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Good to Go


Series Name:   Georgie B. Goode

Authored By:  Marg McAlister

Writer’s Website:  https://www.margmcalister.com/


Georgie B. Goode has bitten off way more than she can chew.Her father is disappointed in her. Her brother Jerry’s conniving tricks are driving her nuts. And as for that baloney about her being an eighth-generation gypsy and having ‘the sight’—she must be totally crazy, giving in to Great-Grandma Rosa’s entreaties to take a crystal ball on the road with her! (When you have to look up ‘how to read a crystal ball’ on the Internet, that has to say something about your abilities, right?)Traveling in the quirky Gypsy trailer that she loves so much, Georgie quickly finds herself torn between enjoying life with the retro trailer crowd and becoming an unwilling sleuth. That crystal ball seems to be trying to tell her something—but what? She is so not cut out for this!Unfortunately, her needy customers don’t seem to agree. Finally, Georgie concedes she has no choice but to figure out what those vague messages mean. She has a horrible feeling that she might be Kaylene’s last hope…And while she’s trying to solve the enigmatic clues revealed by Rosa’s treasured crystal ball, maybe—just maybe—she can find out what her great-grandma meant by her parting words: “Say hello to your Leo…”


Categories:  Fiction » Mystery & detective » Cozy » Romance » Clean & wholesome

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