March 22, 2023

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Bojo the evil genius

Bojo is an evil genius,

He builds a virus and an antivirus

He creates a disease and a medicine for it, which he sells to the masses after the plague has wreaked its havoc

He robs one of his pocket and puts it into another

He leads a blind man the wrong way where he is knocked down by a cyclist.

He gives you something full heartedly only to take it back shortly after,

He tells others lies when he is supposed to say the truth, but when he actually speaks the truth everyone thinks he is lying.

He hides at the park corners and scare children who are on a picnic, he frightens them till they pass out, and when their parents come along he says it is not his fault, but of the monster suit he was wearing.

He pushes a passing waiter into a pool then dives into the water to rescue this hulk of a person who does not know how to swim, everyone in the party rejoice for having saved the poor man’s life, not knowing what he had done shortly before.




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