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- Carson Derrow
The 3 Tips To Grow Your Small Construction Business

Every small business hits a plateau in which they stop growing. There are a lot of factors that come up that can seriously limit growth.  Why does a small construction company need to focus on growing bigger? There is so much competition that if a company takes their foot off of the gas pedal, they […]

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- Carson Derrow
Using Monero Cryptocurrency: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Much like investing in the stock market, using cryptocurrency demands a lot of commitment. The rise of more altcoins means that the cryptocurrency market is not only saturated, but it is close to becoming the next phase of global currency.  Perhaps you already hold a Monero wallet for your current investments in altcoin, but you […]

The post Using Monero Cryptocurrency: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- Carson Derrow
Check Out The Top 4 Bitcoin Trading Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

Bitcoin trading is undoubtedly a fascinating thing, and it seems more existing when you are just about to start your bitcoin trading journey. Bitcoin trading is an activity that can offer you a lot of opportunities for generating huge income. But the thing is that there is no shortcut by which you can master the […]

The post Check Out The Top 4 Bitcoin Trading Mistakes That You Should Avoid! appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- Mahendra
How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business: 7 Easy Steps to Follow

Who doesn’t love a clean floor, crystal clear windows, big beautiful floors that sparkle and smell like heaven? Did you also just felt nicer than you already were? We could be onto something. Most folks are not into clean spaces as much but if you are one of those who take pride in how clean […]

The post How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business: 7 Easy Steps to Follow appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- Deepak
What You Need to Know About Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small, reddish-brown, and oval-shaped insects that feed on humans and animals while they sleep. Their bite is red and itchy, often with a darker red spot in the middle. Sometimes they’re found in a cluster or in a straight line. Those who don’t have a bedbug allergy may have bites that are small […]

The post What You Need to Know About Bedbugs appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- Deepak
All About the Best Sports Based Movies in the World

Sports is not only a game or an activity. For sports lovers and for all those who love the stories of struggling people reaching their zenith in the world of sports, it is an emotion. And what better way to express your emotions than to watch your favorited sports match or game at the stadium […]

The post All About the Best Sports Based Movies in the World appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- Deepak
Street Marketing – Posters for Marketing your Alcohol Brand

The goal of alcohol marketing is to get a brand in front of as many people as possible. Regardless of whether the brand is in the liquor, whiskey, or wine sector, the same methods apply. How the marketing message is delivered, on the other hand, varies by medium and generation. If you don’t figure out […]

The post Street Marketing – Posters for Marketing your Alcohol Brand appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- Moksha
Things To Consider When Looking For Affordable Flower Services

When it comes to weddings, celebrations, and events of all kinds, there’s no denying that flowers are the perfect touch. While looking for a cheap florist in Singapore, you will find that this is a widespread request among Singapore brides-to-be. No bride wants to spend an arm and a leg on wedding flowers, so they […]

The post Things To Consider When Looking For Affordable Flower Services appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- Mohit Tater
Benefits of the Razer Blade Stealth

As the first ultrabook laptop, the new Razer Blade Stealth is much lighter and thinner than other laptops found in the market. This Razer Blade Stealth also comes along with a fantastic set of specifications that is best among other ultrabooks in the market right now (2nd gen of Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of […]

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- Mohit Tater
Guide To Buying A Condo In Singapore

Most property buyers think that the majority of the work in buying a property is to shortlist the property. However, even after you shortlist the property, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. After you shortlist a property like a one room condo in Singapore, the real work begins. Today, we […]

The post Guide To Buying A Condo In Singapore appeared first on Entrepreneurship Life.

- What I Found
Matt Mullenax | Huron
An interview with Matt Mullenax, Founder & CEO of Huron, a modern-day skincare brand for men.
- What I Found
Marc Friedman | Cadalys
An interview with Marc Friedman, Founder & CEO of Cadalys, a company that works with the newest leading-edge Salesforce® technology to deliver superior solutions to its customers and clients.
- What I Found
Will Young | Sana
An interview with Will Young, CEO & Co-Founder of Sana, a full-stack health insurance solution for small businesses.
- What I Found
Libie Motchan & Daniel Nelson | Fulton
An interview with Libie Motchan and Daniel Nelson, Co-Founders of Fulton. Fulton is a startup that offers sustainable footwear insoles with customized arch support and superior comfort.
- What I Found
Genevieve Ryan Bellaire | Realworld
An interview with Genevieve Ryan Bellaire, CEO & Founder of Realworld, a platform, marketplace, and community to navigate adulthood and important life moments.
- What I Found
Richard Shirtcliffe | Noho
An interview with Richard Shirtcliffe, Co-CEO of Noho, a modern, direct-to-customer furniture company.
- What I Found
Alexander Bennouna | DecideAndAct
An interview with Alexander Bennouna, Co-Founder & CEO of DecideAndAct, a Swiss-watch company committed to peace, diversity and ecology.
- What I Found
Mark Wheeler | DeepMap
An interview with Mark Wheeler, Co-Founder & CTO of DeepMap, a company that is accelerating safe autonomy by providing the world's best autonomous mapping and localization solutions.
- What I Found
Christopher Lotz | Goodcover
An interview with Christopher Lotz, Co-Founder & CEO of Goodcover, a company building a refreshingly fair approach to Home, Condo and Renters Insurance where coverage is clear and certain.
- What I Found
Matt Likens | GT Medical
An interview with Matt Likens, President & CEO of GT Medical, a company that has developed a unique therapeutic approach to the treatment of brain tumors.
- What I Found
Jake Danehy & Caroline Danehy | Fair Harbor
An interview with Jake Danehy and Caroline Danehy, Co-Founders of Fair Harbor, an apparel company that converts plastic waste from the ocean into functional swimwear.
- What I Found
David Stone | Forager
An interview with David Stone, Executive Chairman and Founder of Forager, a digital B2B procurement platform for local food, designed to simplify the sourcing process for wholesale buyers and local food suppliers.
- What I Found
Hans Fuller | StorySlab
An interview with Hans Fuller, Founder & CEO of StorySlab, a sales enablement platform for field sales teams that drives customer engagement and increases visibility in how to improve teams.
- What I Found
Emily Hochman | Wellory
An interview with Emily Hochman, Founder & CEO of Wellory, a tech company on a mission to make personalized nutrition accessible for all.
- What I Found
Haseeb Budhani | Rafay
An interview with Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder & CEO of Rafay, a company that enables developers to automate the distribution, operations, cross-region scaling and lifecycle management.
- What I Found
Mike Russell | Monument
An interview with Mike Russell, Co-Founder & CEO of Monument, an alcohol addiction treatment platform for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol.
- What I Found
Peter Quintas | SOMA Global
An interview with Peter Quintas, Founder and CEO of SOMA Global, a provider of cloud-native, modern public safety solutions focused on the public sector.
- What I Found
Inna Plumb | MedArrive
An interview with Inna Plumb, Co-Founder and COO of MedArrive, a startup that connects a workforce of EMS professionals to patients from their homes and within their existing health systems.
- What I Found
Matt Randall & Maria Goy | Spot
An interview with Matt Randall and Maria Goy, Co-Founders of Spot, an Austin-based tech startup offering on-demand injury insurance that protects everyone from athletes and adventurers to families at home.
- What I Found
Dr. Blake McKinney | CirrusMD
An interview with Dr. Blake McKinney, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer of CirrusMD, a market leader in text-first virtual care solutions that deliver simpler access, personal connection and unbeatable care navigation.
- Kimberly A. Whitler, Senior Contributor
How One Marketer Drove Significant Growth By Disrupting Marketing To Gain Big Box Store Attention
The head of marketing for Zesty Paws, a pet supplement company founded in 2016, disrupted the firm’s marketing and drove significant growth for Zesty Paws.
- Alison Coleman, Senior Contributor
The Tech That Connects Music Makers All Over The World
Collaboration has always been at the heart of making music. Thanks to a new generate of collaborative music apps, musicians can continue creating music together, even when a global pandemic has kept them apart.
- Gene Marks, Contributor
Twitter Debuts New Ad Features…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week
Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?
- Trevor Clawson, Contributor
Start A Business, Get An MSc - The University That Wants To Be An Incubator
University hosted Incubators are commonplace but Falmouth University is seeking to do something different by offering a degree to those who join its business development program. And by 2030, the Vice Chancellor sees the whole institution embracing an incubator model.
- John Hall, Senior Contributor
Digital Identity: The Trending Tech Concept Changing How We Live
Whether you realize it or not, your “digital identity” exerts an increasing amount of control over your current and future opportunities. It’s time to restrict how your personal information is being used online.
- Dileep Rao, Contributor
2 Suggestions To Close The Gap Between Real Startup And VC Startup
Is a startup when a venture is just an idea and nothing else, or is it when an entrepreneur has developed a product, such as a cure for cancer, or is it a 6-year-old venture that has 10 banks and 25 fintech firms as customers, and has just received institutional VC? And does it matter?
- Bill Hardekopf, Contributor
This Week In Credit Card News: Biden May Push For Crypto Oversight; Debit Use Soars, Cash Falls During Pandemic
What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries.
- Expert Panel, Forbes Councils Member
Eight Entrepreneur-Recommended Methods For Creating A Timeless Brand
To create this kind of longevity, business owners will need to create brands that people like, remember and trust.
- AllBusiness, Contributor
7 Lessons From Horror To Improve Your Content Marketing
Scary stories keep audiences engaged from beginning to end. Apply these classic horror-writing techniques to your content marketing to make it scary good.
- Peter J Reilly, Contributor
Part Of Build Back Better Could Be Disaster For Trust Owned Life Insurance
A provision of the Build Back Better Act threatens to louse up a lot of life insurance plans.
- Mike Gould, Forbes Councils Member
Implementing Electric Vehicles: The Next Step In Commercial Transportation
EVs have the potential to transform many industries — from public transportation to logistics and beyond.
- Adam Hirsen, Forbes Councils Member
Four Ways To Make QR Codes A Success For Your Business
Thanks to improved smartphone technology and a consumer base seeking more and more digital interactivity in their daily life, QR codes are one of the most versatile and practical marketing tools out there.
- Ajith Sankaran, Forbes Councils Member
Finding The Data: How To Avoid AI And Analytics Project Failures
Overall, I see that success stories in this industry all have one common theme: a well-thought-out data strategy with robust data governance systems.
- David Wagoner, Forbes Councils Member
Three Powerful Habits To Future-Proof Your Workplace
The data is clear: To become future-ready, leaders must cultivate and model a flexible, curious, responsive, honest mindset.
- Jeanne Hardy, Forbes Councils Member
Seven Ways To Help Your Company Master Remote Onboarding
When small businesses land a great new hire, it’s critical they provide an engaging onboarding process that sets employees up for long-term success.
- Einaras von Gravrock, Forbes Councils Member
Challenges To 5G Networks From IoT Devices
Challenges to IoT could hamper the performance of 5G networks, and both network service operators and their largest clients need to address emerging IoT capabilities strategically.
- WomensMedia, Contributor
How To Handle Waiting For The Next Big Thing In Your Life To Happen
Waiting for the next big break, event, or decision to be made can feel like an eternity, especially if you’re going through a period of transition.
- Vladimir Lugovsky, Forbes Councils Member
Cloud Migration Challenges For Manufacturers Transitioning To Industry 4.0
Cloud adoption is integral to the digital transformation of both big and small manufacturing businesses. 
- Anthony Grosso, Forbes Councils Member
Three Ways That Commercial Real Estate Protects Against Inflation
Higher real estate returns can offset volatility and/or lower returns for equities and bonds during periods of higher inflation.
- Joe Oprosko, Forbes Councils Member
Should Your Business Incorporate ID Verification And Facial Matching In Its Kiosks?
Organizations that are interested in deploying kiosks with ID authentication capabilities should consider the functions they need the kiosks to perform, as well as the locations at which they will be stationed.
- Bill Sarubbi, Contributor
Stocks This Week: Buy US Bancorp And Waste Management
These stocks are due to rise after Monday weakness.
- Billy Bambrough, Senior Contributor
‘Urgent’ Action Needed—‘Massive’ Bitcoin And Crypto Price Collapse Warning Issued Over Systemic Risk
Influential central banker Jon Cunliffe warned "a massive collapse in crypto-asset prices [is a] plausible scenario"...
- Kenneth Rapoza, Senior Contributor
Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees Are A Mess. When Will They Ever Improve?
Coinbase, Gemini and Kraken are the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S., but smaller and often decentralized exchanges are coming in, helping investors looking to dodge fees.
- Laurence Kotlikoff, Contributor
Ask Larry: Do Social Security Spousal Benefit COLAs Prevent Later Retirement Benefit COLAs?
Today's column addresses questions about cost of living increases for spousal benefits' effects on later COLAs for retirement benefits, taking retirement benefits before survivor's benefits and Social Security options with no saving and health concerns.
- Tom Aspray, Contributor
Could This Be The Buying Opportunity I Have Been Expecting?
The Viper Report’s Tom Aspray has been expecting a stock market correction for the past few months but he now sees signs that the market is close to bottoming. There are two sector ETFs that already appear to be new market leaders.
- David Rae, Contributor
12 Reasons You Will Never Become A Multi-Millionaire
Here Are 12 Ways You Ensure You Never Become a Millionaire I would like to start this discussion with the fact that given enough time, hard work and smart financial guidance, anyone can become a millionaire.
- Mark Kantrowitz, Contributor
U.S. To Crack Down On Student Loan Servicers
The U.S. Department of Education has announced a set of changes to improve the performance, transparency and accountability of student loan servicers before the restart of repayment in February 2022.
- Jameson Lopp, Contributor
How The Rich Store Their Bitcoin
Securing a million dollars worth of Bitcoin is a far different problem than securing a thousand dollars. Sound money deserves sound custody.
- Bill Stone, Contributor
What You Need To Know About Earnings Season And The U.S. Consumer
The U.S. consumer again came to the rescue and provided a ray of hope for the coming quarters. Despite the strong start from the banks, the earnings beats should be smaller and less frequent than in the past few quarters. However, the actual earnings performance should still exceed expectations.
- Peter Cohan, Contributor
Adobe Aims At 22% EPS Growth From Markets Worth $147 Billion
Adobe stock has risen 37% a year for the last decade — trouncing the S&P 500. Trading 10% below its peak, now could be a buying opportunity.
- Brett Owens, Contributor
5 Double-Digit Dividend Stocks: Winners And Losers
Many financial advisors doubt that we can retire comfortably on a million dollars, let alone $500K.
- Kevin Dowd, Forbes Staff
A Private Equity CEO With $1.2 Billion To Spend Thinks Africa Is Ready For Its Close-up
Runa Alam, the CEO of Development Partners International, believes Africa's emerging middle class can create major opportunities for investors.
- John S. Tobey, Contributor
The Stock Market Breakout Says, “Be Bullish,” But Wait A Week
Last week's rise produced positive indicators for the stock market. However, patience looks to be the best strategy.
- Robert Barone, Contributor
The Pandemic Caused Significant Economic Impacts; Not All Inflation Is Related
This blog inspects the impacts the pandemic has had, including on inflation, whether those impacts are permanent, and how they will impact short and long-term economic growth.
- John Navin, Contributor
The 3 Most Telling Price Charts Now: Oil, Copper, 10-Year Yield
Levels have been reached — or are about to be reached — that indicate the possibility of change in direction.
- Jay Adkisson, Contributor
Understanding Ipso Facto Clauses In Asset Protection Planning
Considers clauses that attempt to divest a debtor of assets in their event of their insolvency or bankruptcy.
- Zack Friedman, Senior Contributor
Why Student Loan Forgiveness Got Easier And How You Can Apply
Here's how to apply for student loan forgiveness.
- Carolyn Rosenblatt, Contributor
The Case Of The Stubborn Stepmom And Control Over An Aging Parent
Stubborn aging parents and step-parents can create extreme stress for adult children. Who has the right to make decisions? It's a legal question explained here.
- Elizabeth Bauer, Senior Contributor
Here’s Why, Actually, The IRS $600 Bank Reporting Proposal Is Entirely Reasonable
No one talks about the "shadow economy," which is a lot more than tax-avoidance schemes for the wealthy. We should.
- Adam S. Minsky, Senior Contributor
Student Loan Forgiveness: Did You Get A ‘Good News’ Email From The Education Department? More Are On The Way.
The first batches of student loan forgiveness emails are going out to borrowers, following the Biden administration's expansion of a key loan forgiveness program. More are on the way.
- Fatima Mohamed
Bold Leadership Feature: Kathy Leskow

Kathy Leskow is the founder and CEO of Sherwood Park’s Confetti Sweets. The business began as a home operation, with Kathy baking cookies for local farmers’ markets out of her kitchen. As demand grew, so did her business—Confetti Sweets now has a storefront and distributes their products in grocery stores across Alberta.

The confectionary industry might not be one that immediately comes to mind when thinking about digital transformation. Certainly areas like telecommunications, finance, or advertising are leaders in the digital sphere, but digital transformation is for everyone—particularly businesses who wish to thrive for years to come as innovative technology becomes more and more ubiquitous.


What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation involves the integration of digital technologies into all areas of a business, which ultimately allows both your operations, and the ways you deliver value to your customers, to evolve. But, digital transformation also goes far beyond implementation alone. With new technology comes significant change, and such change must be managed strategically through a strong, agile organizational culture.

This is true regardless of industry, but how a business might adapt to the cutting edge is far from cookie-cutter.

“I am always looking to streamline our processes. For example, I love equipment that can take over repetitive tasks such as scooping cookie dough, dispensing cupcake batter, etc.  I believe it makes our bakery more efficient and the end product more uniform.  I also love any software that will automate tasks, such as scheduling.  Unfortunately my staff often disagree with me on this, and they resist technology. When I found the [Bold Leadership], I was immediately drawn to the subject matter, and I was eager to learn about new ways we could use technology in our business.”

Digital transformation requires leadership. Only by defining your mission and vision as a company can you begin to translate that vision into a digital strategy. Diving deeper, the question moves from “What is digital transformation?” to “What does digital transformation mean for me and my business?”

”I quickly learnt that I did not exactly know what digital transformation actually was.  I also learnt that digitizing processes is not always better, and you need to be thoughtful about what you are wanting to achieve. It taught me how to measure success, and I can now go back to my employees with proof that it does (or doesn't - I hate being wrong!) improve our processes.”

Kathy alludes to two key tactics to keep in mind when leading digital change. 

Be ready to support your organization. As Lori Schmidt, AWE Bold Leadership Program Advisor describes, “Culture change is something that cannot be forced; it requires the support of every member of the organization.” Supporting your team throughout adjustments to their workflows is paramount. From listening to hear about the benefits and challenges of new processes, to making space for the fear and emotion that change can bring about, knowing that your team is all in this together can make a world of a difference.

Help your team see and buy into the unifying purpose of your organization. “Help your people be prepared - with a new mindset, new skills and motivation around a renewed purpose,” Lori states. Attitude is everything, and by building a mindset of enthusiasm in response to change into your corporate culture, you can work to prevent resistance in the future.

Lastly, a key component of a digital strategy, or any strategy for that matter, is setting specific, achievable goals so that you can measure your success. 

“A big part of the course was also setting strategic objectives and KPIs.  The course gave me focus and has pushed me to achieve specific goals. I highly recommend the course to anyone that wants to move their business forward.”

Achieve Bold Goals with Bold Leadership! Curious about how you can lead digital transformation in your business? Learn more about the Bold Leadership program today!

- Fatima Mohamed
2021 AWE Awards Recipients Announced
AWE Awards Recipients an Unstoppable Force in AB Business

EDMONTON, AB – Four Alberta women were recognized for their unstoppable contributions to the Alberta business community in a special online ceremony at last night’s AWE  Awards.

“These exceptional, diverse, resilient women are not only changing the face of Alberta business; they are changing our entire economy,” says Marcela Mandeville, CEO, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs. “From providing jobs to building community, these women have made unbelievable contributions to our province.”

The awards, made possible by presenting sponsor ATB, recognize the efforts of women entrepreneurs in four categories.

FBCjN3WVcAMtHhS.jpg The 2021 AWE Award RecipientsEmerging Entrepreneur Award

Awarded to a female entrepreneur who has built a strong, scalable business foundation and has achieved early success.

       Nicole Janssen, AltaML

Nicole Janssen co-founded AltaML with Cory Janssen in 2018 after they both recognized the global opportunity for AI and the wealth of local talent in Alberta. In just three years, they have expanded to three cities and have grown their team to over 125 individuals. More than just wanting to create a company to help other businesses with their AI and machine learning needs, Nicole wanted to create a purpose-driven business that focuses on creating a sustainable and more inclusive economy, which is why ensuring women are represented in tech is at the cornerstone of what AtlaML does.

Indigenous Entrepreneur Award

Awarded to a leading Indigenous woman entrepreneur with a strong business concept and demonstrates plans for future growth and commitment to the community.

       Bobbie Racette, Virtual Gurus Inc.

Realizing the freelance world often meant no job security and low pay, Bobbie knew the only way to fix it was to build something herself. With that, she launched Virtual Gurus. Her goal then and now is to provide work for marginalized communities. With more than 30 full-time employees (and growing) and over 350 contractors who work across Canada, Bobbie has ensured diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the business. Of those 350 contractors, 95% identify as female, 65% as part of the BIPOC community, and 45% as part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. What makes Virtual Gurus stand out is that they not only provide work to the underrepresented they also train them through the Virtual Gurus Academy, and they provide their contractors with one of the best online VA communities.

Upsurge Entrepreneur Award

Awarded to a female entrepreneur who has built a solid foundation for her business and is now experiencing rapid growth.

       Chloe Dusser, Wee Wild Ones

In 2013 Dusser noticed there was an increasing need for nature immersion in little kids, with her dream to bring children closer to nature Wee Wild Ones was born. Striving to develop future critical thinkers, problem solvers and leaders of tomorrow, Wee Wild Ones has grown to two locations with more planned offering a balance of explorations in both indoor and outdoor environments. More than just supporting the children in her care, Chloe is committed to changing the childcare industry in Calgary. She is an advocate for reforming the low standards of childcare and ensuring the industry becomes more environmentally sustainable.  

Celebration of Achievement Award

Awarded to an exceptional female entrepreneur who has achieved recognizable success and acts as a role model for women in business. This visionary woman is an inspirational leader who has built an entrepreneurial venture in Alberta that has made a significant impact on the economy and the community. 

       Jennifer Carlson, Baby Gourmet

Uninspired by the lack of options in the baby food aisle, Baby Gourmet’s journey started when its founders realized they could do better in 2005. Just over 15 years later, the company has grown to Canada’s leading, mission-driven organic meal and snack brand for babies and toddlers. From humble beginnings at the Calgary Farmers Market, the company was sold earlier this year to the Hero Group, an international food company focused on branded nutritional food products.

“Supporting business owners is at the core of what ATB does,” says Nikki Briggs, Head of Women in Business, ATB Financial. “Congratulations to all the recipients for all they do to improve life in Alberta.”

Since 2012, the annual AWE Awards have recognized more than 800 women entrepreneurs in Alberta. This year’s winners join a prestigious list of Alberta entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their communities and around the world.

Along with the awards, AWE has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through coaching, mentorship, leadership development, business advising, access to capital, and access to networks over the last 25 years.

To learn more about the awards, the recipients and watch the awards ceremony, visit:


For More Information:

Catherine Larose

Marketing Lead, AWE

[email protected]

587 635 4278

- Fatima Mohamed
You’ve Received Your Business Loan, Now What? 

Getting the news that you’ve qualified for a loan to start or grow your business is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Knowing where to start and what to do with it can feel overwhelming; however, the process should be given careful consideration. Here’s what we recommend doing either before you receive the loan or as soon as you do:Have a clear understanding of the terms of your loanStep 1 is making sure that you clearly understand what the terms of your loan are, and what your repayment plan is. These are important because some loans can only be used for certain things and not others, plus it’s essential to follow the terms of your loan.

For example, AWE Loans can be used for market-ready start-ups, business expansion projects, and business purchases. Loans can be used for a variety of expenses, including:

Leasehold improvements

Equipment purchases

Operating capital

Advertising and marketing costs

Purchase of inventory

Loans cannot be used for:

Owner’s salary

Re-financing existing debt

Franchise fees

Speculative ventures (e.g. Purchase of land for resale)

Intangible goodwill (i.e. business name or reputation)

Research and development

Purchase of stocks, shares, or other non-productive investment

Review your repayment plan and make a budget

The next thing you should do when you receive your business loan is to sit down and make a budget based on your repayment plan. All loans come with repayment plans, which should have been discussed with you when applying for the loan and going through the application process. Now that you have the money, you should sit down and make a budget based on what you plan on spending and the terms of your repayment plan. 

Prioritize what you got the loan for

Refer back to your strategic/marketing plan - what was your plan for this money? It’s important to stay the course as much as possible and utilize this loan money for its intended purposes. We know that things can come up along the way and plans can change, but the more you’re able to follow that initial strategic plan you created and spend your loan money on those things, the easier it will be to stay on track with repaying the loan. Holding yourself accountable can be difficult. If you don’t have a business partner to hold you accountable, consider speaking with a mentor, confidant or one of AWE’s Business Advisors

Once you are familiar with your terms and repayment plan, have a budget mapped out and know where you’re going to be prioritizing spending the loan money, you can start spending it! This can feel daunting at first, but with a well laid-out plan and lots of thought having gone into this whole process, you shouldn’t worry about taking this next exciting step to grow your business.

For more information on AWE’s Loan programs, click here.

- Fatima Mohamed
Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Announces 2021 AWE Awards Finalists

AWE Awards Finalists Bettering Alberta Daily

EDMONTON, AB – A group of nine Alberta women entrepreneurs proved themselves unstoppable in a year of challenges growing their businesses and bettering their communities and were named this year’s AWE Awards finalists.

“These finalists represent incredible possibility, remarkable innovation, and undeniable talent,”  says Marcela Mandeville, CEO, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs. “They are moving their businesses and our province forward.”

The awards, presented by ATB, recognize the efforts of women entrepreneurs in four categories. This year’s finalists include:

Emerging Entrepreneur Award – Awarded to a female entrepreneur who has built a strong, scalable business foundation and has achieved early success.

Nicole Janssen, AltaML

Andrea Reindl, Legacy Creative Inc.

Jody Carrington, Dr. Jody Carrington Consulting Inc.

Indigenous Entrepreneur Award – Awarded to a leading Indigenous woman entrepreneur who has a strong business concept and demonstrates plans for future growth and commitment to the community.

Bobbie Racette, Virtual Gurus Inc.

Carrie Armstrong, Mother Earth Essentials

Annie Korver, Rise Consulting Ltd.

Upsurge Award – Awarded to a female entrepreneur who has built a solid foundation for her business and is now experiencing rapid growth.

Chloe Dusser, Wee Wild Ones

Stacy Nehring, UTV Canada Inc.

Kristi Hines,  Hines Health Services Inc.

The final category, the Celebration of Achievement Award, was presented to Jennifer Carlson of Baby Gourmet. The AWE Celebration of Achievement award pays tribute to an exceptional woman entrepreneur who has built a business in Alberta with a significant impact on the economy and the community. Jennifer and the award recipients in each category above will be recognized at the virtual annual awards celebration on October 5th.

“ATB Financial is delighted to partner with AWE to celebrate Alberta women entrepreneurs and their success,” says Nikki Briggs, Head of Women in Business, ATB Financial. “Congratulations to all the finalists.”

Since 2012, the annual AWE Awards have recognized more than 800 women entrepreneurs in Alberta. Previous award winners include such notable Alberta entrepreneurs as Karina Birch of Rocky Mountain Soap Co., Karen Ryan and Lara Murphy of Ryan Murphy Construction, and Angela Santiago of The Little Potato Company.

Along with the awards, AWE has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through coaching, mentorship, leadership development, business advising, access to capital, and access to networks over the last 25 years.

To learn more about the awards, visit: To get your free ticket to the Awards Celebration, visit our Eventbrite.


For More Information:

Julie Gathercole Communications Lead, AWE


- Fatima Mohamed
Contract Opportunity: Part-time Facilitator/Business Advisor

Are you interested in joining a dynamic team passionate about growing and supporting Indigenous, women owned businesses in the Northwest Territories?  Are you energetic with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs in partnership with the U.S. Consulate General, Calgary and The Northwest Territories Chamber Commerce is searching for an Indigenous woman to fulfill a contract position as facilitator/business advisor for the Academy for Women Entrepreneurship program. This role will support program participants through discussion sessions and advising support over an 8-week period.

Apply by October 11!

Learn more
- Fatima Mohamed
Client Feature: Elaine Broe 

AWE had the opportunity to catch up with Elaine Broe, an inspiring woman entrepreneur whose expertise has taken her to incredible heights. Over the years, she’s cultivated an extensive consulting practice, eventually culminating into a creative solution-oriented business called The Leadership Collaboratory. The primary focus of her business is to partner with organizations and individuals to develop purposeful, transformative leadership that can evolve with our ever-changing world. 

Elaine Broe Leadership & Learning Experiences has been around for eight years, and in that time the company has taken on a diverse list of projects and opportunities. “In one week, I might be coaching leaders, then I’m working with an in-company client to develop a tailored learning experience for their people. Some of my clients describe me as a triple threat. I'm a facilitator, an executive coach, and an experience designer.” Elaine appreciates the variety she gets through her role. 

While some people have always dreamt of becoming entrepreneurs, that wasn’t the case for Elaine. She didn’t originally start her business to be her own boss, but because she wanted to focus on doing the work that she loved, and in her own terms. After working in the leadership development and adult learning space for over 20 years, it got to a point where the work she was doing as an employee was missing what she loved.  

ACP_EBroe_HS_Final_2827 (1).jpg

The usual thoughts of “what if I fail?” did cross Elaine’s mind, but she instead chose to focus on the possibility of her endeavor into entrepreneurship being a success. “It's funny, as entrepreneurs we have the innate ability to constantly imagine the worst-case scenario. When we go out on our own, we think, what if we fail? As we consider our options a rare few of us think; what happens if I'm extraordinarily successful? How will I manage that? How will I juggle all these clients? We don't consider it. Choosing to be an entrepreneur can be a really fascinating leap and I'm glad I took it.” 

In the beginning of COVID-19 here in Alberta, Elaine’s business came to a screeching halt for three months. Many entrepreneurs were forced to hit the ground running to implement the changes needed to respond to the pandemic, which involved a lot of agility and making very difficult decisions. Elaine recognized that for her it was important to take this time to recover from the pace that she’s been operating at. “The pandemic brought a bizarre relief. When you think about it, requiring a pandemic to give yourself a break—and I know that I'm not the only one —is mildly terrifying when you think of how we approach work in North America.” 

A small part of the reason why Elaine decided to take a break during the earlier months of the pandemic was that there wasn't any funding available for her type of business. For Elaine, that support didn't surface until August, through Alberta Women Entrepreneurs’ Regional Relief and Recovery Fund. “The loans helped me set up the technology that I needed, and to invest in new platforms and create online programming that I was proud of. The pandemic helped me reinvent my business and myself.” When Elaine received her funding, she quickly realized that she needed a mindset shift to make the most out of this opportunity to scale and evolve her business. 

“With the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs team, they had my back right from the start. The first six months of the pandemic were really challenging. After our initial interaction, I knew that this wasn't just a transaction, it was about the relationship. In a pandemic, any entrepreneur can learn from this organization. It’s about relationships. AWE set the stage for our partnership in how quickly they replied to my questions and their patience as I learned how to provide the reports and back-up that was needed. “ 

illo11_zoomstack-col-11 (1).png

The past year has taught us many lessons, many of which we hope to apply as we are in the road to recovery. What stood out the most for Elaine is the care and nurturing that is required of a leader to be able to care and nurture for their people and for their business. “Honestly, I do not have a “ramp up” mentality right now. I am so fortunate that it's been a very busy year and I don't want to end up in the same spot that I did on March 13, 2020. I'm getting selective about my work over the next six months.” Elaine highlights the importance of learning from the pandemic and trying to avoid slipping back to pre-pandemic habits. “One of the lessons I keep having to relearn over and over, is that prioritizing yourself is prioritizing your business.” 

Elaine has some profound advice for entrepreneurs as we continue to navigate the new normal. “Continue to be in the dance. This last year and a half, for many of us, the playlist was not something we wanted to listen to. We didn’t know the dance steps. We wanted the party to end. We were not having fun. I love the metaphor of a dance, thinking of this as being in flow, rather than a push and a pull. That dance of trust with ourselves, with the systems at play, changing policies and rules; the dance with our clients as they figure out what they need; and the dance with our businesses and our teams where we hopefully create space to evolve, without needing a pandemic as the catalyst.” 

- Fatima Mohamed
2021 AWE Awards Nominee Spotlight: August 24, 2021

AWE Awards Nominees are unstoppable! Here is a snapshot of some of the exciting things that have been happening with various women entrepreneurs nominated for the 2021 AWE Awards, curated by Taproot Publishing.


Alethea Austin of Achieve Wellness Spa spoke to CBC about her struggle to recruit staff in Wood Buffalo.

Nicole Janssen of AltaML joined The Ai Edge to talk about Alberta as a hub for artificial intelligence.

London Drugs highlighted Baby Gourmet in a post on greener choices for baby products.

Dr. Jody Carrington spoke to Global News about managing back-to-school anxiety.

Ellie Bianca is a finalist for small business of the year at the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council Business Achievement Awards, which will be presented on Oct. 5. Evelyne Nyairo was also quoted in Afros in tha City after receiving the Cassels Black-Owned Small Business Grant.

Innovate Energy cited a recent report from Highwood Emissions Management in a post on certifying responsibly produced natural gas.

We Leave Today mentioned toiletries from Mother Earth Essentials as one of the perks of staying at the Spirit Ridge Resort in Osoyoos.

The Triple Treat Tonic from PUUR Ingrid, produced by QNaturals, was honoured by the 2021 Clean Beauty Awards, a worldwide competition recognizing the best performing products made without harmful chemicals.

Authority Magazine spoke to Afton Brazzoni of Scribe National about what you need to succeed as a female founder.

Orpetron Web Design Awards saluted Tiller Digital as its site of the day for Aug. 13.

True Angle Medical has been named a finalist in the Venture competition at Falling Walls 2021 in Berlin from Nov. 7 to 9.

Tycoon Events won for best virtual marketing event at the Canadian Event Awards and for best industry innovation at the ESPRIT Awards.

Laura Gustafson of ulivit spoke to the Edmonton Journal about the company's new Plant Protein 2.0 product.

Bobbie Racette of Virtual Gurus joined Judy Fairburn of The51 and Jeanette Sutherland of Calgary Economic Development to talk about pivoting skills for sustainable futures on the Employment and Social Development Canada podcast.


Aug. 23 to Sept. 3: Transitioning to Wellness & Resilience, a course from ReTrain Canada

Aug. 26: Starting Your Own Podcast for Business from AWE

Aug. 27: TalkMaze Summer Speech and Debate Tournament for students in Grade 9 and under

Aug. 30 to Sept. 2: FLIK Resume and Cover Letter Toolkit sessions

Aug. 31: Sales Strategies to Maximize Your Industrial Tradeshow Investment with KO Advantage Group

Sept. 8: Black Women, Are you Ready for Entrepreneurship?, a BCW in Action event in collaboration with AWE

Sept. 9: Pay-per-Click Advertising & Conversion Tracking for Business from AWE

Sept. 17: How To Create A Brand For The Digital Era from AWE

Sept. 22: Global Energy Show Awards, where AltaML is up for the Collaborative Trendsetter Award

Posts and publications

ABC Bees shared tips on preparing hives for fall.

Learn more about Achieve Wellness Spa's expansion to Signal Hill in Calgary in this sponsored post on Curiocity.

Clavis Studio offered advice on how to style throw pillows.

Discover Coding hailed the third phase of the CanCode Program to help students and teachers gain digital skills.

Dr. Jody Carrington modelled some of her favourite outfits, many of them from local boutiques.

Jade Fulton of High Voltage Leadership passed along some insights on leading through rough times.

Julie Shipley-Strickland Wealth & Risk Management shared some lessons learned from investing.

Hear Danielle Klooster of On Point with Danielle and Ranchelle Van Bryce talk about imposter syndrome on Sharp Women: The Podcast.

Proactive Seniors suggested some activities for people with dementia and their caregivers.

Tiller Digital put together a list of 10 business books to read in 2021.

Kelli-Rae Tamaki of TMH Business Coaching shared thoughts on what you need to be a great role model.

The Travel Chicks podcast took a look at tourism in Wood Buffalo.

Tycoon Events recounted the origin of its name.

Virtual Gurus suggested three ways to help in-office and remote team members work together.

Vytality at Home blogged about Zoom fatigue and seniors.

Help wanted

AdaptAbilities is hiring a community specialist in Stony Plain and an in-home support worker in Edmonton.

AltaML is hiring an executive business partner — energy and resources in Edmonton and a sales enablement specialist in Toronto.

The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition is hiring an anatomy and physiology instructor in Edmonton.

Elder Move is hiring a downsizing and packing specialist in Edmonton.

Highwood Emissions Management is hiring for three roles: emissions manager, emissions engineer/technologist, and administrator.

Virtual Gurus is hiring for three roles: vice president of sales, sales manager, and client success manager.

For a complete list of the 2021 AWE Awards Nominees, click here.

- Fatima Mohamed
Bold Leadership Feature: Vered Levant

Vered Levant owns a human resources company called VimyHR. Her company helps businesses that need support with human resources, but not a full-time HR employee. With her team of consultants, she offers a variety of services from recruitment to succession planning. The solutions that VimyHR offers are customized depending on what the organization is like and what services they need.  

Vered’s been working in human resources for about 15 years. After studying economics in school, she was hired as a Labour Market Information Manager for a not-for-profit organization. In her role, she learned about the challenges that small businesses were facing. After about two years, she changed roles to a position with the Government of Saskatchewan; this was her first human resources position. “I was asked to move into the HR department as they were blending the two areas. I had no HR exposure whatsoever, but they trained me and told me I was a natural.” 

She later on moved to Calgary and began working in a corporate environment. When there was a downturn in the economy in 2016, she wasn’t happy in her role anymore. “I didn't see a light at the end of the tunnel doing layoffs. I hadn't been exposed to that side of HR before. So, I needed a break. I was pretty burnt out.” 

After pausing her career, she started getting phone calls from old colleagues and small business owners for HR support and guidance. “About six months later, I thought, ‘wait a minute, there's something here. There's something that I can create to support small businesses that don't need full-time HR help but need some expertise to know how to pay people, how to recruit, how to manage difficult situations and coach their employees.’ Then VimyHR was born.” 

““I have never loved what I do more than I do today.”” — Vered Levant Headshot.jpeg

Vered discovered AWE’s Bold Leadership Program on social media. “After I got accepted into the program, I was really excited just to learn more and have more support. It can be very lonely being an entrepreneur.” In the program, Vered could connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs. She knew she was wearing too many hats in her organization and needed to take the advice she was giving her clients about streamlining their business.  

The program’s coaches have helped Vered automate her processes so she can spend more time serving her clients and reducing non-billable hours. The coaches have also given Vered line of sight to what’s in the pipeline of her business, and where her consultants are spending their time. “We've surpassed our targets already for new client relationships in the first quarter. I need to get my back office cleaned up to be able to manage that capacity.” 

When the pandemic hit, interest in Vered’s company climbed. People started to see human resources in a new light. It also led her company to need to digitally transform faster than she had anticipated. Vered is implementing, one of the tools she learned through the program, to assist her organization in streamlining activities and staying organized.  

With the help of a Bold Leadership Expert Advisor, Vered is currently in the initial stages of offering HR-related courses. “We're finding that we’re getting a lot of requests for interviewing support, the do's and don'ts of screening, reference checks, all those pieces. So, we’re going to put them into courses and work on that over the next several months.”  

Vered’s favourite aspect of the Bold Leadership program: 

“I loved hearing the stories of other organizations and how they're leveraging these tools and their success stories. The speakers that were brought in were really fascinating and inspiring. For them to share their digital transformation journey, how much it's helped their business and their vulnerability around that, that it's not going to be perfect. It's continually a journey and you're going to make mistakes and it's okay. I think that was the big thing for me. It was such a fear to go in the wrong direction, and now I'm realizing I know that I can do this.” 


Vered completed the Bold Leadership Program with AWE. The program is designed to support women entrepreneurs who are creating new strategies and implementing technology and processes that will improve their business performance. Applications are now open for Bold Leadership, learn more and apply today. Deadline to apply is August 15! 

- Fatima Mohamed
Shifting to a Recovery Mindset

Now that vaccinations are well on their way and restrictions are beginning to lift, it’s time to shift your mindset from surviving, to thriving! Business owners over the past year have had to adapt to many unknowns, with their focus being on how they would survive the pandemic. Now that the end is in sight, the key to success will come from effectively shifting to a mindset of recovery. Here are some ways you, as an entrepreneur, can begin to imagine your recovery journey!

Follow a Roadmap

It’s important to assess the unique opportunities your business faces. To kickstart the recovery phase, we recommend starting with a strong framework where you identify what you need to focus on first, and then which following actions are most relevant. 

The Small Business Roadmap for Recovery & Beyond: Workbook from Deloitte is a helpful resource to guide you through the various stages of recovery including:

Reflect-  help get your business up to speed with what’s changed

Restart- mobilise what you can already control

Revitalise- understand opportunities for growth in the future

Image by Deloitte

Image by Deloitte

Meet Customers Where They’re At

Just because things are moving slightly back to normal, doesn’t mean that you can’t continue providing value in the new ways you adapted your business for COVID-19. The work you put into pivoting during the pandemic doesn’t have to go to waste—maintain curbside pickup, continue takeout dining, offer livestream classes, etc.

We’re all feeling a little bit hesitant, so reassure your customers that their safety is your priority. Continue offering things that allow for ultimate accessibility, like remote work or recording webinars. Some people may not be ready to jump right back into the swing of things, so they will appreciate that these modifications are still in place.

Build Contingency Plans

We now know just how quickly everything can change. You don’t have to start planning for the next pandemic, but it never hurts to have a plan in case an unforeseen event arises and affects your business operations again. If something were to happen and your business couldn’t operate how it normally would, what would you do?

Financially, this could look like adjusting your non-essential spending or having more of a proactive approach to paying off debt in order to build up your savings. From a culture perspective, maybe the option for employees to work remotely is part of your business model going forward. The more you can do now to prepare, the better!

Prioritize Digital Transformation

“Digital interaction with B2B customers is now two times more important than traditional channels—more than a 30 percent jump since before the COVID-19 crisis hit.” - McKinsey B2B Decision Maker Pulse Survey

While COVID-19 accelerated the pace of the digital era, it doesn’t show signs of slowing anytime soon. For many companies, the only option to survive the pandemic was to transform their digital presence, and companies that were already more advanced in their digital operations had a head start. 

In this day and age, staying on top of digital trends and acting early is what will elevate your business and help you adapt quickly, in any circumstance. AWE’s Bold Leadership program is a great program for established women entrepreneurs who are ready to look at their business through a digital lens..

Support One Another

We got through this together, we’ll continue to get through this together. Revived optimism has taken hold of many entrepreneurs and we really should be proud of how our communities have responded and adapted to so much uncertainty. Continue to support local businesses, continue to be understanding and patient and do whatever you can to lend a helping hand in a time of need. If there’s one thing we’ve learned through this all, it’s just how powerful supporting each other can be!

We got through this together, we’ll continue to get through this together. Revived optimism has taken hold of many entrepreneurs and we really should be proud of how our communities have responded and adapted to so much uncertainty. Continue to support local businesses, continue to be understanding and patient and do whatever you can to lend a helping hand in a time of need. If there’s one thing we’ve learned through this all, it’s just how powerful supporting each other can be!

We all just survived something incredibly traumatic that will take time and effort to recover from. The resilience of women entrepreneurs in Alberta is truly inspiring and we know it’s going to take courage to have hope for the future. You have proven that you can persevere through the hardest of times and you now have the experience and tools to handle anything. You’ve survived and now it’s time to thrive!

- Fatima Mohamed
Client Feature: Kara Deringer

Kara Deringer is an international speaker, a best-selling author, a coach, an instructor at the University of Alberta, a consultant, and she has recently added restaurateur to that list! Her journey into entrepreneurship began when she took over Pink Gorilla Pizzeria in Edmonton last spring. And yes, that’s about exactly when our province stood still as the first wave of COVID-19 reared its ugly head.

“When I first took over, a lot of the restaurants in Edmonton were closed, because everyone was trying to figure out how to pivot, what AHS guidelines were, etc. I got my licenses as soon as I could so that we could at least stay open for takeout. We've been through openings, closures, outdoor dining, 50% indoor dining, and we've converted our parking lot in the back of the building to a patio. It really has been an adventure, but a good one.”

Despite the learning curve that comes with jumping into restaurant ownership, not to mention the challenges that arose with ever-changing restrictions, Kara says she’s always looked for ways to be creative and use those circumstances as opportunities to build her business up, rather than bring it down. 

Taking a glass-half-full approach, every obstacle was a stepping stone for her to allow certain areas of her business to flourish amidst COVID-19 limitations. “I was always asking: What is the blessing in this? So for instance, the blessing in taking over at that time was that we were open for takeout, so we focused exclusively on making our takeout business extraordinary. And then, as we opened for 50% dine-in, we focused on our dine-in service,” eventually bringing in new menu items and happy hour specials as additional offerings, describes Kara.

But, it certainly wasn’t easy. Even with utmost perseverance, there were some struggles that brought particular difficulty for Kara, including accessing the funding she needed to support her business during the pandemic. She remembers searching and searching for grants and loans her business would be eligible for, repeatedly experiencing defeats such as cut-offs they had just shyly missed by two weeks, or a young entrepreneurs’ fund she had just missed by turning 40 two months earlier. She even tried contacting AWE, but at that time, all spots had been filled for the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF).

After the RRRF applications had opened up again, and opportunity arose for Pink Gorilla to receive the funding so long as Kara completed the paperwork immediately— she didn’t hesitate to accept.

After being disappointed so many times, she felt nothing but sheer gratitude when the funding  arrived. “When the loan money landed in our company bank account, I was really emotional because it felt like the first time support was out there for a new business owner like me. The business was being rewarded for the hard work that me and my team had put in - including the thousands of hours that I had volunteered to build Pink Gorilla. It was a deep sense of relief, like, we're gonna be okay.”

Over the pandemic, she’s made a strong effort to preserve her mental health, though finding some semblance of balance can certainly be a struggle in entrepreneurship. She admits that there are two sides to the coin.

The first, is that as an entrepreneur, it’s all in. “We knew that as a family going in—my kids recognized it early on in the process. Within the first few days of me taking over the restaurant, my son said to my mom (his grandma),  “I think I'm really gonna love this restaurant. And, I think I'm really gonna hate it, too.’” Kara says that in many ways, finding “balance” is extremely difficult as a new business owner. Together, her family has made some necessary adjustments in order to navigate this venture into entrepreneurship.

The second, is that entrepreneurs do need to look for strategies for protecting their mental health. “I have used a business coach myself. I have accepted help from friends and family, so whereas I tend to try to be strong and independent, I've pushed myself to say yes when people offer any kind of help.” For her, making time to get out for walks and taking a quick power nap are some of her other strategies to maintain her mental health.

Through it all, her number one objective has been focusing on people: both customers and staff. With a happy team, her employees are willing to go the extra mile to help the business in such a difficult time. And from the beginning, she says, they’ve worked on providing an extraordinary customer experience, doing everything possible to make customers happy when they, too, are struggling.

We all have our own experiences impacting the lens through which we perceive the world and how we interact with it. But, Kara adds, it’s important to bring compassion to the table.  “Behind a business are people. They're employees, they're managers, they're owners, and people just trying to do a good job and serve the public. If there's any message I'd like to deliver to the public, for the benefit of not only myself but all business owners, it's to encourage customers to have empathy for businesses.” 

Kara is certainly no stranger to challenges, and like all of us, she’s had one heck of a year. With all that she’s learned, her advice to fellow entrepreneurs is, in one word: persistence.

“I do think persistence pays off. That being said, there's a qualifier there: not blind persistence.  As entrepreneurs, we can get caught up in the passion of the business. And, at the end of the day, the balance sheet has to work.” She explains, “As much as it takes passion and persistence, I also think that we need to be realistic with our financials and our balance sheets.”

- Fatima Mohamed
2021 AWE Awards: Nominees Announced
Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Are Unstoppable


EDMONTON, AB – In a year where businesses faced unprecedented challenges, Alberta women entrepreneurs proved to be unstoppable in their efforts to better the world around them. Today, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is recognizing those efforts by naming 152 nominees across four categories in its annual AWE Awards.

Awards Overview and Nominees

Emerging Entrepreneur Award – Awarded to a female entrepreneur who has built a strong, scalable business foundation and has achieved early success.

Indigenous Entrepreneur Award – Awarded to a leading Indigenous woman entrepreneur who has a strong business concept and demonstrates plans for future growth and commitment to the community.

Upsurge Award – Awarded to a female entrepreneur who has built a solid foundation for her business and is now experiencing rapid growth.

Celebration of Achievement Award – Awarded to an exceptional female entrepreneur who has achieved recognizable success and acts as a role model for women in business.


Next Steps Finalists will be named in September. The annual awards gala will take place in October, where AWE will name one winner in each of the four categories selected by a panel of judges.


“These are the outstanding women who are working tirelessly to build their businesses and their communities. In every corner of Alberta, women entrepreneurs make positive changes and innovate to continue moving forward. Their efforts and achievements are truly remarkable.”

- Marcela Mandeville, CEO, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

“ATB Financial is delighted to celebrate the achievements of Alberta women entrepreneurs who have been instrumental in driving business success in our province. At ATB, we know that when women are successful, Alberta is successful. Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you for inspiring women entrepreneurs to pursue their aspirations and be part of Alberta's thriving business community.”

- Nikki Briggs, Head of Women in Business, ATB Financial

Quick Facts

Since 2012, the annual AWE Awards have recognized more than 800 women entrepreneurs in Alberta.

Over the last 25 years, AWE has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs through coaching, mentorship, leadership development, business advising, access to capital, and access to networks.

Alberta small businesses contribute more GDP per capita than small businesses anywhere else in the country. In addition to providing jobs, these small businesses inject about $100 billion a year into the Alberta economy.

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, ATB!  Atb.jpg  Media Contact:

Julie Gathercole

Communications Lead, AWE


- Fatima Mohamed
Bold Leadership Feature: Janet Caryk

Janet Caryk is a psychologist and business owner based out of Edmonton, AB. She made the pivot to private practice after being a long-term employee at a hospital. Her private practice is called Centre for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She’s been in private practice for about 22 years now. Janet’s services aid her clients in treating OCD, panic disorders, and more with cognitive behavioural therapy. Rethinking therapy, Janet’s clinic offers group therapy programs, free events, and more for her clients.

In the mid-90’s there was a prospect that healthcare was going to change relating to maternity leave. Although the healthcare changes never took place, it got her thinking, “I'm not going to wait around for my pink slip. I have to do something, and that's when I started talking to my colleagues about starting a clinic.”


After sitting with the idea of owning her own practice, she began to lean into it, transitioning out of her full-time job. “I told my boss at the hospital, I'm thinking of leaving and I'd like to go part-time here. He agreed to that. I think it was like about six months of working part-time I decided that I was going to go full-time with my private practice. Then I developed the clinic with my business partner.”

Initially, Janet participated in an AWE Program to assist her with opening a gym. AWE assisted Janet is examining the decision for every angle. After careful consideration, she decided franchising a gym wasn’t a good decision for her business at the time. “Now, you can imagine that deciding not to open the gym was the best decision I ever made as a businesswoman. It was about 18 months before COVID hit.”

When COVID hit, there’s was a large demand for her psychology services. The increase in demand and limitations in meeting clients in-person lead her to have to make a digital shift quickly. She leaned on the Bold Leadership Program to assist her in becoming more tech savvy. Now, she can host events and appointments remotely and is gaining confident in her technical ability. “I think the most important thing is that I've changed my mindset. I don't automatically say ‘I'm low tech, I can't do that’. I'm no longer low tech. That's not an accurate statement. I'm not high tech either, but I am learning.”

The Bold Leadership Program helped Janet streamline her back office, which consists of accounting, paperwork, payroll, etc. “I tried so hard to figure out the best way to organize everything and the most cost-efficient way. What AWE helped me do was sit down and really have a hard look at the numbers.” By looking in depth at all her accounting, she was better able to find areas for improvement and opportunity, all while being supported by AWE.

The next big project that her Bold Leadership coach is going to help with is leveraging different online platforms so that her clinic can be easily found, and to measure which platforms are performing best.

“My experience in the Bold Leadership Program was really amazing. Everybody's so helpful, supportive and nice. There is lots of communication, willingness to help answer any questions that you have, and lots of collaboration. I call it my mini-MBA”

Janet’s advice for entrepreneurs growing their business in the digital era:

“You can’t be as successful unless you're willing to embrace the digital components. If you resist these changes, you're just not going to be competitive. You're not going to be able to grow without embracing this kind of technology.”

Janet recently completed the Bold Leadership Program with AWE. The program is designed to support women entrepreneurs who are creating new strategies, and implementing technology and processes that will improve their business performance.

- Fatima Mohamed
8 Interesting & Motivating Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are extremely popular as of late—and for good reason! Through this auditory medium, people can listen in to conversations with experts to learn, laugh, join a community, and ultimately, be inspired! There are plenty of podcasts out there suited for any niche, and that certainly includes entrepreneurship.Here are 8 podcasts to help enrich you along your entrepreneurship journey, featuring both local and international productions as well as personal recommendations from the AWE team!

Akimbo.png Akimbo, by Seth Godin

Akimbo is a podcast from Seth Godin, a guiding light in the marketing community. In this show, he delves into culture in all of its forms, with undertones of marketing, entrepreneurship and a dash of mystery.“Seth is one of my business crushes. He is the author of 19 international bestsellers including Tribes, Purple Cow, Linchpin, The Dip, and This Is Marketing. He writes daily at Seth's Blog, which is one of the most popular blogs in the world.Akimbo is an interesting mix of culture, marketing, and doing things that matter. I find Seth's episodes to be thoughtful, observant, and honest. He doesn't interview guests, which I like. Though he does answer his audience's questions at the end of each episode.” - Jen Horvath, Business Advisor

  Let's Do Coffee.png Let’s Do Coffee

Presented by NAIT’s Mawji Centre, Let’s Do Coffee interviews local entrepreneurs about their undertakings, not shying away from deep dives into the challenges, questions, and even fears that come with entrepreneurial ventures.

  Get it Girl Radio.jpg The Get It Girl Radio

This podcast is a community created by photographer and entrepreneur Nicole Constante. While on the air, Nicole provides mindset tips, personal development tools and growth strategies in collaboration with women in leadership positions.“I love Get it Girl Radio podcasts…they have lots I’ve listened to but the most recent is Lessons Learned From the First Year of Being a Full Time Business Owner featuring Joanne Bartolome, an AWE speaker and client.Get it Girl Radio in general has a lot of very useful and interesting topics for women to build their resilience and confidence, whether or not they are business owners.” - Kiran Sagoo, Program Lead

  The Inner Circle v1.jpeg The Inner Circle, by Carrie Doll

Carrie Doll, former journalist and storyteller extraordinaire, extends her passion for “the interview” into a podcast filled with powerful stories and impactful messages. Hosting a new guest every week, Carrie encourages experts, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike to share their journeys and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. She’s even featured our very own CEO, Marcela Mandeville!

  Creative Processing.jpeg Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Put simply, Joseph Gordon-Levitt chats with a cross-section of various creatives and asks: how do you do what you do? Creativity, in any shape or form, is something that touches everyone, particularly entrepreneurs, and Joseph’s questions inspire guests to reveal the nitty-gritty of their creative careers.“My podcast recommendation is a bit atypical and it’s “Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt”. It’s a podcast that explores questions around creativity through interviews with exciting guests from various backgrounds like scientists, entrepreneurs, musicians and much more. My favourite episode is the one with Jessica Alba, actress and co-founder of The Honest Company.I’d recommend this podcast because it’s a fun listen for women entrepreneurs who place an importance on being creative and look for the creativity within anything that they do.” - Fatima Mohamed, Marketing Assistant

  Don't Call Me a Guru.jpeg Don’t Call Me a Guru, by Linda Hoang

Another homegrown podcast from right here in Alberta, Don’t Call Me a Guru hosted by YEG content creator Linda Hoang takes up the ins and outs of social media strategy.  Linda helps listeners navigate the ever-changing world of social media, highlighting trends to be aware of, and changemakers using social in unique ways to reach their communities.

  Unlocking Us.jpeg Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Brené Brown, an expert on all things courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy, shares her expertise in “conversations that unlock the deeply human part of who we are, so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart.”

“I really like the podcast: Unlocking Us with Brene Brown because she interviews a whole range of people who have different experiences in life. Also, it challenges you to think about your life in a different perspective.” - Nicole Cayanan, Financing Specialist.

  What Next TBD v2.jpg What Next: TBD

TBD explores the ever-changing tech industry, colliding with hot-topics and taking on controversies without a flinch. The world of tech can seem like a mystery looking from the outside in—this podcast provides a clear view into the future.

  The Fab Collective v2.jpeg BONUS: The Fab Collective

The Fab Collective, by Edmonton entrepreneur and AWE client Christine (Fab) Channer, shares important conversations about entrepreneurship, mental health, social justice, lifestyle topics, and so much more!


Podcasts are an excellent way to connect with an audience, create value-added content, and share expertise as a thought-leader in your community. Even in the busy life of an entrepreneur, they provide inspiration, new perspectives, and entertainment in an accessible, on-the-go format. We hope you find value in the recommendations above, and please feel free to recommend your favourites, too!

- Catherine Larose
Improving the Customer Experience Through Technology

The past two decades have seen the birth of an unprecedented number of new markets and technologies such as cloud services, warehouse robotics, and smartphones. These new technologies have redefined entire industries, and business owners are being forced to change their business models and embrace digital transformation in order to stay competitive.

The integration of digital technologies into all areas of a business is changing how businesses operate, and also how they interact with and bring value to their customers. Digital technology has transformed consumer habits and caused a shift in customer expectations. These days, customers often rate organizations on their digital customer experience first.

Mobile devices, apps, machine learning, automation and much more allow customers to get what they want almost exactly at the moment they need it. As a result, modern customers expect consistent access to relevant content in relation to what they’re doing at any time, in any location and in the format and on the device of their choosing. In today’s market, businesses must embrace technologies in many forms to deliver an unmatched customer experience. But, for many small businesses the options can be overwhelming. 

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs offers a series of Digital Transformation courses that explore digital transformation topics with experts. Over three sessions, two hours each, participants receive strategic insights, ask questions and talk about technology options with experts. 

For Lori Schmidt, Instructor of the Enhancing Customer Experience Through Digital course, understanding how to digitally transform a business begins with an understanding of what digital competencies are needed to improve operational efficiency as well as the customer experience.


“Our approach has been helping the entrepreneur understand that it is about the integration of digital technologies into all areas of their business. So it is much more strategic perhaps rather than jumping into all the technologies,“ explained Lori. “The course was a primer for our larger Bold Leadership Program. A component of the course is to help women identify and build competencies using digital technologies to enhance the customer experience. It involves understanding what digital transformation is.”

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Digital was designed to be a course that would help businesses shift from pandemic survival strategies, to focusing on long-term implementation of digital technologies for continued growth in their markets. Participants were not only able to identify areas of digital competencies that they needed to acquire, but were also able to apply the technologies with a strategy and valuable feedback from other professionals.

“Everyone got what they needed out of the course in a different way, and the opportunity to work continuously with AWE is huge. It has completely transformed our business and our direction and where we are going, and that gave AWE a lot of value to us.” - Amaris Gamache, Course Participant.

An aspect of the Enhancing Customer Experience course was learning to prepare and execute a customer experience digital strategy by developing an implementation plan. For Jody Craig, mapping out her customers' journey was a valuable exercise. Since applying strategies learned in the course, she has been able to increase her exposure to new markets by using marketing techniques to let people know what she is working on, and inviting new collaborations.

Participants of the course learned how to identify their current level of digital maturity. The course also explored customer engagement through the use of social media, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and multiple digital channels from their first connection with your brand, to following up with customers well after the purchase of a product or service.

According to Jody Craig, “staying in touch with your customers is important.” How a company does that is an equally important part of the customer experience. “Feedback from clients is important to ensure that you are providing a service that is of value. Keeping the lines of communication open is essential to understanding what your clients changing needs are,” she explained.

Staying on top of communications is another area in which digital transformation can assist with improving efficiencies and quality of customer service. Implementing simple automations can help businesses stay in contact with their ever growing customer base. This includes marketing automation such as email, chat and sales support, as well as operations automation including fulfillment, shipping, tracking and bookkeeping. 

Introducing digital strategies means replacing cold calling with social selling. Customers are already active in social media and that’s where businesses need to be in order to engage. Instead of waiting for the customer to establish contact, businesses today need to reach out to them, build a relationship and help educate them about their product or service.

Customer service teams are no longer restricted to phone and email communications. Digital transformation is not just about being reactive, it’s about using a wide range of channels to provide support. Social media, reviews sites, forums, and communities are all now part of the customer service ecosystem. 

Regardless of what technologies businesses choose to implement, one thing is certain: the companies that do make the choice to transform to digital operations and processes are creating highly engaged customers.


Lori Schmidt - Business Advisor and Coach

Jody Craig, Viewpoint Executive Solutions

Amaris Gamache - The Chic Studio ( Chic and Company Inc., La Seda Silk, Magnifiquely Lashed)

- Fatima Mohamed
Client Feature: Christine Channer August

Christine Channer August, also known as Fab, is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Channer Consulting and Training and hosts a podcast called The Fab Collective. Hopeful optimism is what drives her day to day, always keeping the big picture in mind.

Over a year ago Christine left her previous employment. “I can't say that entrepreneurship hasn't always been a part of who I am. I've always had a side hustle of some capacity. Leaving my job was that final push. I've always taken this posture of service and doing things with integrity. When there was a misalignment of values in previous roles, it was my opportunity to do things the way that I wanted. I believe clients deserve to be treated with full transparency and true collaboration.”

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Channer Consulting and Training is a customized solution to training needs for businesses because training staff is at the core of every customer-centric business. “I've been in situations where I've noticed training is not considered. I always give the example if there's this massive hotel or structure that's going up, but then once the structure is erected, who's going to work there?”

Christine’s business assists other businesses in bridging the gap between starting a business and assisting with sustainable growth. The solutions her company provides are very customized to her clients’ needs.

“I'm very client-centric in everything that I do. I make the clients a priority. It's about literally being a partner. Not to say that my business survives off of air and unicorns, obviously there's a financial component, but I just truly have the mindset of working hand in hand with clients.”

Christine places a large emphasis on making her strategies easy to follow and to helping her clients in every way she can. Often, she has several phone calls before a contract is signed so her clients can have piece of mind before investing. She also lets her clients know of what funding is available to them to assist them in paying for her services, or to keep another aspect of their business running.

“If you take care of your team, if you take care of your clients, your business will take care of itself. I strongly believe that. Not everyone does. So that's why I'm doing it my own way.”

After being turned away from federal funding because her business was relatively new, a friend referred her to AWE’s The Regional Relief and Recovery Fund. When the pandemic hit, Christine reached out to AWE for some financial help. “AWE was honestly a lifesaver for my business. Working specifically with Amber and Nicole has been a dream. I'm always anticipating a ‘no’ when it comes to asking for funding, but that wasn't the case here, AWE said ‘yes’.”

To anyone starting a business right now, Christine gives the following advice, “Resiliency is only developed in opposition. As long as you are aligned with what you enjoy and your purpose, just stay the course.”

- Fatima Mohamed
What to Consider Before Opening a Second Location

Opening a second location for your business is an extremely exciting time. That being said, there are also numerous factors to consider before you sign a lease. It’s important to make sure you think through the following points before opening a second location to ensure no mishaps arise.

Cash Flow

The number one factor to consider is your cash flow and if it can support two locations for your business. Opening a second location is an accomplishment, but it’s important to consider the factors that will keep your business afloat. Instead of jumping into a second location early in your business, aim for slow and steady growth. Manage your growth so it is sustainable long term.


Many businesses depend on walk-in traffic. When considering where to open your second location, consider if the area has high foot traffic. Be aware of your surroundings and what's driving that walk-in traffic and what could affect it. It’s important to also be mindful if walk-in traffic is essential to your business.


For an example, if you own a restaurant that is located next to a very busy popular restaurant and you always get the overflow customers, then suddenly, they go out of business, your business will also be affected. There won’t be the same amount of people going to that location anymore.


Working in-office isn’t as common as it used to be. However, there are some offices that are still outgrowing their space. If you feel that your business is outgrowing the space, consider if all your staff need to, or want to work in-house. For an example, if your business has space for 20 employees, consider if you actually have to provide physical seats for all 20 of them to be in-office at the same time.

Another reason you may outgrow your space is because of the COVID restrictions. If you have the cash flow to support it, opening another location can support you in socially distancing your employees.

Rental Prices

Additionally, due to the current global climate, rent is comparatively low. It’s important to be mindful that even though rent is low, that you still need to have the historical revenue to justify opening a second location. If COVID has negatively affected your business, opening a second location to take advantage of low rent prices is likely not a sustainable option. Many businesses that opened a second location are still struggling and applying for loans to stay afloat.

Negotiating Leases

Given that rent prices are low and businesses are closing, it gives business owners the opportunity to negotiate their lease for their second location. You are able to get good deals on spaces because landlords are willing to negotiate right now as they would rather have someone rent the space than leave it unoccupied. Make sure you're outsourcing negotiations to people that are professionals and educated in real estate to make sure you're getting the best deal and you're not overpaying.

Some questions to consider are:

Will this new location bring in the required amount of revenue?

Do you have historical revenue to support the additional rent?

If you get this space, will your business be this busy after opening? Or is it just temporary?

Should you take this year to focus on recovery instead of expansion?

It’s crucial to take the time to fully consider all your options before opening a second location. Although it can be exciting, it’s a large business decision and investment.

- Fatima Mohamed
Bold Leadership Feature: Diana Frost

Diana Frost is the owner of a colouring book company called Colouring It Forward. Diana is Algonquin Métis, an artist and a musician. Diana was an engineer for 20 years, then had a dream about creating a series of colouring books and decided to pursue her creative side. “It started with a series of coloring books that I made with artists and elders from different nations. The coloring books include real artwork, and also stories and teachings from the elders. It's a way for people to learn a little bit about the First Nations culture in a positive way.” Colouring It Forward was rapidly successful, with 2500 copies being sold in the first 6 weeks of launching. This captured the attention of CBC, radio, and print news sources. 


When the pandemic happened, retail bookstores were shutting down, which negatively impacted the B2B side of the company. However, Colouring It Forward already had a Shopify website, so Diana began to utilize more digital tools to focus more on selling directly to customers. The Bold Leadership Program assisted Diana greatly; she went into the program knowing she was going to implement what was needed to further her business. With AWE’s support, Diana has been able to optimize the website, merge her email so that everything was in one place, and launch her subscription box with assistance from Angus Gastle (AWE coach).

“I came up with the idea to make a gift box, like an Indigenous wellness box, called Equinox Box. While I was still doing the program, I think it was on March 1, I launched it.” The launch was successful with 30 purchases. Then after some media attention, it took one week for the subscription boxes to nearly sell out. “So, I opened up [sales] for another 50 boxes. And they sold out the next day. Again, I sold 50 boxes that day, and then the next day, they were completely sold out.” The Bold Leadership Program propelled Diana’s business forward in replacing the dependable income she had lost from bookstores closing due to COVID-19.

Diana had a very positive experience in the Bold Leadership Program and expressed great gratitude. “The coaching has been tremendous. Angus has done so much work on my platform and putting me in touch with people. They’ve helped with simplification of my platforms. I really appreciate knowing that there's someone there that I can ask for help. Anything that has to do with the digital platforms, I can ask Angus, and he'll help. Having people you can ask questions to, or to give you feedback is invaluable.”

“I feel like I have a better understanding now where my weaknesses are digitally, and my strengths. The Bold Leadership Program helped me with identifying goals and objectives specific to the digital platforms I was using. As a solopreneur, you don't have a lot of time. You end up putting fires out all the time and you don't have a lot of time to plan. Being part of the program gave me that time; it was forcing me to listen and answer important questions. I knew I had to grow digitally.”

When asked about advice for entrepreneurs growing their business in this digital era, Diana touched on the dilemma many small business owners face. “I think the most important thing is to make sure your messaging is consistent and to be patient. Interact with your prospected clients, or your customers. Try lots of new things but don't try too many platforms right at the beginning. Pick one or two and do it well. I remember at the beginning of my business I was trying to do so much for different platforms, plus doing B2B as well; it was too much.” Diana also highlighted the importance of consistency when using digital tools like social media. “Some people say you have to post every day, but I don't think so. I think what you need to do is be consistent. Make it quality over quantity. Make sure you check back on your posts because if people leave you some kind of comments, they'll want you to responded to it somehow.”

- Fatima Mohamed
Spring Cleaning Your Finances as a Business Owner

Winter is typically a month of high business expenses because of the cost of utility bills. When spring comes around, it’s time for a refresh in mindset, and your approach to your business’s finances.

Hiring a New Employee

Spring is a popular time to hire a new employee. This is typical because bills have lowered slightly from the winter months, and businesses often have funds they can reinvest into their staffing.

Before hiring, the first thing to do is check your cash flow. Book a 30-minute meeting with your bookkeeper to get a good idea if a new hire is within your budget. Then, check in with your staff to see where you need extra support. This will help you frame a new position in terms of salary and job description.

If your business is tighter on finances because of the unpredictability of the past year, look into hiring a subcontractor instead of an employee. A subcontractor is a great option for businesses needing an extra hand but don’t have enough work or capital for a full-time employee position. There was a vast amount of people that were laid off in 2020, and those people are open to different work opportunities. Additionally, many breadwinners of households are looking for an extra source of income to supplement their full-time employment. Hiring a subcontractor opens the possibility to have someone work on an as-needed basis. Flexible employment and working positions are more mainstream and sought after now, making it easier to find your ideal candidate.

Setting Budgets

March 31st is the fiscal year end for many businesses. If this is the case for you, it’s a great time to re-evaluate your business’s goals. Looking into your business’s financial goals helps you set expectations for the months and years to come. In order to apply for any funding, you need to project two years of your finances. Though this may feel challenging, it’s important to have a realistic budget documented. Given the changes that have taken place in the past year, projecting a ‘best’, ‘worst’, and ‘most likely’ financial forecast will help you in feeling more prepared for any potential challenges ahead. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and the forecasting can be updated quarterly as things change. The best way to do this is to have an Excel Spreadsheet of all your finances. This way the document can be easily updated with formulas already in place.

Another great way to learn where your business can save money is to collaborate with your bookkeeper. Your bookkeeper holds important information for what finances it takes for your business to run. Having an ongoing conversation with them will assist you in learning where you can cut costs and where you can invest more.

Working from Home Tax Implications

Tax season is upon us. The taxes this year introduce new challenges because of so many employees having worked from home. To have a mutually beneficial situation, it’s important to communicate with your employees what exactly your business will cover for their home office expenses or if it will have to be claimed by your employee. Make sure to be very clear on how expenses should be claimed when submitting taxes. Ensure that both you and your employees are educated on the Government of Canada’s changes in an effort to simplify claiming at home work space expenses.

We hope you found this article helpful on Spring Cleaning Your Finances as a Business Owner. With so many changes in the past year, we feel optimistic that the businesses today have resilience for any challenges to come.

Need to talk through your business strategy, your delivery model, or how to manage cash flow? Connect with an AWE advisor - book a free appointment here

- Fatima Mohamed
We're hiring a Marketing Lead (Full-time)

Are you interested in joining a dynamic team passionate about helping growing businesses that are shaping Alberta? Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), an organization dedicated to helping women achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations, is searching for a Marketing Lead.  AWE provides women entrepreneurs with access to capital, business advice, practical training, and a supportive community to start, scale, and succeed.

Learn more
- Catherine Larose
How Incorporating Technology Can Improve Operational Efficiency

Technology can play an important role in creating lean and efficient processes. It helps to reduce or eliminate duplications and delays in the workflow, as well as speed up operations by automating specific tasks. It can also save businesses a significant amount of money and time. Businesses are investing in digital technologies in order to leverage the numerous benefits they bring to the table, for both the organization and its employees. 

Part of Alberta Women Entrepreneurs’ “Digital Transformation” series, the course “Creating Efficiencies Through Digital Operations” helps business owners discover, streamline and remove repetitive operational tasks within their organizations, allowing them to free up more time. The purpose of the course is to help women entrepreneurs  take the first and most important steps in order to embrace digital tools, and as a result - become more efficient in their operations.

 “I liked the conversations with the other business owners, comparing some of their struggles and things we had in common,” Jennifer Nielsen reported. Her company, Iron Hide Woodworks, saw exponential growth in 2020, and have since expanded to a new 3300 square foot shop. However, even though this was great news in 2020, she expects to see some changes in the months to come, and she and her partner are taking a proactive approach to any foreseeable challenges.


The course included three sessions for a combined six hours of live, interactive learning with access to a network of experts and coaches. The session topics included process digitization, enabling team collaboration, and optimizing with meaningful data. 

Claire Montgomery, Owner of Claire’s Cleaning Services, found value in the way the sessions were delivered. “I was so impressed with how the session was laid out. If you had questions you were welcome to chime in, and there were opportunities to be separated into smaller groups so that you could actually have conversations and get feedback from other businesses. So, it was a really great networking opportunity, without feeling like you have to force yourself upon other businesses and push network marketing. I felt you were able to connect with the presenter and there were opportunities for discussion and questions.”

Claire began her residential cleaning service in 2012, at that time she was the only employee. Since then, she has grown her fleet to a team of  nine employees serving over 100 clients in Edmonton. She discovered many of the digital tools that were applicable to her business within the course, and she implemented them right away. She was able to increase efficiency in her operations as well as improve communications between her team members and their clients instantly. 

Each session explored new technologies and compared processes which could be automated to increase efficiency. Throughout the course, participants also had an opportunity to connect and network with like-minded women entrepreneurs. 

“It gave me a different viewpoint on what an online presence can look like and what digital communication means. I think the assumption is that digital communications and online operations is something that is just applicable to companies that are retail or do a lot of their sales online, and I found quite the opposite in terms of tools that you can use to make sure that your team is communicating effectively with each other,” she explained.

One of the focuses of the course was learning to identify gaps in operational effectiveness, and how to build a digital workforce by mapping a team’s current needs. Participants also explored technologies such as Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

To create efficiencies in operations, businesses also need to know how they are doing, and be able to measure their performance against an established benchmark. Establishing appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the overall company and for each business function is an important step in this process.

While gaining insight from industry experts and each other, the group explored data management strategies and established data goals, including learning about data collection tools such as: Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Google Analytics and Harvest. Other reporting and data visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Domo were also discussed.

As a Marketing Manager, Jennifer Neilson was interested in learning how to streamline processes for the real estate firm she works for, so that each year their business could potentially take on a new city. Jennifer is also a mom, and the co-owner and marketing manager for her own company Iron Hide Woodworks. So, upgrading some of her own operational processes to digital platforms and automations has helped to save her a lot of time.

Jennifer’s  biggest takeaways from the course were learning the Microsoft suite in more depth, and the introduction of “power apps” which have helped Jennifer make communication easier between her team members.

“One of the things my partner and I talk about all the time is our ability to recognize a problem before there is a big problem.” Jennifer explained, “For example, we had great growth in 2020, but we are also expecting that when people get vaccines and things open up again we will probably take a bit of a hit, because people will be spending their money on travelling instead of on their homes.” 

The second session in the course was about team collaboration. This included finding ways for team members to work better together, and even ways in which the business can interact better with their customers and suppliers. Team collaboration tools like Slack were introduced and were compared to Microsoft Teams and Google suite. 

“Slack was absolutely amazing for us.” said Claire, “We could maintain everybody’s confidentiality, it kept things really professional, we could have specific group chats for supply pickups, discuss if someone was sick or if there was a Covid situation. All your information is organized and your conversations are saved.”

It is important to know what areas of your business are doing well, and what could use some extra help. Looking at data visualizations and analyzing it can help when creating a strategy. The third session in the Creating Efficiencies Through Digital Operations course was about data management. “Most people don't realize that they have a lot of data”, said Cailtin Lopez, course Instructor. “We ask, ‘what kind of data do you have?’, and ‘what kinds of things would you like to know from your business.’” 

Collecting consumer data helps businesses to gain a much better understanding of the way their consumers behave online. It also helps to define their overall demographics, and identify the ways in which they can improve the overall customer experience.

Claire Montgomery was able to put her data to work for her right away. “I am now so much more focused on the data and how that affects operations. We discovered through just analyzing data and looking at previous operations that we were finding most of our clients through word of mouth. We know how long our clients stay on for, and we figured out what the sweet spot is in terms of how often we see our clients. So we were able to make some good changes that will bring us to the next level of growth, based on being able to look at the data and know what it is telling us.”

The course is delivered in an interactive, applied learning approach. Business owners are encouraged to actually build a plan around their company. Because the course is not lecture style, the participants have found real value in discussing available options, challenges with current processes and successes with specific platforms. 

These digital technologies have been around us now for some time, and they have been evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Today, almost every company is investing in technologies to scale up their operations and achieve better results. The organization that manages to maintain a right balance of these technologies can increase their efficiency and conquer their respective markets quickly.

Businesses with more than two employees can  benefit further by joining the Bold Leadership program which takes an in-depth and comprehensive look at digital transformation.  This online program, which is led by experts will help you create a digital strategy, learn essential leadership skills, and actually implement one area of your strategy.   

“I am continually blown away with AWE. There have even been some sessions and workshops that AWE has started offering that I know I am not quite ready for, but it's great to know that as you continue on with your steps in your small business and you reach new levels of growth and new setbacks there always seems to be something that AWE offers that is applicable and affordable.” - Claire Montgomery, Claire’s Cleaning Services

More information about AWE’s Bold Leadership programs can be found here.


Caitlin Lopez - Instructor, Go Productivity 

Jennifer Neilson - Iron Hide Woodworks, Real Estate Marketing Manager

Claire Montgomery - Claire’s Cleaning Services

- Henry Flynn, Contributor
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In this episode of Ask Carrie, I want to talk about how you can get over your fear and launch your business idea. So many people struggle when they have amazing ideas to create or launch something and they really want to put something out there, whether it’s a course, or a membership, or anything […]

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- Natasha Barrett
How To Get Your Business Ideas Out Of Your Head

If you have a dream, idea or desire to create something amazing such as a book, a course, a membership or anything where you are making money doing something you love, and you just feel hopeless, in despair, like you’re not getting anywhere, this episode is for you! It feels dreadful to be stuck in […]

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- Natasha Barrett
Ask Carrie: 7 Steps To Come Up With An Online Business Idea

In this episode of Ask Carrie, I’m answering a question I get asked a lot: “How do I come up with an idea to start an online business?” Now is an amazing time to start an online business! Given the pandemic and with most people working from home, a lot of people are taking their […]

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- Natasha Barrett
The Best YouTube Strategy To Grow Your Business (with Sunny Lenarduzzi)

So many entrepreneurs want to create their own YouTube channel but don’t know where to start! If you have ever wondered how you could leverage YouTube to grow your business, you’re going to love this episode of the She Means Business Show! The amazing thing about YouTube is that your content lives on and works […]

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- Natasha Barrett

In this episode, I’m going to share with you something that’s really important: how to actually get through phases where you feel like you are experiencing big challenges, a lot of pushback, or when your business just isn’t going the way you want it to go. It can be so deflating when you go through […]

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- Natasha Barrett
Avoid Burnout In Business Through Biohacking

Our businesses rely solely on us to become a success, so if we’re not well, healthy and fit and have the energy we need – we won’t be able to reach our goals and live the life we dream of. So many of us push ourselves so hard and focus so much of our energy […]

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- Natasha Barrett

You spend so much time creating content on Instagram – but no one seems to be clicking through to your website or taking the action you want them to take and it can feel so frustrating! So I wanted to share a really simple, quick tip that will make a massive difference. When you post […]

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- Natasha Barrett
Find Your Purpose And Overcome Fear And Perfectionism with Cathy Heller

So many of us have amazing ideas but hold ourselves back from ever doing anything about them. We’re scared we’re not good enough, that it’s not the perfect idea, that people will judge us for it or that we will fail.  We hold ourselves back and wait until we feel ready, until everything is perfect […]

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- Natasha Barrett
What You Need to Know About Diversity and Inclusion as an Entrepreneur

As business owners and leaders, we have a responsibility to play our part in creating more diversity, inclusivity and equality in our businesses. We’re entering a new world where businesses that aren’t creating that diversity and inclusion for their customers and their communities are going to get left behind. We need to understand what building […]

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- Alison Coleman, Senior Contributor
The Tech That Connects Music Makers All Over The World
Collaboration has always been at the heart of making music. Thanks to a new generate of collaborative music apps, musicians can continue creating music together, even when a global pandemic has kept them apart.
- Trevor Clawson, Contributor
Start A Business, Get An MSc - The University That Wants To Be An Incubator
University hosted Incubators are commonplace but Falmouth University is seeking to do something different by offering a degree to those who join its business development program. And by 2030, the Vice Chancellor sees the whole institution embracing an incubator model.
- John Hall, Senior Contributor
Digital Identity: The Trending Tech Concept Changing How We Live
Whether you realize it or not, your “digital identity” exerts an increasing amount of control over your current and future opportunities. It’s time to restrict how your personal information is being used online.
- Dileep Rao, Contributor
2 Suggestions To Close The Gap Between Real Startup And VC Startup
Is a startup when a venture is just an idea and nothing else, or is it when an entrepreneur has developed a product, such as a cure for cancer, or is it a 6-year-old venture that has 10 banks and 25 fintech firms as customers, and has just received institutional VC? And does it matter?
- Expert Panel, Forbes Councils Member
Eight Entrepreneur-Recommended Methods For Creating A Timeless Brand
To create this kind of longevity, business owners will need to create brands that people like, remember and trust.
- AllBusiness, Contributor
7 Lessons From Horror To Improve Your Content Marketing
Scary stories keep audiences engaged from beginning to end. Apply these classic horror-writing techniques to your content marketing to make it scary good.
- YEC, Forbes Councils Member
Five Secrets To Building Brand Loyalty
If you want customers to remember your business, you need to build a loyal following. But loyalty isn’t something you deserve; customer loyalty has to be earned. 
- YEC, Forbes Councils Member
Problem-Solve Like A Pro
Think of it as showing your work on a math problem. Even if you arrive at a wrong answer, the fact that you can show the work you have done along the way still earns you points.
- Abdo Riani, Senior Contributor
The Trend Towards Becoming A Benefit Corporation
See why an ever-increasing number of businesses are opting to become a B Corp despite the additional cost and complexity.
- Expert Panel, Forbes Councils Member
Eight Effective Ways To Show Consumers Your Brand Is Trustworthy, According To Entrepreneurs
When your company comes across as authentic and trustworthy, it helps you build strong, lasting relationships with customers and clients.
- Mary Juetten, Contributor
A Twist On The Office Surplus: OFFOR Health
Delivering care to patients in their local community – who have difficulty in getting the healthcare they need due to location, time, or economics.
- YEC, Forbes Councils Member
Pulling The Plug On A Startup: How To Decide
If things don’t go as planned, at what point does a new business owner need to acknowledge failure? When is it smarter to cut your losses and walk away?
- David Prosser, Contributor
How First Momentum Is Putting DACH Tech Companies On The Map
First Momentum Ventures is raising €50m to invest in deep technology businesses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
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Nine Steps Every Entrepreneur Can Take To Scale Up Their E-Commerce Business
Here's how to ensure your online company thrives in the current marketplace.
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How Cytovale Is Set To Transform The Fight Against Sepsis
Sepsis is the world's number one killer, but Cytovale's new test could transform diagnosis and treatment
- YEC, Forbes Councils Member
How Remote Work Can Increase Business Profits
While working remotely is highly requested by employees and job seekers, it is, in fact, also beneficial for companies and can significantly increase business profits.
- Abigail Freeman, Forbes Staff
Thinking Of Taking Your Company Public? Vicarious Surgical CEO Adam Sachs Says ‘Buckle Up’
The stock market may be deteriorating now, but if given the chance to go back in time, Vicarious Surgical cofounder and CEO Adam Sachs said at the Forbes Under 30 Summit that he would take his medical robotics company public all over again.
- Expert Panel, Forbes Councils Member
Nine Simple Strategies To Build Loyalty And Retain Employees For The Long Term
Follow this expert advice to keep your best workers on board and satisfied for years to come.
- Bernhard Schroeder, Senior Contributor
Staff-Less Boutique Hotels Might Be A Huge Part Of The Future As They Target Gen-Z And Take On Airbnb
Now boutique hotels are looking at the easy convenience a technology-based hotel might provide in addition to a better customer experience.
- Mary Juetten, Contributor
Free Websites For Small Businesses: Project Falcon
I recently spoke with Rayan Garg, the CEO of Project Falcon out of San Jose.
- Adam Gottlieb
It’s no secret that starting a startup business isn’t easy. There is a lot of planning that goes into creating and executing an effective business plan for your dream. However, if you have an idea and you’re passionate about making your dream of owning a startup come true, all of your hard work and dedication ... Read more
- wp master
Curious to know what is crypto mining? Cryptocurrency’s popularity in the United States continues to rise. About 13% of Americans either traded or bought cryptocurrency over the past year. Bitcoin and Ethereum remain two of the most popular digital currency systems. Through cryptocurrency mining, you can go beyond buying and trading cryptocurrency. Continue reading below for a ... Read more
- Adam Gottlieb
How To Find The Best Solutions For Your Remote Workers
New Breakthroughs In Infrastructure Technology has utterly changed the game when it comes to modern employment. If you’ve got a computer and an internet connection, as well as a few hundred bucks, you can start your own private business and continue to nurture it until it becomes exceptionally profitable. All you need to do is ... Read more
- Adam Gottlieb
The Top 10 Most Helpful Tips for a First-Time Salon Manager
As a salon manager, you are tasked with making sure all operations run smoothly. From greeting clients to ensuring stylists are on time and feel supported, you really do it all. Being a salon manager can get hectic as you have to balance the roles of so many others while maintaining balance within the salon.  ... Read more
- Adam Gottlieb
As you probably know, multiple costs go into taking all three levels of the chartered financial analyst (CFA) exam. The most obvious cost of the exam is the fees that you have to pay to register for the CFA exam. However, before this part of the process, you have to enroll in the CFA program ... Read more
- Ian Morris
What the Success of Streaming Services Can Teach Entrepreneurs
Streaming TV and movies are taking over the media world, but for good reason.
- Christine Wetzler
5 Strategies for Getting the Most Out of a Customer Testimonial
Storytelling has been a human tradition since the dawn of early civilization.
- Entrepreneur Store
Nip Snoring In the Bud with This Innovative Mask
Get better sleep when you finally stop snoring.
- Raj Girn
The Modern Guru Is in All Of Us
The role of a guru is to elevate the collective consciousness of humanity, which "modern gurus" are achieving with as much wisdom today as others did thousands of years ago.
- J. Samuel
10 Top Penny Stocks To Watch This Week With Potential Biotech Catalysts
10 penny stocks to watch with upcoming evens this week.
- Hunter Meine
Being Cold Can Hurt Your Productivity
These final months of the year keep getting colder and colder. Of course, some people love the cold, especially after a blazing hot summer. However, no matter how you feel...
- Ana Karla Covarrubias
Own business, how to start on your own?
What if you get fired from your job tomorrow?
- Entrepreneur Store
Learn a New Language, Find Inexpensive Flights, and Start Globe-Trotting
Become a better traveler with Rosetta Stone and more.
- Armando Ruiz
Face failure and learn from your successes in 7 steps
Pau García-Milá's career has not been without "skinny cows", discover his advice.
- Danilo Diazgranados
4 Traits Every Leadership Team Should Invest In
Being aligned on key values can put your team on the road to success.
- Varun Sharma
How You Should Evolve Your D2C Brand as Digital Marketing Evolves
Just because you have data from the last couple of years, it doesn't mean you're sitting on gold.
- Charlie Chanaratsopon
3 Ways to Get Comfortable With Changing Times
Over the course of my professional career, I have learned that creating the right environment is key to fostering adaptability within a larger community of entrepreneurs.
- Anthony D. Anselmo
5 Steps You Can Take to Start a Small Town Business
It can be hard to figure out where to start with a small-town business idea.
- Raj Subrameyer
6 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Continue Working From Home
You can still continue to work from home if you approach the conversation with your boss the right way.
- Mairem Del Río
The 5 basic principles to start investing according to Eduardo Rosas from 'Personal Finance'
If you want to enter the world of investments, the expert Eduardo Rosas, creator of the successful channel 'Personal Finance' on YouTube, revealed the 5 basic elements to start investing.

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When running a small business, to be able to survive and be successful, it is vital to possess the appropriate mind-set. This is actually the stage when individuals might not even be considering becoming small business owners. Should you be prepared you'll have less to be concerned about and are going to be able to relay your position and business needs more effectively. If you're someone contemplating the changes which will occur by turning into a prosperous small business proprietor, it'll be helpful that you have a bird's eye view of where you're along the continuum.Related article… example, starting an internet business takes very little time and in the majority of cases, expense, which is primarily for all these reasons that there are a lot of internet businesses dotting the view. These implications are frequently different depending where you're running your company from, be it a shop or from home. Assuming you already have quite a few years experience below your belt in a similar organization, then you ought to have a fairly decent idea what things to expect and almost understand what these unforeseen expenses may be.Cash flow is a huge deal for virtually any entrepreneur trying to attain a fledgling business off the ground. Your small business start-up might have to possess somewhere to receive money together with a way of paying bills. To fuel your company start-up you'd definitely require appropriate guidance on ideas for company. Whenever your business empowers you to really work together, you may achieve success together.See also… the most crucial steps to starting a little business is securing stable and respectable lines of credit. Another route to take would be to consider starting the company on a part time basis. Setting up an extremely detailed table of expected expenses and revenues for the very first few years of the brand-new start up organization is important and forms the basis of your own business enterprise plan. An accountant shouldn't be an afterthought for your personal business.For a lot of entrepreneurs hoping to begin a small business locating the cash to do so is often a big stumbling point. Think about that if you're seriously considering starting a little enterprise. If you prefer to start your organization hard enough, you're going to get through it in style. While working and scheming to start your business, you'll need to really have a map of things you should concentrate on.Related article… There's zero way a small company in the 21st century can expect to survive with no web presence, however it's not sufficient to simply have a web site, any business looking to succeed needs a competitively placed site that is certainly visible to its customers. If you would like to start an internet business, like network marketing, you're able to typically intend on shelling out several thousands to start off with, even though this will change from company to company. The little business enterprise idea is possibly rather detailed, even if it's an easy organization. This normally requires a whole lot of work and certainly will signify the creation of a company plan. At this time, you're set to begin your small business enterprise. It may be as easy as beginning a terrific window cleaning company or as complex as a different tech start-up.Feel free to share this informationFor your Business Registration, Business Plan, Brand Marketing, Business Proposals, Strategic Business Development, Content Management, SMS and E-mail Marketing, Expatriate Quota/Work Permits, SMEs start-up.Contact us at:Prospective Ideas Nig Ent5, Atunwa Street Off Unity Rd,By Custom Training SchoolIkeja.Lagos - State.+2348034201291; [email protected];     [email protected]  
Honestly, I have never really been worried and disheartened in recent times as compared with the period when I was an employee chasing unimaginable monthly sales targets here and there. I was terribly stressed when I was still single in contrast to when I am now happily married with kids and lots of fatherly roles to play at the home front. I appear to take life more uncomplicated now than ever before not because I have everything but rather because I had cause to be thankful for the much little I have. Apparently, I am taking solace in the fact that "The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don't have." Though, research has shown that there are more cases of stress induced depression, low productivity and performance at workplace, decreasing morals and motivation, absence of positive thinking, high level of domestic abuse and escalated violence, recurrent suicidal actions, extreme drug abuse and excessive alcoholism and many other anti-social activities in the society at large. In order to tone down the effect of stress in our daily lives, here are 55 surefire steps needed to reduce tension from your life:1.     First and foremost, you need to identify the real cause of stress. 2.     Activities causing stress and tension should be noted down and analyzed twice in a month. 3.     Your reactions to each stressful event should be recollected and compared with one another. 4.     You Should not give immediate response to stressful event, always take little time to think and ponder on the best alternative cause of action. 5.     If any tension comes, ask your inner mind for a solution, he is more intelligent than you. 6.     Past is past, always concentrate on future events and gather courage and willpower. 7.     You need not bother about your loss, but find out the reason for it and try to solve it. 8.     Face all situations with confidence. 9.     Keep faith in God and believe in Him alone to make things work out as you desires. 10.                        Always hope for the best in all things you do.11.                        Always keep a positive approach. 12.                        Before doing anything plan a solution to face a negative situation. 13.                        You should not live your life only for money reason alone. 14.                        Help the poor people if you can, it gives you a sense of fulfillment. 15.                        Visit the sick people and give them moral support, it could be the best and last moment for you or the sick ones. 16.                        Whenever you are tensed take a deep breath and relax. 17.                        Don’t ever replace working hard with prayer and replacing prayer with hard work. 18.                        If any stress comes, look at the beautiful things around you most especially the nature. 19.                        Keep some inspirational and motivational books around you, read whenever you are stressed or under pressure. 20.                        Practice breathing exercises regularly. 21.                        Keep little time for positive thinking and meditation, an hour a day will refresh your mental alertness. 22.                        If you are tensed up, make a surprise call to your loved ones, spouse, parents or old friends. 23.                        When you are tensed think about others who suffer from more serious problems. 24.                        Keep close contact with your family and share some problems with them. 25.                        Go for pleasure trips with your family members. 26.                        Avoid sedentary and isolated life; always mingle with others to reduce the chances of being wayward or suicidal when faced with severe stress and tension. 27.                        Always approach others with a smile, it is the most natural way to bond with people and also a stress reliever. 28.                        Laughing and sharing jokes with others will make you feel relaxed. 29.                        If any stressful event comes, discuss it with your partner or intimate friend. 30.                        Spend quality time with your kids and join in their toy stories and child’s play. 31.                        Always approach the people in a polite manner, first impression lasts. 32.                        Maximum attempt should be made to reduce enmity towards others as this will stimulate the stress level. 33.                        Keep a regular routine for your activities. 34.                        Stop procrastinating and start getting more things done as quickly as you can possibly do. 35.                        Sound sleep and quality bedtime relaxation is very essential to calm down your mind and body. 36.                        Avoid staying in stuffy and unventilated atmosphere, always prefer room with fresh air. 37.                        Learn to get up as early as possible in the morning, it always sets the tone for more active and brighter day ahead. 38.                        Wear some perfumes when necessary and freshen up your rooms or workplace with nice fragrances. 39.                        Personal hygiene should be maintained at all times and in all places. 40.                        Your health problems should be discussed with medial professionals and follow their instructions. 41.                        Make a habit of cleaning the home and surroundings as often as possible. 42.                        Keep sexual relations with only one partner, this will prevent emotional stress and reduce the risk of contacting STDs. 43.                        Always take a walk in between every other activities, it is a good way to relax the brain and calm the nerves. 44.                        Afternoon sleep is good but should not be a deep sleep with snoring. 45.                        Listening to good music sometimes recalibrates the mind. 46.                        Spend little time with pet animals if you cared for one. 47.                        Engage in some games such as chess, scrabble, Sudoku, swimming, tennis, football, etc. 48.                        Keep some time to engage in your hobbies. 49.                        When you have the time, write some literal things like articles, poems and stories. 50.                        Keep a regular timing for food, even skipping a breakfast sometimes can trigger stress and tension.51.                        Take plenty of fruits and vegetables. 52.                        Prepare your favorite meal and have it with your family and friends at the dinner table, picnic and other memorable places. 53.                        Excessive drinking and eating should be avoided, obesity and other eating disorders are some of the causes of stress and mental depressions. 54.                        Learn to always speak the truth absolutely, it is the best way to free the mind from unnecessary worries.55.                         Don’t forget to share these tips with others, you just might be the reason someone somewhere is overcoming his/her worries.
The period of this COVID-19 pandemic is one the best time to be an entrepreneur—in the last decades; technology has leveled the playing field and propelled an entrepreneurial revolution. As an entrepreneur, you now have more access to information that enables you to make more intelligent choice more quickly. You have an advantage over big businesses in that you’re lighter, more flexible, and faster on your feet. You can target new markets more quickly, and you can turn on a dime.But being a successful entrepreneur requires that you look at the big picture and follow a plan through from beginning to the end. Rieva Lesonsky, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine also gives some practical guidelines that can help you when beginning your own enterprise:1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job. (Avoid Jumping The Ship)Consider starting your business part-time, especially if it’s online, while you’re working and have a steady income. It usually takes six months to a year to get a business going and you don’t want your ability to make your house payment to hinge upon your company being an overnight success. Start with what you can manage, financially and time-wise, and scale up as your business grows.2. Find Your Niche.(Discover And Identify Your Area Of Specialization)The days of general stores are over. Particularly online, consumers are looking for stores that specialize. You have to find a need—something a specific group of people want, but can’t get at the big chain stores—and fill it.“You can’t compete with the big guys, so you have to find where the big guys aren’t and go into your niches.” 3. Start Small To Grow BigA little beginning is sometime needed to build a bigger brand, many of the world’s foremost companies started from the garage, library or micro cubicle. You do not need to overstretch your resources to start a business of your own, Rome was never built in a single day. Many humble beginners have risen to become multinational corporations, e.g, General Electric, Amazon, Dangote, Ford Foundation, Alibaba, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc.4. Have an Online Presence. (Build An Online Brand For Easy Access) Even if you’re not planning to start an online retail business, consider that the internet can still play a valuable role in your company. Having an online presence eliminates the limitations of physical location and broadens your customer base by, literally, millions. It’s also a great tool for promoting yourself and letting people, even in your own area, know that you’re there, and what you’re doing.5. Build Trust And Be Consistent.The first and most important tool you need in building your client’s confidence is Trust, never compromise your trust and integrity for profit. The more people have trust in what you do, the more attractive your product and services to multitude of potential customers.6. Refuse to Quit.Successful entrepreneurship requires creativity, energy, and a drive to keep going when you fail. Few people realize that before Bill Gates created the extremely successful Microsoft 3.0, he created a Microsoft 1.0 and 2.0, both of which flopped—but he kept at it. And that determination and refusal to give up is what will separate successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones. “Arm yourself with optimism to get beyond the ‘No’ or the trouble. There’s nothing wrong in failure—just don’t repeat the same mistake!”7. Separate Business From PleasureThis is not the best time to plan on holidays and vacations, the current reality does not give room for frivolities and arbitrary spending in the name of tours and philandering. Concentrate more on sustaining the growth of your business and making it to be a standard brand that will stand the test of time. Whenever the coast is clear for vacations and shopping spree, it will naturally come without much ado.Credit…Rieva LesonskyContributor....Olanite [email protected]+2348034201291.
The first internet marketing I did was selling an internet browsing tweak way back in 2006 just before I got my marketing job in the bank, thereafter, I venture into VOIPS, selling e-books and other information materials that I created myself or got through a reseller or resale rights. In addition to the above mentioned, I started writing and publishing on forums such as Nairaland, blogs and other self development online platforms. Nairaland really helped shape my internet marketing direction as it became the turning point for the things I thought were mere passion but turns out to become a source of sustenance till date. I have few of my articles and publications on nairaland that are still bestsellers till date, when it comes to business and school registration, my article has garnered more income and revenue than my total wages when I was working in the bank. And my article on nylon production business, recycling plastic and nylon waste is today still the most visited in that niche and I still earn from it till tomorrow.If, unlike me, your career in life has not involved any form of marketing or selling, then to get involved in internet marketing is one hell of a giant leap.I was first introduced into internet marketing in 2006 through Success Digest publications owned by Dr Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, a business coach and mentor. I was a lover of complete sport magazine and every last page of the sport magazine carries some information about online and internet marketing business. I kept seeing an advert for something called Google Ads, click-banks, PayPal, e-books, info products and a lot of other relevant reports. At this point, I was still in the banking system chasing deposits day-in day-out and i all I used the internet for was either networking with colleagues or just browsing in general for any information that I needed on any subject matter under the sun.Even inside success digest papers and complete sports magazines, there are columns where you can place advert for your internet marketing skills, info product, software services and people would buy your products and you would receive a generous income. Simple, I thought, that is until you try it as an uneducated marketer. I lost more money than I invested, however, this can be quite normal for the beginner. I accepted the fact that I had lost money but vowed to continue looking for something that I could do.So, being curious about money making on the internet I decided to investigate further. I came across many money making opportunities that promise this that and the other, which I am sure a lot of you have seen yourselves. Successful internet marketers such as Akin Alabi, Nzimora, Seun Osewa, Patrick Ogidi, John Obidi and a host of others had encounter with success digest one way or the other. Anyway, after a while I found an offer that I thought I could try out and see what happens without losing an absolute fortune. After starting a venture into internet marketing for the first time you will find yourself seemingly lost in a world of information. There is so much to learn and so many ways to learn it.It takes time to learn what you need to know about internet marketing And I don’t think that there are any real secrets, just techniques.On the internet there are thousands of people trying to make money and they are all either making new products or looking for products to help themselves financially. There are endless programs and E-Books and ideas available that tries to help you succeed in whatever money making business you are involved in.I am not trying to promote anything here, I am just trying to say that when you go into internet marketing, take your time, learn, read, re-read, and learn again.Nothing is right if it is not right for you.If you don’t fully understand something, keep asking questions until you do understand it or don’t do it.There is no easy answer for the beginner, it is just a matter of that person finding out what is right for them. I just hope that anybody who tries internet marketing for the first time takes my advice on board and succeeds. There is no single best way to succeed on the internet, every successful story has a its peculiar strategy and style of reaching out to the larger audience, some internet marketers make use of video skits, youtube, twitter, instagram, facebook, vox-pops, etc, to attract their audiences. Whatever skill you possess and have deep passion for, now is the time to turn that dream into reality.To your successOlanite Olalekan.  
The pervasive news about recession seems to me a global phenomenon and not a malaise peculiar to Nigeria as a country. However, recession itself is not the major impediment to survival but the willingness of the people to look inward and create alternative source of income. Any nation whose development and growth is hinged on a monolithic based economy will ultimately fall into recession whenever it experiences financial shocks.Doing extra jobs, working extra hours, selling extra products, doing holiday and weekend jobs, affiliate marketing, by and large, earning extra income during recession is the greatest way to cushion the effect of economic depression, high cost of inflation, job insecurity, financial meltdown and the likes.Have you ever imagined how it feels to get up at your own lovable time and not hasten to office in the regular chaos of snarling traffic all the while getting choked on pollution? And then, to begin the day as though you are fresh from home and nothing has happened. Earning Extra Income has not impaired anyone up till now, and it should not be hurting you either if you start today. As long as you are willing to do that extra bit of work or take an extra mile trip for your boss, you should be more than willing to do so for yourself, especially if you feel that it would improve the quality of life of you and your family.For extra income job to be more rewarding, it is advisable to start with something you are passionate about as extra Income does not come for free.  A little bit of motivation and inspiration could set the ball in motion even for a greater business idea.1.        There is a global recession striking and there couldn’t have been a better time to engage in extra income activities than now. From America to Europe, Asia to Africa, the message is all the same, prices of oil keeps fluctuating, inflation rising on the steady, world population geometrically progressing, global warming and climatic change is affecting earning potentials of both the government and households, therefore, working extra hours and earning extra income is very germane at this critical period in our lifetime.  2.        Little fear of Job security and fear of unemployment vanish 3.        Flexibility to experiment with your passion and creativity, working extra jobs or earning extra income always present us the opportunity to try out new ideas.Read also.....12-key-reasons-to-start-earning-extra-income-in-20174.        The above factors help you to pursue your regular income job until you are sure of the extra income business. You can always switch.5.        Earning extra income and pay at your leisure hours. Be your own time master. Flexibility benefits are more for mothers and people having other responsibilities apart from profession6.        You can be your own boss in less time with no one looking over your shoulder. Freedom of time, moment, goals, finances everything left to you.Helpful Topic.....Getting-second-job-for-short-term7.        There is that Self confidence going through the sky. This factor will help you face most hurdles in life with a lot lesser heartaches and stress.8.        Limitations of earning do not exist. You can earn as much as you want by just stepping up the speed.Related article......ARE YOU TIRED OF EARNING SALARY ALONE? 11 GENUINE REASONS WHY YOU NEED AN ONLINE BUSINESS9.        Many countries offer tax benefits for home based businesses and extra income opportunities, since it is considered extra income and ultimately lesser tax obligations.10.      The possibility to retire early from career or paid job is guaranteed, you could decide to retire at 30 if you start early or at 60 if you stayed longer in it; it’s entirely up to you. 11.      Sense of pride. Make you more of a complete person who can proudly say that he/she is an entrepreneur who has achieved something.More helpful topic.......DO YOU NEED AN EXTRA INCOME: START SMALL AS AN ONLINE BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURFor your Business Registration, Brand Marketing, Business Proposals,Strategic Business Development, Content Management,SMS and E-mailMarketing, Expatriate Quota/Work Permits, SMEs start-up.Contact us at:Prospective Ideas Nig Ent5, Atunwa Street Off Unity Rd,By Custom Training SchoolIkejaLagos-State.+2348034201291; [email protected];[email protected]
Are you always feeling under the weather? Are you always not in the mood to be around others and have a good time? If you’re suffering from prolonged sadness for quite some time now, you should face these bouts of depression and get yourself diagnosed by a psychiatrist, there are psycho therapists who can actually help you out with your problem.The alarming rate at which people commit suicide lately is really a cause for worry, both the young and the olds are not left out in this ugly scenario. My last article was centered upon depression and worries, coincidentally, some suicide tragedies struck and the media went into frenzy on the news of a medical doctor who reportedly jumped into the lagoon from the third mainland bridge in Lagos state, Nigeria. And just when we thought we have had enough, another lady was also reported to have attempted similar suicide attempt around satellite town Ojo also in Lagos. What could have triggered this end-of-time trend in suicide actions by individuals?Related article....How To Overcome Your WorriesDepression or prolonged sadness is actually quite common in the Africa especially Nigeria considering the economic situation at the present time, around 30 percent of the Nigerian population actually suffer from this illness, however, not all of them get to be treated, thus, depression and its ill-effects continue to be a burden to many individuals. This illness may seem quite simple to treat but in reality, it takes more than a little cheering up to actually cure depression. Constant visits to a cognitive behavior therapist is a must as well as taking all the prescribed medicines that the doctor will ask the patient to take – none of these exactly come cheap, but the amount of suffering that a person is going through because of depression is enough reason already for others to start taking notice and face depression head on.  Depression oftentimes can easily get in the way of an individual’s daily activities and his or her normal functions, one’s enthusiasm for life can quickly and easily dissipate due to depression. And in place of an individual’s sunny disposition is more or less a person who hates him or herself, having no self-confidence, trying to isolate oneself from the world and basically just not caring about living any more. More so, a person suffering from depression isn’t the only one who’s going to suffer from this destructive illness, his or her loved ones are sure to follow suit. By seeing the individual grow through such rough patches, basically not caring about anything or anyone anymore, it’s highly likely that not only will depression affect one’s relationship with oneself but with his or her loved ones too. Fortunately depression can now be cured, especially when diagnosed early, depressed individuals can actually be treated through therapy and medication, although it may be a bit costly, a person’s good mental health is something that shouldn’t be frugal on. Cognitive behavioral talk or interpersonal talk are just some of the available psycho-social treatments that cognitive behavior therapists can offer to their patients, both actually prove to be able to produce fruitful and positive results.See also....7 Top Revealing Secrets On How Best To Conquer Fear of Business Start-upsStill, people tend to not recognize depression even right before their eyes, being honest with oneself is key to being able to cure such an illness. Never overlook the various symptoms, depressed individuals oftentimes exhibit uncharacteristic behaviors such as suddenly lacking interest in one’s hobbies (or other stuff that he or she usually enjoys), sleeps too much or actually aren’t able to get some shut-eye, suddenly becoming anti-social, talks a lot about death or being a worthless person. There are actually a lot more other symptoms but in case these already fit in your category or of someone that you know of, go to a reputable psychiatrist at once in order to see if the depression is still at an early stage or not. From here you’ll be able to assess how the treatments will actually go.Depression shouldn’t be something that people fear of, instead, people should just start taking charge of their lives and actually face this illness and fight it. Life is too beautiful a gift to waste and if one will spend the majority of his or her life just moping around about every single little thing then what kind of life would that be? Depression may not kill one’s body but it’ll certainly kill one’s spirit if you’ll let it. Don’t be a victim.
Author Michael Jeffreys personally interviewed 15 top motivational gurus in 1997 for his then upcoming book.  After talking to gurus from Brian Tracy to Dr. Wayne Dyer, he distilled 8 Secrets to Success they all agreed upon.  These secrets are still good today and are as follows:1.     Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life – In a society where people blame everything from their parents to the government for failure, those who don’t buy into this mentality or succumb to the “victim” thinking succeed. To blame something or somebody outside yourself is saying they have control of your life and not you. Someone else’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.2.     Live Your Life On Purpose -  What separates motivational thinkers from the unsuccessful is that they believe they’re doing what they were put her to do. The difference between this and just living, is that the latter is just getting through the week with the least problems.  But when you live your life on purpose, your main concern is doing the job right.  For the entrepreneur this means finding a cause you believe in and building your business around it.Helpful Topic.....     Be Willing to Pay the Price - Be willing to pay the price for your dreams.  Wanting a big house, a luxury car, and a million dollars in the bank is all very nice, and everyone wants these things – but are you willing to pay the price to get them?  This is one of the major differences between the successful and unsuccessful.4.     Stay Focused – Every day we’re bombarded with hundreds of tasks, phone calls, messages, and everyone competing for our time.  Focusing requires giving up something in the present because you are investing your time in something that will pay off big-time down the road.  Jack Canfield and Mark Hanson were turned by 30 publishers when they submitted the first “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book.  Instead of giving up, they stayed focused on their goal and did four or five interviews per day for radio, TV, and newspapers, for five days a week for a whole year.  Eventually, a small publisher decided to take a chance, and of course now it’s a best-seller that spawned an entire series that have sold more than 10 million copies.Related tips.....     Become An Expert in Your Field  One striking factor all successful people have in common is how seriously they take their profession.  They strive to be the best at what they do, and do almost anything to improve.  If someone followed you around all day with a video camera at your business, would it be a tape you’d be proud of or embarrassed about?  Make the decision today to work at being the best in your field.  How? By finding out what the “best” in your field are doing, and do what they do.6.     Write Out a Plan for Achieving Your Goals -  Write out an action plan/map for how you’re going to achieve your goals.  Trying to reach your goals without a plan is like trying to drive from Los Angeles to Chicago without a map.  A goal that isn’t written down is merely a wish or fantasy.7.     Never Give Up -  Never, never, never give up. When you’re fully committed to achieving your goal, giving up is not an option. You must be willing do whatever it takes to make it happen.  The power of perseverance is an awesome force.  As someone once said, “inch by inch it’s a cinch”.  Think of the lowly inchworm – if it pondered the length of the trip from start to finish before it started, it probably would never move. To a worm’s point-of-view, the garden path must look like a trip to Mars. Never give up! Keep on going like the Eveready battery bunny, and pretty soon you’re there.8.     Don’t Delay - Nobody knows how much time they have left to accomplish their dreams, and we must remember that we don’t have forever. The clock is ticking, and sooner or later your number comes up and you’re gone.  Successful achievers know this too, but they don’t view it as a “negative”.  Achievers use it to “spur them on”.  They go after what they want as energetically and as passionately as possible, for as long as they have.Related topic..... Michael Jeffreys
Have you ever dreamt of working part-time and yet still earning full time? Yes, this is a craving rumbling in the minds of so many employees and unemployed who desires to live like a boss. There are two popular options needed to achieve this aspiration, one, is to be able to work very HARD and the other, is to be able to work very SMARTLY. Ironically, it is not the amount of hours that you put into a working day that will ultimately bring the desired return, but rather, the amount of productivity you put into the hours spent. Therefore, instead of jumping from one task to another and end up doing nothing efficiently it is far better to plan your day so you can maximize your resources.Helpful topic....HOW TO SACK YOUR BOSS BEFORE QUITTING YOUR JOBFinancing your dream side income business proposition sometimes does not need a large sum of money. All you need is a good idea and the ability to put together a business plan that will convince investors that you can make good returns from the investment. When people are swayed that you can earn reasonable income from the business idea, getting them to invest in your proposition will not be a daunting task.To go the way of the SMART-TRACK, a whole lot of millennial entrepreneurs are venturing into the World Wide Web business characteristically because they have dreams of having time all for themselves, sitting on their couches with laptops on and cash deposits dropping in their accounts continuously for every visit and click on their pages.Related topic...7 BUSINESSES YOU CAN DO AFTER 9-5 HOUR SALARY JOBS By working smartly and in order to work part-time but earn full time, it is better to take your business idea online where majority of the prospects are looking out for products and services to buy. I have earned more money online in the past 4 years than any other period of my work-life. There are many people operating at the moment making a full time living out of info-products on the internet and I am one of the lots out there. Some books will show you everything you need to know, how to produce a very profitable and regular income from a loophole that has been brought about by the Internet and the masses of internet entrepreneurs that have sprung up and continue to do so. This loophole can never be controlled or edged out and as the Internet grows the number of opportunities this loophole will make obtainable will multiply.Although, it is still not true that online business entrepreneurs can get things easily better than others or that we even earn more hundreds of thousands bucks while we snore away on our sofas, nonetheless, we enjoyed the specific idea of becoming a home based internet business entrepreneur leaving an old job of stressful deadline buzzing and annoying bosses overlooking your works, in exchange for a flexible job that guarantees personal freedom. There is absolutely no better way to work part-time and earn full time other than running an online business as this has been tested and proven to be the cheapest and most economical way to showcase your products to prospective buyers. Therefore, if you must start a side income business idea, start with something that will flow with the World Wide Web.More helpful topic......TOP 129 SMALL BUSINESSES YOU CAN START WITH LITTLE OR NO CAPITAL.For your Business Registration, Brand Marketing, Business Proposals,Strategic Business Development, Content Management,SMS and E-mailMarketing, Expatriate Quota/Work Permits, SMEs start-up.Contact us at:Prospective Ideas Nig Ent5, Atunwa Street Off Unity Rd,By Custom Training SchoolIkejaLagos-State.+2348034201291; [email protected];[email protected]
Investing has become increasingly important over the years, as the future of retirement benefits becomes unknown.People want to insure their futures, and they know that if they are depending on retirement benefits, and in some cases pension plans, that they may be in for a rude awakening when they no longer have the ability to earn a steady income. Investing is the answer to the unknowns of the future.See Also....7 BUSINESSES YOU CAN DO AFTER 9-5 HOUR SALARY JOBS.You may have been saving money in a low interest savings account over the years. Now, you want to see that money grow at a faster pace. Perhaps you’ve inherited money or realized some other type of windfall, and you need a way to make that money grow. Again, investing is the answer. Investing is also a way of attaining the things that you want, such as a new home, a college education for your children, or expensive vacations. Of course, your financial goals will determine what type of investing you do.If you want or need to make a lot of money fast, you would be more interested in higher risk investing, which will give you a larger return in a shorter amount of time. If you are saving for something in the far off future, such as retirement, you would want to make safer investments that grow over a longer period of time. Helpful topic..10 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE VENTURING INTO A NEW BUSINESSThe overall purpose in investing is to create wealth and security, over a period of time. It is important to remember that you will not always be able to earn an income… you will eventually want to retire.You also cannot count on the retirement or pension plan system to do what you expect it to do. So, again, investing is the key to insuring your own financial future, but you must make smart investments!Related Article...HOW TO SURVIVE WHEN LAID OFF FROM YOUR CURRENT JOB
Honestly, my background has given me a lot of opportunities to excel in life. I was not born with a silver spoon neither was I raised in abject poverty, I had the privilege to mingle with the well to do as well as the less privileged of the society. Fortunately, one of my greatest strength lies in the fact that, whenever I set my mind to achieve something, I always give it my best shot even when the result isn’t favorable. My MIND has been my best companion when all odds seems not in my favour and even when the chips are flat down, my mind always keeps me going and reassuring me of better deals ahead. I have come to realize in life that with positive mindset, the ants could also move the mountain. Using your mind to improve personal life is a great start to achieving. When you use your mind, you set out to gain qualities that guide you in the right direction. To use the mind to improve your life, consider the following tips: COMMITMENTSWe all have commitments. Commitments are a part of life. When you have commitments, you enter into promises that you will get something done. Start making commitments to you. I commit to change habits that hinder me from achieving my goals, or improving my personal life. Helpful topics...HOW TO CONQUER DEPRESSION HEAD ON WITHOUT COMMITTING SUICIDESKILLS Evaluate your skills to see how you can use them to better your life. While you are evaluating your skills, look for new skills. Reach deep inside you, accept the discomforts, fears, or things you do not like, look past them and find new skills. PRIORITIES Do you have your priorities straight? Do you have all your plans in perspective? Re-evaluate your plans to make sure that you are on the right path to improve your personal life. If you notice areas you can improve, don’t be afraid to take action. Taking action is the last steps you will take in anything you do that helps to improve your life.FAILURE:How do you view failure? Failure upside down is achievement. Failure is common and happens to all us daily. Failure helps us to learn how to develop and grow into a better person. If you sit around stressing failure, then you are heading nowhere quick. Failure is a part of life. You have failure around you, in you, and in your future. Learn from your failures, accept your blame and move to make things better for you. Related article....8 BEST KEPT SUCCESS SECRETS OF TOP MOTIVATIONAL GURUSSAYING NO! People hear the word no and fear it. No is not a rejection; rather no is a positive action you take to spare your future. When you say no, I am not going to the bar, you are saying I have better things to do than waste my time in a building filled with drunks. Sometimes you have to tell someone you love no. For instance, you may have to tell your mate no when he or she asks you to watch television when you know you have to prepare a waiting report or business proposal. Don’t let your mate hold you back. It is ok to say no.RULES: We all follow rules. Rules are a part of life, which sometimes the rules are hard to digest. You have to learn to open up your passageway and digest them anyway unless you are willing to stand up and protest in a positive way. People complaining about rules they don’t like and not taking action is wasting everyone’s time. You have the power, yet it takes you to use that power. TRIAL RIDES:Life is filled with trials. Every day we walk out our door we are on a trial ride. Each day we have good trials and bad trials. How do you handle trials? If you are willing to take risks in life, likely you handle trials well. On the other hand, if you fear changes, then you will need to find a way to deal with the trials in life. Unfortunately, too many people deal with these trials by drinking excessively or drugging. Don’t be one of these people. You have many options in life. Good options and bad options will come your very way each day. Sometimes you will choose bad options, yet when you make mistakes, don’t dwell rather pull up your resources to see how you could have done things different, and do it different the next time.See also...ARE YOU STILL IN PAID EMPLOYMENT? 11 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO BEFORE YOU QUIT
March 21, 2020Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, has recorded three cases of COVID-19, The PUNCH can confirm.The PUNCH learnt that the index case is an official of the Federal Inland Revenue Service and was one of the passengers on British Airways flight that landed on March 13, 2020.It was learnt that two other cases of COVID-19 were confirmed.A medical doctor told The PUNCH that the three patients had been moved to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital.He said, “The bad news is that three samples from the FCT (Federal Capital Territory) suspected cases tested positive for coronavirus. We have got in touch with the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital and we are moving them immediately. We will give more details as soon as possible concerning their flights, contact tracing and other protocols.“COVID-19 is in Abuja now. One of the passengers on the British Airways flight works with the FIRS and he is among those who tested positive. His wife tested negative. We are hoping that all biometric sign in at the FIRS headquarters in Wuse Zone 5 stops with immediate effect.”
1st SeriesThey say that true success is not in employment but in doing business. And yes, many entrepreneurs have proven that doing businesses is actually more profitable than getting employed into some company. One good example is Bill Gates – the man behind the Windows brand. The man did not even graduate from college but he hit big in the field of entrepreneurship. And although people also do hit big in employment, they are very few. This is the reason why many people want to venture into entrepreneurship. The problem is that very few among them have the necessary skills and knowledge base. As a result, many people venture into business without really knowing how to do things correctly. Such entrepreneurs are bound to fail.So what should you do? Should you enroll into some university and learn the trades and secrets of entrepreneurship? Well, that is certainly a sound choice to take. But it may not be necessary. The trades of entrepreneurship can be learned even without graduating from college.Self-study, research, and experience - these things will give you an edge in entrepreneurship. And to help you get started, we summarized some of the most helpful entrepreneurship tips out there. In this article, you will find 101 unique tips that will help you achieve success in doing business. 1. PRACTICE CAREFUL OPTIMISMHaving a positive mind and positive outlook are crucial to being successful in business. It is optimism that drives entrepreneurs to move forward. But there is danger in sheer and pure optimism. Excessive optimism can make one overlook risks and potential pitfalls. This is what you need to avoid. So while approaching business with an optimistic mindset, you also have to acknowledge that there are dangers and risks that you must exercise carefulness. 2. PRACTICE HEALTHY PESSIMISMPeople will tell you that negative thinking will not get you anywhere. And yes, pessimism does breed fear and that fear can stop you from taking the necessary steps in order to be successful. But there is use in having a little bit of healthy pessimism. Having healthy pessimism means that you are pessimistic enough so as to recognize the pitfalls and risks involved in your venture. However, you are not pessimistic enough so as to allow those insights to stop you. Instead, you are driven to come up with solutions to every risks and difficulties that you encounter. 3. FIND MOTIVATIONIt is good to have the ideas and the opportunities. But even if these things are present, nothing will come into fruition if you do not take action. And to take action, it is necessary that you have the motivation to do so. Motivation may be different from one entrepreneur to another. Find your own motivation to success. You motivation must be something solid that you want to achieve no matter what. Contemplate on this. Do you want to give your family a better life? Do you want to be recognized in a certain field or industry? Do you want to revive an old market that is close to your heart? Any of these can be a motivation. 4. HAVE VISION, MISSION, GOALEvery business must have one. You can typically see a company’s Vision, Mission, Goal posted on the hallways of its building or on the main page of its website. In a physical setting, the Vision, Mission, Goal is typically framed beautifully which signifies how much it is valued. The Vision describes a company’s ideals. The Mission describes a company’s desired contribution to the society, to its employees, and to others. The Goal describes a company’s desired self-growth in the future. Having a Vision, Mission, Goal to look up to and remember helps keep a company stay on track. 5. BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU DOSome people may not believe in your venture. But what is important is that you believe in it. If you yourself are not convinced in what you are trying to achieve, it is highly likely that you will not achieve it. This is why it is important that you enter into a business venture that you believe in or have faith in. If you are offering a product for example, do you believe in its quality, in what it can do, in what it can provide to your customers? If you yourself believe in what you offer, you will be more motivated and more driven to sell it. And your customers will feel this because it will emanate from you. This will attract them. 6. START IN YOUR FIELD OF INTERESTMotivation is easier to find if you are working in your field of interest. So when coming up with a business idea, it is a good start to consider the things that you are personally interested with. For example, it is more likely that a computer store will be managed more correctly if its owner and managers are personally interested in computers. Also, an auto supply shop is more likely to be successful if its owner and managers have a passion for cars. 7. WORK IN YOUR FIELD OF QUALIFICATIONInterest and passion should not be your only basis. You also have to ask yourself: do you have the qualifications to do business in that area? If you are planning to open an auto supply shop for example, you may ask yourself: do I know enough about cars? DoI have a vast knowledge on car parts and how they work? Of course, you can always hire people who are knowledgeable in the field. But it is better if you also have some know-how. 8. WORK ON A FIELD WHERE RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLEThe continuity of a business is also partly dependent on the availability of resources. Resources may include suppliers, service providers, utilities, and such. If you are planning to open a fruit store for example, you may ask yourself: do I have access to suppliers of fruits? Also, you have to analyze the supplier’s ability to supply. If you open a fruit store for example, it will be bad for your business if your supplier suddenly becomes unable to produce fruits. When that happens, you will have nothing to sell. 9. WORK ON A FIELD WHERE TALENTS ARE AVAILABLEIn a business, you are not the only person who will be involved. Certainly, you will hire some employees that will help you. In some businesses however, it is necessary that you find people of unique talents/expertise/degree. If you are going to open a salon for example, you will people with the following expertise: haircutting, hairdressing, makeup, manicure, pedicure, and others. So you need to ask yourself: do I have access to such individuals? Where can I find such people? Are they easily available where I will put up my business?10. DO BUSINESS THAT PEOPLE WILL GO FORBusinesses are organized for profit. In order to profit, you will have to offer something in return. But you must offer something that the people in your area will be willing to pay for. So you have to ask yourself: what services can I offer that the people in my area will be willing to avail? What products can I sell that the people in my area will be willing to buy?To be continued….
When I started blogging in 2009, it seems to me like a tall dream but being a very optimistic business oriented person I never doubted my ability to succeed in it. During those early periods, I was just having fun posting my thoughts and feelings on the internet without any recourse to profiteering or becoming popular like Linda Ikeji, Seun Osewa of nairaland, Ladun Liadi,, etc. But today, at least I have crossed the six figures mark in earnings when it comes to business blogging. My articles and blog posts appear on Page 1 of the Google search engines and other search engines.Do you remember the old ways of keeping in touch with your clients? You usually patch them through telephone; fax machines, direct mail marketing, and even personal meetings. But now, entrepreneurs are just smart enough to use the existing Internet technology to be regularly updated of the latest trends in business and at the same time keeping in touch with their clients. There is now text and voice chat, exchanges of e-mail, website forums, and others.Related article...5 HIDDEN SECRETS THAT EARNED ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM BLOGGINGOne of the most online business innovation ever made is the transformation of the regular blog posting into an online business tool. Before, blogging is just used for showing different thoughts and ideas. Some are just for fun, while others are for promotion of something that others think is beneficial to other Internet users. In other words, it is just a bunch of personal diaries and bulletin board for those people who want to share their knowledge and thoughts to others.But think again, it is not just for diary writing or whatever. It is now a promotion tool you can use to boost your business. You can set up blogs in your website and have it with an associated RSS feed. In other words, you can constantly keep in touch with your clients and potential customers as well. In addition, you do not have to e-mail them—your blogs will be responsible in getting the latest news without actually having to visit your website.From Regular Blogs to Business BlogsFrom regular blogs that you post for nothing, now it is called the business blog that can help you save thousands of dollar and providing you great business opportunity with just one click. Not only is it free to use but also it is user-friendly, can be customized, and can be a flexible medium for circulating useful information for effective positioning of your products in the market.Ø More than half the world now uses a Smartphone;Ø Almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone;Ø More than half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones;Ø More than half of all mobile connections around the world are now ‘broadband’;Ø More than one in five of the world’s population shopped online in the past 30 days. See also....5 PROVEN WAYS TO BOOST YOUR BLOGGING CAREERThere are some noted advantages of entrepreneurs who engage in business blogging. Here are some of these advantages:Ø 4.77 billion global internet users in 2020, equaling 50% penetration;Ø 4.80 billion global social media users in 2020, equaling 37% penetration;Ø 4.92 billion global mobile users in 2020, equaling 66% penetration;Ø 2.56 billion global mobile social media users in 2020, equaling 34% penetration;Ø 4.65 billion global e-commerce users in 2020, equaling 22% penetration·            Through blogs, you allow your clients to post their comments with regards to theproduct that you are offering. It can be of great help in improving your product through the suggestions that they will be posting. In addition, you can take immediate actions to your client’s concerns.Since blogs are quite popular to most Internet users, it can be of easy access to your customers. All they have to do is to access to a blogging community, and they can read your latest product offering. Remember that these customers are just willing to create “blogosphere” of comments regarding your product/service.Helpful Topic....DO YOU NEED AN EXTRA INCOME: START SMALL AS AN ONLINE BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURHow to make your business blogs as effective as other means of Internet advertising? You can submit your blogs to any blog search sites and directories. It will be a wise move especially if your site is just newly-constructed.Never forget to paste in your blogs the URL back to your site. Your blogs must contain not only the information with regards to your product but also exclusive background information. Remember that your customers do not want to see pure figures—they also want context information.Business blogs provides you marketing possibilities of your product. Maybe your potential clients are just around the corner waiting for you to post your business blog.Read also....HOT 40 SMALL BUSINESSES YOU CAN START WITH LITTLE OR NO CAPITAL IN 2020For your Business Registration, Brand Marketing, Business Proposals,Strategic Business Development, Content Management,SMS and E-mailMarketing, Expatriate Quota/Work Permits, SMEs start-up.Contact us at:Prospective Ideas Nig Ent5, Atunwa Street Off Unity Rd,By Custom Training SchoolIkejaLagos-State.+2348034201291; [email protected];[email protected]
1.    Don’t you ever try to snap the phone from him/her; he/she might get irritated or felt agitated which could lead to physical assault. 2.    Keep the line of communication as openly as possible, don’t ever dare stay aloof and evasive in a conjugal relationship, your union may hit Zuma rock.3.    Try as much as possible to know what really brought about the passion and addiction for the phone. If you have an idea of the things he/she does with the phone even when you needed his/her attention, the solution is not too far away.4.    The moment you noticed your partner’s addiction to phone is becoming unbearable, start exhibiting your bets traits and behaviors you know he/she will never resist.5.    Bring up interesting issues he/she like most whenever the phone is with him/her. If it is sports, ask any question about Ronaldo and Messi even if you are not interested in the answer.6.    Look for valuable and meaningful activities that will engage your mind whenever your partner is glued to his/her phone. The idle mind is the devil’s workshop.7.    Ask him/her to help out with something you would ordinarily do if he/she was not around, make sure you call his/her attention to do that little chore that will create a pause on the phone activities.8.    Find out if he/she has issues at work or in his/her business. This might alsogive you a clue as to what he/she is digging in the phone’s pit. Has the company reduced his/her salary? What happened to his/her business prospects?9.    Try to stir the courtship behaviours whenever he/she activate the mood for phone addiction(18+). This tip is for the married and engaged couples and partners. If he/she enjoys being intimate at the slightest provocation, use this tool to curb the phone’s addiction.10.                       Interrupt him/her in a polite manner anytime he/she is glued to the phone. Bring up an issue that requires him/her to pay attention to you for some few minutes before going back to the phone.11.                       If after working on the 10 tips highlighted first and he/she hasn’t changed a bit, it is time to tell him/her how weakening the courtship is. Speak to him/her subtly; show him reasons to pay more attention to you than just ordinary phone.12.                       Check to see if he/she had asked for certain request from you that had not been fulfilled because this might led him/her to find succor in his/her phone.13.                       Be emotionally reactive whenever you sensed the phone has taken over your position in the relationship, if you know how to cry, please cry about it, if you know how to be moody and sober, just do just that whenever the phone addiction comes up, however, don’t get it twisted and allow the drama to get hurting as well14.                       Assuming he/she is willing to change but the gadget in his/her hand is a smart-phone, advise him/her to get non-internet enabled phones that could only receive and make calls, but no social media, whatsapp, and online dating sites, shikenna!15.                       Be your partner’s best friend anywhere, anytime and everywhere. Be his/her best friend on facebook, follow him/her like Tom and Jerry on Twitter, Like and comment on all his/her posts on Instagram even for no reason, chat with him/her on whatsapp almost every moment, invite and tag him/her to your posts whenever you did. I bet, he/she will ultimately pay more attention to you whenever you are together.On the final note, start doing something new and different whenever your partner exhibiting phone addiction syndrome, people are easily attracted to “SHINY NEW OBJECTS”. I wish you luck in your quest to resolve the societal ilk called phone addiction.
What A Wicked World!See Economic Sabotage In ActionWailing Wailer Will Have A Romp On This Post NowThe DISCOs have been a drawback to the Nigerian government fulfilling its charge to make electricity available.We generate 13,000 MW; DISCOs collect 3,000 MW and pay for only 1,000 MW - leaving the government to pay the rest.They simply do not have the capacity
Going by the current global economic recession whirl-winding in different parts of the world, we can very well imagine what the future holds for us if the trend continues unabated. One income undoubtedly will not be sufficient to sustain our variety of needs. It’s best to get ready for the worst and expect the best instead of vice versa. It’s paramount then to have many incomes flowing into your finances than to have an apprehensive future. Extra Income has not harmed anyone up till now, and it should not be hurting you either. If you are enthusiastic to do that extra bit of work or travel, going extra mile for your employer, I am ultimately sure you will be more than prepared to do so for yourself, especially if you feel that it would improve the quality of life of you and your households.Extra Income involves hard work and does not come for free but the kind of work you would want to do will determine your energy level to be invested. A little bit of passion and inspiration could get you off the mark therefore, the work becomes hobby when you are doing what you always wanted to do. Let’s look at the reason in support of earning extra income;1.     RECESSION: The current economic reality is a ginger tonic to look in the other directions for extra income opportunities. Many companies have laid down workers due to inability to meet up with their financial obligations in terms of payment of salaries, bonuses, pensions and other allowances. Job insecurity has been more prevalent now than ever before and the trend doesn’t look any better with the introduction of technological gadgets taking the job position of humans in the workplace, consequently, it is a must to have one or two side income.2.      INCREASED EARNING POTENTIALS: With extra side income, the earning potential is not limited to your salary or fixed amount as long as you can increase your efforts whenever you want to and this makes you financially independent one way or the other. Side income can be a ‘SET AND FORGET’ venture where you set it up once and earn residually for a long time to come.3.     CONVENIENT WORK SCHEDULE: An extra side income business opportunities can be carried out at leisure time, break periods, vacation, on training, on transit form home to work, during holidays, weekends, and even while performing job tasks related to your side income business.4.     LITTLE OR NO CAPITAL: Most side income earnings require little or NO capital to begin. Some side hustles are borne out of passion or hobbies while some are conceived as a result of repetitive actions.5.     SELF ESTEEM:Many people who engage in extra income jobs radiate deeper confidence socially more than their folks earning salary or commissions alone. The more side income or extra earnings jobs you have in your kitty, the more confidence you display.6.     PREPARATION FOR BIGGER ROLE: Engaging in extra income activities will ultimately prepare you for a bigger role either as a CEO of your own establishment or a managerial position in a top management level.7.     JOB CREATION OPPORTUNITY: Your side income business could serve as an avenue for others to be fully engaged. A salary earner who is also in the field of event planning and management could as well provide employment for artisans, decorators, Dj, Mc and a host of other stakeholders that is involved in organizing a befitting event.8.     SWITCH BETWEEN PAID JOB AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP BECOME EASY: The switch from conventional paid or salary job to being an entrepreneur is made easy when you are already engaged in side income business opportunity.9.      FINANCIAL BURDEN IS LESS: Because you are not depending on a single income source, the financial burden is often less than earning from salary alone. Mortgages, insurance premiums, tax, tuition, service charges, subscriptions, etc, can be offset without waiting for conventional monthly or weekly salary.10.                         RETIREMENT FROM EMPLOYMENT IS EASIER: When you start earning from side income early in life, it prepares a faster retirement plan unlike when you are strictly dependent on traditional retirement age of 65yrs or 35yrs active service whichever comes first as we have in many countries of the world.11.                         EARNING EXTRA INCOME BRINGS ABOUT DEDICATION: The level of dedication devoted to extra income is apparently stronger compared to the effort put in at your workplace. It has been observed over time that people show more dedication to works that earned them extra income.12.                        TESTED AND PROVEN: Earning extra income and engaging in side hustle has been tested and proven to cushion the effects of shrinking income among employees. I personally ventured into project management and financial advisory consultant while working as a marketer in Guaranty Trust bank plc, this extra side hustles afford me the opportunities to travel out of my stations on all expense paid by my clients and even having accommodations and breakfast in high end hotels and resorts, explored diverse terrains and also earned more than my co-workers in the bank. In normal course of a career, any individual can earn extra income through a job or a profession; you will be earning extra income for the time you can spare on work on a daily basis or leisure time converted to productive engagements. Feel free to share this piece and send in your comments[email protected][email protected]
The spokesman for the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Ibrahim Musa, says the Shia group has received an audio message from its embattled leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, detailing what the President Muhammadu Buhari and his agents subjected him and his wife to.Here's the full transcript below as reported by ChannelsTV.Transcript Of El-Zakzaky's Audio MessageWe are nowhere in New Delhi, India. As you all know there was an arrangement for us to come here to seek medical care regarding the ailments that we have, myself and Malama Zeenah.She, Malama Zeenah has a full bullet lodged in her body(that needs to be removed), also she is in need of a knee replacement surgery in addition to other problems. As for me, there are shrapnel, very smallfragments in my eyes, in my hands and some in my right thigh that were slowly releasing toxins into my system which caused a lot of complications, which we later discovered that they were the caused of the mini-strokes I have had, both the first and the second time. So we were thinking the first thing to be done is to remove the shrapnel, which is a procedure that couldn’t be done at home and the doctors suggested that we should go abroad where it will be possible for the procedure to be done.
Nigeria is set to get another new oil refinery as a government push to end fuel imports attracts investors to the industry.Petrolex Oil & Gas Limited plans to build a $3.6bn plant with a capacity of 250,000 barrels a day, its Chief Executive Officer, Segun Adebutu, said in an interview with Bloomberg in Lagos. The closely held company is working on the “front-end engineering design” and will complete construction in 2021, he said.Nigeria, Africa’s biggest oil-producing nation, doesn’t have adequate refining capacity and imports at least 70 percent of its needs. A government pledge to end such purchases in the next two years by building local capacity has lured investors, including Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, who is constructing a 650,000-barrel-a-day refinery. Meanwhile Saipem SpA and other international companies are in talks to rehabilitate the country’s three existing plants.Petrolex, whose CEO started an oil and fuel trading business about 12 years ago, has also built a storage tank farm and other mid-stream infrastructure for $330m, Adebutu said.The inauguration of the tank farm and the start of the refinery construction, both at the same site in Ibefun, Ogun State, is planned for this month.The tanks are connected to a pipeline at Mosimi, which will transport products around the country, according to the CEO, who sees a big market in Nigeria’s 180 million-strong population. Petrolex will finance the refinery project with loans from local and international lenders, as well as its own revenue, he said.The company also plans a fertilizer plant and lubricants facility as well as a liquefied petroleum gas plant, Adebutu said.Petrolex is targeting listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in the next 10 years to ensure the business outlives its owners and can fund future expansion, according to Adebutu.“By the next five years, we would have achieved a significant amount of our ambition, then begin strategy talks with the stock exchange,” he added.
World Cup's first-ever reusable stadium, from building blocks made from shipping containers.
Ras Abu Aboud is one of the venues that will host the World Cup in 2022 in Dubai. It will also be the first-ever venue that can be taken down and reassembled.The 40,000-seat stadium will be built on Doha's southern waterfront and will host matches up to the quarter-final stage. After the tournament, the stadium will be disassembled, gently, with each piece carefully placed into containers to be reassembled and used in another location."This venue will be unique in that it will be capable of being reassembled in a new location in its entirety," said Javier Iribarren, founder of the a Madrid-based company, Fenwick Iribarren, the firm designing the venue and another tournament venue, the Qatar Foundation Stadium.“The building will be made up of modified shipping containers,” said Iribarren. “This will make the process of putting it up and taking it down simple and easy.”The firm got the idea of constructing a reusable stadium after one of the architects watched his child play with a Lego set.See video....FIRST REUSABLE WORLD CUP STADIUM
- CJ Cornell
6 Things NOT to say to the Entrepreneur in your life
And the 1 phrase you should say Today’s startup entrepreneurs — the one’s who are risking it all to build breakthrough products, with the potential the change the world and improve the lives of millions —they endure a more intensive kind of entrepreneurship. The pace, the stress, the uncertainty and the existential isolation, despite having a spouse or […]
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Everything You Need to Know About Angel Investors
Connecting with the right kind of Angel can be the answer to an entrepreneur’s prayers Entrepreneurs, you know about Angels of course — but do you really know one when you see one? Venture capital is synonymous with startup funding, at least that’s what conventional wisdom and folklore tell us. The reality is that Venture capital firms […]
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What’s the #1 phrase that kills ideas and derails #entrepreneurs ? It’s not: “it can’t be done,” “that’s impossible” or even “give up!” People rarely say those boneheaded phrases anymore. In fact – they’re almost motivating challenges for entrepreneurs. No. The #1 phrase that kills #innovation is:“We’re already doing that” It derails further discussion. Stops […]
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Salieri Syndrome — The Entrepreneur’s Hidden Nemesis
Doubters, naysayers, unscrupulous investors, and competitors — entrepreneurs are used to battling all kinds of demons. But it’s the obstacles and enemies closest to you that blindside and derail your entrepreneurial success. They come in the form of a friendly co-worker or someone in a position of influence. While appearing to help you, they are […]
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The Secret VC Decision Process — Exposed
For entrepreneurs, securing venture capital is a grueling and frustrating process. Even if you have the most promising venture in history, the likelihood of being offered a term sheet is determined by a mysterious series of steps. Until now. Here’s your guide to what happens behind the scenes, when venture capitalists decide whether to invest: […]
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Winning the Venture Capital Lottery?
The Salami Scam: It’s easy money, like becoming a lottery millionaire. It’s a fleeting fantasy of every armchair hacker. You’ve probably heard about it from a movie or TV show. A techie secretly installs software at a bank or big company that skims 1/100 of a penny from billions of financial transactions. Each amount is […]
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8 Simple Rules For Dating Your Advisor
Getting time and attention from experienced advisors is a rite of passage for the first-time entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial advisors provide everything from informed feedback, market validation and technical direction, to introductions that can lead to partnerships, investors and customers. Advisors are often former serial entrepreneurs themselves with well-earned battle scars from risking, failing and succeeding enough […]
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Entrepreneurs: What People Think You Do
    Credit: Rubin
- CJ Cornell
Top Movies and TV Shows for Entrepreneurs and Startups
   Movies and TV shows/episodes for entrepreneurs. Some are good depictions (or parodies) of the entrepreneurial experience. Others are good examples of what NOT to do … [View the story “Top Movies and TV Shows for #Entrepreneurship and #Startups” on Storify]
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I did a fun interview a few months ago for “Hundred Life Design” (a coaching an leadership company). We talked about all things entrepreneurship, and in particular, about mentoring, advising and the startup journey: the topics of my last book (The Age of Metapreneurship) and my next book (The Startup Brain Trust). Here’s the interview! […]
- Deborah A Bailey
Go Green and Downsize Your Life with a Capsule Wardrobe

by Adriana Lopez Living a sustainable lifestyle is crucial to minimize the impact we have on the environment. The overproduction of clothing is just one way humans have harmed the environment and our world. Through minimalism and...

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Now that spring has finally sprung, you’re probably itching to get started on cleaning/clearing out your space, and there’s no better place to start than with your closet! Your closet is the one area that’s probably collected...

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How to Support Black-Owned Businesses from Home

A 2020 study found that 58% of Black-owned businesses were experiencing financial distress, and from February 2020 to April 2020, 41% of those businesses had to close their doors permanently. With increased awareness of social injustices taking...

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The Ultimate Self-Care Resolutions to Integrate into Your Life

With 2020 finally behind us, we have a new year full of endless possibilities. To ensure we take control of the possibilities at hand, it’s important to set ourselves up for success by creating resolutions for 2021....

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Another Three Quotes for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

by Deborah A. Bailey I’ve decided to continue my tradition of sharing quotes. You can see previous years here: 2015, 2016, 2018 , 2019 and 2020. “No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die...

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With the current economic state of our world, financial stress is on the rise — and rightfully so. Many have lost jobs, businesses, and even their own personal assets as a result of the pandemic-induced shutdowns across...

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GIRLS WITH IMPACT Partners With BIC Corporate Foundation To Support Entrepreneurship Training For Girls

Girls With Impact, which operates the nation’s only live, online entrepreneurship and leadership training classes for girls, has partnered with the BIC Corporate Foundation in their efforts to increase access to education for young women, with a...

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2020 is the year of remote work. In just half a year, what used to seem like a foreign idea, has now been propelled to the forefront of business practices and ideologies. Many have met working from...

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5 Ways To Increase Your Self-Confidence At Home

Let’s face it, we’ve been stuck at home for quite some time now and there’s not much of a well-defined end in sight. With all of this extra time, it can be easy to start to feel...

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4 Beneficial Ways to Use Technology While Quarantined

As we enter another month of self-isolation, you might find yourself struggling to adjust to your new every day. Although it may be difficult, there are small things you can do to help normalize your at-home experience....

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