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Healer (Keepers of Kwellevonne Vol. 1)

Series Name:   Keepers of Kwellevonne, Series

Authored By:  J.K. Swift

Writer’s Website:  https://jkswift.com/


HEALER (Keepers of Kwellevonne Vol. 1)

Why would anyone try to kill a healer?

Deenah’s quiet life as an apprentice healer in the remote village of Brae’s Creek is shattered when a stranger gravely wounds her master and flees into the wild. For all her skills, Deenah is unable to identify the strange forces at work on the injury.

To save her master’s life, Deenah must join the young Warder Kaern, and an aging veteran tracker, as they set out on a manhunt into hostile lands.

A short story by J.K. Swift
7000 words
Rating: PG, some violent scenes


Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Epic » Adventure » Action

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