March 20, 2023

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Acts of Religious extremism by some radical fanatics taints the reputation of all those that practice the faith, including the non-violent ones

Acts of Religious extremism by some radical fanatics taints the reputation of all those that practice the faith, including the non-violent ones





A group of young men were caught trying to cause harm to the public by rigging a very busy office building with explosives, their actions were inspired by the preaching of some religious extremists. They were then taken in for interrogation.

“This master of yours you have so highly exalted, did he command you to drown suspects up in the rivers, and to kick the bellies of pregnant women making them loose their babies or did he ask you to slaughter infants like chicken then enjoy the feel of it, as you stand back to gloat over their misery?

There is something I still do not understand, do you enjoy to watch the suffering of your neighbours, does it give you enormous pleasure to see them go through pain, the ones you previously ate, drank and laughed with, the ones you attended their weddings and even danced with them at their venues, now shortly afterwards you have turned your backs on them and have refused to listen to their pleas for mercy.”

The Police continue to question the detainees, “but there are others with the same believes as you who are not doing the things you are doing or is it that you serve another master different from the one your country men serve.

You act so cruelly in our face, how worse could he be, you use your master’s name to torture, rape and steal, if your master you so boldly and proudly represent was here to witness your actions, would he be pleased, would he be happy to say congratulations my servants you have been faithful to me & have done a great job for many generations, now I shall reward you richly, will he deliver to you many gifts?”

“I wish I could meet your master,” says the Commander, “and talk to him face to face, I will ask him whether it’s true he really commanded you to do these heinous offences you are carrying out, or could it be works of your own creation, your own self exaltations and gratifications.

There are some of your country men who are doing things totally opposite of what you did, they are erecting magnificent cities, turning sand into gold, and transforming the face of the planet. With their laborious work they have improved the livelihoods of many.

If vengeance, Violence and cruelty are the fruits of your faith, then it appears that indeed you serve a cruel sad master, if you ever had any in the first place. Like a stone about to fall off a cliff, it tries to drag others along.

Little did I know that you had your own plans of violence and destruction in mind, then you used your master’s name to justify your actions. 







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