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The Bed Wife


Series Name:   The Bed Wife Chronicles

Authored By:  Suzanna Lynn

Writer’s Website:  http://www.suzannalynn.com/


In a world of stalking troll hordes and malicious plotting for the throne, two former childhood friends are forced together by an archaic tradition.

Luana and Baylin’s lives are vastly different. She, the peasant daughter of the town drunk, left to care for her family’s goat farm. He, the Prince and future King of Grasmere, who nobly rides into battle to protect the kingdom from lurking evils.

However, Fate intercedes with a time-honored tradition that dates back five hundred years. To their mutual distain, Luana’s life is thrust into the hands of her future king, filling both with resentment over the intimate duties forced upon them.

Unable to escape their callings, the pair must discover if friendship or affection can be formed when the freedom of choice is wiped away.

Fans of high concept fantasy and sizzling intrigue will love The Bed Wife!

Categories:  Fiction » Romance » Fantasy » Historical » General

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