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Turn My Head


Series Name:   Turn My Head Series

Authored By:  Patricia Holden


Mae Jones, getting desperate at looking for a job not in an office, answers an ad for “Household Manager” tending to the lives of seven brothers living in the old money suburb of St. Louis, Ladue. When the big front door opens at the French chateau style house, she comes face to face with the elusive and amazingly handsome billionaire Adam Pernoud, head of a family of seven brothers who lost their parents years earlier, and have no one but each other.

From the time he lays eyes on Mae, Adam’s head is turned. He, in typical male fashion doesn’t quite know what to do about it. His brothers notice, and tease him mercilessly all while pursuing their passions: engineering and hockey. They love hockey so much, that in their very own frat boys’ paradise, they built themselves a hockey rink on the back part of the estate. Mae walks into this world unawares, and works to organize their lives.

The very first weekend of her employment with the Pernouds, Mae finds herself snowed in at the estate where she and Adam get to know each other. He explains his philosophy regarding being rich – with all that money comes a lot of responsibility – and she decides that his wealth is just too much for her, a hang-up from growing up under a domineering mother’s thumb. Spooked, she withdraws, and Adam is left to figure out why. After a week, they have it out in the most important room in any American household – the kitchen.

Then, as happens in the American midwest, a bolt of lightning splits a tree and almost kills Mae, driving her into Adam’s arms and bed.

Categories:  Fiction » Romance » Contemporary

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