Terms of Use

What you need to Open and Edit the Files.

The vector files come in standard EPS format, the standard and the most usable file format for all vectors. However, you need to have a vector editor software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape etc. to be able to view and modify the vector files for your own desired  use. Many of these software are available for a free trial of 30-60 days, there are also lots of Open Source Software that are absolutely free yet are capable of producing very high end products.


Restricted Use

Remember that you are only buying the license to use the image, these vectors are not to be under any circumstance be resold by the customer to another customer, we will take appropriate legal action against any individual or company we shall find reselling our products online.


Legal Notice.

All artworks are free to use on any design projects except for those that are illegal in your country of residence. We shall not take responsibility for the promotion of an unlawful presentation of  whose artwork dates back to our studios. Please make sure you cross check with you local and national laws restrictions of Banners, Posters,  Presentations of Creative Works etc. All geopolitical restrictions on artists we are not liable for.

Copyright Notice

Henry nine graphics is a registered trademark protected by international patent laws, use of the name for your own design projects is illegal.