March 18, 2023

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Society old and new.

Those nations that feel very little to no impacts of planetary economic tsunamis are communities where the societies have cleverly merged the old and the new, there’s a good number of people who aren’t so much reliant on state sponsored employment. They grow their food, produce their energy and educate their children, they have learned never to live beyond their means. Most industrialized nations are ones affected the most. So the industries which formed the bulk of livelihood are forced to shut down driving countless numbers into despair. A city relying solely on manufacturing is living dangerously on a knife’s edge, should any slight wave shake those factories then life in the city withers and fades away. Be happy for buying yourself a new pair of boots but don’t throw away the old shoes, it might turn out to be the one to save you from frost bite, when the cold bitter winter winds begin to blow.



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