March 19, 2023

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lost and found. 

It is easy for the poor to adjust to a rich lifestyle with their newly acquired wealth but very difficult for the once rich to adjust their lives to fit that of the poor. Once used to the high class merchandise, clean food drink and energy, spacious homes, expensive subscriptions and much more lavish living.

When they suddenly lose their job, it’s like the end of the world for them. It looks like they have been caught in a trap from which there is no escape, jobs and careers as they have been temporary, nothing in the world seems to be permanent.

Adjusting to low expenditure lifestyle after an economic meltdown when everything simply vanished within a flash of a second is quite heart-breaking, after all those years of being used to exotic lifestyle.

Dangerous thoughts begin to creep in. unless they get comforting guidance they might end up causing harm unto themselves.




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