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Let us partner today, to work together and make the internet a better place. The invention of the internet in the last few decades has brought enormous changes to the lives of all humanity, information democracy has never been more widespread than before, whenever you need something, just type it into the search Engine and its all there for your viewing. The brand names of some web tech companies have even become common household phrases, some have even found their way into the urban English dictionary, when you hear someone saying that they are going "to google something," you understand that they are going to search it on the internet. The World Wide Web is also Full of how to do it lessons, people use the internet these days as their primary source of information, where they use it to teach themselves whatever they need to know. Online coaching lessons have slowly and gradually replaced old Fashioned face to face classes. Everybody has become an expert in something on the internet these days. The Social Networks have made it into a place you can stay connected with your friends and loved ones no matter where you are in the world. You stay updated on your friends' whereabouts, who are they with, what are they up to, and even what is on their mind. Not forgetting the entertaining part, the web is the worlds biggest source of entertainment replacing the traditional sources of media, for it’s a place where one can browse for their customized favorite Content, and with all the combinations of these needs that people strive to fulfill an urge of some sort, people spend more time online than they do with their loved ones at home...


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We do however require that in your recommendations, you explain your message to your recipients in detail what exactly you are promoting, we do not want to be caught in a scenario where customers visit our website, place an order then soon afterwards demand refund claiming that they did not understand what they were buying or they were tricked into purchasing a product they did not want or have no need for.


We Encourage promotion of our products on Most types of public domain  information sharing platforms such as websites, blogs, video channels, social media accounts or pages, email marketing etc. if you have an internet site that has a large following, then you are in for the deal, you are welcome to join us as an affiliate, sign up and become one of our esteemed promotional team members.


Payments are Instant, In Most cases your commission shows up in your digital wallet within  twenty four to forty eight hours depending on your chosen affiliate Network. “We send any remaining payments to affiliates at the end of every Month, If you have any unpaid commissions in your account that needs to be paid immediately, please contact us at; --- affiliates@henryninegraphics.net

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Recommended Traffic Sources

Source #1: Blogs and Websites

If you own a beautiful blog or website that has a loyal following, you are welcome to join us, It would be a great honor if you mention us anywhere on your site. Even if its just a short Blurb, we shall really appreciate. All traffic From Blogs and Websites is Good and we Welcome it with Open arms

Source #2: Search Engines

Search Engine Traffic, the One that Comes in the form of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and so many more is an excellent Source of Potential Revenue Streams… All Search Engine Traffic is Good and we welcome it with Open arms...

Source #3: Social Media

Lets Go Social, You don’t have to be a genius to be a Social Media Viralist. Even Household Pets are more popular than Politicians these days on the Social Media. If you are that fellow who uses your creative wit to build content that is super interesting, attracting countless numbers of Viewers, then we are happy to be part of your Social Viral dreams, We will be more than happy to be featured in any content of your Fan Page. All Social Media Traffic is Good and we welcome it with Open arms…

Source #4: Email

If you have a mailing List of faithful Subscribers. You are Welcome to join Us, There is nothing more valuable than a loyal following of folks who have over the time developed complete trust in you and will follow your lead wherever you may want to take them. As long as you don’t mislead them or cause them to fall into a pit, you will(in their eyes) always be that Wonderful Shepherd who knows where the green grasses are. The Good Shepherd always leads his ship to greener Pastures. All Email Marketing Traffic is Good and we welcome it with Open arms…

Check out Our Email Swipes

Here is a short list of our email Swipes for your marketing Campaigns, We are pretty sure your readers will love them, we always go straight to the point, we don't do any monkey business here. Please take a look

[Email Subject] : Make your website more attractive & visually appealing by adding these awesome graphics

[Email Body]

Hello [Name]

I hope you are doing great today. we just wish to make you aware of some cool stuff here.

You do know that the beauty of a flower is judged by its colors, a website’s visual appeal is judged by the quality of graphics that are displayed on it. The prettier the images the prettier the site, as the old adage goes, “an image is worth a thousand word.”  at times you end up expressing yourself much better than if you had used words. You see there are a lot of things happening in our world that when captured in 3D Imagery, it sends different images to different people. When you give people a description of something, they at times think of it as your own opinion, but when they get to look at an image especially one that arouses emotions, they get to judge  everything by themselves. Images send different messages to different people therefore enhancing a more harmonious communication among us.

With the advent of modern day web applications that offer WYSIWYG Editors, web design has become simpler than ever, With the right collection of images and vector art all you need is to upload them to your pages and sit laid back, with nothing more to worry about.

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[Email Subject] : Reduce visitor Bounce rate on your website with the help of these Cool Graphics

[Email Body]

Hello [Name]

Did You know that visitors judge a website by its visual elements such as the neatness of the text content as well as the layout of the images? Having excellent image collections on your website not only satisfies the visitors curiosity but also makes sure that they do not leave running for the back button. They serve as an assurance to them that you indeed understand what you are doing, and will therefore provide them information that is worth their time.

Excellent use of imagery acts as a spur to the visitors, its almost shouting to them saying, “Hold on, Please don’t leave the page,  keep scrolling just a little bit longer and we promise you that you will find something that is worth your time, if you are patient just a little bit longer, you will surely get your reward,” they say. Even though they can never utter any word, images continue to communicate to viewers from the wall, sending out different messages in code form that each person interprets differently based on their attitude and state of mind.

With this Package, you will have a collection that will suit every subject matter on your blog or websites content perfectly, visitors will see that every featured image matches the content on the page therefore adding value to the whole site.

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[Email Subject] : You will get more visitors returning to your website when you use these amazing Graphic Resources

[Email Body]

Hello [Name]

There is that one awesome Page you remember glimpsing through during a rush hour browsing session, then days later you wanna go back to take a second look, why?

It could be because there were some attention grabbing imagery used on the website. An image that matched the page’s web content so well that it almost surpassed the text content itself in its importance. So relevant and straight to the point that there is no beating about the bush.

Many People can land on your website on a given day, week or month, but the million dollar question always remain the same, it always goes like this… “how many of those zillions can return to take a second look?” if the site is poorly designed, with an appalling display of graphics and images, then why the heck should they come back? You tell me why, if a site gets a million hits a day, when looking at the stats it shows that 99.9999 Percent of your site’s visitors each day are brand new folks, while the other remaining percentage are returning. Such stats give a quiet disturbing message to the webmaster. It means that their site is not performing as expected or as it should, it means that less and less visitors are returning to the site to take a second look. Why? It may be due to the overall design of the site and the poor use of graphics.

These graphic Resources are an excellent and sure traffic magnet.

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[Email Subject] :

Improve Your Website’s SEO Performance today with the help of some cool web Graphics

[Email Body]

Hello [Name]

Search engines have evolved over the years to the point where they are now using artificial intelligence to evaluate your website’s content, and how they should rank it relative to the millions and millions of other sites with content similar to that of yours. I Presume you already know the dozens of criteria they use when doing their analysis, one of this criteria is the  use of web graphics and images. With the proper substitution, images can serve as an excellent SEO Booster, pushing the site higher to the ranks it has never seen before. With the correct placement of metadata, images published on your website will always show up in search engine results and therefore boosting your websites overall SEO. Web Pages with featured images tend to perform better than those that don’t.

With the use of these graphics, your websites SEO will be on a whole new level.

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[Email Subject] : No Coding Required, Get access to countless HD Web Graphic Resources today

[Email Body]

Hello [Name]

Remember back in the days when you wanted to design  a website you had to hire a programmer to do it for you? You  had to learn the hardcore Web Programming languages themselves, basic languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP were mandatory if you wanted to do anything concerning a website.

You often found yourself running up and down, here and there, doing this and that. You were always looking for technical help. Back then, web development was ninety percent coding and ten percent design. This was the reason site owners were  given the fancy name of “Webmasters. “ Yes they were indeed Masters at what they were doing, they really deserved that tittle. There was the Senior Webmaster, the Junior and other smaller masters that played other limited technical roles. You had to be a real genius in order to pull out something like a complete website. Back then I remember there was a time I had to learn a bit of web programming just to create a simple html WebPage. Six months of learning and coding resulted in me creating a very shabby looking but working website, it was only five pages in size, and had very few images. When I look at the site now, it appears to be very crappy, poor and super primitive.

Fast-forward that a couple of years later.  A  vast majority of website owners today are not techies, in fact you don’t need any coding knowledge to build a beautiful website, with the web explosion of drag and drop editors,  many of which are commercial and some few open source ones, life has become easier for everyone, content creators now just need to focus on their site’s content therefore saving so much time and resources, the technical programming burden is left to a few folks behind the CMS Software creators, giving other developers a reason to enjoy their work.

A half or more of the quality of a blog or website is measured by its use of Graphics and imagery, poor graphics means poor website while excellent graphics and imagery creates excellent websites. It all depends on how you roll the dice.

With these amazing graphics and images, you don’t need any coding knowledge, all you need is to place them together with an appropriate content on the page and you are good to go

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[Email Subject] : Amaze the World with these Awesome Graphic Resources that will make your Blogs and websites irresistible

[Email Body]

Hello [Name]

With the right use of vector graphics, tons of visitors will buzz over your site like bees on a honeycomb when  you turn out to be the neighborhood guy who always has the latest & coolest stuff on the block. It’s like having something everyone else wants a piece of. When a princess walks past across the street, all the idle men quickly turn to stare, and when their spouses who are also right there beside them ask why they are staring at her, they offer a lame excuse saying “Oh boy, I have got to take one last look at the princess, she is so gorgeous, I can’t help it but to stare.” they reply. This buzzing phenomena was happening because the princess was dressed in the best of brightly colored garments and adorned with shining jewels. She was even clearly visible from many many miles away.

When visitors land on your page, it’s always love at first site and they continue to stick with you forever afterwards, they are all mesmerized by your ingenuity and would like to let others know about what you have got to say. When they get to see that you are a brilliant and well organized fellow, they will dig deeper into your page’s content, they  all surely  want a piece of the pie.

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We Do Love & Greatly Appreciate All Our Super Hero Email Marketers, Keep Up with your amazing work.


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