March 19, 2023

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Some People You trust very much will surprise you one day when they decide to con you.

Some People You trust very much will surprise you one day when they decide to con you.




There are people who would give you a present then expect something in return. Sometimes of much more value than what they have handed over. When an old folk presents to you a gift then starts acting as if he has given you so much or as if he has saved you a great deal, then for once you should know that this is not a real Santa but a thief, a burglar masquerading as a giver of presents. He puts on a red cloak and covers his face with a long grey beard. Then people would welcome him into their homes allow him to have access to all the bedrooms, to the place where the children sleep, he marks with a red ribbon. His real intentions is not to bring presents but to smuggle the house of its valuable goods.

When the family wakes up in the morning, they find their house is empty, swept clean by a mysterious robber. Even the only sofa they had is gone, no bed no telephone to call the authorities, the home is completely cleaned up as if it was recently built. How come the door remains closed, padlocks on cupboards are still untouched, and the keys are right here under my pillow? , “I guess we have lost everything” says the owner. Please explain something to me, is Santa capable of doing such a horrifying thing? No I don’t believe it, not a thing, this is how they and many other families have been fooled, they noticed what was happening when it was too late, too late to fall back.




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