February 3, 2023

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Fascinating Talks of the Planet

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Why is the Scientific World Spending billions searching for life on other Planets when they could use that money to solve world problems?


Do you have any idea how much money is spent on space programs? Scientific explorations of other heavenly beings in the universe? It amounts to not just billions, but hundreds of billions of dollars worth of research and development a year. Humans are so fascinated about the possibility of presence of life on other planets that they even started a futuristic technology program where they will be shipping people onto planets like mars. Can anyone really live on mars? That desolate wasteland covered with lifeless rocks and sands is interestingly a source of inspiration to the scientific community. Planetary science has fascinated humanity for centuries now.

When you actually read into the fine print of these projects you come to realize how crazy the idea actually is, entire industries are created to transport people to other planets like Mars as tourists, they are looking at the possibility of carrying with them their own food(some of which they plan to grow there), water, and of course Oxygen. Lets say for instance a friend invites you to visit a far away place then when you are ready to go with him he advises you that the place has no water, food and even air to breathe, you have to carry everything with you all the way to the place and back. I bet you shall think twice about paying a visit to this horrible place. Not to mention the many things that could go wrong along the journey, you might kindly say to them, ‘’thank you for the invitation, its just that I have got lots of things to do here at my home, I am very busy right now, I do not have some kind of death wish.’’

The way the scientific community behaves shows as if they do not really care about what happens on this planet, they would happily destroy it and run off to some other planet in the universe. There are many issues on this planet especially ones concerning the environment that these scientists can help solve to avoid a catastrophic ending of the world. Yet they have no interest in doing that.

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