March 31, 2023

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the ferocious hominid gang.

Ape man gathers his gang(troops) and says this to them, those smooth skinned cousins of ours that live inside cocoons have despised us for too long, let’s go out to them and teach them some lesson, so they’d learn to respect us, they think they are wiser and smarter than we are, they have sold their freedom, slaves to their compound from which they never get out, here we are free, we can roam the entire forest the whole afternoon, go anywhere we like anytime we wish.

Darwin trains his apes very well to challenge the children of man. He sends them to go forth and steal their food, bring all their fruits to me” he commands them to go forth in formations.

He trains another team and calls it the ferocious hominid gang, they are the ones to conduct the final charge in the great raid of plain settlements.




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