March 18, 2023

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Easy prey on the Savannah.

Man will always look for easy prey, he searches for an easy meal everywhere, he looks to the north, to the south and says unto himself, “why should I struggle with this huge and powerful eland of the Drakensberg, with her tough neck she can easily break my teeth, with her long hard and sharp horns, she can easily pierce through my flesh like butter, why do I struggle when there are easier to catch antelopes, kudus in the savannahs below, a wise move towards the end of the last ice age. After the glacial melt, many of the mountain lions moved from the Atlas Mountains & Drakensberg cape ranges to the tropical savannah, one by one, they moved to the Great Plains where climatic conditions are more favorable & food is more abundant, the great migration began & within ten thousand years they’d adapted to the new environment.




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