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Elliott Bay


Series Name:   The Watchmaker

Authored By:  Lee Capp




”  She was young, she was blond, and she was beautiful–and she was dead. Crumpled in a pool of her own blood and gore, her stunning looks were gone. She wasn’t very pretty anymore–but then, murder is never very pretty either.
When retired homicide detective and newly minted private-eye Johnny “Jack-Ass” O’Brien gets the call to investigate this long forgotten and very cold case, he discovers an entire universe of intrigue and deception, and a far greater and more perilous puzzle than he ever bargained for–one that extends down through the decades and histories of two prominent Seattle are families.
Once more teaming up with partner and best friend, watchmaker Matt McCabe, Johnny and Matt delve into a dark., sordid and mysterious world of shadows, charades, lies and danger, and discover more players than a sandlot baseball team–along with a most worthy, and most deadly opponent–a madman who may ultimately prove to be the end of all and everything Johnny holds dear.
Can Matt and Johnny unravel this web of crime, murder and mayhem and save innocent lives before it’s too late? Join the action and fun of ELLIOTT BAY: The Watchmaker – Book Two, and find out.

Categories: Fiction » Mystery & detective » Hard-Boiled » Science fiction » Adventure

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