March 30, 2023

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Think twice before giving someone a compliment, words have enormous weight

Think twice before giving someone a compliment, words have enormous weight



Madame Galena lives in a beautiful mansion on a hill behind the swamp, she has a huge compound and many workers too. When children passed by as they play, she often welcomes them in. Madame Galena has a rather unpleasant protrusion behind her neck which she often tries to hide from visitors, whenever they come into her mansion.  As she walked the children down the corridor into the main entrance of the room, if she notices that the kid is watching her too keenly especially the area around her neck, she instantly turns over and asks them, “what did you see?” as she looked straight into their eyes as if to intimidate them.  If the child replies, “nothing” she instantly smiles back as she says. “Welcome to my house my child, enjoy your stay and please be careful not to knock down anything brittle.”

But if the child was asked  the same way and replied, “excuse me Madame there is a big ugly thing behind your neck,” that child will not set foot in the house at all, “you poor little creature, how dare you speak of me this way, were you never taught good behavior, where are your manners?” At once she sends them off telling them to return where they came from.




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