March 18, 2023

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“Let me be your hero.” love song

The wooden legged man finally speaks his heart out saying…

“Oh! Daughter of the Plumber, how I wish you knew how much I had loved you, do not think that Now I am one legged,  I have become useless, in fact I am strong as ever, don’t people remember that it is I who killed Naaga, that fearsome crocodile who terrorized the villagers. He bit my wooden legs, then I told it, “hey you fool, you have taken one of my legs before, now you can have that one too, you can chew this piece of wood.” Then I turned & slashed off its head with my dagger, from that day onwards the rivers have become safer to cross ever since. I am a short wooden legged man, yet I am also the only one who can climb the palm trees to bring down dates for the villagers to feast on.



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