March 20, 2023

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Fake confidence.

They build walls of confidence around their castle to prevent fear from getting into the heart, fear in turn finds its way by smashing through the walls easily, it can jump over the fence and find itself already inside, it is a pretty good jumper, nothing is too high for it.

You see a guy who really needs help but he is not asking for it, his character would not allow it, he would rather suffer than ask for help from others, you see it and do nothing.

When someone says they have been doing something for fifty years, the phrase sounds terrific and proves their level of experience, but it doesn’t mean they have been doing that every single hour or day of those fifty years, even if they worked for two days in a year, then that still can be called a year of work, then all those years compounded together, it becomes a half a century of experience.



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