800 as the promise of a BTC ETF approval reignited the discussion on whether the top-ranked cryptocurrency will hit $100,000 by the end of the year.

- Tolu Okuwoga
Over $5 Billion In BTC Paid In Top 10 Ransomware Variants, Says U.S. Treasury
Ransomware attacks in the U.S. have been on a rise since late 2020, but it is particularly booming in 2021. This year, hackers have hit numerous U.S. companies in large-scale hacks. One such attack on pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline led to temporary fuel supply shortages on the U.S. East Coast. Hackers also targeted an Iowa-based agricultural company, sparking fears of disruptions to grain harvesting in the Midwest. Schools, insurance companies, and police departments have also suffered from these attacks. Related Reading | Questions Linger As FBI Recovers Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Crypto Funds In response to this, the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), charged with safeguarding the financial system from illicit use, released a Financial Trend Analysis. FinCEN published the report on Friday, October 15, 2021. The report analyzed the considerable growth in ransomware payments in the first six months of 2021 and the relative difference from last year. Ransomware Attacks In The U.S. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen recently noted, “Ransomware and cyber-attacks are victimizing businesses large and small across America and are a direct threat to our economy.” According to the report, FinCEN analysis of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed during the first half of 2021 indicates that it is an increasing threat to the U.S. Between January 1 and June 30, 2021, 635 SARs were filed, and 458 transactions were reported. This was 30% more than the total of 487 SARs filed for the entire 2020. The total value of suspected ransomware payments during the first half of 2021 was $590 million, more than the $416 million reported for the whole of 2020. Source: FinCEN Financial Trend Analysis The U.S. Treasury Department said the average amount of reported ransomware transactions per month in 2021 was $102.3 million. FinCEN identified bitcoin (BTC) as the most common payment method in reported transactions. Approximately $5.2 billion in outgoing BTC payments tied to the top 10 variants over the past three years. It noted that USD figures cited in this analysis are based on the value of BTC when the transactions occurred. BTC trading at over $60.7K | Source: BTCUSD on If the trends keep up, hackers could make more from ransomware this year than they did in the previous ten years combined. The U.S. Government’s Response The U.S. government has been working to clamp down on attacks from hackers. The Biden administration has made the government’s cybersecurity response a top priority following a series of attacks this year that threatened the U.S. energy and food supplies. Earlier this month, the Justice Department announced the launch of a National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team to go after the exchanges that expedite crime-related transactions, like ransomware demands. Related Reading | U.S. Recovers Millions Paid In Bitcoin For Pipeline Ransomware In September, Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration was “preparing an array of actions, including sanctions, to make it harder for hackers to use digital currency.” Also last month, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned crypto exchange SUEX OTC, S.R.O. (SUEX) for facilitating financial transactions for ransomware actors. This action was the department’s first such move against a virtual currency exchange over ransomware activity. Coinciding with the release of the report, the Treasury Department released virtual currency guidance. The guidance said, “the virtual currency industry, including technology companies, exchangers, administrators, miners, wallet providers, and users, plays an increasingly critical role in preventing sanctioned persons from exploiting virtual currencies to evade sanctions and undermine U.S. foreign policy and national security interests.” Featured image by Bitcoin News, Chart from
- Reynaldo Marquez
Bitcoin ETF Check, What’s Next For BTC
The approval of a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in the U.S. has come true. Different actors in the crypto space have tried to receive the greenlight from that country’s regulator (SEC) for little less than a decade. Related Reading | Bitcoin ETF Receives Approval from SEC, Marking Historic Day for Crypto Major achievement for the crypto industry, there is a sensation of euphoria in the market with Bitcoin reaching a 24-hour high of around $63,000. There has been some retracement since that peak, but BTC’s price continues to trade north of $61,000, at the time of writing. Investment firm QCP Capital commented on the BTC ETF approval. As reported by NewsBTC, the investment products will track the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Bitcoin futures. Thus, some have argued that it’ll be a poorly execute product to benefit Wall Street and institutions. QCP Capital said: The approval of a Bitcoin ETF is a positive development. Whatever the case may be, a progressive step from the regulator is good for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market at large. Opposite to the opinion of those against the Bitcoin ETF approval, QCP Capital believes this product will “sideline institutional” investors due to its characteristics. Thus, the U.S. retail sector could become the predominant player. Related Reading | Bitcoin “Supertrend” Begins As Buy Signals Stack On All Major Timeframes A BTC ETF based on CME futures will most likely trade at a premium related to Bitcoin’s spot price. Therefore, institutional investors could have little incentive to trade this investment product in step of simply buying CME contracts.  QCP Capital said: We are not sure if these futures-based ETFs will be able to draw enough new money to trigger an exponential move higher like the one we saw in Q4 2020. The market could experience a new inflow of capital, as expected from traders and operators, as investors move “out of Gold ETFs into Bitcoin”. It remains to be seen if this move will be able to sustain a rally. After The Bitcoin ETF, Is Ethereum Next In Line? In addition to the potential lack of sufficient flows to hold BTC’s current levels, operators seem to have price in the Bitcoin ETF approval, QCP Capital added. There have been rumors going around for the past two weeks with the SEC Chair himself Gary Gensler hinting at this positive possibility. This could contribute with a potential retracement and trigger a “buy the rumor, sell the news event”. In the future, QCP Capital expects an Ethereum ETF with similar characteristics to be approved as the CME offers ETH based products. The firm said: (…) this also means that until other coins have a futures contract, the US will only be limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs for the time being. Other variables might come in to play to change market dynamics: a growth in CME BTC futures trading volume, a focus on other crypto related issues, the firm said, the increase in Bitcoin based instruments to generate yield. However, one of the most important variables might be the potential decline in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). A favorite tool amongst institutions to gain BTC exposure, an ETF could render it obsolete. Thus, the crypto market could face some uncertainty. Related Reading | Bitcoin Returns To $60K, What’s Holding Off From New ATHs? As seen below, the GBTC has been trading at an important discount since March 2021. QCP Capital added the following: What could happen for GBTC in the future is a possible takeover and delisting. We are not sure what market impact this might have but it would be worth keeping an eye on what happens with the largest private Bitcoins treasury with 680,000 BTC.
- San Lee
CryptoPunks Owner Declines Record-setting $9.5 Million Offer, Explains Why 
Earlier today, the owner of the non-fungible token CryptoPunks #6046 declined a bid of $9.5 million dollars in Ethereum (ETH), which would have been the highest on-chain NFT transaction to date. The bidder, who goes by an ENS of poap.eth, placed the record-setting bid after the CryptoPunks owner tweeted: “My punk is not for sale. Don’t care what anyone offers me.”  CryptoPunks is an NFT collection of 10,000 randomly generated images created by Larva Labs, and is widely touted and recognized as the #1 collection across the entire NFT space.  Related Reading | Cryptopunks are Headed to Hollywood The project is an all-time leader in total transaction volume at 552,073 ETH, or approximately $2.1 billion. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which is the next largest collection on OpenSea, has recorded 1/5th of CryptoPunk’s all-time sales volume. According to data from Larva Labs, the most expensive transaction to date was $7.57M for Punk #7804 back on March 11, 2021.  Come on Richerd. Don't you want to go down in history as the top cryptopunk sale to date? — POAP – The bookmarks of your life (@poapxyz) October 15, 2021 If the bid made by poap.eth were to have been accepted, CryptoPunk #6046 would have become arguably the most valuable CryptoPunk by more than 500 ETH. Interestingly enough however, the owner himself admitted that the “value” of his NFT was nowhere near the ballpark of $9.5M: [#]6046 is probably not worth 2500 ETH, it’s a mid tier punk due to its defining 3D glasses traits. So why would someone offer 2500 ETH on it?”  How Exactly are CryptoPunks Valued? Within NFT collections, the value of an individual piece is often determined by the rarity of its traits and characteristics. This is the case for CryptoPunks, with extremely rare traits like Aliens (0.09%) fetching a far greater price than ones with more common traits. In the case of Punk #6046, its trait of 3D glasses (3%) would be worth considerably less than extremely rare traits.  The average price of a CryptoPunk has skyrocketed over the past year, with data from DuneAnalytics showing a 1300% increase in average sales price since the beginning of the year. Despite these meteoric increases in price, the NFT space is still in relative infancy. Related Reading | Forget NFT Avatars: Owning and Trading NFT Colors Could be the Next NFT Trend on OpenSea  Coinbase, which recently announced its plans to release an NFT marketplace, saw over 1.5 million sign ups – a number trumping OpenSea’s user base by several fold. According to dappRadar, OpenSea has a total user base count of 263 thousand. With Coinbase entering the NFT space, there’s little to no doubt that the industry will continue to grow exponentially.  Interestingly enough, @richerd explained the reasoning behind rejecting the offer. He implied that his brand and online persona was largely connected to his CryptoPunk, and selling it would effectively sever this bond. “My identity, along with [the] identity of other iconic Punks, have value beyond the NFT itself. We have our own brands similar to any other brand and that has value. Because I value my personal brand and identity, this was an easy rejection for me.”  Featured image from Larva Labs  
- NewsBTC
MobiePay Rebrands into Mobie Network to Broaden the Scope of Technologies and Products
MobiePay, a popular service that aims to bridge the gap between blockchain and the mainstream, has recently announced a major change of its brand. The project has now changed its name to Mobie Network. Initially, the project started off as MobiePay, in order for people to know what type of project the team is developing and what kind of service they plan to offer. However, as the development continued, the project decided to broaden the scope of different technologies and products that it aims to build and offer. But, with all the new products in the pipeline, the name MobiePay no longer does it justice, indicating that the project offers less than what it actually has. As a result, its team decided to rebrand into Mobie Network, which is expected to help with more utility within their platform. The change will also help build the Mobie ecosystem into a proper network, instead of being simply a payment/banking functionality. On top of that, the project will also enhance its products with other on-chain and off-chain products. The project’s ultimate goal is to turn its Mobie Network into a hub for all of the crypto-specific innovation that is encompassed under the Mobie umbrella. This is meant to include everything, from MobieSwap, Mobie Bridge, the token side of the app, staking and rewards functionalities, the tokenized community, and more. What Innovations are Coming with Mobie Network? Mobie Network will also build mainstream products with blockchain by bridging the gap between user experience and this emerging technology. One way to do it is to provide a more personalized payment experience. Specifically, the project will offer a personal and business finance app that will be available on the web and mobile alike. Next, they aim to offer an efficient and dependable gateway for crypto and fiat currencies alike. This will allow them to handle anything, from checkouts to transfers. Mobie Network also plans to get involved in gaming payments. Crypto and gaming have been a great match for years now, and Mobie Network can contribute to that relationship further by bringing innovative payments, data, and sophisticated analytics. Speaking of analytics, the firm is bringing consumer and market insights to those who need it, and in doing so, it can help drive loyalty and conversions for retailers in any industry. Finally, with the NFT sector exploding in 2021, it is not surprising that Mobie Network is eyeing that space as well.  In terms of NFTs, it will support users with creation, purchasing, storing, or swapping them, with all of the transactions being effortless, efficient, and with a seamless interface. Of course, the network will continue to allow users to spend, send, earn, or give cash or cryptocurrencies instantly. There is a clear advantage to being able to do all of this from one spot. However, Mobie Network is going even further than that now, offering users to use crypto for everyday purchases, it offers incentives for adoption and growth through cashback and affiliate revenue, and it simplifies payments for the merchants, making it easier for them to start accepting cryptocurrencies. In doing so, merchants stand to become a part of an extremely popular emerging crypto industry and increase the number of customers through inclusiveness. Conclusion All in all, MobiePay was an important chapter in the project’s history, but now it is time to take the next step, and Mobie Network is the working name for this new segment of the company’s history.
- Best Owie
Strike Launches New Feature To Allow Users Convert Salaries To Bitcoin
Payments processor Strike has announced the launch of a new feature that will allow users to convert their paychecks to bitcoin. This feature brings workers one step closer to collecting their paychecks in bitcoin. Instead of the employer paying out wages and salaries in BTC, employees can take the paychecks they receive and convert them to cryptocurrency in one easy step. Receiving Paychecks In Bitcoin Strike is enabling users to convert all or some of their paychecks into BTC. Instead of cashing into fiat and then having to change back to BTC, users can directly convert to BTC using the paycheck that they receive. The feature is known as “Pay Me in Bitcoin” was announced on Thursday and is one of Strike’s efforts to make BTC readily available to its users. Related Reading | Why We Could See The First Approved U.S. Bitcoin ETF In October Strike is best known for helping El Salvador in their journey to bitcoin adoption, but they are also a bitcoin-focused payments processor that allows users to receive and pay in BTC. And with the new feature, get paid in BTC with no hassles. Strike completely bypasses the need for employers to adopt and start paying their employees in cryptocurrencies. Instead giving employees the power to decide if they would rather convert their paychecks to fiat currency or cryptocurrencies. This also means that employees are not limited by the payments options their employers use. It doesn’t matter the company individuals work for, they can choose to have their paychecks deposited in bitcoin. BTC price trading above $61,300 | Source: BTCUSD on Following The Lead Of Coinbase Strike’s announcement of the “Pay Me in Bitcoin” feature comes only a few weeks after Coinbase launched a similar feature. In the announcement post, Coinbase shared that customers were now able to deposit their paychecks directly to cryptocurrencies to ease their trading activities and just like Strike, streamline the process of users converting their money to cryptocurrencies. The feature has been welcome in the crypto space as investors can now decide to deposit their full paycheck or a portion of it into their cryptocurrency tradings accounts. Customers could also choose to deposit their paychecks directly to U.S. dollars on Coinbase, which they can then use to carry out their trading activities on the platform. Related Reading | Bitcoin Breaks $60,000 Ahead Of SEC ETF Approvals Similar to Coinbase, Strike announced that the feature will initially be available to users in the United States. Roll-outs for other countries may be in the works but there has been no confirmation of these. Although users can only convert their paycheck to bitcoin on Strike, Coinbase offers users a wider variety as they can convert their paychecks to the over 100 cryptocurrencies currently listed on the exchange. Featured image from Inc. Magazine, chart from
- San Lee
Bitcoin ETF Receives Approval from SEC, Marking Historic Day for Crypto
Since the first meteoric rise of Bitcoin in 2017, asset managers and investment firms have looked to seize the opportunity in the growing space, attempting to bring the cryptocurrency to Wall Street. Of course, the majority of these efforts (if not all) were futile – caused by waning demand during downturns, opposition from government entities, or the general uncertainty surrounding crypto’s future as an asset class. But now, with Bitcoin gaining approval from the public, institutions, and even nations like El Salvador, it only seems right for crypto to finally cement its legitimacy.  ProShares’ Bitcoin ETF Gains Approval from the SEC Earlier today, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally announced that it had approved the first ever Bitcoin Futures ETF in the United States. This is following months of deliberation and delays, with the commission delaying its verdict on at least a dozen or more additional Bitcoin ETF applications. Proshares, the asset management firm that filed its ETF earlier this summer, is set to launch as early as next week. In its amended prospectus updated on Oct. 15, Proshares stated that its ETF is expected to launch on Monday, Oct. 18.  BREAKING: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) officially approves #Bitcoin ProShares Futures ETF, which is expected to begin trading next week. — Mr. Whale (@CryptoWhale) October 15, 2021 Without a doubt, this is a historic moment for the cryptocurrency space. Serving as a regulated alternative to directly holding the underlying digital asset, an accessible exchange-traded fund will mean an influx of funds from retail and institutional investors alike. ProShares’ Bitcoin ETF will function similarly to that of Grayscale’s GBTC, where the ETF will track Bitcoin futures, rather than the price of the digital asset directly. SEC Chair Gary Gensler stated that future-based products will likely provide stronger investor protections due to the stringent securities laws they must operate under.  As a futures-based product, there may be potential premiums or discounts relative to the net asset value (NAV). However, the Proshares’ ETF has a management fee of 0.95%, which is considerably lower than GBTC’s 2%. This, coupled with GBTC’s stringent redemption periods and deviation from the NAV, will likely lead to a mass rotation of funds from the GBTC to ProShares’ ETF.  Breaking Down Bitcoin’s Price Action The aforementioned news sent the crypto markets higher, with BTC nearing its all-time high price of $63,000. Earlier today, the price of BTC peaked at $62,600. At press time, BTC is priced at $61,300 – up 6.36% in the past 24 hours alone. According to CoinMarketCap, the major cryptocurrency has reclaimed its $1 trillion market capitalization, comfortably sitting at $1.15T. Ethereum and other major altcoins reacted positively to the news, closing in on their respective all-time high prices. Featured image from UnSplash
- Reynaldo Marquez
Jack Dorsey: Square Could Build Bitcoin Mining System
CEO of financial services company Square Jack Dorsey could take another step further into expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem. Via his Twitter account, Dorsey announced that the company is currently “considering” the possibility of creating a BTC mining system. Related Reading | Square’s Cash App Reports $2.7B In Quarterly Bitcoin Revenue, A 200% Jump A known Bitcoin bull, Dorsey has been exploring the sector throughout 2021 with important partnerships created with Ark’s Cathie Wood. As NewsBTC reported, the partners proposed an alternative driven system to support a renewable energy grid with Bitcoin miners. Now, Square could be based their mining system on “custom silicon and open source for individuals and businesses worldwide”, the announcement said. Dorsey clarified that the mining system could track its hardware wallet model. In August, the company revealed a new project to build a decentralized exchange to facilitate Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading alongside a hardware wallet. Similar to today’s announcement, the company emphasized the need to collaborate with the community and the ecosystem to benefit the project and the network. Dorsey made some reflections on the nature of mining and: Mining needs to be more distributed. The core job of a miner is to securely settle transactions without the need for trusted 3rd parties. This is critical well after the last bitcoin is mined. The more decentralized this is, the more resilient the Bitcoin network becomes. In that sense, the CEO of Square believes BTC mining needs to be “more efficient” and to continue to move towards clean energy. Related Reading | Why Square Will Create New Bitcoin-Focused Company, According To CEO Jack Dorsey As stated in the aforementioned Whitepaper, BTC mining could be used to create and support an alternative energy system. Dorsey believes BTC and its network are a potential source of innovation for the renewable energy dilemma. Square To Work On Bitcoin Mining For The Mainstream Therefore, Square wants to make BTC mining more accessible to everyone in order to resolve the issues around Silicon design and vertical integration in the energy sector. Dorsey said: Mining isn’t accessible to everyone. Bitcoin mining should be as easy as plugging a rig into a power source. There isn’t enough incentive today for individuals to overcome the complexity of running a miner for themselves. What are the biggest barriers for people running miners? The CEO of Square said Jessi Dorogusker will lead a team to research the technical requirements to undertake the project with Afshin Rezayee and Thomas Templeton. Dorogusker said: We will incubate the Bitcoin mining system project inside Square’s hardware team, starting with architecture, design, and prototyping of more efficient silicon, hashing algorithms, and power architectures. At the time of writing, BTC trades at $61,945 with a 7% and 16.1% profit in the daily and weekly charts, respectively.
- Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin “Supertrend” Begins As Buy Signals Stack On All Major Timeframes
Bitcoin price is above $60,000 and bears are in disbelief. But they shouldn’t be, as bulls have long been in control of the trend. It had only been lower timeframes that had flipped bearish, while the most dominant trend had remained up. According to the Supertrend, all of the most important timeframes have since flipped bullish, with buy signals appearing across the board. Here is a closer look at what the tool says, the only remaining timeframe without a buy signal, and more information on what the Supertrend technical indicator does. What The Supertrend Says About The Bitcoin Bull Run When Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are trending, they move fast and hard. During uptrends, coins post tens to hundreds of thousand percent rallies. Downtrends then wipe out 99% of that progress. The cycle then repeats and it happens all over again. Trends take place across multiple timeframes. For example, a short-term downtrend on daily timeframes might last weeks, while a monthly downtrend could take years to turn around. The same is true for the opposite direction, which is what bears missed this time around. Related Reading | How 90-Year Old Market Wizardry Predicted The Bitcoin Breakout Bitcoin price flipped bearish on daily and even weekly timeframes, but failed to flip fully bearish on the monthly timeframe. That is at least according to a technical indicator called the Supertrend, which gives fairly straightforward buy and sell signals. On monthly timeframes, Bitcoin never fell bearish, and has recently flipped back bullish on the daily and weekly timeframe. From left to right: Monthly, Weekly, Daily timeframes | Source: BTCUSD on Buy Signals Stack As BTC Approaches Pivotal Point According to eLearnMarkets, the Supertrend is a trend following indicator “similar to moving averages.” It is plotted along with price action, using only a period and a multiplier for its calculation. “When we construct the Supertrend indicator strategy, the default parameters are 10 for Average True Range (ATR) and 3 for its multiplier. The average true range (ATR) plays a key role in ‘Supertrend’ as the indicator uses ATR to compute its value and it signals the degree of price volatility,” the site description reads. Essentially, the tool projects a moving average-like line based on the Average True Range, when which broken, issues a buy or sell signal depending on the direction. The two-week still hasn't triggered a buy signal | Source: BTCUSD on Buy signals have been issued on daily, weekly and monthly as pictured at the top of the article, but the chart directly above here shows that the two-week timeframe has yet to be penetrated, leaving one more box for BTC to check before new highs are guaranteed. Related Reading | Bitcoin Price Prepares To Blast Off Back Into RSI “Bull Zone” The fact buy signals are only just triggering as Bitcoin is hitting former resistance and what was supposed to be the bull market “top” is probably the best proof yet that what happened in April 2021 was no cycle peak. As for what price that might happen yet, we’ll be watching the Supertrend closely for when the next sell signal triggers. Follow @TonySpilotroBTC on Twitter or join the TonyTradesBTC Telegram for exclusive daily market insights and technical analysis education. Please note: Content is educational and should not be considered investment advice. Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from
- Hououin Kyouma
Ethereum Looks Set To Explode As 400,000 ETH Exits Coinbase
On-chain data shows crypto exchange Coinbase saw a withdrawal of 400k Ethereum yesterday. This could be a sign of activity from institutional investors, and could prove to be bullish for the coin. Coinbase Observes Outflow Of 400,000 ETH As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, about 400k ETH (1.5 billion at the current exchange rate) was withdrawn yesterday from the crypto exchange Coinbase. The indicator used here is the Ethereum outflow, which shows the total number of coins exiting wallets of the exchange. When the metric shows a big spike, it means a lot of ETH was withdrawn from the exchange. Investors usually take out a lot of coins to either hodl them or to sell them through OTC deals. So, constant outflows can mean that there is a buying pressure in the market and investors feel bullish on Ethereum. Now, here is how the chart for the indicator looks like for the crypto exchange Coinbase: ETH's outflow showed a large spike yesterday | Source: CryptoQaunt As the above graph shows, the crypto exchange Coinbase saw a spike of a massive 400k Ethereum in outflows yesterday. Outflows this big can be a sign of activity from institutional investors as certainly normal holders won’t have these many coins to move around. Related Reading | Only In Crypto: A Croissant Lists Potential Bullish Drivers For Bitcoin And Ethereum In Q4 2021 Institutional investors being bullish on ETH can mean huge things for the crypto. If ETH has to move to the next leg up, it will need a lot of money pumped into it, and this usually means whales like institutional investors need to get involved. As these outflows already signal that institutional investors are taking their coins out of exchanges to perhaps hodl them, ETH’s outlook looks bullish. Ethereum Price At the time of writing, ETH’s price floats around $59.9k, up 9% in the last seven days. Over the last thirty days, the crypto has amassed 25% in gains. The below chart shows the trend in the price of the coin over the last five days: ETH's price makes a push up and approaches the $4k mark | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView ETH has made a big push in the last few days as the coin now approaches a test of the $4k mark. It’s unclear at the moment if ETH can keep this momentum going and reach a new all time high (ATH) soon, or if it will falter once again. Related Reading | TA: Ethereum Follows Bitcoin, Why ETH Could Surge Towards $4K If the outflows are anything to go by, the general sentiment seems to be bullish and institutional investors getting involved can help with the big price pushes the crypto needs to break important resistance lines. Featured image from, charts from,
- Best Owie
Bitcoin Breaks $60,000 Ahead Of SEC ETF Approvals
Bitcoin has broken a new five-month high on Friday after breaking above $60,000. The digital asset had begun its ascent weeks prior at the beginning of October, a historically bullish month for cryptocurrencies. This rally has been mostly driven by rumors that the SEC is set to approve the first Bitcoin ETF in the United States. With news like this circulating in the market, traders have ramped up their activities in the market. The rumors have triggered massive buying activities in the market and this has led to the price rally we are currently witnessing in the market. Related Reading | Bitcoin Whales Accumulation Patterns Shows Strong Bullish Sentiment Among Top Holders Bitcoin has long been expected to break this price point but has encountered multiple roadblocks that have beaten the price back down. A significant point was the $52K market which the digital asset had broken back at the beginning of September. Expectations were that the asset would ride the wave up to $60K. However, a market crash had dragged the price back down towards the $40K price range. Buy The Rumor, Sell The News? Investors have been buying the rumor leading up to the SEC’s ETF decision. This has contributed greatly to the current rally. Order books are filled to the brim as investors, old and new, put more money into the market. BTC’s recent price gains have however raised questions with regards to the current market dynamics. Some have put forward that the market is responding to people buying the rumor. But that when the news of a bitcoin ETF approval arrives, investors who have been hoarding through the past couple of weeks will dump their bags as they sell the news. Related Reading | Why We Could See The First Approved U.S. Bitcoin ETF In October Concerns have been raised over this and investors are wary of the market dynamics. Nevertheless, others have said that this is only the beginning of the rally. If the market indicators are anything to go by, then the market will likely be riding out this bull to the first quarter of 2022. Bitcoin Price Movements Bitcoin has now touched above $60,000 for the second time on Friday. It had previously hit the price point but dip shortly after to the high $59K. The price had subsequently recovered above $60K, peaking at $60,351, according to TradingView. BTC price breaks above $60K for new five-month high | Source: BTCUSD on BTC is making great strides in recovery and has once again surpassed expectations for it. The market was expected to slide into a prolonged bear market but the asset has shaken off the bears. At this point, bitcoin is less than 10% away from a new all-time high. At the time of writing, BTC is trading a little below $60K at $59,919, with a total market cap of $1.129 trillion. The crypto market cap has not been left out of this recovery as the total market cap now sits at $2.45 trillion. Featured image from Pixabay, chart from
- bitFlyer Europe
Our new Funding Page is here!
We are happy to announce that we have updated the user interface of our Funding page on the Web (desktop version)!
- bitFlyer Europe
Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day 2021!
Today is May 22nd, which means it's Pizza Day for the Bitcoin/Crypto community! On May 22nd 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Pizzas fo 10 000 BTC, which was worth around €33.00 back in 2010.
- bitFlyer Europe
The updated interface of Buy/Sell on the web is here!
We are happy to present you our new interface of Buy/Sell available on the web (both desktop and mobile).
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New home screen for our iOS and Android app is now live!
Today we present you our new home screen of the bitFlyer App for iOS and Android.
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bitFlyer Referral Program - Invite friends, get free BTC!
Today we launched our new Referral Program where you and your friends can earn rewards! Both you and your friend will get €10 worth of Bitcoin each when your friend creates an account and trades €100 of crypto or more.
- bitFlyer Europe
What is Lisk? (LSK) - A bitFlyer Academy Guide for Beginners
Lisk (LSK) is a blockchain-based, decentralised computational platform. It was founded in early 2016, by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. As a fork of Crypti—a JavaScript-based platform for dApps—Lisk’s primary vision is to broaden the accessibility of blockchain technology.
- bitFlyer Europe
What is Litecoin? (LTC) - A bitFlyer Academy Guide for Beginners
Despite introducing new possibilities for the world of finance and technology, Bitcoin’s core came with significant usability and scalability shortcomings. Commonly known as the first successful altcoin, Litecoin (LTC) was created in 2011 as an alternative solution to these problems.
- bitFlyer Europe
The State of Investing & Crypto in different markets
As a global cryptocurrency exchange that has offices, among others, in San Francisco and Tokyo, this time we decided to dive deep into the current state of investing and cryptocurrencies in the US and Japan, and explore the differences between these two big and interesting markets.
- bitFlyer Europe
Recurring Buy is now live on our App! Set up regular crypto purchases on bitFlyer
Today, we are launching a new “Recurring Buy” feature, which means our users can now purchase crypto automatically with as little as 10 EUR by a simple set up. You can use it from our mobile app "bitFlyer wallet", available on both iOS and Android.
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Elliptic recognizes bitFlyer for outstanding compliance for the second time in a row!
For the second time in a row, bitFlyer received the Elliptic Compliance Award! As we demonstrated exemplary compliance and contributed to making the cryptoasset market safe to use. Thank you Elliptic!
- bitFlyer Europe
2020 wrap up: the most important bitFlyer and crypto events
To celebrate upcoming year, we prepared the summary of bitFlyer Group achievements in 2020 and important crypto events. We must admit it was quite a year! Let's hope 2021 will bring us even more things to celebrate.
- bitFlyer Europe
What is Monacoin? (MONA) - A bitFlyer Academy Guide for Beginners
Launched in Dec 2013, Monacoin is “Japan’s first cryptocurrency” and the outcome of a Litecoin hard fork. MONA was initially created as the native asset for a hash-finding game but has become increasingly popular, to the extent of being used for day-to-day payments & transactions.
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Start trading immediately with “Quick ID verification”
We are proud to announce that bitFlyer Europe has launched the “Quick ID verification”. It allows new users to verify their account and start trading without limits in less than 5 minutes.
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A look at Ethereum and the history of the second biggest cryptocurrency in terms of volume
Second only to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalisation, Ethereum is an open-source, blockchain-powered, distributed computing platform. It also enables Smart Contracts and Decentralised Applications (DApps) that are effectively censorship-resistant, tamper-proof, and have minimal downtime.
- bitFlyer Europe
What is Bitcoin Cash? (BCH) - A bitFlyer Academy Guide for Beginners
Bitcoin’s popularity sky-rocketed in the next few years, driven primarily by the unprecedented possibilities that it enabled within the finance sector. However, in 2017, the community failed to reach a consensus regarding the network’s state, resulting in a hard fork that formed Bitcoin Cash.
- Ana Grabundzija
Over 160 projects will launch on Terra (LUNA) early next year

Terraform Labs, the South Korean company behind the blockchain project Terra (LUNA), continues focusing on advancing the developer activity on the network.

The post Over 160 projects will launch on Terra (LUNA) early next year appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Abdumalik Mirakhmedov

Bitcoin mining and its impact on the environment has been in the news recently, as Elon Musk tweeted his concern about the amount of its fossil fuel usage, and withdrawing his support of the cryptocurrency.

The post Op-Ed: Here’s how Bitcoin mining accelerates clean energy adoption appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Shaurya Malwa

Nervos today announced that the Force Bridge is now live on the mainnet.

The post Nervos launches cross-chain bridge to connect Ethereum and Cardano appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Samuel Wan
DappRadar Report: These blockchain games are more popular than Axie Infinity

While Axie Infinity may be stealing the show, a report by DappRadar on the state of blockchain gaming puts several gaming titles ahead of it in terms of unique active wallets (UAW) in Q3 2021.

The post DappRadar Report: These blockchain games are more popular than Axie Infinity appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Ana Grabundzija

The dramatic rise of Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) price drew plenty of attention in October, while the community behind the pet-meme crypto mobilized to support the momentum.

The post 250,000 traders sign petition to add Shiba Inu (SHIB) on Robinhood appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Oluwapelumi Adejumo

Telegram groups that are used to pump and dump all financial products, including any crypto assets, would henceforth face the wrath of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), according to a report from an Australian media outlet.

The post Australian authorities target crypto telegram groups to weed out ‘pump and dump’ schemes appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Oluwapelumi Adejumo

This post was last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 06:32 amEarlier in the year, Tesla made the headlines in the crypto space for its bold entrance into the industry with an investment of $1.5 billion into the leading digital asset, Bitcoin.

The post Tesla makes $1 billion profit from its Bitcoin (BTC) holdings appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Nicholas Gregory

Anyone who closely follows the cryptocurrency industry will know that applications to launch Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETFs) have been backing up like planes waiting to land at Heathrow.

The post Why the launch of Europe’s first Bitcoin ETF is good news for mainstream adoption appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Oluwapelumi Adejumo

This post was last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 06:33 amA new Chainalysis report has revealed that thanks to growth in the DeFi space, North America is now the second-largest crypto market in the world while the dominance of East Asia has dropped significantly as it now ranks fourth in the world.

The post Report: America, not Asia, is leading in DeFi usage and DEX activity appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Shaurya Malwa

DeFi Live is a newly announced conference seeking to provide a platform for the leaders at the forefront of the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

The post DeFi Live is bringing global DeFi and crypto players under a single roof in London appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
US Mortgage Lender UWM Will No Longer Accept Bitcoin Payments
After just two months, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) decided to stop cryptocurrency payments as an option.
- Jordan Lyanchev
ICE's Bakkt Holdings will be the next cryptocurrency-related company to go public on Monday - October 18th.
- Daniel Joe
After Breaking $60k, Is Bitcoin Set for Correction Before New ATH? BTC Price Analysis
BTC has been showing strength lately, driven by anticipation of the futures-backed ETF and potential launch early next week. It closed at $61.6k with more than double the daily average volume on Coinbase, showing strong spot buying. Possible Correction for BTC? Although near-term price action has been very bullish with a strong breakout above $52.9k […]
- Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
MintGreen and the LEC joined forces to supply heating for North Vancouver through released energy from bitcoin mining.
- Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
Fidelity’s Jurrien Timmer: BTC Will Reach $100K in The Next Couple of Years
According to Jurrien Timmer - Director of Global Macro at Fidelity Investments - bitcoin needs two more years to reach a price of $100,000.
- Press Release
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] SecuX hardware wallet users can now manage their Binance Smart Chain BSC BEP-20 tokens on their iOS mobile devices on SecuX Mobile App! After the release of BSC support on the company’s web application SecuXess in late July, 2021, users have been anticipating its native support on the iOS […]
- Press Release
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] Cardence is excited to announce its up-and-coming IDO – – which among many features boasts fully anonymous transactions on the Cardano blockchain. is a fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on Cardano, which breaks the on-chain link between senders and receivers of Cardano native tokens on the […]
- Jordan Lyanchev
Bitcoin Tapped $63K Amid Latest ETF Developments: BTC Dominance at 3-Month High
The crypto market cap exceeded $2.5 trillion as bitcoin skyrocketed to $63,000 hours ago. DOT is up by 7% in a day.
- Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
NBA’s Sacramento Kings Partners with Ankr to Support The Growth of Blockchain Industry
Ankr and the Sacramento Kings joined forces to educate sports fans about the development of the digital asset sector.
- Felix Mollen
Axie Infinity Announce a New Controversial Update. AXS and SLP Drop -7%
Axie Infinity is going through some changes. Its new update sparked some debate on social media, dividing the community in two sides: Supporters and Critics.
- Cake DeFi
Earn Double With Decentralized Stocks: Can You Unlock 1,000+% APY?

In less than two years, the Decentralized Finance movement has reshaped the landscape of finance. Innovative concepts such as staking and liquidity mining, previously only known among geeks, have turned into mainstream financial products used by hundreds of thousands worldwide. Cake DeFi has been involved in this revolution and is

- Cake DeFi
What Is DeFi? Understanding This New Technology

Universal access to money and payments, open to anyone, no matter where you live –– this has always been the motivation and the big promise of cryptocurrencies. The decentralized finance (DeFi) movement takes that promise even one step further: Imagine a world where everyone has equal access to any

- Cake DeFi
How millionaires invest: Portfolio building from A to Z
Becoming a millionaire is not as far away or unattainable as it may sound - regardless of how much money you have in your bank account right now. One simple calculation does the trick.
- Cake DeFi
We Listened to You: Help Your Referrals Succeed With Cake DeFi

The most important thing for us at Cake DeFi is the success of our customers and growing community.

That's why we care so much about the feedback you share. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that we've implemented another feature you'

- Cake DeFi
Cake DeFi Brings Oktoberfest to You

O’zapft is! The smell of fresh brezels and tart beer is in the air – so get your lederhosen and dirndl dresses out of the closet and join in with Cake DeFi to celebrate Oktoberfest. Jump onto the bench, lift your beer kegs up and practice your jodeling,

- Cake DeFi
Introducing New 5 Year & 10 Year Freezer Rewards

From today, you’ll be able to freeze your DFI coins for even higher staking rewards. When you put your DFI coins into the Freezer for 5 years, you will receive 1.5x the staking rewards. That’s an extra 50% on top of what you’d

- Cake DeFi
Savers Are Losing Billions by Saving a Lot, But Saving Wrongly

Every year, the value of financial assets in the Western world increases – Europeans, Americans and Asians have never had so much money on the books as they do today. However, this is not due to high interest rates, which increase capital, but to sheer austerity, which has become more

- Cake DeFi
The All New Liquidity Mining Freezer

Dear Bakers,

Our ‘Freezer’ isn’t just growing, it’s going full-scale industrial to become a real heavyweight in our plethora of product offerings. What started as an add-on product in our old Confectionery program, has already turned into one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency products

- Cake DeFi
Your Path to Financial Independence: Earn $2000 Per Month in Passive Income With Cake DeFi!
Who wouldn't want to be free and do whatever they want, enjoy time with their loved ones and just live worryless into the day, while their own money is earning more money each and every minute. With Cake DeFi, exactly that is possible!
- Cake DeFi
New Taste Explosion – USDC Liquidity Mining

Dear Bakers,

We are always trying to adapt our recipes to suit different tastes, and we’re also constantly trying to find new flavours that will excite our bakers. That’s why the team have been on the trail to discover new ingredients that will tantalize your taste

- Cake DeFi
Cake DeFi goes for Gold: Win up to $2000 USD with Cake DeFi's Olympic Bake-Off Promotion
On your mark, get set, go! To celebrate the launch of the Olympics, we're bringing you our own Cake DeFi Olympic Bake-Off competition, giving you the chance to win big referral rewards!
- Cake DeFi
CEO Reflection Cake DeFi: Crypto Going Crazy, Cake DeFi Holding Strong
A personal reflection from Cake DeFi CEO Dr. Julian Hosp
- Cake DeFi
Ridiculously High Interest Rates With Crypto Savings Accounts

Most of you have heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – either via friends or directly from the media. Some of you may also have invested in one or the other cryptocurrency based on advice from family and friends. And the majority of you are keeping those coins in a crypto

- Cake DeFi
Double Your Rewards on Cake DeFi: New 5yr & 10yr DFI Freezer Coming Soon!

On Cake DeFi it is already possible to earn over 100% APY Staking Rewards on DeFiChain (DFI).

But what's coming up in the next few weeks is like the icing on the cake: Soon it will be possible to earn double, meaning up to 200% APY Staking Rewards

- Cake DeFi
USDC Lending With 8% APY? Now That Sounds Tasty

Hey bakers,

We’ve said this time and time again; you — our community — mean the world to us, and everything we do is to ensure that you receive the best possible service on the Cake DeFi platform. So when you asked and told us you wanted USDC

- SpectroCoin
How to buy The Synthetix (SNX)?

A quick guide on how to buy Synthetix at SpectroCoin If you would like to know how to buy Synthetix (SNX) at SpectroCoin, there are only a few steps for you to take. Read our blog to find out more! Synthetix (SNX) supports synthetic commodities like gold and silver, synthetic cryptocurrencies, synthetic fiat currencies and … Continue reading How to buy The Synthetix (SNX)?

The post How to buy The Synthetix (SNX)? appeared first on SpectroCoin Blog.

- SpectroCoin
Synthetix Explained

Synthetix (SNX) supports synthetic commodities like gold and silver, synthetic cryptocurrencies, synthetic fiat currencies and other assets. Users can involve themselves in decentralised trade easily and reliably. Synthetix’s native token, the Synthetix Network Token (SNX), is used to provide collateral against Synths that are issued. To learn more about Synthetix (SNX), read the full SpectroCoin … Continue reading Synthetix Explained

The post Synthetix Explained appeared first on SpectroCoin Blog.

- SpectroCoin
How to buy Chiliz (CHZ)?

A quick guide on how to buy Chiliz at SpectroCoin If you would like to know how to buy Chiliz (CHZ) at SpectroCoin, there are only a few steps for you to take. Read our blog to find out more! Chiliz (CHZ), an ERC-20 token, is one of the newer additions to the SpectroCoin cryptocurrency portfolio. … Continue reading How to buy Chiliz (CHZ)?

The post How to buy Chiliz (CHZ)? appeared first on SpectroCoin Blog.

- SpectroCoin
Chiliz Explained

Chiliz (CHZ), an ERC-20 token, is one of the newer additions to the SpectroCoin cryptocurrency portfolio. Chiliz (CHZ), launched in 2018, aims to bridge the gap between sports or entertainment teams and users. Fans can involve themselves in decision making within the sports club by voting. To learn more about Chiliz (CHZ), read the full … Continue reading Chiliz Explained

The post Chiliz Explained appeared first on SpectroCoin Blog.

- SpectroCoin
How to buy Holo (HOT)?

A quick guide on how to buy HOLO at SpectroCoin If you would like to know how to buy Holo at SpectroCoin, there are only a few steps for you to take. Read our blog to find out more! If you don’t have a SpectroCoin account yet, click on “Sign Up.” After completing the registration, … Continue reading How to buy Holo (HOT)?

The post How to buy Holo (HOT)? appeared first on SpectroCoin Blog.

- Harsh Agrawal
7 Best DeFi Dashboards (Track Your DeFi DApps Investments)
The world of DeFi has opened a new way to invest in the market, and the DeFi world is full …

7 Best DeFi Dashboards (Track Your DeFi DApps Investments) Read More »

- Harsh Agrawal
200 USDT Futures Bonus on MEXC Exchange (Free)
The future market drives the maximum revenue for most of the crypto exchanges, and that’s what driving a slew of …

200 USDT Futures Bonus on MEXC Exchange (Free) Read More »

- Digant Chadha
The Sandbox Fundamental Analysis – Metaverse Crypto Gaming Platform (2021)
Remember when we were kids and used to play video games? These games were always excellent for entertainment irrespective of …

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- Harsh Agrawal
The Top 12 Best Ethereum Wallets (2021 Edition)
Ethereum currently has the second largest market cap after Bitcoin. Because of this, many investors are now flocking to Ethereum. …

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- Harsh Agrawal
11 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The World To Buy Any Altcoins
Here is a consolidated list of best cryptocurrency exchanges with my comments: Binance: Offers mobile app and the world’s largest …

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The 9 Most Popular Ways To Earn Bitcoin for Free
Bitcoin has been on a bull run since its inception. Of course, I am not ignoring its bearish days, but …

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- Digant Chadha
5 Best Crypto DEX Aggregator in 2021
Crypto Industry is growing and evolving every day. So much that now authorities worldwide want to regulate it. Further, centralized …

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Lido Finance Review & Analysis – Liquid Self Staking Protocol
In recent months, the staking of crypto assets as a source of earning passive income has picked up a lot …

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Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2021 – CoinSutra Picks
What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021 for the long term? What are the best altcoins to invest …

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Comes With Reduced Mining Hashrate Too
Just like the more recently released Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 that came with mining hashrate limiter enforced by Nvidia, the new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti also came out “with a reduced Ethereum hash rate” making them less desirable for miners. The just released Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is almost equivalent in terms of specifications […]
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Bitmain Teasing With the Upcoming AntMiner E9 Ethereum Miner
Bitmain is teasing with the apparently soon to be launched new Ethash miner called Antminer E9 that is supposed to be offering 3 GH/s mining hashrate with 2556 Watts of power usage and 0.85 J/M power efficiency. This is what they claim to be the equivalent of 32 RTX 3080 graphics cards and it roughly […]
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Raptoreum (RTM) Crypto Progect and Its GhostRider CPU Algorithm
The Raptoreum (RTM) crypto project has been in development for quite some time now and just recently has officially launched its mainnet. The goal of Raptoreum is to provides a fast and secure cryptocurrency that anybody can easily use, but even more than that it is building a simple to use asset platform that will […]
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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 With Full Unrestricted ETH Mining Hashrate, But Only With Single GPU in a Gaming PC
It seems that a workaround to the artificially enforced hashrate limiter for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs mining Ethereum has been discovered and it is pretty simple apparently. You just need to use the developer driver version 470.05 where there is apparently no hashrate limiting being applied, unlike with the regular GeForce video driver […]
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AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Ethereum Mining Hashrate And More
We got a tip with the actual mining performance that the new AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT GPUs deliver for Ethereum (ETH) mining and as you can see on the screenshot above you can get around 43.5 MH/s hashrate with the stock settings shown on the right via GPU-Z. No surprises here and pretty much […]
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Pre-orders Are Apparently Open for Nvidia CMP 30HX Mining GPUs
It seems that Nvidia is getting ready to start shipping their CMP HX Dedicated GPUs for Professional Crypto Mining that were announced last month. The company is apparently taking pre-orders from their partners for deliveries starting probably in early April for the lowest-end mining model – NVIDIA CMP 30HX D6 6G. Nvidia has rated the […]
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TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.37.0 With Nvidia GDDR6X Memory Temperature Monitoring
It seems that the HWiNFO tool is no longer the only software that allows you to check the GDDR6X video memory temperature on Nvidia RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 GPUs. The latest TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.37.0 apparently also supports the display of the temperature of the hot GDDR6X memory chips and not only that, but also […]
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The Sony PlayStation 5 Game Console Mining Ethereum with almost 100 MH/s is Not True!
The last few days there seems to be an interesting photo of what is said to be PlayStation 5 (PS5) game console hacked to mine Ethereum (ETH) achieving a hashrate of 98.76 MH/s with a custom mining software. The image has apparently originated from China and the text is in Chinese, but it turns out […]
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New AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT GPU To Be Announced on March 3rd
AMD has announced that on March 3rd at 11am ET will be introducing its newest addition to the Radeon RX family of high-performance graphic cards. The announcement will be a part of the Where Gaming Begins: Episode 3 online event and everyone is expecting to see the Radeon RX 6700 XT revealed and maybe the […]
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Mining Performance of Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3060 OC Edition
The new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 video cards are here and we managed to buy one quickly while there was some stock left to do some mining benchmarks and tests. We already know that mining performance for the RTX 3060 is limited for Ethereum, but what else can you mine with the full performance is […]
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Bitcoin hits $62K as ETF approaches - 5 Reasons to invest now
Bitcoin hit $62,000 today as the SEC moves closer to approving a Bitcoin ETF - are there still good reasons to buy Bitcoin in 2021? Is the bull run about to accelerate?
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Warning! USDminer and Muxminer are both scams
Cloud mining and other crypto mining scams are some of the most prolific crypto fraud types operating today. New entries and are only the most recent in a long list. In this article BNC profiles several of them—many of which are still actively defrauding people today–and offers an easy to follow guide for how to spot mining frauds.
- Andy Pickering
Scandal and Turmoil - The Cryptocurrency Wild West
Ethan Lou is a Canadian journalist and the author of a new book called Once a Bitcoin Miner: Scandal and Turmoil in the Cryptocurrency Wild West. The book explains how Ethan had gone to North Korea and met the Ethereum Foundation's Virgil Griffith — the man later arrested for allegedly trying to help the totalitarian state break sanctions through blockchain.
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Encrypted SIM Card “Encriptados”: Security and privacy for your communications
It is not widely understood that cell phone Sim Cards have information and metadata that can compromise a user's privacy - and they're vulnerable to interception and hacking. The Encriptados Sim Card protects its users from the full range of cyber security threats and is available worldwide.
- Josh Olszewicz
Ethereum Price Analysis - 15th October 2021
Ethereum Price Analysis - 15th October 2021
- Josh Olszewicz
Bitcoin Price Analysis - 15th October 2021
Bitcoin Price Analysis - 15th October 2021
- Josh Olszewicz
REN Price Analysis - 14th October 2021
REN Price Analysis - 14th October 2021
- News
DeFi Token Weekly Round-Up - 14th October 2021
DeFi Token Weekly Round-Up - 14th October 2021. Pro-trader Josh Olszewicz breaks down his chart perspective view on the DeFi realm. Watch and find out what the charts say this week for LINK, COMP, UNI - and many more
- Josh Olszewicz
AAVE Price Analysis - 14th October 2021
AAVE Price Analysis - 14th October 2021
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WallStreetBeats launches Macro Hedge ETP
The WallStreetBets dapp has launched the world’s first ‘Exchange Traded Portfolio’ or ETP. The ETP is an investment vehicle designed to “Outrun Fiat Inflation and Crypto Volatility”
- Josh Olszewicz
Synthetix Price Analysis - 13th October 2021
Synthetix Price Analysis - 13th October 2021
- Bryce Galbraith
Best crypto interest rates 2021 - DeFi and CeFi
An overview of several leading DeFi and CeFi crypto lending platforms and who offers the highest crypto interest rates.
- Josh Olszewicz
1Inch Price Analysis -13th October 2021
1Inch Price Analysis -13th October 2021
- Andy Pickering
DeFi on Bitcoin - Sovryn is a decentralized Bitcoin trading & lending platform
John Light is head of product at Sovryn, a decentralized Bitcoin trading and lending platform. Sovryn is one of the first platforms to bring decentralized finance products to the Bitcoin protocol.
- Josh Olszewicz
Maker Price Analysis - 12th October 2021
Maker Price Analysis - 12th October 2021
- Josh Olszewicz
0x Price Analysis - 12th October 2021
0x Price Analysis - 12th October 2021
- Aditya Das
Crypto Market Forecast: Week of October 11th 2021
A curated weekly summary of forward-focused crypto news that matters. This week, Bitcoin leads the rest of the digital asset market as its appeal as a macro hedge grows. Institutions are backing the asset with activity on marketplaces like the CME beginning to surge.
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What is the Peachfolio App?
For DeFi users struggling to keep track of their portfolios and monitor market data across multiple blockchains, the Peachfolio App delivers a compelling solution - and access to a growing ecosystem of crypto tools and applications.
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Is the Digital Currency Trend Overvalued?
Recently, FED vice-president Randal Quarles declared that the current frenzy around Bitcoin is just a passing trend. In this article, you'll find out why digital currencies are not just an overvalued trend.
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Hodlnaut’s Token Swap Exceeds 100 Million USD in Traded Volume
Hodlnaut crosses 100 million USD in Token Swap Volume.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Reaches $60,000 Level
Bitcoin Price Prediction – October 14 The Bitcoin price touches the daily high of $59,999, the coin is holding above $59,000 level and it may [...]
- Ali Raza
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been under pressure to approve a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Various reports have now shown that the [...]
- Azeez Mustapha
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Market Consolidates at $57,000
Bitcoin Price Prediction – October 14The BTC/USD market consolidates at the trading level of $57,000 after the crypto trade pushed above a key resistance point [...]
- Azeez Mustapha
Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH/USD Market Features at $600
BCH/USD Market Features at $600 – October 14There has been a continued range of trading situations in the BCH/USD activities as the crypto market features [...]
- Nica SJ
In many ways, the cryptocurrency world is one of a kind. The market is still higher than it has been in the last 10 years, [...]
- Nancy Lubale
DOT Price Rallies 31% After The Launch Of Polkadot Parachain Auctions
Yesterday’s DOT price run saw the crypto rise approximately 31% to a high of around $43.10. The rally followed Polkadot’s landmark milestone as it prepares [...]
- Azeez Mustapha
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: BTC/USD in a Downward Correction as Bitcoin Battles $58.4K High
Bitcoin Fluctuates Between $57k and $58.K as Bitcoin Battles $58.4K High – October 14, 2021 Today, BTC/USD retraces to the support above $57,100 as Bitcoin [...]
- Kane Pepi
InsideBitcoins partner site have launched a new subscription forex trading service – for a small monthly payment you receive automated trading signals from a [...]
- Azeez Mustapha
Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Begins Fresh Rally to $60,000 Level
Bitcoin Price Prediction – October 14 The Bitcoin price is up by moving close to the channel as the coin strikes a sudden and bullish [...]
- Ali Raza
The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, who is also one of the most prominent crypto supporters, has disagreed with the opinions of Jamie Dimon regarding [...]
- Gwyneth Iredale

New to the term Institutional DeFi? Here we bring the definitive guide on institutional DeFi for you to understand its know-how.  Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been evolving as a prolific concept to describe the transition to peer-to-peer finance from conventional, centralized financial systems. The past year witnessed profound growth in the popularity of decentralized lending [...]

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Looking for some resources to learn about algorithmic stablecoins? You’ve reached the right place, let’s dive in. Stablecoins have emerged as one of the prominent interventions in the crypto world for addressing the concerns of volatility. Any individual following the crypto space closely would find that crypto coins and tokens are considered volatile. The value [...]

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4 Steps to Business Model Innovation

Don’t know much about the business model innovation? Don’t worry, here we bring the detailed guide to the steps in business model innovation. The world’s biggest online shopping platform, Amazon, started off in 1995 with the identity of the “world’s biggest bookstore.” Today, Amazon leads the pack among online marketplaces, creates amazing television shows and [...]

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5 Business Model Innovation that will inspire you

Creating a business model innovation for your organization? Check out some of the notable examples of inspiring business model innovation before you start! Many startups in the past developed solely on the foundation of the introduction of new technology. Such types of new ventures focused profoundly on offering solutions to problems that were beyond any [...]

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Wondering what is Moore’s law and how is it related to the Internet of Things? Well, we’ve created this guide to get you covered. Let’s dive in! Many people do not have a clear idea regarding the potential impact of IoT. At the same time, there are conflicting opinions regarding the actual value of IoT [...]

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- Diego Geroni
Business Model Innovation and Its Importance

The recent upsurge in demand for business model innovation has been dramatic and exceptionally beneficial for various reasons. Technology has been one of the foremost drivers of innovation in business models. In addition, the increasing levels of global competition among businesses have also spurred the demand for innovation to differentiate a business from another. Furthermore, [...]

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The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has completely transformed the way we perceive connectivity. With IoT, we have seen devices, apart from personal computers, connecting to the internet. IoT has enabled the possibility for embedding internet connectivity and relevant functions in various types of devices.  The world has witnessed rapid growth in the [...]

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- Diego Geroni

The popularity of business model innovation is growing profoundly in recent times, with a specific emphasis on its significance for modern businesses. Innovation in products, operations, and processes are definitely some of the credible alternatives for empowering the capabilities of a business. However, the importance of business model innovation surpasses product or process level innovations [...]

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- 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains has emerged as a promising platform for aspiring enterprise blockchain professionals and industry practitioners in recent times. We are proudly introducing another credible addition to our collection of professional training courses with our new “Getting Started with Bitcoin Technology” course. The Bitcoin course has been curated by a renowned IoT professional, Dr. Markus [...]

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Are you familiar with the term flow blockchain or have recently come across it? This detailed guide on flow blockchain will help you understand the basic and advanced concepts, let’s dive in! If you think that NFTs had been the headline-makers in 2021, then you might want to look back to 2017. CryptoKitties, one of [...]

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Nervos, a collection of protocols and public blockchain ecosystem, today announced that Force Bridge, its cross-chain asset system, has launched on mainnet. Force Bridge is now connected to Ethereum and will soon connect to Cardano and other EVM and non-EVM chains such as Bitcoin, TRON, EOS, and Polkadot. A trustless cross-chain bridge, Force Bridge allows […]

The post Nervos ‘Force Bridge’ now live to allow cross-chain connection to Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot appeared first on CryptoNinjas.


AllianceBlock, a multi-faceted blockchain-based exchange protocol, today announced a partnership with dua, an Albanian platform that includes matchmaking, marketplace, and payment services. Going forward, AllianceBlock will support dua in the creation of, a remittance transaction and payment platform leveraging DeFi to build a digital banking service for international deposits. Transactions via will require […]

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Telos, a next-generation blockchain platform, today announced it is launching the Telos EVM Mainnet, a fully EVM-compatible layer-1 chain. The Telos EVM is a non-Ethereum fork, Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) that runs existing Solidity and Vyper contracts without modification, just like Ethereum, but with 30X greater speed, around 1% of the cost of Ethereum gas […]

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Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) have been one of the main drivers of decentralized finance (DeFi), thus raising considerable interest from institutional investors. But as DEXs strongly differ from traditional trading venues, financial institutions should be aware of the opportunities and risks involved. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is one of the biggest success stories in the digital asset […]

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SimpleHold: Light crypto wallet available on 4 browsers with user-friendly features

Close your eyes and imagine the safest and the most trustable wallet ever. Now you can open them, it is here looking at you from the screen and its name is SimpleHold. Let’s get to know a bit better the wallet which was designed to meet all of your needs… A light wallet focusing on […]

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SEBA Bank, a FINMA licensed crypto-asset banking platform, today announced the launch of SEBA Earn, an institutional-grade solution enabling clients to earn yields on their crypto holdings. As a comprehensive staking management platform, SEBA Earn will enable institutions and individuals to generate rewards on their cryptocurrency from networks including Tezos, Polkadot, and Cardano; with more […]

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Payment platform Advcash integrates Nexo’s crypto yield-generating API

Nexo, the crypto-asset lending and investment platform, has expanded its B2B yield-generating product by integrating its Earn API with Advcash, a multi-asset payment platform. Nexo’s competitive yields on cryptocurrency savings are now easily available to over four million Advcash users. Advcash offers a payment platform for both fiat and cryptocurrencies with fast and flexible accounts […]

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Constellation, a distributed infrastructure that connects big data with blockchain, today announced it has acquired Dor, a startup that helps retail brands grow by empowering them to improve customer outcomes via its data analytics solution that enables them to better understand store foot traffic. With the acquisition, Constellation is positioned to acquire and codify Dor’s […]

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AirGap, a self-custody bitcoin and crypto wallet with a storage application, announced today its latest release. In update v3.11.0, AirGap implemented support for SegWit for Bitcoin (BTC), improved secret import and entropy collection via dice rolls. Segregated Witness (SegWit) is an update to the Bitcoin protocol that modified the way data was stored in the […]

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Evolve Markets, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency denominated margin trading platform, today announced it has added five new crypto trading markets with the listing of LINK, DOGE, SOL, BNB, and DOT. The following markets are now listed in the crypto orderbook on Evolve Markets: Chainlink (LINK-USD) Dogecoin (DOGE-USD) Solana (SOL-USD) Binance (BNB-USD) Polkadot (DOT-USD) Trading Specifications […]

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-, a crypto/bitcoin wallet and exchange company, announced today the official launch of margin trading on the Exchange. Margin trading is currently supported for Gold-verified users and is not currently available for users in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, The Netherlands, and other select countries. For now, the margin trading product […]

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ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum software company, today announced the acquisition of the Treum team and its NFT platform from Mesh, a Web3 incubator, for an undisclosed amount. With this acquisition, ConsenSys is welcoming a team of creators, product managers, and software developers who have pioneered use-cases of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) since their formation in 2017. […]

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Hex Trust, an Asia-based crypto-asset custodian, today announced its partnership with Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade public ledger. Specifically, Hex Trust has integrated the Hedera network and the Hedera Token Service (HTS) standard into Hex Safe, its bank-grade custody platform, enabling support for HBAR, the Hedera network’s native cryptocurrency, and all HTS issuances on the protocol. […]

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XDC Network, the enterprise-grade hybrid blockchain specializing in global trade and finance, today released a collection of multiplatform software development kits (SDKs), covering iOS, Android, .NET, Java, and Go. The SDKs will allow application developers to easily incorporate XRC-based tokens and smart contracts into their domain-specific applications without expertise in blockchain technology. Last month, XDC […]

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Etrading Software, through its non-profit division the DTI Foundation, announced today it has launched a new service to enable the tracking of all digital assets. The service will issue identifiers for digital assets based on the new ISO standard, the Digital Token Identifier (DSO). ISO has selected Etrading Software to be the Registration Authority for […]

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21Shares, an issuer of cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs), today announced Copper will provide crypto-asset custody and staking services to secure the underlying assets of its cryptocurrency ETPs amidst increasing interest from institutional investors. Copper’s custody, which uses Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, creates three separate key shards rather than one private key to largely eliminate the […]

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Amasa, a crypto micro income stream app, today announced a new partnership with IoTeX, the blockchain-powered network for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoTeX was founded to create a borderless ecosystem of connected IoT devices that can interact in a trusted, secure, and privacy-preserving way. IoTeX is helping people generate and take ownership of new […]

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BitOasis, the Middle East and North Africa-based crypto exchange, announced today it has wrapped up its Series B round, the company has closed $30 million in funding from new and existing investors. This round was co-led by Chicago-based VC firm Jump Capital, along with MENA region’s Wamda, and seeks to propel BitOasis on an accelerated […]

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Hex Trust, an Asia-based licensed and insured provider of custody for crypto-assets, announced it has raised USD $10 million in an investment round led by Animoca Brands, a company specializing in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. Other investors include Ripple Labs, Algorand Foundation, BCW Group, Tessera Capital Partners, Mind Fund, Double Peak Group, and Token […]

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BlockFills, a cryptocurrency trading technology company, announced today the release of Phoenix, its new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) crypto interface designed for institutional clients to access the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency trading technology and liquidity. With the new platform, investors have access to the following capabilities: Desktop, Mac-native, web, and mobile platform versions A virtually limitless choice of […]

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- Anneke Muis

Changelly introduces another token available on the platform — the IDEX token. Users can now effortlessly exchange IDEX tokens at floating rates. Idex claims to be the first hybrid liquidity DEX that combines an order book model with an automated market maker. It blends the performance and features of a traditional order book model with the security and liquidity of an AMM. Idex takes an innovative approach to decentralized exchanges by combining an off-chain trading engine with an on-chain trade […]

The post IDEX Is Available on Changelly appeared first on Cryptocurrency News & Trading Tips – Crypto Blog by Changelly.

- Annie Izockey
Shiba Inu Coin Price Analysis and Forecast

In the last few weeks, it seems that all crypto investors are talking about the Shiba Inu token (SHIBA) while the financial media are writing about it a lot. What is known about this cryptocurrency, and why is it called ‘the Dogecoin killer‘? In this article, we try to depict fully the current position of the new cryptocurrency on the market and what the future holds for it. Shiba Inu price today What Is the Shiba Inu Coin? The SHIB […]

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- Annie Izockey
XRP (Ripple) Price Prediction

At the turn of 2017 and 2018, the Ripple cryptocurrency made a dizzying leap, briefly becoming the second most capitalized cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin. This growth was followed by a long and painful decline in the exchange rate and capitalization of XRP. The drop turned out to be even deeper on average than the general sagging capitalization of cryptocurrencies.  Ripple Price Today What Is XRP? XRP was created neither as an alternative means of payment nor as an […]

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- Anneke Muis

Changelly goes on expanding its family of over 200 cryptocurrencies available on the platform. Users can now effortlessly exchange YFII tokens at floating rates. DFI.MONEY, also known as YFII, is a fork of (YFI), a popular decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator platform. Launched in July 2020, it aims to optimize returns for DeFi investors while adhering to changes proposed in an upgrade plan called YIP-8. In addition to protocol changes, DFI.MONEY has also released new products, chief among which, the […]

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- Annie Izockey
Cosmos (ATOM) Price Prediction

Due to the steady development and popularization of the ideas of the cryptocurrency community, the modern crypto market is constantly in need of new technical and conceptual solutions that could improve user interaction with crypto. One of these projects is the Cosmos network and its internal digital coin ATOM. Based on the fact that this crypto project offers users many unique functions, it is not surprising that many users are trying to find information on the Internet about how ATOM […]

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- Daria Morgen

Hardly anyone who has any sort of involvement in the crypto space hasn’t at least heard about decentralized finance (DeFi). While decentralization has been the main focus of all things crypto, there’s no other field in the blockchain industry that embraces it as well as DeFi does. Its main goal is to provide users with fully-functional and efficient decentralized alternatives to all mainstream financial services such as loans, storage, and so on. Why do we need DeFi? Well, for the […]

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- Anneke Muis

Changelly announces another token available on the platform — the GALA token. From now on, users can quickly and easily exchange GALA tokens at floating rates. Gala Games aims to take the gaming industry in a different direction by giving players back control over their games. Gala Games’ mission is to make “blockchain games people will actually want to play.” The project’s aspiration is to change the fact that players can spend hundreds of dollars on in-game assets as well […]

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- Sophie Roots
The Best Play-To-Earn Games

GameFi is one of the booming trends of 2021 on the crypto market. People became fond of blockchain-based online crypto games that encompass a combination of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens. This year, GameFi has introduced a new model that is gaining momentum. This concept is called “play-to-earn”, or p2e, and it totally overtakes the old one — play-to-win.  The main difference between these two concepts is that the new one does not imply the game for the sake of […]

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- Sophie Roots
What Is Terra (LUNA) Cryptocurrency?

Over the last year, the Terra project has enriched its investors’ wallets. Only since the beginning of 2021, LUNA cryptocurrency has risen by over 4,500%. Also, Terra significantly jumped into the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization list and got its deserved eleventh place. What’s unique about the LUNA token and overall Terra ecosystem? Let’s figure it out.  Decentralized Stablecoins Behind Terra The crypto world got sick of this wild price volatility since it became a major roadblock towards crypto adoption. […]

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- Daria Morgen
How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin undeniably shook up the world. It was something totally unique — a fully digital currency that has no physical form. As a result, it required creation of a brand new type of storage — crypto wallets. Getting a digital wallet is an essential part of any crypto investor’s journey, and “how to create a Bitcoin wallet” is often the first thing many budding crypto enthusiasts search on Google. However, a lot of people still find the whole concept of […]

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