Vector Issue #6683: Watch Out, there is something on the floor, injuries caused by wet slippery floors at homes and at workplaces often have serious long-term impacts



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Daily Hazard, Slippery Floor, Slick, tricky, smooth, wet, icy, slippy, greasy, slimy, slithering, sliding, slipping, slithery, nonstick, lubricious, slimed, untrusty, treacherous, slope, bumpy, sloping, muddy, rolling, damp, dangerous, hazardous, stumble, lurch, trip, falter, misstep, walk, slip up, blunder, trip up, slip, botch, stagger, wander, tumble, blooper, mistake, pratfall, bumble, hit bungle, bounce, pounce, lurching, skidding, drags, trudge, tiptoe, careen, fall, goof, foul-up, stumbled, fall over, collapse,