March 30, 2023

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The Blizzard of a Century

The Blizzard of a Century

We are experiencing more erratic weather patterns as years pass bye. just over a week ago, the north American continent experienced the worst blizzard since records began. in some places the temperatures had dropped to below -50 Degrees Celsius. that is way colder than some places in Antarctica and the north pole. most people would simply jump to the conclusion that climate change is to blame for the rise of erratic weather patterns, there is no other believable theory to explain what is happening to the globe.  just a few moths back, the same north American continent was experiencing the worst bushfires ever, with millions of hectares of land torched to the ground in the process. now its the winter snow that is giving people a frostbite. they simply cannot go out at this hour of the day for you are likely to freeze to death if you dare try to ignore the dangers of the weather  frigid conditions. it is now evident that the summers are becoming hotter while winters are getting colder, we are experiencing both sides of the extremes of weather. the world is trying hard to fight global warming, but what are they going to do about this freezing winter cold? should it remain under global warming category or should we just call it global cooling.

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