March 30, 2023

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Crazy Afro boys.

“Discrimination can be in form of anything and from anyone, even from members of your own family, says my old friend Kabiti.”  I get surprised when I hear some of my fellow Africans call me black, they have a lighter skin and I’ve got a darker one. They yell at me saying, “Hey you blackie get over here quickly”

The fact that we have got this variation or whatever reason that causing them to act that way, it is simply a sign of hatred, there are people who hate everything and everyone around them so they will search for the smallest most possible excuse to discriminate against them, there is no love in them, not a shred of it.

It’s like when a crocodile  tells an alligator, “hey you reptile get out of my pool, there is not enough water for us both, I need more breathing space please, they want it all for themselves and others kicked out.”



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