March 22, 2023

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What’s the misery behind these aggressive, violent and out of control teenagers that are wreaking havoc on the local community? The laws that prevent parents from instilling proper discipline in their children will surely destroy the next generations.

What’s the misery behind these aggressive, violent and out of control teenagers that are wreaking havoc on the local community? The laws that prevent parents from instilling proper discipline in their children will surely destroy the next generations.



law of infants.

I say this to the supreme court judge, “our children, you have let them grow horns, now they can charge at us as they wish and we have no way to stop them nor control them, the horns which you sharpened now they use them to stab us in the belly whenever I try to speak to them,  we have no way to defend ourselves back, now they have gotten out of control, they obey nothing, they listen to no one, you denied me the ability to instill proper discipline into them while they were still young, now they go about wild creating havoc and mayhem everywhere, like rabid dogs, how could they know what is right if they do not know what’s wrong?

You have sharpened their horns, now they have grown old and can no longer be changed, I just sit back and watch them destroy themselves, there is nothing I can do, and their future that was once projected as bright has now turned dull as a stormy day. What does an infant that was born yesterday know about life, their high tech gadgets cannot teach them even a tenth of what I could have taught them myself personally.

Your highness please don’t be quiet, say something, you started all this, when things get tough you are the first to withdraw into your back room.

If a parent has no authority over the child which they bore, what is life worth anyway? Can you use that gavel of yours to smash onto your children’s heads? I know what’s best for my children, if you wanted to own and control them, then you should bear your own children and give them whatever instructions you have so long desired to instill upon every child on the planet. I was just warning them, so they won’t get into fire and burn their feet on hot coals. A parent disciplining their child is a proof that indeed he does love them. A parent who has lost authority over the child is like the one who has lost that child for good, they wonder away into the dark world, where they get to learn the important lessons of life the hard way.

When I tried to correct them you asked me to stop, when I tried to warn them you demanded me to shut up, “but they were walking straight into fire,” I said, let me continue to warn them so no harm would come to them, but you insisted that I should leave them alone, are you suggesting that you love my children more than I do, does disciplining a child proves that you hate them? Now they have grown up crooked and have got into real trouble, you are the first person to run there and lock them up, isolate them from the society and keep them far away from me, then you come back condemning me, accusing me of poor parenting, asking why I let my children on the loose, you are the first person to ensure that everything bad they have done is forever remembered. And bring terrible punishments upon them, you show them no mercy. I could have corrected them when they were still young, this could have saved their lives, now it’s too late for that. You are yet still not willing to help me. Instead of supporting me in this time of hardship you continue to bring condemnation upon me and my children. My family should be my business.

Since I no longer have authority over this child I will hand them over to you, so that you will raise them instead, and guide them to whatever direction you like, because you stripped me of that authority a long long time ago.

The youngsters on the streets wasting away their lives I do not blame them., it’s the fault of the judiciary, it encourages them to misbehave, anyone who tries to stop or warns them of the dangers they are putting themselves into, is often punished severely. When a child looks for immediate gratification in their day today activities, the parent looks at the long term effect it might have on their lives.

Is it the child that should be telling the parent what to do? Tell me if that is justice, are you trying to suggest that you love my children more than I do? And you care for them even more? I can’t believe the children which I bore are the ones ordering me around the house.

How would you like to feel when siting around a child. One is humble and un-rebellious and diligently does everything his father and mother tells him to do. The father is pleased with him. All the other family members feel comfortable when they are around him. The other is a questioner, he stubbornly asks his father, “How much money do they pay you at the construction site?” when one is asking for when he shall come back home, their other is looking for details of his employment whereabouts, so spoilt.




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