Vector Issue #6374: Walking in the Storm, A traveler caught out in a fierce Hailstorm


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Hailstorm, hailstones, showers, downpour, drizzle, heavy rain, hurricane, rainstorm, storm surge, stormy, thunderstorm, typhoon, water-sprout, whirlwind, tornado, rainy day, Heavy Rains, rain, thunderstorms, rainfall, rainy season, downfall, precipitation, drizzle, shower, monsoon, torrent, rain cats and dogs, rain buckets, downpour, cloudburst, heavy rains, blow, blowing, blowy, thundery, air pocket, air-stream, breeze, breezy, crosswind, cyclone, downwind, easterly, El Nino, gale, gale, gust, gusty, headwind, howl, hurricane, jet stream, leeward, the mistral, north easterly, sea breeze, windy, driving rain, precipitation,