March 31, 2023

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Easy come easy go, money acquired through the wrong means will always be spent on the wrong things

Easy come easy go, money acquired through the wrong means will always be spent on the wrong things




As the old adage goes money acquired through wrong means, will always be used in all the wrong ways, though most of those poor fellows hope to do something useful with it, it often ends up being spent in an extravagant dangerous lifestyle, its quickly squandered away, the speed & easiness at which it came is the same speed & easiness at which it goes. They thought they could keep something they didn’t work for.

On the flip-side a fellow who had to sweat a lot, who had gone through a great deal of trouble to gain his flimsy salary will try to spend it in the wisest ways possible. He will clench his few coins closely to his heart, because for now they have become a part of him. He remembers vividly all the hardship he had gone through just to get a day’s meal, he simply can’t imagine facing the same trouble once more if he were to lose them.

Have you ever heard of someone who robbed a bank and used that money to build an orphanage, or someone who coned an elderly person and used those funds to pay for the sick? Such a thing would never happen in a million years, if it does then it could just be a matter of coincidence, if only circumstances forced them to, otherwise the nature of their new skills would have directed them somewhere else, how does someone knowingly enjoy wealth whose source is mired with bloodshed? Only their children who do not know of their parents’ whereabouts can have a comforting time around them, since they are ignorant of the things that go on in the world, they do not have to share any of their parents’ concerns.

There is a mysterious way in which a silver coins rejects its new master and walks away from his sight as soon as he lowers his guard, “I do not belong to you, or I should not stay with you here any longer.” it says this and then walks on to someone else. The silver coin knows its true master.

What’s stronger than the need to get more cash? Well it’s the desire to spend it, you just can’t hold it in your hands, and it won’t last a day either.

Even though they might claim they are stealing from the rich and giving it to the poor, things still don’t work that way, first and foremost two wrongs do not make a right, secondly they are giving away something that does not belong to them, you have to rightfully acquire & possess an item before one can hand it over to someone else as a gift.




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