March 19, 2023

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Daughters of Cherbylle.

There is a seven sister gang operating on a global network with their activities influencing every province & city state of the world. To be frank, many of those girls were trouble makers for a significant proportion of their early years.

Those cheeky devils have caused many men to become unfaithful and families to break apart, they whispered corruption into good girls’ ears saying many evil things to them, they go to their homes and say… “You sit here like ducks while your husband is travelling the world enjoying himself? Why don’t you stretch your legs a bit?” Those cheeky devils stole my princes from me, they lured her away into the unknown.

Those baboons that hug one another in public places in the eyes of everyone in order to give a false impression that they are in romantic love,  I demand that you stay away from my precious! Those that frequently show public display affection, they only do that to annoy you. They can’t do that when the two of them are alone.




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