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Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas


Series Name:   Cowboy Jackpot

Authored By:  Randi Alexander

Writer’s Website:  http://randialexander.com/


A lucky first kiss in front of a Las Vegas slot machine pays off big for bull rider Boone Hancock and New York college student Gigi Colberg-Staub. They spend the day together as VIP guests of the casino, and an intense attraction develops. When they share the bed of their comped suite, it’s hot, sensual, wild, and unforgettable.

When Gigi overhears Boone talking about her, she’s shocked to realize he considers her a one-night buckle bunny. She confronts him, and Boone convinces himself it’s best for both of them if she goes on believing his only interest in her is sexual. He lets her walk out of his life, but when he realizes his mistake and then sees the sacrifice Gigi made for him, will it be too late to win her back?

Categories:  Fiction » Romance » Holiday » Erotic

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