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- Dominick Sorrentino
Above the Fold Episode Recap: Shane ‘Big Boy’ Barker Coming in Hot
Shane is back! And he’s brought the usual sarcasm, jokes and insights into the world of digital entrepreneurship.
- Chelsey Church
Learning the Secrets to Sales Success with Tom Scott
With a good attitude, strong team and skills galore, Tom’s found nothing but success and satisfaction as the VP of Sales at Brafton.
- Alex Cox
Inbound Marketing for B2B Brands: The Complete Guide
Inbound marketing is the most reliable lead generation technique for B2B brands. Here’s everything to know about B2B inbound marketing strategy.
- Jeff Keleher
The Most Carefully Culled and Curated Collection of Content Marketing Tips You Will Find Anywhere (Video)
Want to make your digital marketing campaign a rousing success? Follow these content marketing tips.
- Michael O'Neill
Content Marketing Metrics That Matter, And Those That Don’t (Infographic)
Explore the content marketing metrics that should matter to your organization and beware the KPIs that don’t translate to real value.
- Adam Barber
My Digital Marketing Predictions That Never Happened (and the Problem With All Predictions Posts)
In this post, we focus on some digital marketing predictions (our own) that didn’t end up happening and have a good old moan about predictions posts in general.
- Guarav Sharma
How to Create Engaging Video Content That Boosts Your Conversions
Want to learn how to create engaging video content to boost conversions and wow your audience? Read this post to find out seven useful strategies to do that.
- Li-Wei Chu
Your Guide to Executing a Results-Driven Digital Marketing Campaign
Drawing on results to inform and improve your digital marketing campaign can definitely pay off. Learn more about this digital marketing strategy.
- Molly Ploe
Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference? (Infographic)
Inbound has changed the way marketers think about engaging with their audiences and has given way to more informed, intentional customers. But what does inbound actually mean, and how is it different from outbound?
- Dominick Sorrentino
A Guide to Developing an Actionable Marketing Framework (Infographic + Template)
Learn what a marketing framework is, and get step-by-step directions on how to build your own.
- 360i
Kai Deveraux Lawson Joins dentsu to Lead Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Network’s Creative Offering

We are excited to welcome Kai Deveraux Lawson as the SVP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for dentsu’s creative offering, which includes 360i. In this new role, Kai will be leading efforts to further our diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and programs.   Kai joins our network from from WPP, where she was most recently Global Director, Talent Partnerships. Previously, she held roles as WPP’s Global Director of Community Engagement, Global Culture and Associate Operations Director at WPP agency Essence, in addition to tenures at AKQA and Wunderman, among others. In the course of her career, she has developed and executed targeted strategies to support the growth and development of underrepresented employees, focusing on coaching for mid-level professionals, and establishing a cross-industry task force to study the nuanced experiences of Black professionals in advertising.   Since 2015, Kai has been the producer and co-host of “Mixed Company,” a popular podcast about diversity, inclusion and social equity in creative industries from the perspective of up-and-coming professionals of color. A sought-after thought leader, Kai has been a keynote speaker at conferences including The 3% Conference and ADCOLOR, and featured in publications like Adweek, Ad Age, and Refinery29. She has also been honored as one of the Trailblazers Redefining the Creative Industry by The Dots, HERoes 2020 Top 100 Women Future Leaders, The Advertising Club of New York’s 2020 Innovators Award, and the Inaugural […]

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- 360i
Dentsu Creative US CCO Menno Kluin for Campaign: Lessons in Creative Leadership from a Soccer Legend

Dentsu creative’s Chief Creative Officer for the Americas Menno Kluin recently wrote an op-ed in Campaign US on the lessons modern creative leaders can learn from European football – namely, a philosophy called Total Football that was created by Rinus Michels. Menno explains why creatives need to borrow from Michels’ playbook if they are to succeed in the years ahead. He writes in the piece:   “We need to embrace Total Creativity: the ability to shape, mold and control an advertising process in which creativity can flourish. We need to learn how to master the entire field of play.”  He explains why the great idea is only part of the creative’s job, and why selling it, building it, and promoting it, is just as important. Additionally, spotting and developing talent is another key part of the process in order to succeed as a creative in the years ahead. Read the full piece in Campaign US.  

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- 360i
360i Named a Finalist for Campaign US Agency of the Year

We’re honored to share that 360i was named a finalist for Campaign US’s second annual Agency of the Year Awards. The Campaign US Agency of the Year Awards celebrate independent and network agencies across creative, digital, media and PR doing relevant and meaningful work for clients. The agencies shortlisted have been selected by an esteemed panel of brand marketer judges for their bold creativity, strategic excellence and ability to build brands and create work that moves the needle.    Campaign US Editor Alison Weissbrot commented: “Each of these agencies demonstrates a commitment to their clients and their craft that sets the bar for the industry. Congratulations to all of our winners, who deserve to be celebrated for their hard work in a very difficult year.”  Check out the finalists for the second annual Agency of the Year Awards in Campaign US.  

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- 360i
Devon Hong Joins 360i as Executive Creative Director, Driving Innovation and Creative Excellence Across Agency

We are excited to welcome Devon Hong as our new Executive Creative Director in New York. An award-winning creative talent, Devon will be responsible for driving innovation and creative excellence across all of 360i’s client accounts, which include OREO, 7-Eleven, and Boston Beer Company.   “Devon has impressed all of us at every turn – not only with his creative chops and distinguished agency experience, but also his emotional drive and incredible capacity for kindness and empathy,” said 360i Chief Creative Officer Menno Kluin. “Devon and I worked together earlier in our careers, and we couldn’t be more excited to join forces again at 360i, where I know his skill and eye for craft will complement and even elevate our already high standards. He will be an excellent addition to our team as a leader, and a real asset to our company and our clients across the board.”   Hong joins us from 72andSunny’s New York office, where he was Group Creative Director and worked across several key clients including Etsy, Spotify, Smirnoff and Cheerios. Most notably, he is credited with helping Etsy to shift from traditional direct response communications to emotional storytelling with a brand-led holiday campaign, and for spearheading Cheerios’ “Right on Tracks” project, a series of children’s songs […]

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- 360i
In Honor of Veteran’s Day, 360i Sat Down With Our Own Jonathan Ferrer

In honor of Veteran’s Day, we spoke with 360i’s Media Technology Manager Jonathan Ferrer about his career in the Military and its influence on his work in Marketing.  Can you share with us what led you to a career in the military, and what your role and experience was during that time?    Since childhood, I always had a desire for serving in the Military. However, since I was first in my family to join the Military, it was always a mystery to me as I did not know anyone who served. My biggest understanding of what the Military was and what they did was from what I had seen on television and what I learned in school. I was always amazed how someone could voluntarily risk their lives to protect and defend their country, but I knew that I would be proud to serve my country in any way. In addition, my parents did not have a lot to offer us growing up in the South Bronx housing projects, so I wanted a life where I could lift my family out of poverty. I knew that the Military and school would give me that opportunity to not only assist my family but to also create a legacy for the next generation.    It […]

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- 360i
How Social Marketers can win at the polls this election cycle

The 2020 Presidential Election is unlike any other – surrounded by political, social, and environmental turmoil. Many marketers are asking the question, “how do we handle our posting schedule with the upcoming election and social news cycle changing every few minutes?” We’re here to help.   360i’s Paid & Organic Social Marketing teams have put together recommendations and examples to help guide marketers as they plan for content in the next few weeks. This POV is designed to help your brand navigate the social media landscape before, during, and after the election.  TL;DR  If you choose to engage, do it in a way that remains true to your brand voice. Focus on positivity and participation over politics, and avoid overly promotional or self-serving content.  While we don’t recommend going dark, remain on the pulse of conversation, trends and news. Consider daily touch-bases with your team to monitor the situation and evaluate planned content to mitigate risk.   Be prepared for curveballs. Even topics that ordinarily wouldn’t or shouldn’t be polarizing might take on more of a political bent in Q4. Have a plan of action in place for community management, and be prepared to pivot if necessary.   Check out the full report here to learn about key dates and publishing considerations, influencer considerations, paid media considerations, the do’s and don’ts of getting […]

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- 360i
Working parents, why not tackle the school year like a media plan? 

Back-to-school has always been an exciting and hopeful time of year. New beginnings, new supplies, new clothes, and sales. Lots of sales. On the agency side, we relish this consumption alongside our clients, ensuring every promotion and every message gets to just the right person. It’s a busy time, but there’s optimism – especially for parents seeing their children tackle a new milestones. But not this year. Working parents are barely surviving with around-the-clock obligations at home and work, not to mention managing remote or hybrid learning for the kids.  Over the past few weeks, first-day-of-school pictures from across the country have cluttered our social media feeds with images of children behind masks or sitting at their newly decorated ‘home desks’. How are we going to survive this season of back-to-school? Well, like any well-designed media plan – with a clear objective, proper flighting, flexibility, creativity and accountability.    Define your objective as a working parent  A great media plan begins with a clearly articulated objective. We define objectives to help us prioritize efforts, manage resources and measure success. According to a 2017 guide published by the Harvard Business Review, parents should “have a vision of what they want working […]

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- 360i
What Marketers Need to Know Now to be Ready for Holiday Shopping Season

Labor Day may have just happened, but the 2020 holiday shopping season is already here. COVID-19 has set off a chain reaction that will culminate in Q4, and for marketers, this means plans and best practices need to be re-re-reviewed. Why? Because of: Amazon’s decision to move Prime Day to the first week of October will pull forward holiday spending and purchase behavior earlier The same-day and next-day delivery that online shoppers have grown accustomed to will no longer be reliable with an uptick in e-commerce demand Black Friday crowds will be a thing of the past as stores close their doors to reduce risk A divisive election is underway that could have ramifications on consumer spending, behavior and consumption (not to mention taxing the mail service further) There’s the cultural shift from in-person to virtual which will alter the holidays (and gift giving) Plus many more issues and/or considerations To help guide marketers during this crucial sales period, we’ve put together 12 specific actions brands should be taking, across four different areas. This report is packed with data, insight and advice on what to consider as we head into a season of ambiguity. You will learn: Current and anticipated […]

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- 360i
360i #SideHustle: Kyzr Blue with Michael LaVallee

Welcome to the 360i #SideHustle series, where we showcase the awesome side projects, hobbies, start-up businesses, and other ventures created by the entrepreneurial employees here at 360i. At 360i, many of us know Michael LaVallee as an Associate Strategist – but what many of us may not know is he is also a producer, writer, and singer for his own solo music project, Kyzr Blue. He makes “music that’s blue, but something to dance to” with emotional lyrics told through a dreamy-electronica production style. And he just released a new single called “Time Between the Cuts,” out on major platforms – Spotify, iTunes, tidal, and more! Notable music blog, Culture Fix, calls him a “truly exciting rising talent in the pop music.” Learn more about Michael’s journey below and his great advice to budding artists and all creative people.   How did your passion for music begin? Music has always been a major part of my life. I grew up playing the upright string bass in orchestra, singing in acapella groups, doing musicals, etc. while after school I was listening to and watching MTV and VH1 music videos and collecting CDs. I always loved making CD’s for my friends with […]

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- Mekenna Wilson
Ten Steps of a Basic SEO Website Audit

A basic SEO website audit is a great starting place for your digital marketing strategy. Conducting an audit will help you see where you currently rank and how you can do better. This may sound complicated, especially if you’ve never done it before, but a DIY website audit isn’t as difficult as it sounds. A [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
Eight Common Mistakes on the PPC Checklist

Google Ads has become one of the most popular platforms for online marketing. Since being launched, AdWords has morphed to account for the various needs of marketers, which has made it more complex than it used to be. If you’re new to the world of PPC, you may find that new ad types, features, and [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson

In a recent press release, Digital.com named Avalaunch Media the Top Digital Marketing Agency of 2020. Our agency had the privilege to be a part of Digital.com’s 40-hour assessment of more than 280 of the top firms and agencies offering effective online marketing strategies. Those in consideration were evaluated on the basis of their service [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
CRO vs. SEO — Can You Truly Optimize For Both?

Do you want the copy on your website to help your business show up on Google? Or do you want it to convert customers who land on your site? Do you know if you should use CRO vs. SEO? Your answer is most likely “both.” Some people will tell you that you have to choose. They’ll [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
Six Critical Strategies for Your Q4 E-Commerce Marketing Plan

This year has been particularly challenging for businesses, so it is crucial to have a Q4 E-Comm marketing plan. The onset of the global pandemic in March and its effects on the economy forced many consumers into frugality, and retailers all over the country had no option but to shut their doors. With the possible [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
The Best Dental Practice Marketing Strategies

Are you looking for new ideas for your dental practice marketing strategies? A dentist’s role in the community is to promote oral health in the local community, and the best way to fulfill that responsibility is to market effectively. Marketing isn’t just about driving revenue and obtaining new patients; it’s also about building your reputation, [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
Three Simple Marketing Strategies for the Business-to-Business Market

The most effective marketing is almost always the result of effectively targeting the right audience; marketing strategies should always be tailored to the interests, needs, and spending habits of a specific group. Without an audience to focus on, your marketing will fall flat.  Knowing how to market to a business-to-business (B2B) audience is especially critical [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
Using the Eight Pillars of Marketing for an Omnichannel Approach

As experienced marketers, the teams at Avalaunch Media know that technology and market demands are always changing. That’s why we’re versatile and constantly adapting our strategies, helping clients of all budget sizes elevate their brands for the best value. Selecting the right digital marketing channels for maximum ROI is key in this quest. Our full-service [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
The Facts About Working From Home

As of March 19, 2020, six out of 10 employees in the United States were working from home due to the coronavirus, and this number has likely increased since then. Many were skeptical that the transition could be successful, due to assumptions and myths about working from home. However, research suggests that “quarantine” style remote [...]

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- Mekenna Wilson
The Five Marketing Concepts

Marketing is the process of “creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large,” according to the American Marketing Association. This process is done in a number of different ways; marketing professionals use one or more of the five concepts of marketing in order to earn consumer [...]

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- David Cohen
Liz Kennedy Joins Facebook Civil Rights Team as Manager, Voting Rights
Liz Kennedy joined Facebook as manager, voting rights, and she will serve as the civil rights team's expert on voting rights and civics. She had been senior policy advisor at the Center for Secure and Modern Elections, working on modernizing voter registration and making voting more accessible. Prior to that, Kennedy was senior director of...
- Brandy Shaul
Discord: How to Create a Thread
Discord introduced Threads, temporary text channels that will automatically disappear after they have been inactive for a specific length of time. You can create a Thread using any existing message, as well as from scratch. This feature allows you to organize different conversations within a single channel. Our guide will show you how to create...
- Stephen Lepitak
Diageo Hires UK Cabinet Strategy Lead Giles Hedger to Head Consumer Planning
Global drinks brand owner Diageo has hired former M&C Saatchi London CEO, Giles Hedger, as its global consumer planning director, joining from the U.K. cabinet office where he was strategy lead. Hedger took over the role from Andrew Geoghegan who joined PZ Cussons, the owner of Carex and St. Tropez, in the newly created job...
- David Cohen
MoPub Rolls Out Curated Inventory Solution Twitter Audience Index
Mobile monetization platform MoPub will begin leveraging audience insights from the interest-based targeting capabilities of parent company Twitter with its introduction of curated inventory solution Twitter Audience Index. Director of global demand Jonathan Cooke and senior product marketing manager Phyllis Huang said in a blog post Monday that Twitter Audience Index will enable MoPub to...
- David Cohen
Reddit Taps Instagram’s Timo Pelz as Its First Ever VP of Business Marketing
Timo Pelz joined Reddit as its first ever vice president of business marketing. Pelz comes from Instagram, where he held a similar role, head of business marketing. At Reddit, he will set the go-to-market strategy for demonstrating the effectiveness of the platform's advertising offerings, leading the team that connects the company's sales organization with the...
- Kathryn Lundstrom
CVS, Target and Walmart Get One Step Closer to Replacing Plastic Bags With New Pilot Programs
Despite a rising interest in sustainability, the American economy still produces a lot of plastic waste--around 46 million tons each year, scientists say. Less than 10% of that gets recycled, meaning that Katy Perry's plastic bag, floating through the wind, has very little chance of starting again. It's more likely destined for a landfill or...
- Leonardo Faierman
OkCupid Launches an Expansive Campaign For Almost Every Single Kind of Dater
Dating app OkCupid is back at it with its recognizable mix of wordplay and candy-colored pop photography, but this time it's emphatically aiming at inclusion. Agency Mekanism continues its run with the brand, showcasing its newest "For Every Single Person" campaign, which celebrates the app's inclusion-minded functions and goes up in three major cities next...
- Brittaney Kiefer
Pernod Ricard Hypes Water to Help Gen Z Party Responsibly After Lockdown
The reopening of bars, clubs and restaurants after coronavirus lockdowns may be cause for celebration, but it could also lead to excessive and harmful drinking. That is the warning behind a new campaign from Pernod Ricard as part of its long-running Responsible Party initiative, which aims to combat binge drinking among young people. The program...
- Audrey Powell
Former USTA President Katrina Adams on Growth Opportunities for Women in Sports
Be sure to tune in this week to the latest episode of Adweek Presents: Most Powerful Women in Sports video series, featuring Katrina Adams, former president and chief executive officer of the United States Tennis Association. Adams' tennis career began at age six when she enrolled in a youth program in her hometown of Chicago....
- Stephen Lepitak
‘Who Will Care For Him When I’m Gone?’ Dog’s Underwear Obsession Gets Owner Planning for the Future
Who doesn't love a shaggy dog story? But sadly, they don't all end happily. And for some animals, the future can be quite uncertain--a point being made by British animal shelter Dogs Trust in a campaign that wants owners to prepare for the future. The "Underwear Ever After" campaign from London agency Creature aims to...
- Amanda Holliday
How To Save Time Planning and Creating Social Media Content
There’s no denying that content creation is time-consuming. In this post, we're sharing a sustainable strategy for saving time planning and creating social media content to help you better support your overall business goals.
- Arielle Tannenbaum
How we’ve built and evolved our habit of giving back at Buffer
In 2020, it was more important to us than ever to support small businesses and non-profit organizations. We’d love to highlight the organizations we supported in 2020 and the important work they’re doing, and how we came to support them.
- Katie Wilde
An Honest Look into our Engineering Team Engagement Survey
In the spring of 2021, we put out an engagement survey to our engineering team to understand their experience at Buffer. In this post, we share the very honest and eye-opening survey results, and the action steps we plan to take from our learnings.
- Åsa Nyström
How We Serve Our Customers While Working a 4-Day Work Week
In this post, we share how our Customer Advocacy team has adjusted their schedules, goals, and mindset to acclimate to and thrive in a 4-day work week, all while supporting thousands of customers.
- Joel Gascoigne
Caryn Hubbard is Buffer’s VP of Finance

I'm happy to share that Caryn Hubbard was recently promoted to Buffer's VP of Finance. 🎉

Caryn has been on the Buffer team for over five years now and has made huge contributions in her time on the team, both as the leader of our Finance

- Joel Gascoigne
Tyler Wanlass is Buffer’s VP of Design

I’m happy to share that Tyler Wanlass recently became Buffer’s VP of Design. 🎉

Tyler has been on the Buffer team for over five years now, initially joining as a Product Manager before he transitioned to our first Head of Design.

Throughout 2020, while we were

- Sophie Gil
Social Media for Nonprofits: Empowering Younger Generations to Take Action
In this post, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a nonprofit leverages social media to empower younger generations to take action and build awareness around their mission.
- Joel Gascoigne
When Taking Fridays Off Can Help Our Team Get More Done: An AMA on the 4-Day Work Week

Since we first kicked off a 4-day work week in May 2020, people have had a lot of questions about it. What day are we taking off? How long will we continue this practice? Is everyone really working four-days a week or are some people working more? Some of the

- Hailley Griffis
2021 Pay Analysis: How We’ve Lowered Our Gender Pay Gap From 15% to 5.5%
Here are all of our numbers from our 2021 pay analysis, along with more on the positive impact that transparency has had on the gender pay gap for us.
- Caryn Hubbard
How We Decide What To Pay Our Team: Our Salary Formula and Compensation Philosophy
In this post, we share an overview of our compensation philosophy and a simple explanation of our salary formula.
- Ivana Zuber
Inside Our Engineering Mentorship Program and How It Helps Our Engineers Grow

Our Engineering team is the largest team at Buffer. It has a lot of moving pieces and is composed of several smaller teams. As with any large team, we’re keen to make sure no one individual lacks guidance or an opportunity to grow. In this post, I’

- Sophie Gil
How a Candle Company Uses Social Media to Drive a Better Customer Experience
In this post, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a candle company leverages social media to drive a remarkable and unforgettable customer experience that has fans coming back over and over again.
- Joe Birch
Hack-Week: Embedding Our Values and Causes in Our Product

Towards the end of 2020, the Buffer engineering team held a two-day hack event where the team explored ideas that aligned with both our personal and company values. Whilst we strive to bring our personal and company values into the things that we build, sometimes it’s good to

- Nicole Miller
4-Day Work Weeks: Results From 2020 and Our Plan for 2021

In March and April of 2020, work and life as we knew it was changing. I surveyed our team members (all 84 of whom are spread out across the globe) to understand the best way to help them cope with so many things shifting at once.I especially wanted to

- Caryn Hubbard
Shareholder Update: Q4, 2020 —  2020 Results and What's Ahead

Note: This is the quarterly update sent to Buffer shareholders, with a bit of added information for context. We share these updates transparently as a part of our default to transparency value. See all of our revenue on our public revenue dashboard and see all of our reports and updates

- Dean Takahashi
Lumanu raises $12M to simplify business for the creator economy
Lumanu has secured $12 million in funding to simplify the business of the creator economy as they disrupt traditional media.
- VB Staff
Why data makes the difference in health and wellness marketing
Learn how to leverage data and A/B testing to connect with consumers in the tricky health and wellness vertical in this VB Live event.
- Dean Takahashi
Brag House launches its social network for amateur esports competitors
Brag House has launched its platform for connecting gamers in a social network built around amateur esports competitions.
- Dean Takahashi
Logitech partners with BIPOC creators to bring down racial barriers
Logitech has announced it is partnering with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) creators to help them overcome challenges.
- Dean Takahashi
Immutable will launch Ethereum token for Gods Unchained
Immutable said today that the Gods Unchained blockchain card game will launch a new Ethereum token dubbed $GODS.
- Dean Takahashi
Social meeting space Breakroom has integrated High Fidelity's 3D audio into its virtual world for social and business events.
- Paul Sawers
OSS Enterprise: Open source perspectives and securing the software supply chain
OSS Enterprise is a newsletter from VentureBeat that shines a light on the world of open source software. This is the first edition.
- Paul Sawers
Cutting Slack: When open source and team chat tools collide
VentureBeat looks at some open source Slack alternatives, including Mattermost, Rocket.Chat, Zulip, and Element/Matrix.
- Dean Takahashi
Minds raises $10M for decentralized and encrypted social network and messaging app
Minds, a crypto social network, has raised $10 million from the tech freedom group Futo for its decentralized communications.
- Dean Takahashi
Facebook launches gaming fan groups to grow player communities
Facebook announced the launch of Fan Groups, an improved Facebook Groups experience for creators and their communities on Facebook Gaming.
- VB Staff
Transform 2021 puts the spotlight on women in AI

VB EVENT: VentureBeat is proud to bring back the Women in AI Breakfast and Awards online for Transform 2021. In the male-dominated tech industry, women are constantly faced with the gender equity gap. There is so much work in the tech industry to become more inclusive of bridging the gender gap while at the same time creating […]

- Dean Takahashi
Gamemaker Zynga and fashion designer Kenneth Cole have teamed up to celebrate Pride Month inside Zynga's High Heels hypercasual mobile game.
- Dean Takahashi
Noice has raised $5 million for what the startup is teasing as a "playful" social platform aimed at gamers.
- Dean Takahashi
Facebook Gaming adds new monetization for video-on-demand creators
Facebook Gaming is adding monetization tools for creators who focus on video on demand through a currency dubbed Stars.
- Dean Takahashi
Discord launches Stage Discovery so you can find the best audio events
Discord is staving off threats from competitors by deepening its audio communication service with the unveiling of Stage Discovery.
- VB Staff
Leaders from Roblox, Fair Play Alliance, and Accenture discussed digital civility and challenges as games lean into the mainstream.
- Kyle Wiggers
Salesforce launches employee upskilling toolkit for businesses
Salesforce is launching a new set of Trailhead tools to help workers upskill from remote work environments during the pandemic.
- Dean Takahashi
Louis Castle joins GreenPark Sports as chief product officer
Westwood Studios cofounder Louis Castle, who previously worked at Amazon on games, has joined GreenPark Sports as chief product officer.
- Kyle Wiggers
Salesforce launches toolkits and guides to help businesses embrace digitization
Salesforce's Digital 360 for Industries aims to help organizations digitize their businesses with templates, toolkits, and guides.
- VB Staff
How Wayfair and Burt’s Bees optimize digital creative for every social platform (VB Live)
Learn how data can help you optimize your digital creatives for every channel and get results in this on-demand VB Live event.
- Dean Takahashi
Aclima adds climate and environmental justice leaders to advisory board
Aclima today announced it's adding climate and environmental justice leaders to its advisory board to further its social good agenda.
- Dean Takahashi
Creative Solutions, a division the Vitec Group, acquired Lightstream for $35.9 million yesterday in a move into game livestreaming.
- Reuters
EU may probe Facebook’s Kustomer acquisition over antitrust concerns
Facebook's Kustomer acquisition may be subjected to EU antitrust scrutiny after Austria asked EU enforcers to take over the task.
- Kyle Wiggers
AI experts warn Facebook’s anti-bias tool is ‘completely insufficient’
Facebook claims its tool to combat AI bias -- Fairness Flow -- is being used across the company. But experts say it's likely insufficient.
- Kyle Wiggers
Pinterest open-sources big data analytics tool Querybook
Pinterest recently open-sourced Querybook, a tool for performing big data analytics at enterprise scale.
- Anyssa Roberts
Why Black People Are Top Consumers But Lack Wealth

How can we as marketers better support one of our largest consumer populations?

The post Why Black People Are Top Consumers But Lack Wealth appeared first on Campaign Monitor.

- Campaign Monitor
The Best Email Marketing Templates for Agencies

Offering email marketing services is a great way to boost your revenue for your agency.  However,...

The post The Best Email Marketing Templates for Agencies appeared first on Campaign Monitor.

- Ros Hodgekiss

Keeping the good ideas rolling, day after day, was hard even before a pandemic.

The post Creative Burnout: How Do You Keep It at Bay? appeared first on Campaign Monitor.

- Travis Hazelwood

This is our second piece in a series on email deliverability. To catch up, make...

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A Publishers’ Blueprint for Curating Content Subscribers Will Read

2021 has been a strange year. But one effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been...

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What’s New In Campaign Monitor

See a list of Campaign Monitor's newest features and updates.

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How to Get People in the Habit of Reading Your Emails

Are there certain marketing emails from companies that you always open, yet others that you...

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Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Marketing Team

Diverse teams are vital to success. But hiring is just the beginning.

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Emails We Love: Pride Edition

June is finally here and while the weather is hot, these emails are even hotter....

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Design An Optimized Landing Page Using Mental Triggers

The goal of a landing page is to get visitors to take an action, whether...

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