August 1, 2021

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- Celina Tebor
Native Americans press for the reburial of ancestors and return of cultural items

The process of returning Indigenous remains and cultural items to tribes is often drawn out.

- Tracy Wilkinson
Waiting for Garcetti: India evaluates its ties with a post-Trump U.S.

India was a favored nation under Trump. Will those ties change under President Biden and what role does ambassadorial nominee Eric Garcetti play?

- Steve Marble
Ruth Pearl, mother of slain journalist who turned her grief into activism, dies at 85

Ruth Pearl, who became an activist for cross-cultural understanding after her journalist son Daniel was killed by Al Qaeda in 2002, has died at 85.

- Deborah Netburn
What is it about the Delta variant that makes it spread so easily?

By now, we all know that the Delta variant is about twice as transmissible as the original coronavirus. What exactly makes it so good at spreading?

Podcast: Drought wants your carne asada and iPhone

Beef. Microchips. Infrastructure. Around the world, drought — and the flip side, floods — are coming after them all.

- Melanie Mason
News Analysis: How the Delta variant could shake up the 2022 midterm election

Democrats must contend with plunging optimism and frustration with new rules on masking and vaccinations, while Republicans risk being blamed for the large number of vaccine holdouts in their party.

- Eli Stokols
Afghans who assisted U.S. arrive at Virginia base. Many others remain in peril

The first flight of Afghan contractors landed Friday in Virginia as the administration scrambles to relocate interpreters and contractors to safety.

- Karen Kaplan, Melissa Healy
CDC document paints more dire picture of threat posed by Delta variant

The Delta variant is more formidable than previously believed, due to its ability to infect and be spread by people who are vaccinated, a CDC document says.

- Associated Press
For South Sudan mothers, COVID-19 shook a fragile foundation

Even before the pandemic hit, South Sudanese women were accustomed to building lives on the edge of uncertainty.

- David Wharton
Muñecas rotas, cuellos torcidos y conmociones cerebrales: La brutalidad de los clavados olímpicos

Los clavadistas olímpicos experimentan muchas de las mismas lesiones que afectan a los atletas de deportes de contacto más tradicionales, y el dolor comienza antes de tocar el agua.

- Harry Litman
Litman: Mississippi's abortion brief dynamites standing law and 'super duper' precedents

Whatever the conservative Supreme Court justices think of abortion rights, they should not countenance a case that demeans and trivializes 50 years of jurisprudence.

Podcast: Our biggest reservoir will save us! Wait, no

Drought has brought Lake Mead's water levels to record lows. That's bad news for tens of millions of people.

- David Wharton
Broken wrists, twisted necks and concussions: The brutal nature of Olympic diving

Olympic divers experience many of the same injuries that affect athletes of more traditional contact sports, and the pain begins before they hit the water.

- Patrick J. McDonnell
The pandemic plunged millions of Latin Americans into poverty. Young people are inheriting the consequences

The pandemic made the poor of Latin America poorer and set back a fledgling middle class throughout the region, threatening a generation.

- Chris Megerian
Biden to require COVID-19 vaccinations, or regular testing, for federal workers

President Biden says he will require federal workers to wear masks and get tested regularly for the coronavirus if they're not vaccinated.

- Laura King
Belarus opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya says democracy will prevail

Thrust into the spotlight, Belarus politician Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya says she's not 'that important,' but her country's fate is.

- Jennifer Haberkorn
Bipartisan infrastructure deal clears key Senate vote

The Senate approved the first procedural hurdle to passing a major piece of President Biden's infrastructure plan.

- Chris Megerian
Masks on. Masks off. Masks on again at the White House as Delta threat grows

Biden made adherence to COVID guidelines a cornerstone of his campaign to defeat Trump. He beat Trump, but beating the pandemic may be harder.

Podcast: Drought threatens iconic plants. Lawns, watch out

Drought in the American Southwest is hurting saguaro cactuses and Joshua trees. And here come laws against ornamental lawns.

- Melanie Mason
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris approval ratings dip in new California poll

Biden's performance rating slips among Californians in the poll, but his overall approval is strong and support for his spending plans is even higher.

- Alice Su
Amid crushing floods in China, officials focus not on climate change, but on control

Henan adheres to a familiar formula in Xi Jinping's China: Authorities turn tragedy into triumph, while controlling victims' narratives.

- Gemma Holliani Cahya, David Pierson
She was promised school. She ended up enslaved and tortured as a housemaid

Millions of domestic workers in Indonesia risk abuse in a job dismissed as "women's work." A law designed to protect them has languished for 17 years.

- Patrick J. McDonnell, Adriana León
A former schoolteacher who champions the poor, Peru's new president takes office amid deep divisions

He has never held elective office and was little known until a few months ago. Now Pedro Castillo must govern a divided nation.

- Robert St. John
Photos: Jan. 6 hearings begin. 'I recall thinking to myself, this is how I'm going to die'

Four Capitol and Metropolitan Police Department officers on Tuesday recounted their experience fighting off the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

- Deborah Netburn
A timeline of the CDC's advice on face masks

Rules and guidance about face masks have changed throughout the pandemic. Here's how the CDC's advice has evolved.