Vector Issue #6265: A very bad boss, a mean supervisor yelling at a junior staff


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Yell, yelling, scream, screaming, shout, shouting, bad boss, supervisor, junior, push around, harsh, unkind, boss, boss around, browbeat, bully, emboss, foreman, gaffer, hirer, knob, party boss, political boss, push around, employer, intimidate, harass, overlooker, supervisor, domineer, nailhead, tyrannize, coordinator, manager, superintendent, tongue-lashing, chiding, objurgation, scolding, rebuke, reprehend, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval, wigging, attack, attacking, fume, fuming, anger, angered, outraged, outrage, assault, assaulting, abuse, abusive, abusing, mad, maddened, wrath, provoked, steam, raise the roof, rage, infuriate, infuriated, ill temper, fury, furious, bad tempered, aggravated,