March 23, 2023

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Making Patients wait for too long in the hospitals can be a matter of life and death

Making Patients wait for too long in the hospitals can be a matter of life and death




“Doctor what’s happening, I brought my mom in here a short while ago, there still seems to be no entry for us yet, why do you put us on the wait for so long,” “just walk out I will let you know when your turn comes,” barked the doctor angrily. Mark slam shut the door behind him, bitterness was engraved all over his face, now a little less composed, “that medic is a j****,” said Mark, “why is he so rude to us, he thinks himself as the best medic around here,” Martin glanced over his shoulders and noticed a grey bearded old man being attended to by a pair of nurses, he was badly bruised on his leg wrapped in a thick bandage, but his face showed no sign of suffering beside him appeared to be a teenager who was constantly wiggling and moaning in pain, come back on Friday evening, the doctor shouted back at them as they were just getting out, the guard gave them a warm smile as he opened the gate for them , ”go in peace, heal quick.”

When the patients are rushed in, they stare desperately into the doctor’s eyes to see if there is any little sign of hope left, the doctors words could make or break them.

How bad is it doc? Please don’t be quiet, say something at least.

“I wish the illnesses I harbor would leave me alone & go away forever,” I said to the doctor coz I am tired of coming into this clinic every time,




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