Vector Issue #6451: a little tired, a lone and tired traveler sitting in wait at a subway station



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bored, tired, exhausted, overworked, beat, bleary, brain-dead, burn-out, burnt out, bushed, clapped out, comatose, dog- tired, dopey, dozy, drain, drained, drawn, drowsy, exhausted, exhaustion, fagged out, fatigue, fatigued, flagged, frazzled, haggard, half dead, jet lag, jiggered, knacker, knackered, lacklustre, lethargic, listless, overtired, played out, prostrate, punch-drunk, raddled, run-down, shagged, shattered, shell-shocked, sleepy, spent, stonkered, stupefy, washed out, weary, whacked, wiped out, worn out, wrecked, zonked, zonked out,